Heat Wave

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. It’s in the 90’s here in Washington, so the whole office is eating fudgesicles and drinking lots of water to try and stay cool. The big windows in our building cause a lot of the offices to heat up and the air conditioning seems to freeze some rooms and not work in others so we’re all doing what we can to stay the proper temperature. It’s hotter here than Hawaii or Florida! But I, for one, much prefer this weather to the grey skies we have most of the year.

Today I worked on the next newsletter we’ll be putting out. I’ve been getting so many responses for the Hardy Boys one, I’m really glad you guys liked the puzzle and I’m excited to pick/announce the winners!

Keep working on the weekend puzzle. You guys are all such enthusiastic and committed riddle solvers, it’s really impressive! I’m positive all those problem solving skills will come in handy for the rest of your lives.

Wish me and Novel luck with the heat! I’m totally going swimming after work 🙂

Summer Sleuth



PS More stuff has been added to the RAN microsite! http://www.ransomofthesevenships.com/

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4 responses to “Heat Wave”

  1. edge says:

    U live in washington? And I live in flordia and, believe me! it is HOOOTTT in here!

  2. Firewing3333 says:

    Mmmm, fudgesicles sound really good right now too.

  3. KingsRider says:

    Its even hotter down here! Although swimming really does help! 🙂
    I really enjoy looking through the RAN site although I wish we could have enjoyed some of those meals! (and a chef!) Could you use the info for an ae???
    Can’t wait for the newsletter!

  4. Novel_Sleuth says:

    @ edge – I am definitely jealous of your superior ocean temperature! But hoo-boy is Florida ever hot.

    @ firewing – fudgesicles are the cure for balmy days. ^.^

    @KingsRider – I’m glad you like the minisite. I’m not sure whether or not you can use the info in an official ae. I’m not to hip on the MB rules. But I bet you could pose the question to the mods and they’d have the correct ruling. (fingers crossed for the newsletter this week.)

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