Depicting a Mid-Week State of Mind

The days keep drifting by here. We’re just about out of summer, but we’ve still got so much left to do. RED release is pretty much here, the DS game is about to come out as well, and for the classic fans, we’ve got WAC on the way.

Is it too much? 😛

As you can imagine with all of these new games; we keep running a bit behind, but this is mostly to ensure that we’re still creating the quality that you know and trust. For your enjoyment, I’ve got a little vignette into our busy hive.

If you think that’s messy, you should check out my desk. >.<

Well, I suppose I’ll let you ponder on that for the day. We’ve got a newsletter coming up pretty soon, as I’m sure Summer eluded to. I’ll let you know the dish as soon as I do. Oh, and per our conversation yesterday, I’ve got another little snippet from the WAC box.

• Sleuth through the night –
Stay up past curfew for some extra-curricular snooping.

Sounds a bit risky 😉 but hey, that’s the best time to do some detective work! Welp, I’m outs, see ya tomorrow!

– Novel –

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4 responses to “Depicting a Mid-Week State of Mind”

  1. Kaitie says:

    That isn’t messy. hahaha.
    I like that tagline — “extra-curricular snooping” sounds good. I reallyreally miss getting to be woken up and snooping around in the middle of the night[: Can’t wait for WAC!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Novel their are some pics. on your desk. There one of a man and a lady. Is that you and your wife? And is the cat and dog your animals?

  3. Novel_Sleuth says:

    @ Kaitie – Some of the more “organized” individuals have spotless desks. I’ve got to say, most aren’t this bad. I’m glad to hear you’re excited! I think WAC is going to be pretty awesome.

    @ anon – Fortunately, this isn’t my desk, so there are no pictures of me. The cat and dog however are the wonderful pets of the desk’s owner. I don’t have much information beyond that, sorry. 🙁


  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah…my room is just like that most of time! lol, but that tagline freaked me out a little when I read it! Everyone in my house are excited for me for the Nancy Drew game. They know my obession:]

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