Playing on the Weak End (w/ Puzzles!)

Friday, oh friday…

It is finally here. I know that everyone is excited for this little break. I can see the rise and fall of posts on the boards. With both Summer’s slowly moving into the past, Autumn’s presence has become quite pressing.

~And I just have to say that we were super fortunate to have Summer sleuth here while we did. She was a great person to have around the office and we’ll miss her very much.~

As for this weekend, I’ve got a new puzzle, but it seems like you all have begun to become so busy. I’d hate to detract from #24, yet Mari delivered this brand new puzzle to me. So I guess I’m splitting the difference once again. 😛 But if there is no solution for #24 by Monday, I’ll be posting the steps and answer. Alright, on to the excitement.

— Puzzle #24–

You’ll need all the hints so far, plus, you’ll need to think backwards.

Okay, that’s one puzzle out of the way. Up next is the new one for this week.

— Puzzle XXV —

And there you have it. I hope everyone has a fun-filled time this weekend. But most importantly, be sure to relax and de-stress! We’ll have some good announcements next week, including a contest we may have alluded to previously. Also I may have drafted a guest writer, but we’ll see if she’s willing to take the leap!

Stay crafty!

– Novel –

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3 responses to “Playing on the Weak End (w/ Puzzles!)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is the title a clue where it says “Playing on the —->Weak<—- End (w/ Puzzles!)” Is the “weak” part just a typo or a clue or something totally different?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I got the letters but now I need to arange them…. That is the trickest part 😐

  3. Novel_Sleuth says:

    @ 1st anon – I’ll say that it isn’t a typo, I used it as word play more than anything. It exists as a double-entendre:

    referencing the idea of having fun on the weekend (through heterographical distinction)


    the notion of Fridays as a more relaxed sort of work day. (we didn’t attempt to face many challenges, we worked on the “weaker” side of things.)

    Sometimes I’m not so witty. 😛
    Mostly I just enjoy the chance to create titles that aren’t what they are. ^.~

    @ 2nd Anon – I am deplorable at that kind of thing. Word Scrambles defeat me. 🙁

    – Novel –

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