Thirsting for Thursday


I like to think of Thursday as the end of the work week, (this may not always be as effective as I imagine it to be) but Fridays tend to have a wonderful transcendence to them; creativity gushes, and the weekend respite gathers a tangible presence…

So Thursdays always turn out, busy. But what’s the news?

Well, we’ve released a newsletter about RED! If you’re on the mailing list, it should show up today at some point. If not, you can always check it out here:

It has got some excellent information about RED, so be sure to check it out.

WAC is still going strong and I’ve been combing through the content to help determine the game’s official rating. The process is laborious, but necessary. The ESRB handles all of the ratings, but we have to gather all the game’s pertinent content together. This means I’ve got to work with all the departments to get what I need. I’ve been traveling between designers, writers, scripters and artists just to find all the particular scenes we’ll need, to submit the request to the ESRB. Good communication skills are a must for this job!

I guess we’ll see how it turns out in a couple months, huh?

That’s all for today. I’ve already seen some preliminary work on tomorrow’s puzzle, so expect something good then. Later, gator.

– Novel –

P.S. No matter how many times you read something, still those little typos slip through… That’s Thursdays for you 😛

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