Phone Charms and Katakana

I was reading some great quotes from the Shadow at the Water’s Edge script. There are some funny lines in there! Here’s one of my favorite conversations between Rentaro and Nancy:

Nancy: “Something weird happened…when I looked in the mirror I didn’t see my reflection.”
Rentaro: “Aha!”
Nancy: “You know what happened?”
Rentaro: “You’re a vampire. Seriously though, that’s pretty messed up. Maybe you need to get a little rest.”

There were a few things I learned from this game as well. Take a look at this:

A real-live phone charm from Japan! I’ve had it for a year because I didn’t know what it was and I couldn’t read the katakana characters on the wrapper until now. As Yumi would say, “It’s a phone charm! You can’t not have one.” Discovering new things like this at the office is always fun.

Peace Out!
~Little Jackalope~
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  1. I love that quote!!! And that phone charm is awesome!!!

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