The Late Monday Ring

The week has begun again, and WAC is but a day away.

We’ve been having a lot of fun hyping the latest game, and I hope you all have enjoyed all the great content we’ve been able to provide for you this time. In keeping with last week’s words, I’m proud to bring you some new, exciting stuff today, and for the rest of the week!

First off, we’ve uploaded the first of five character movies. You can find it on our YouTube page:

Our marketing team came up with a nice little project to give you a bit of insight into the characters and their association with Waverly and the “Black Cat.” Hopefully you’ll dig it. I’ve been told they’ll release one movie each day this week, so keep an eye out.

Secondly the twitter saga continues and will be wrapping up this week. Be sure to see how the mystery unfolds and leads up to Nancy’s arrival. We’ve got 4 more days of drama to keep you on your toes.
This is another little fun feature that we’ve been thrilled to work on. The WAC team had to take extra steps to help make this project a reality. They were able to create a new chapter to the case and help prepare you for the adventure in the game! A big thanks to all, especially designer Cathy and writer Nik for their participation. They’re the real magic-makers, folks. 😛

And lastly for the puzzle players, I’ve got Ben working on a dazzling hint for you all (unfortunately not till tomorrow.) I’m pleased with the progress, and hopefully we can give you a bit of a push towards the answer. Keep at it!

Until we meet again, adieu!

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