Where we can see it.

Today marks the day; TOT has started moving out the door. It’s on the way to stores all across the land. The launch day is less than 2 weeks away. And those of you who have pre-ordered might find a copy sooner than you think. ^.~  For those waiting patiently (but twitchy with anticipation) you’ll be happy to know that we’ve still got a few tricks left up our sleeves.

We’ve been missing the sun something fierce, so I took a picture of the only golden object in sight.

– Our Horde of Oranges –

Maybe we’ll get a little light tomorrow. Either way, I’m looking forward to it. Catch ya then!

– Novel –

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2 responses to “Where we can see it.”

  1. tim says:

    Hey? What’s going on here? I just went to preorder the TOT digital strategy guide, and it’s not in the digital store!!! Whats wrong Novel?

  2. Novel_Sleuth says:

    Good question! I’m pretty sure they’ll be posting it as soon as they can. It’s possible that they’re holding the Strategy Guide until the launch on the 29th so nothing gets spoiled… I can’t exactly confirm this though. 😉

    I’m sure it’ll be posted shortly though, I’ve put a bug in their ear. Thanks for the heads-up.

    – Novel –

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