Taking Charge

So today we’ve got a quiet day in the office. Many of the employees are eagerly engaged in discussions on office leadership tactics. Which is totally just some fancy-speak for management training.

The rest of the office is working diligently, in the blissful silence, on ND22! (I know, already we’re moving on to the next big thing) And I’m happy to report that, so far it seems as though WAC has been received swimmingly, which is great.

Oh, and I’ve got one quick thing to add. We’ll be changing our front page news tomorrow about some special pricing (can’t say anymore than that, unfortunately). So be sure to check out the site.

We’ve got another excellent puzzle coming up tomorrow, see you then.

– Novel (cover) –

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2 responses to “Taking Charge”

  1. Anonymous says:

    When will you start to release info on ND22? I think it sounds interesting!=]

  2. DrewFan97 says:

    What’s the latest on NDD:Ship of Shadows? I LOVE Resorting to Danger, once I was able to find it at my local store that is. Can you give us a tidbit about the new Dossier game?

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