Hey folks
Well today the sales and marketing team took me out for lunch to celebrate (or mourn…just kidding) the ending of my internship. It’s really weird that eight weeks have gone by already!

Once we got back I ventured back outside to try and take a picture of some interesting wildlife. I saw a bunch of adorable ducks and spent about 10 minutes chasing a dragonfly trying to get it to land on my hand because that would have made an awesome picture (he never did). But then as I had settled for the idea of posting a picture of a mere duck, I stumbled upon a fascinating herd of wildlife:

Little is known about these strange creatures, including why they decide to have a meeting outside and then sit in the shade on a beautiful day or why none of them ever smile. Maybe one day scientists will reveal the answers to these mysteries but for now I’m just proud to have had the opportunity to take their picture without being mauled or possibly overwhelmed by their ultimate combination of brawn and wit.

Just kidding what I came across was a walkthrough meeting for Nancy Drew 22. Which is top secret and I can unfortunately reveal nothing about. 🙂

Summer Sleuth

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5 responses to “Wildlife”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lol! When I clicked on the pic, it was called “monsters”!!!

    Anyway, we’ll miss you Summer! Hope you had fun working at HER!!!!!

  2. Phoenix Star says:

    Wow most of them look like they belong in college lol. (It’s a good thing – you’re aging gracefully!) Glad you had fun at HER!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, goodbye Summer! We’ll miss you. Good luck with everything, you were great at doing these blog posts. Adios!

  4. Tyz says:

    Bwhahahaha that made me die laughing. . .


  5. Novel_Sleuth says:

    Ya know, I think I remarked that it felt a little like class outside. (Reminiscent of those old college days.)



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