2753 Error during Install or Uninstall

Windows Error 2753 occurs during installation or uninstallation when a file in the Temp folder is recognized as a duplicate of a file in use. Clearing the Temp folder can resolve this error.

1) Open your Start Menu.

2) If you are using Windows XP, select ‘Run,’ and type in %TEMP% then hit Enter.  If you are using Windows Vista/7, click in the Search bar above the Start button and type %TEMP% then hit Enter.

3) Select all files in the Temp folder and delete them.  If any files will not delete, just choose ‘Skip’ or ‘Okay.’

4) Restart your computer.

5) After your computer has restarted, repeat steps 1 – 3.

6) You should now be able to install (or uninstall) your program without error.

If you continue to recive the 2753 error after taking these steps, please email techsupport@herinteractive.com.


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