Puzzle 20 Answers

Hi all,

Summer is out for the day, but she left me a post to pass along, so I’ll be doing two posts today. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it on yesterday to relay my congratulations for solving the puzzle. Still, I figure today is as good as any. You all did a wonderful job! Here’s the way to tackle the puzzle.

Each title represents a specific character from the game.

Diva [ {M} A T T I E _ {J} E N S E N ]
Representative [ S I M {O} N E _ M U E L L E {R} ]
Son [ D {E} X T E R _ E G A {N} ]
Informant [ L O {U} {L} O U ]
Heartthrob [ D A V E _{G} R E G {O} R Y ]


Afterwords you’ll need to gather all the letters in brackets –

[ m, j, o, r, e, n, u, l, g, o ]

At which point you can unscramble them to solve the puzzle.


Answer: [ Jungle Room ]

Now I think by now we can all guess where this is going to come into play. If you haven’t noticed, we’re starting to ramp up to several releases and we’ve seem a thematically similar title in another puzzle. So for my two-cents; Resorting to Danger is going to have some rockin’ environments!

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be putting Summer’s post up later on. (You know, to build a little anticipation. 😛 ) Peace!

– Novel (at sun) –

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