Nancy Drew Dossier launches tomorrow 11/11!

I can't believe it – we are finally launching a new series that has been so many years in the making! While our main focus is on the two Nancy Drew Adventure games that we release each year at retail and on our website, we've added some new members to our team to create a casual series that's a perfect compliment to our original games.

While this is a casual series, we made sure that the story was a very important part of the game. Some of the hidden object games don't require you to keep track of the plot, but you'll want to read everything in Lights, Camera, Curses for clues and backstory/

We're sending a newsletter with more details about the game tomorrow, but here are the trailers for the game to get you salivating.

Trailer 1
Trailer 2

(please be patient – these trailers are 10MB each)

Whee – I can't wait share the game with our fans and see what you think of the new series!

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