With one man absent you’d think we’d have a back-up writer taking the slack, but alas, the toiling is far too great at this point.  As I was down and out yesterday, there’s a suspicious gap in the blog dates.  Let’s pretend that yesterday was a mysterious holiday, one through which we all ventured towards recovery and have returned today with fresh minds and charged spirits.

We’ve got a lot of footage from the convention over the weekend.  Hopefully we can distill that into a quality product.  I’ve been told there are some excellent fan interviews, convention floor footage, and speeches to be seen.  Our video editor is going to have a full plate for quite some time.  ^.~  You’ll definitely get the wire when any of this content becomes live.  I’ve been itching to release something!

Speaking of releases, on the TOT announcement side, I’ve heard that this month’s newsletter will have some new info.  Though details are still unconfirmed (as are dates) it is a little ray of sunshine in this cloudy forecast. 

Puzzles have been crushed!  I love it!  I’m impressed that you all managed to knock them both out this weekend.  I’ll have to grab the spoilers for you tomorrow. 

Novel out!

– N –

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