Digging up the Past

So I’ve got an interesting photo for you on this fine Wednesday. Some of you might not know this, but HI used to do games other than Nancy Drew. Although that was quite some time ago. We’ve been pretty dedicated to our favorite sleuth for a long time now, but I thought I’d give you all a peek at a poster I found in the back of the office.

Now that’s old school!

I’ll be closing down puzzle #24 tomorrow, it has been a hard fought battle and I’m proud of those of you who stuck with it. As for #25, I’ve just got this to say.

Each box has exactly two letters you’ll need.

Alright, I’m leaving for the day. I’ve got a special treat for tomorrow so stay tuned. Peace!

– Novel –

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9 responses to “Digging up the Past”

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG, you guys did T.V.D.? That is coool! Since that is going to be a future tv show. Good for you!

  2. Firewing3333 says:

    Sweet, more HER games! Haha, trust it to have snooping in it. Is this game good?

  3. Grace =) says:

    hey novel! Do they still make these games? I know they probably don’t make new ones, but do you know if the old original games are in stores anywhere? =)

  4. Phoenix Star says:

    Oh my God! I actually started reading The Vampire Diaries this year because HER liked them enough to base a game off of them, and am watching the game on YouTube! It’s really awesome. And you posted this at a fair time too, because there will be a TV series based on it in a few days. Well this made my tomorrow (because today is my birthday) 🙂

  5. Kimberlee says:

    Oh my gosh, that is really old school. I love those books and I would love to play that game. I’ve looked everywhere, even eBay and Craig’s list, and it’s like it doesn’t exist! Can anyone somehow tell me where I can find it? Or maybe HER has back copies… I don’t know. But if someone would help me find this amazing game, I’d be extremely grateful!!!

  6. Sparkledetectiv says:

    Oh man! I would love to play that series!
    And…ya know…they have more books in the series now 😉
    Just sayin’


    It was interesting to see this!

  7. Sparkledetectiv says:

    Oh! And the logo–so different from what I’ve always known!
    So cool to see all these things creeping around in the back of the office 🙂

  8. Novel_Sleuth says:

    Wooo! what a turn out. I’ve got to say that we no longer make or sell these games. I’m also at a loss to tell you where to find them. It’s been about a decade since we switched over, and I certainly haven’t been around that long. To be fair, I’ve also never actually had the opportunity to play any of them either. (I wonder if there is a copy floating around in the office >.> ) Sorry I don’t have more info, I’ll see if maybe I can dig something up here from some of the more senior employees!


  9. Holly says:

    I would love to own this poster! Is there any extras hanging around in the office?

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