We Earned a Title!

I’m super thrilled to share that we were named among the top 20 Amateur Sleuth blogs by Criminal Investigation Schools! Not only that, we are #2!! Whoo-hoo! I’d like to take this moment to acknowledge Novel_Sleuth for doing such a fantastic job these past few years and making this such a fun read for all of us. I will miss his clever use of words and exciting adventures and insight that he brought to this blog and for making it what it is. Yay Novel!!

Best Amateur Sleuth Blogs

I only hope to keep the spirit and quality of these posts up and to meet and perhaps surpass your expectations. Speaking of which; in honor of Friday’s 100th weekend puzzle (and the overall desire for an itty-bitty tidbit about ND24) there will be more worth to solving this one. So come back tomorrow and try solving what we will set out before you. It may be a very, very small bit…but it’ll be fun anyway. *Sly grin*.

Keep it real,
the mischevious ~Little Jackalope~
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  1. I love the Her Interactive Nancy Drew games… so do my husband and son. I just found though that you have this blog through the award you received!

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