I downloaded a game but now I can’t find the file!

Although you can download the game Setup file to any location on your computer, the recommended location is the Desktop. If the file was not saved to the Desktop, check the default download location for your system, such as your Download folder.

If you still cannot find the download file, go to Start Search/Search Bar – and type in the game title.

You can also use the Order Details page in your Online Store Account to look up the exact file download name. For example, the Alibi in Ashes game file is called NancyDrew_Alibi_in_Ashes_Setup.exe.

Once you have located the Setup file, double-click to Run the Installer.



11 responses to “I downloaded a game but now I can’t find the file!”

  1. Jack says:

    I’ve just got cookie monster but I can’t find it it just says unstall

  2. Cheryl says:

    I downloaded the Odyssey but after it went through the story intro I have no cursor, just a little white dot that’s hard to control. No interaction with the scene at all.

  3. Jennifer Whittle says:

    I bought the game Odyssey and WOW but this morning I went to continue to play and I don’t have an icon on my desktop nor is it in the file folder that put ANY of the games from HER when downloaded. I finally found the file after 20 mins of clicking this file to another to another to the this application tool file and was able to play it then..BUT where is the icon that is suppose to be on my desktop after downloading this game?

  4. senay mehari says:

    I doawnlod dream league 2018 but I can’t found file

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello senay, I recommend checking out Dream League’s web site for technical support. We can only help you with the Nancy Drew games. 🙁

  5. Janice M Fimreite says:

    This is not the least bit helpful. What solitary games are already installed?

  6. Janice M Fimreite says:

    What dont you understand about the words “already installed”

    • Brighella says:

      Hi Janice! Brighella here from HeR Interactive. If you’ve downloaded a game and can’t find it, please refer to the instructions above. At the very least the downloaded file would come up in a Windows search bar. If it still doesn’t come up, maybe it wasn’t actually downloaded and you could try downloading again. But, remember that Digital River downloads are now only available for 30 days from checkout. If you’re saying your game is already installed, this isn’t the support page for you. Try checking out the FAQ support pages and if you still can’t figure it out, please reach out via email to techsupport@herinteractive.com.
      Have a great week,

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