One Scene and One Treasure

Ya know, for a Tuesday, we’ve been having quite the fun in the office today.

We’ve had some friends stop by and we’re showing them around and explaining the daily tasks for our various departments. I’m sure by now, most of you could play tour guide for our office. It is always nice to see people taking a real interest in the inner workings of our little family. (not to mention games) 🙂

I’ve also spent a good part of the day working with some of your favorite games. I’ve been gathering some good images from them to use for our website and a few of the digital sites we sell our games through. It has been nice to spend a lot of time with our older titles recently. It’s like seeing an old friend again. I thought I’d share a couple shots with you. Enjoy!

— Backstage on The Final Scene —
— TRT’s secret garden —

– Novel –

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3 responses to “One Scene and One Treasure”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its good to see these again. FIN was my first HER experience, and remains my favorite game today 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s is really neat especially since I haven’t played those games yet. I definitely would like to though, as they both sound really nice! Thanks for showing the pictures!

  3. Kaitie says:

    OOOH![ny] you picked my two favorite-favorite games!! 😀 I saw these pictures and thought, “awww FIN! TRT!” glad you guys are re-playing your games and getting a feel for the whole old-meets-new thing. [:

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