Day Before

Halloween is just two days away! I hope you’ve got a costume all planned out. I know a few of us at the office have got some ideas. Why, we might even dress up tomorrow! We had some great costumes last year; pirates, princesses, and pumpkins just to name a few. I haven’t heard anything about this year though, everyone’s being rather secretive…

But what about you all? What’s your costume this year? Are you going to stay in and pass out treats? or do you have a ghoulish party to crash?

And , as promised, here’s your solution for Puzzle #30.

— Puzzle 30 Solution —

In order to solve this puzzle you’ll need to do a little bit of wordplay. Your first clues are in the rules; The first rule helps establish your cipher, in this case first of fifty references
[ the fifty states of the US., as well as what letter you use ]
The second rule helps you create an order so you can assign values and reinforces what you’ll be ordering, this done by
[ listing all fifty states in alphabetical order ]

Once they’re in order, you’ll need to apply the numbers in the puzzle to give you a letter. Simply count down your list till you reach the number, and choose
[ the first letter of the state’s name ]

By following these steps, we can then fill in the blanks, spelling out
[ Your name in red ].

Nice job on the solve, everyone! Let’s look at those answers carefully though… [ You are Mr. Mingles and Your name in red (RED) ] It almost sounds like instructions. I wonder if there is anyway to combine the two in some sort of game-space… hmmm… oh well, just thinking aloud…

– Novel –

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