A Winning Entry!

The first of our two winners has responded! Here’s Gifted Gothic’s entry, enjoy!

When I first heard Professor Hotchkiss respond to Nancy’s dinner orders with a request of couscous, I literally laughed aloud. Not only did I love the fact that this lady was very eccentric, I very much appreciated the fact that she ordered couscous, one of my favorite things to eat that does not seem enjoyed by many other people. Similarly to my dear friend Beatrice (as I lovingly call her), we also share a rather embarrassing flaw—forgetting people’s names. I have been known to call my best friend of five years Sara, Kara, and Terry, when her name is just plain Tara. Other than that little faux paus, I am not ashamed to have other striking similarities with my favorite Nancy Drew character. “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens is one novel I deeply enjoyed not because of plot but due to historical setting—the French revolution. When I discovered Professor Hotchkiss also liked that era and specifically Marie Antoinette, I accidentally belted out a rather loud, “ALL RIGHT!”, startling my cat so much that she ran out of the room. Finally, and certainly worth mentioning, is the fact that good ol’ Beatrice and I are pretty darn eccentric. I love eating chicken nuggets dipped in chocolate; she loves to eat fifty chicken wings in the fury of writing the true story of Marie Antoinette. She finds it more relaxing and easier to write at night; I find my productivity is at its highest level when the moon is out and stars are shining. While I do hope someday to become a professor similar to Professor Hotchkiss, I do hope that I can keep my current hairstyle the way it is and avoid beehives if at all possible.

Congratulations Gifted Gothic, thanks for sharing your writing with us!

Well, we’ve got one more left to hear from. Plus I think Summer_sleuth will be chiming in at some point today. Stay tuned!

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  1. dinonicolini says:

    Requesting for the remake of “Treasure in the Royal Tower”

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