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As you all know well, HI is currently very busy working on WAC but the process of putting the whole game together is incredible to watch. I’ve spent the whole day play-testing WAC and it’s so much fun! I’ve seen all the petitions and reviews on the message boards that want the old style of games back which is why I’m so excited for you all to play this game. It feels a lot like MHM or TRT with the setting and historical content but adds all sorts of new puzzles and activities (like receiving texts and taking photos!) I think it’s the perfect combination of old meets new.

Also, we have a newsletter coming up concerning the characters from RED, which will be available in stores in just a couple weeks! The newsletter will contain all of our presale and digital download dates so be sure to keep an eye out.

And the third exciting thing that I have to tell you is that we’ll be announcing the Hardy Boys Sweepstakes winners here tomorrow! We received so many applicants and I can’t wait to pick the five lucky winners!!

Enjoy your Thursdays!

Summer Sleuth

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