DLA error occurs during install, can’t remove Disc 1 from drive

If you receive a DLA error during installation and are unable to remove Disc 1 from the disc drive, it means that the Sonic DLA program on your computer is preventing the game installer from functioning normally.

Disable or remove the DLA program before installing the game. To disable DLA (Windows XP):

1. Go to Start > My Computer > right-click on the icon for your optical disc drive > Properties
2. Click on the tab at the top called DLA
3. Uncheck the box to Enable DLA on your drives, then click Apply, then OK
4. Reinstall the game.

If the DLA error continues after this, uninstall your game (if available). Then uninstall the DLA program from Control Panel. Then reinstall your game normally. After the game has successfully installed, download and install an updated version of Roxio/Sonic.



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