Winter Celebration

Yesterday was up-beat and exciting in the office with the release of Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch. We celebrated with amazingly cute cupcakes (and yes, I did get my red velvet with butter cream frosting, it was wonderful). Today is much quieter and here’s why: It is a winter wonderland over here! I suppose some office workers made a safe decision to stay at home. It’s too bad, because many of us went out to lunch for a well-deserved meal after a hard week’s worth of scurrying.

My to-do list includes testing the latest game and documenting a few things, and to think about weekend puzzles. By the way, you sleuths have been doing great on cracking them. What are your favorite type of weekend puzzles? Is there a type of puzzle you wish for more of? Any new styles come to mind? I’d be glad to hear your thoughts on this!

~Little Jackalope~

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