Working In Turn

Hello everyone! Well, this is the special treat that Novel mentioned you would get to have yesterday — just a guest post from me, yet another of HI’s lucky interns. :p

How do I differ from Summer_Sleuth, you ask? Well, really we had many of the same tasks — such as stuffing (HUNDREDS) of envelopes, testing games, and basically doing whatever’s asked of me. One day I came to my desk to see this task left for me: Design start states for ND22 puzzles…

And another day, Research usage of displaying currency in games…

And once, Play Treasure in the Royal Tower and compare the game to the book…

Actually, I’m a big fan of video games in general, but since I’d never played a Nancy Drew game before, my very first task was to play HAU all the way through. Needless to say, I realized Nancy Drew games are alot more difficult than I thought they were, and even with message board help, it took me at least 8 hours to finish!

Another thing that I get to do, that I hadn’t ever done before, was read Nancy Drew books — that is, go through HI’s whole library, and try to find and list the names of restaurants or roads or parks in River Heights, just in case Nancy ever needs to refer to them in future games. I’ve managed to get through 37 books thus far…only dozens more to go.

Overall, I’m enjoying my job here a lot. Yesterday, though, I found out that many of the people here at HI had wanted to have other jobs when they were really young — for instance, Designer Mari used to want to become a horse jockey. Some others aspired to be firefighters or policemen, someone wanted to create Lego box sets, and someone even wanted to be a paleontologist/sheep herder!

…I don’t know about you…but I’m rather glad they’re making ND games instead. 😀

-Nadine (Production Intern)

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4 responses to “Working In Turn”

  1. Firewing3333 says:

    Man, I love HI! Everyone’s jobs seem so awesome and they have a WHOLE GIANT mound of ND books and..and..everything! Sigh. Total envy for you, Nadine. 😛

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a great post! I don’t remember another one that so easily let us see into HER’s inner workings. From what you detailed, playing Treasure in the Royal Tower (the collective favorite game) and comparing it to the book would have been my favorite thing to do. I do have a question though. How much time are you given to complete this specific gaming and/or reading tasks?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Welcome Nadine! Are you also going to post like Summer Sleuth did?

  4. strange person says:

    But there’s no better job than paleontologist/sheep herder! D:
    (Although forensic pathologist/freelance artist [my childhood dream] is a close second.)
    Of course, making ND games is good, too.

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