Mmm, Cake!

The cake contest entries are getting the look-through today and tomorrow! I’ve been getting a sneak peek at a few entries and I’ve been blown away by how creative everyone has been with their works of art. I’m super excited for this contest! You all are so awesome, it is so much fun to look for all of the little references scattered through out the cakes.

When the contest is over and the judges choose the winners, I will be sure to post several on this blog for everyone to see over the course of the next few weeks (because there sure is a lot to look at)! This contest has been as much fun for the judges as it must have been for you. It makes me wonder what kind of cake decorations Nancy would choose, perhaps someday she will make or receive another cake in a future game.

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I want to eat cake, now…
~Little Jackalope~

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