Gettin’ in the Biz

Sorry for the late post, but this one is sure to be golden!

So a lot of people have been asking about internships and employment opportunities at HI. I figure I can give you the inside scoop on this process.

First and foremost, HI isn’t hiring all the time. We only add to the staff when it becomes a necessity. If you’re curious about when jobs become available then you can always check our website here: [ ] Our webmaster does a pretty dutiful job of keeping it up to date. When new jobs open up, we post them here first, along with a list of skills and experience/education that we feel is necessary to handle the position.

Now mostly the schooling and experience help to best define the candidate, but it isn’t always a deal breaker. For instance, one of our most cherished designers got his degree in “French,” while another studied to be a zookeeper! One thing that they share however is a lot of creativity and an understanding and passion for game design. There are also artists, testers, marketers, programmers, and accountants that we hire, since making a game takes a lot of coordination between lots of people. Of course, being a big fan of Nancy Drew is a must!

During the application process, we read a lot of resumes that come in before narrowing down the pool. Usually we choose people that have shown a history of dedication, hard-work, and the experience. These applicants then come to Her Interactive for interviews and we get to meet them and ask more job specific questions. The HI team utilizes a combination of silly antics and creative genius to keep the workplace efficient and part of the interview process allows us to determine whether or not HI is a good fit for you, and vice-versa.

So how is this process similar/different for internships? Well, the internships we offer ask more for dedication and fervor than they do experience. Our hope is that you will learn and discover the joys and struggles of the job and the industry. An internship at HI is an educational experience, a starting point for a journey into game production. We’ve got programmers and artists alike who started their HI careers first as interns. In fact, one of our longest running employees was the very 1st HI intern and he’s now the Creative Director!

So that’s about it, you can find all of our internship and job postings on our website, so if you’re interested, check there every so often. Remember; follow your passions and your dreams!

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2 responses to “Gettin’ in the Biz”

  1. Phoenix Star says:

    Cool! I might be a HI intern one day. This is the profession I want to study after high school, thanks to you all!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i would LOVE working at HI!
    I’ve been a fan of HI’s games since I was around seven now I’m thirteen!
    Although I do have to get more education before even being considered for internship 😉

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