In Plain Speech

I hate to say it, but I hope this week is a little slow. I need to re-coup after the barrage of news and highlights we’ve been sending out left and right these recent weeks. The fireworks are still drifting down to Earth and we’ve been all too eager to shoot more up. All this flash and pizazz has left a few eyes a little blind to the real pomp and circumstance… TOT. I’m excited. I’m ready. And from what I’ve been reading, so too are you.

The marketing team sees this. I mean, how could they not. They live and breathe your world.

I predict a June filled with small samplings. Screen shots and demos. Character profiles and web updates. Plot reveals and rumors. But these things are on the fringes, flowers on the roadside to be sample at your own discretion. You can stop and partake, or continue on a distraction-free mosey towards the release.

Excellent job on the puzzle! I’ve got the steps all ready for tomorrow. Come back then for a little info with your solution. Peace!

– Novel (kept)-

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2 responses to “In Plain Speech”

  1. Anonymous says:

    TOT is going to be AMAZING!!!!! and with it on Mac the graphics are going to be SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!! i’m SOOOO incredably exited!!!!! i’m defenatly going to pre order!~R

  2. Novel_Sleuth says:

    @anon – I’m glad to hear that you’re so riled up about TOT! We must be doing something right. ^.^

    – Novel –

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