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There’s definitely a charged atmosphere on the site. Maybe it’s the news of SCK, or the anticipation of TOT. Whatever it is, I’m totally digging on the good vibes. Let’s keep the sunshine rolling in.

In other weather-filled news, I feel a trailer coming on. It’s bringing an 80% chance of excitement, followed by a 10% chance of hysterical (and maniacal) giggling. You’ll know what I mean when you see it. As for the actual arrival date… we’ll I’m thinking this slow-moving feature front will land here just in time to make your weekend bright. Stay tuned!

Nice job on the puzzle last weekend. You all solved it nice and quick! Here’s the steps to the final solution.

– Weekend Puzzle Answer –

So all of the clues are about [ Nancy Drew and Nancy Drew Games ] You can use the letters in the puzzle to help see if you’re on the right track. Below you’ll find the answers to the clues.

1. Nancy’s forte – [ Mystery ]
2. Outlaw – [ Criminal ]
3. The train doesn’t stop here anymore – [ Blue Moon Canyon ]
4. Usually buried – [ Treasure ]
5. Howls a lot – [ White Wolf ]
6. Ride the gondolas there – [ Venice ]
7. Plastic haunted horses – [ Carousel ]
8. Made Mercury move – [ Corbin Penvellyn ]
9. Where the stuffed dolls go – [ Castle Nursery ]
10. Get a royal flush – [ Hot Kettle Cafe ]
11. Didn’t cheat – [ Mel Corbalis ]
12. Made of adobe – [ Cave Dwellings ]

Now once you’ve got them all written in the boxes, you can see we planted a [ secret name ] If you’re having trouble finding it, just try [ reading down the first full column ] It says:
[ Scott Varnell ]

What does this have to do with TOT? Well I’m sure you can guess. [ Scott ] is a major player in the Oklahoma storm scene. No other intel just yet though. You’ll have to wait a bit longer for that reveal. ^.^

– Novel (a) –

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