Ah, Ambience.

I’ve been listening to some well-known Nancy Drew music from the games, and wow! It is so much fun just to sit back, close my eyes, and hear the stories they create. It is so beautiful, and many are epic! The titles to the songs are simple, and just by looking at them I can make a very good guess as to which game they belong to…can you?

“Harpsichord Enchantments”
“Desert Lands”

Weekend puzzle is yet to be solved! “I’m counting the days of old in hopes you will find the answer!”

As for the new sweepstakes (see previous post), I figured you would be more excited to see what the prize actually looked like in its box form:

Looks complex, right? Perfect! Hop to it for the chance to win!

~Little Jackalope~

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  1. Safecracker says:

    Those songs are from the following games:


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