From what I hear, today is officially the hottest day in all of recorded Seattle weather history! So, I thought for the picture I would show you guys everyone’s current favorite office appliance:


I hear whenever a delivery person or visitor stops walks up to our receptionist desk, they generally stop and stand in front of the fan for at least a few seconds before continuing on with their business.


It’s currently 102 degrees! And will probably continue to get hotter for the next hour or so. Now maybe that’s not exceptionally hot for other places like Texas or the Sahara Desert, but in Seattle, we’re not used to it!
Luckily, it’s supposed to cool down come morrow, thank goodness! Congradulations on solving the weekend puzzle, sorry for the confusion from my blog post. I didn’t see that you guys had solved it when I posted yesterday. Novel will be on sometime soon (probably tomorrow) to officially announce the anwser.
Summer Sleuth
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  1. Sydancer says:

    Haha. I live in Texas, and 102 isn’t terrible, but most days it’s just upper 90’s. Because where I live is very humid, it feels all gross and sticky, though. Thank goodness for pools! Hey, that would be so cool if there was an indoor swimming pool in WAC!

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