I must first say you guys are doing great on the weekend puzzle. I’ve seen so many great ideas and theories. Novel is out of the office this afternoon so I will be posting a clue in a little while but first it’s time for the weekly portal (…picture) into Her Interactive life.

You all, clever as you are, have probably already noticed how much I like the little pictures and puzzles that people leave scattered about the office. So my picture that’s on one (of three) of our office refrigerators is of a little man and…his dog? Or maybe another small man that is attached to his leg? It’s hard to tell, but regardless it’s cute and creative.


I’ll be back soon with your clue!
Summer Sleuth
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  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL. It looks like a one person mob! Chasing that poor little dog. But it is so cuteQ

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