One Slip in the Week

So after a quick scramble on days yesterday, I realized I forgot to post the picture of the Week. You’ll find the example below, in all its fuzzy glory.

Ever feel like you’re being watched?

I also managed to grab our super talented writer, Nik, and asked him to give us the Blurb of the Week.  This is what he had to say about this week:

“Well, I’ve just about put the finishing touches on the script for ND23 and it’s going to be so awesome it’ll literally blow the socks off your feet (through your shoes)!  Also I’m pleased to announce that I fixed all my TOT bugs and let my bagels get moldy.  Well I’m not pleased about the moldy bagels part, but all that happened this week…”

Thanks for the great quote Nik!

There’s a puzzle headed this way tomorrow. Be sure to pop by and check it out!
Hasta luego!

– Novel (nuevo) –

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2 responses to “One Slip in the Week”

  1. wodedrawling says:

    Why do you always put something in parenthesis after your nom de plume? Also, PLEASE post more cover contest entries!!

  2. Novel_Sleuth says:

    The parenthetical statements are sometimes hints, sometimes red-herrings, and sometimes extra thoughts.
    As for the contest entries, I’m certainly considering it, however I think some new opportunities are going to arise soon that might have me posting other work. ^.~


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