Winning Riddlers and Seeing Not-So-Clearly.

I’ve been promising it, so I’ve scoured through our archives and managed to come up with the winning entries for the Riddle contest (as well as a few others we very much enjoyed.) I’m going to post them below for everyone to check out. I’ll post up the answers sometime tomorrow in spoiler text. I very much appreciate the two fans who have been patient with us in this regard.

Who Am I? – By GirlDetective
The smallest word that Nancy saw on the lodgers’ temporary door signs at Icicle Creek. (….)
Richard Topham is proud of this measurement of aptitude. (|..)
The first of four words in a favorite quote of Joanna’s, minus the first, fifth, and sixth letters. (|…)
Red was proficient at imitating this creature that startled Nancy. (…)
Professor Hotchkiss longs to have this on her next visit to Wisconsin. (|)
Breland is an important ingredient for Nancy to use in making this. (.)
Nancy’s father does this for a living. (|….)
Millie had no idea that Nancy used this. (..)
The chickens at Shadow Ranch do this each day. (|.)

For the position of words, use the first name and the last initial of the missing reporter Nancy was trying to find.
After you’ve placed the words, you need to be like Samantha to discover the answer.


Nancy Drew Riddle – By NancyDrewGal111

Is always in the lead when it comes to note taking

Always eager to start an adventure

Comes out the end of every creepy mansion

The one who starts finding clues almost immediately

Who solves every mystery all the way to the end!

These riddles were just so beautifully crafted and very satisfying to solve. We had a great time with many of the riddles. Thanks to everyone who participated in that contest oh so long ago. ^^

Which leads me to today’s puzzle hint. Maybe yesterday’s wasn’t as helpful as I was hoping, so today we’ll go with this:

Sometimes the only way to see the answer is to not see at all.


– Novel (late) –

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2 responses to “Winning Riddlers and Seeing Not-So-Clearly.”

  1. CosetteRocks says:

    Thanks for finally posting these!! I think for NancyDrewGal111’s the answer is Nancy Drew. Girl D’s is crazily, awesomely hard. I don’t know what (|…) is supposed to mean. Let me see…
    Nancy’s father does this for a living: LAW? Lawyer?
    Joanna quote: Semper ubi sub ubi? EMP
    Be like Samantha? QUICK
    Chickens at shadow ranch? LAY I suppose.
    Red? I never played DOG! Is it DOG? Is it a bird? Shgould it have three letters? HAWK?
    ICE: I don’t remember what the housekeeping signs said!!! Random Guess: OUT
    Richard Topham: All I can think of is ESP but that doesn’t really fit the clue.
    Millie: I looked her up and she was in STFD. Other than that, no clue.
    Breland: TEA from Danger by Design.
    So, for missing reporter, I don’t think I played that one. But I looked it up and there is MAYAN from FIN.
    Hotchkiss is from TRT, another game I haven’t played. What does she want to bring? I will make a wild guess here and say her CAT.
    I tried to pick all 3 letter words here. How did I do? ^.^

  2. Thanks so much for posting this Novel!

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