S’ a good start to the week already, full of promise. ^.~ I’ve been looking at MHM assets for a bit and going through some cut-scenes in SHA. Yup, we’re gathering some materials to help keep rounding out the website. Plus we’re gearing up for some specials (still hush, hush) so we’ve got a lot to do this week.

I’m excited that you all knocked out the puzzle this week. I spent a good deal of time trying to devise some crafty hints for each of the clues, designer Ben was a big help as well. Looks like I can spoil this for you all.

— Puzzle 32 Answer —

Since all clues lead to the same answer, let’s look at each clue individually and see how to get there.
Mg + Be = you might want to wait before taking a stab at this one
To get to the answer for this clue you’ll need to review a [periodic table of elements] in particular the [relative atomic masses]. Mg = [24] and Be = [9] if you add them up, you get [33.] The hint uses [wordplay, with wait and weight being heterographs]

Robinson Cano + millesimal fineness standard = it’s about who he is now, and that’s fine with us
This clue refers to sports star, Robinson Cano’s [jersey #] and the [slang name] used in fineness standards. Cano = [24] and millesimal fineness standard = [9] added up they equal [33]. The hint refers to [Cano’s current player number and the fineness standards, or “Nine” standard]

Second Baseman + Saturn (rounded down) = this one is about being in position even after running all the way around
You’ll need knowledge of [baseball position numbering] and the [time for a single trip around the sun for Saturn.] 2nd baseman = [4] and Saturn = [29] The sum of these two numbers is [33] The hint refers to [numbering the position] and [running all the way around, the sun]

XL – 111 = there’s two sides to every #; some are static, and some are roaming
Here you need to use [Roman numerals] and [binary] to solve this clue. XL = [40 in Roman numerals] and 111 = [7 in binary] You can find that the difference will equal [33.] The hint again uses [ wordplay, with roaming (for Roman)] and [two to signify binary.]

So the final answer for “How many people does it take to make a Nancy Drew game?” [33]

Phew… that’s a lot of explaining. Well I hope everyone enjoyed the puzzle, we’ll have a new one this Friday! See ya soon.

– Novel –

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