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Insert Disc 1 Error

When trying to run your Nancy Drew game, you receive this error message: Insert Disc 1 into the same drive you installed from This is usually caused when the game disc is inserted in a different drive than that originally installed from. Insert Disc 1 into a different disc drive, then launch the game again. […]

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INI Error or CAL/CIFTREE Error

If you receive one of these errors after installing your game: • Incorrect path to .ini file • Error – Incorrect path to .INI (CAL/CIFTREE) • CALTREE or CIFTREE Error This means that the game installer cannot write to the expected file location. Creating a path to a new installation location will correct this problem. […]

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.CAB, Cabinet File, or Digital Signature Error

If one of these error messages displays during installation: A file that is required cannot be installed because cabinet file has an invalid digital signature. This may indicate that the cabinet file is corrupt. or Component Transfer Error Component: Required Video File Group: File: Error: Data error (Cyclic redundancy check) or Feature: Games File […]

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Windows Vista / Windows 7 Installation – Digital Download

If an older game did not install automatically on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer, use the instructions on this page to install your game manually. This page gives instructions for installing older games on Windows Vista/Windows 7 from a digital download. Click here for help installing older games from a game disc. To […]

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Install does not start when I put the disc in the drive!

If inserting the game Disc/Disc 1 into the disc drive does not start installation, the Autoplay option may be turned off, or the disc drive is having trouble reading the disc. If you are trying to install games #24 and higher, check whether your computer has a DVD drive. If installation does not start on […]

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Game Freezes or Crashes during Gameplay

If your game locks up or crashes during gameplay, or if the game does not start after clicking on the shortcut icon, it may not have installed correctly. Uninstalling and reinstalling the game will usually resolve this problem. Use the Uninstall Tool in the game folder, or if this is not available, uninstall from the […]

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Digital Download Instructions – Mac

How to digitally download Mac games purchased from the Her Interactive Online Store. 1) Log in to your Online Store Account then open your Order, or follow the download link in your Order confirmation email. 2) From the Order Details page, click the Begin Download button to start the download. Download progress is visible in […]

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Installation Instructions – Mac

How to install Nancy Drew Games on Mac. 1) Insert disc in drive, or open .DMG file from your digital download. 2) Installer will open. Click Installer icon or text to start installation, then click Continue from Introduction. 3) Agree to License Agreement. 4) Enter Registration Code (click here for help finding and entering your […]

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