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Unable to Uninstall from Control Panel

If you are unable to uninstall the game from the Control Panel using Add/Remove programs or Uninstall feature, a partial or failed installation of some files is preventing normal installation behavior. Use the Uninstall Tool in the game folder or the Nancy Drew folder. If given the option to Modify, Repair or Remove, choose Remove. […]

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Can’t Save or Load Games

If saved games don’t show game progress, won’t load, or were accidentally overwritten, a failed installation or corrupted file may be preventing games from saving correctly. Uninstalling and reinstalling the game should fix corrupted files. Before uninstalling, copy your saved game folder onto the Desktop. Then delete the saved game folder. The saved game folder […]

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ISDX Error

This error message is displayed during installation: ISDX_ERR_BADWINDOWSVERSION-entry not found in the string table The ISDX error occurs when the game installer is trying to install an older version of DirectX over a newer version. During game installation on the Screen Setup Type, change the default selection from “Yes, install DirectX” to “No, I will […]

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Nancy Drew Central Retirement

Beginning with game #25, Alibi in Ashes, Nancy Drew Central (NDC) will no longer be added to future games. This means you won’t be able to launch installed games from one location anymore. You’ll need to launch the game from the usual installed program locations: (a) game shortcut icon on your desktop, or (b) Start […]

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DirectX, DirectDraw, or d3dx9 Error

You may receive one of the following error messages when starting your game: • Application failed because of missing component d3dx9_33dll • DirectX error • DirectDraw or INTDirectdraw error These errors occur when DirectX 9.0 is not correctly installed, or an older version of DirectX is being used. Click on the following link to download […]

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Older Windows OS

Her Interactive does not offer technical support for any of our games on older Windows OS including Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000. For help installing older games on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 system, follow this link.  

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Insert Disc 1 Error

When trying to run your Nancy Drew game, you receive this error message: Insert Disc 1 into the same drive you installed from This is usually caused when the game disc is inserted in a different drive than that originally installed from. Insert Disc 1 into a different disc drive, then launch the game again. […]

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Sound Problems

While playing your Nancy Drew game, you may experience one of these issues: • An error is displayed that says your sound settings are being changed • No sound plays during the game • Poor sound quality or sound “cuts out” while playing • Sound plays very fast These problems can occur if the sound […]

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Windows Vista / Windows 7 Installation

If an older game did not install automatically on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer, use the instructions on this page to install your game manually. This page gives instructions for installing older games on Windows Vista/Windows 7 from a game disc. Click here for help installing older games on Windows Vista/7 from a […]

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INI Error or CAL/CIFTREE Error

If you receive one of these errors after installing your game: • Incorrect path to .ini file • Error – Incorrect path to .INI (CAL/CIFTREE) • CALTREE or CIFTREE Error This means that the game installer cannot write to the expected file location. Creating a path to a new installation location will correct this problem. […]

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