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The Girl Scouts came on Friday and we gave them a tour of the office. You would think that touring a gaming company might be fun, but really, all we have is computers here. All the magic happens on a computer, so there isn’t very much to interact or oooh and ahhh at. Our job is to make it understandable and fun to young girls. Maybe they’ll choose careers in the gaming industry someday too.

The girls talked to a few artists and saw how characters and envirnonments are created. Then they went to production and helped choose a sound for Nancy knocking on a door. You’d be surprised how many different types of knocking sounds there are… Afterwards, we split into two groups and half of the group tested out the newest game and the other half listened to a presentation on how the game is made from beginning to end. The girls did a great job voice acting and solving IF -> THEN logic puzzles! Of course we switched after 30 minutes so everyone had a chance to play the game.
Although we’re pretty busy, we always try to give back to the community and give girls the opportunity to learn more about careers in technology. With more games targeted toward girls, the industry needs more women to help design and create these games. Would you like to be an artist or programmer for the Nancy Drew? Check our job page for positions.

Here are two slides from the powerpoint presentation:

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