Nancy Drew Central Error

The “Object Reference” error can occur when the Nancy Drew Central file becomes corrupted, often by installing an older game after a newer one. To fix it, delete the Nancy Drew Central folder, located here: C:Program FilesNancy DrewNancy Drew Central.  Make sure to only delete the Nancy Drew Central folder.

After the folder is deleted, you will need to uninstall your latest Nancy Drew game through #24, The Captive Curse. Then reinstall the game as normal. This will also reinstall Nancy Drew Central, and should fix the problem.

Beginning with game #25, Alibi in Ashes, Nancy Drew Central is no longer used to launch our games. Read more about the Nancy Drew Central retirement here, and learn the other ways you can play your Nancy Drew games.



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9 responses to “Nancy Drew Central Error”

  1. Melinda Duffy says:

    I followed your listed instructions to circumvent this problem, but unfortunately the game I’m trying to play, Legend of the Crystal Skull, still will not play. What would you have me do now?

  2. elvis alvarado says:

    I’m trying to play White Wolf of Icicle Creek on Windows 7. It said everything installed correctly, and there is never any error message when I try to load the game. it wont start, the window for the game is there but wont play? help

  3. Megan Johnson says:

    I’m trying I was trying to play my game Haunted Castle Malloy and I can’t seem to play any of my game… can you help?

  4. Carla says:

    Hey guys, I had this issue and was about the give up! I finally got it fixed and am so happy. I ran in compatibility mode for XP but I think the only thing that really fixed it was finding two Nancy Drew Central files on my computer and deleting them. I searched everywhere on my computer and nothing came up but I found an old file from an installation that was a shortcut that hadn’t been deleted and it was under NancyDrew.Central with a period inbetween I also had something in my download history on safari I deleted that came up where I searched Nancy Drew central

  5. Hugh says:

    I was able to fix this issue by uninstalling the games and searching for any Nancy Drew Central files on my C drive and deleting them. Once reinstalled everything seemed to work

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