Office Cases, art, and Cursed Puzzles!

Our production department is scurrying to get a beta build done for some serious testing. This is the fast and busy part for them and I’m excited to test out this early version of the game. (I occasionally sneak a peek at some environment art, which is so beautiful and rich!)

As for me, today I have solved the case of the missing wallet (in the car glove box) and am now on the case of the “Cursed Puzzle #83”. Something weird about this puzzle is making it unsolvable and I am determined to find out what the trick is (starting with tracking down its origin).

I have also been busy editing some art from past games and creating a layout design with what we already have. It is really fun to present the games in a nice design that really catches the eye. Studying the game cover art is also real inspiring, which I got to take a peek at (talk about thriller art!) It will be nothing like what you have seen currently on the Internet (although those artists are quite talented) so no worries folks!

Anybody working on last week’s puzzle? As soon as you know what to look at, the rest is easy.
Hopping back to work,
~Little Jackalope~

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