On the matter of Castles.

So I suppose we’ve been teasing some readers with all the super awesome stuff we do here at HI, including the things we do on our break times. Building castles out of foam puzzle pieces is such a relaxing yet brain-teasing pasttime, and we love them. They make for nice trophy displays and conversation pieces here, especially for the season of castle creating in our games.

While the castle in Treasure in the Royal Tower was lovely and the ruined castle in The Haunting of Castle Malloy was creepy and ominous, the castle in our latest game will be different. It will be it’s own unique environment with its own unique secrets and its own unique beauty (can I stress the beauty more? It’s gorgeous!) If you have some spare time, I recommend doing a little research on German castles, it will be even more exciting when you get to play the game.

We’ve been working on a new, smaller castle puzzle during our lunch breaks. Here’s a peak at it, albeit still unfinished:
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~Little Jackalope~
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