Honey(ies) I’m Home!

I hope you all had fun with Novel last week and that you are planning a trip to the store (or the HI website) to get your copy of the second dossier game Resorting to Danger because it released today!

So far today I’ve started writing the next newsletter which will again be about the Hardy Boys DS game. I hope you guys are excited for it because it’s a whole new area for HI and I think they did an amazing job putting it together. It’s so much fun being on the train and solving a real historical mystery. I’m also really excited for you guys to play WAC which is coming up really soon.

It’s also a shame that I haven’t been here because I forgot to remind Novel to wish you all a happy National Bologna Day yesterday! But in any case I hope you had a good 24th even if you didn’t get a chance to have a nice bologna sandwich and if you did then congratulations on staying up to date on your bizarre holidays.

Summer Sleuth

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