Windows Vista / Windows 7 Installation

If an older game did not install automatically on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer, use the instructions on this page to install your game manually.

This page gives instructions for installing older games on Windows Vista/Windows 7 from a game disc. Click here for help installing older games on Windows Vista/7 from a digital download.

If you had previously installed, uninstall the game. Then delete all remaining game files and folders from your computer. To search for game files, go to Start > Start Search/Search Bar > and type in the name of the game. Delete any results, and empty your Recycle Bin.

Once this is done, make sure you’re logged on as an Administrator for your computer, disable your anti-virus protection, and manually install by taking the following steps:

1. Go to your Documents folder and create a new folder. Rename the folder with the title of the game.
2. Insert game Disc 1 in your disc drive. Go to Start Menu > Computer.
3. Right-click your CD-Rom/DVD drive and choose Open.
4. Look for the Setup file (this file will display as Setup Application, Setup.exe, or Setup Launcher Installshield.) Double-click this file to start the installation process.

5. Move through the Nancy Drew game installer until you reach the screen called Choose Destination Location. Click the Browse button or Change button.
6. Navigate to the game folder you created by double-clicking in the Directories box. Select C: drive > Users > User name > Documents > Game Folder you created. When you have the correct Path, choose OK.

7. Continue forward with the installation process. When asked if you want to install DirectX, check “No, I will install myself.”
8. Upon completion, click finish and exit setup.

For game titles #1-5, you may need to follow these three additional steps:
1. Right-click the game icon that is now on your desktop, select ‘Properties’.
2. Under ‘Properties’, click on the ‘Compatibility’ tab.
3. Check the ‘Run in Compatibility Mode’ box and then select ‘Windows 98/Me’ from the drop-down menu.


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110 responses to “Windows Vista / Windows 7 Installation”

  1. Catherine says:

    I have tried doing this setup for Danger by Design and The Creature of Kapu Cave, but no matter what I do, they always freeze on the opening screen with the magnifying glass. Is there a way to fix this?

  2. VIRGINIA says:

    would love to run my beloved SANITARIUM GAME but I have not be able to. Have Windows7 and get confused and frightened I will harm my HP. Has to be super simple and pictures and step by step easily

  3. Heather says:

    Yes, after trying to install Message in a Haunted Mansion once, these instructions fixed the installation issues. Wowsers is this an older game. I’ve finished all the newer ones so decided to go back and play them from the beginning and the difference is stark lol. Thanks for the help here with installation on Windows 7.

  4. John says:

    Yes!! After installing/uninstalling several times and making sure that right color adjustments were made and anti-virus disabled . . . I read the pamphlet and came here! Good thing – the fix worked for #3 Message!! Almost had my daughter throw it away or try to get her money back from a used book store (all sales are final). Thanks again!!

  5. Katie says:

    Thank you so much for this setup guide! I thought there was something wrong with the discs at first – returned the game to the store, but decided to risk it again, just in case. After going through this process, everything is working perfectly, and now I have some favorite games to play again – it is a dream come true! Thank you so much! God bless. =)

  6. Ashley says:

    I was having so much trouble with my Nancy drew TRT for years and i thought that i would never be able to play.. this helped so much! THANK YOU!!

  7. Katherine says:

    I had difficulties with Danger on Deception Island; my computer kept saying that “The file could not be found” after installing it. Running it in compatibility mode worked! Thank you!

  8. Christina says:

    I followed these steps to install Stay Tuned for Danger, but it said that it is unable to play sound , and that they have changed the way they play their sound and that the game was shutting down and to restart it and quote un quote, “have fun!” , but I can’t because it says that everytime

  9. Shoshanna says:

    Hey, just wondering if you ended up ‘clearing up’ the issue with Stay Tuned for Danger? My problem is the exact same as Christina’s.

  10. Thank you SOOOOO much for these instructions! I can play the older games now on my Windows 7!! I couldn’t before 🙂 Thanks so much!

  11. Cynthia says:

    I followed all these steps, but it refuses to play because of….sound incompatibility? Every time I try to open Stay tuned for Danger it says, “Nancy Drew cannot play sound for you at this time! We have changed the way we play sound so exit and restart the game” and nothing I do will open it. I clicked to run this as admin, I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled 10 different times, restarted my computer, and nothing.

  12. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve been reinstalling my older games (Anything before #20.) and installing them this way really helped ~

  13. Sina says:

    This has helped a great deal! Thanks so much!

  14. Lydia says:

    Hi! I’ve been trying to install games like Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, Secret of the Scarlet Hand, and Creature of Kapu Cave. The really new games seem to work perfectly, but the further I get down the list of older games, they each say an internal error occurred. The error message usually comes up after the DirectX screen (I’ve tried saying yes and no to DirectX, but it still won’t work). My computer is operating Windows 7.

  15. Sarah says:

    I have followed the steps before the ones you might have to do for game #1-5.
    Every time I redownload my Stay Tuned For Damger game, I always start playing it, hit my detective level, and then wait till Nancy is done reading the letter. When she’s done, every time, the game freezes!

    Is there anything that will help my game stop doing this?

  16. Hatt says:

    If you download an old game(mine is #10), could it harm your computer?

  17. KaylaaaBabeeee says:

    Thank you so much! I can finally play Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon and say I am the proud owner and have played all Nancy Drew Games.

  18. Meghan says:

    I have been trying to play Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake on Windows 7, playing off of a disc, and it keeps crashing. It doesn’t crash at a certain point, I just need to save every five minutes to make progress. I have the compatibility set to Windows 98/ME and I have followed these instructions, what could be causing this?

  19. Megan says:

    Will we be able to reinstall any anti-virus protection after installing the game and not experience any problems?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Megan! You should be able to re-install your anti-virus protection just fine. 🙂

  20. Jay says:

    Trying to install ‘ND Around the World 5 Pack’ on a Windows 7 machine with Home Premium and it’s hanging on the installation and making no progress at all. I’m installing as Administrator and no files are copied to the installation folder at all. I even uninstalled the anti-virus software. Each time I try to start a new installation I do get a message that the installation of dxwebsetp is Pending which I understand is DirectX. I have no choice but to continue and when I do I’m informed that it’s not needed because I have a later version already. InstallShield continues but hangs on the ‘Installing Nancy Drew 5-Pack” step. What should I do? This game is a graduation present for my daughter and I’d like to get it going.

  21. Taylor says:

    How do you turn off the anti-virus and log in as an administrator?

  22. Darrell Sims says:

    I use windows 8, and even when I manually click on the setup file, it won’t open the installation process. it asks for my password, then it does nothing. I have tried looking to see if it did install so I can uninstall, but it doesn’t even show up as an installed file. can someone pleeeaaassseee helppppppp!!!!!!!!!!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Darrell! Please email us at techsupport@herinteractive and mention the game you are trying to install. Thanks!

  23. Sarai says:

    I am having problems installing Stay Tuned For Danger. When I try to open the setup file it asks me if it is ok and I press yes but nothing happens.:( Please help me!!! I got this game 5 years ago and i’ve been trying all the time to install it but it never works.

  24. Megan says:

    Every time I try to install Secret of Shadow Ranch using these instructions the installation gets stuck at 60% and then I get a message that says: “Channel 23 error, could not open file” and it lets me play the game but every time I click either to walk or look at something, the message pops up. These instructions worked for me when downloading Secret of the Scarlet Hand so I’m not sure what the problem is here.

  25. Nicole says:

    So I tried to do this with Creature of Kapu Cave and when I go to open the game the screen just flashes really quick and the game never opens. I installed and played Danger by Design Yesterday and it worked perfectly. Idk what I need to do to get this game to work.

  26. Mary says:

    Thank you so much!!! This has worked on all my games, super excited

  27. Rachel says:

    I got Secrets Can Kill disk 1 to work and i played a little, but disk 2 will not let me play. It only lets me open up the files on my computer. There is no setup option for this disk.

  28. Gordon Robertson says:

    I don’t think this is a problem with directx since win7 uses directx 11 which can play any directx game. This seems to be a problem with the Installshield installer. I say that because Installshield has had problems in the past with corrupt Installshield storage directories that give unrelated install errors and the directx problem is not related solely to Nancy Drew games. Many different apps give that error.

    I have a young lady friend who has an older Nancy Drew game available which played OK on W7 but the newer game aborted with a directx error. I noticed that the directory structure between the installed games was identical and got an idea.

    The following is NOT recommended for a novice. I am only trying to demonstrate that games giving a directx error likely have nothing to do with directx and more likely have an issue with the Installshield installer.

    I read with horror that someone had tried to delete every directx-related file from the registry in order to reload directx 9. Don’t ever do anything like that. Directx is part of the Windows installation and cannot be removed. Doing so will most likely corrupt the registry.

    Having said that, people are likely to try messing with the registry so be sure to make a backup copy of your registry if you do. Some apps do that for you, I think CCleaner might. Alternately, there are ways to do it manually from a registry store in the Windows directory but it’s not something I recommend for a novice.

    I have a lot of experience processing the registry and this is not something you should try at home if you lack the experience with registries. This worked for me only because I was working on two Nancy Drew games for a lady friend, with identical directory structures and a very simply registry presence. Some apps put 100s of entries in the registry and working on them can be a long term experience that requires extreme vigilance. One typo can mess up the works.

    I reloaded the older ND game (Phantom of Venice) on W7 with SP1 for my lady friend and proved it was working OK. Then I moved everything from the OLD game folder to a temporary folder, EXCEPT a dotnetfx folder that I thought might be required. dotnetfx is a Micrososoft library that is often required for applications and without it the app likely wont work.

    I mean everything else. A move (as opposed to a copy) deletes all entries in the originating folder so the old directory was now blank except for the dotnetfx folder. Alternately, copy the old directory files and directories to a temp folder then delete everything in the old folder except the dotnetfx folder. Saving the files and directories is required in case they are needed later to uninstall the old directory.

    I took the directories from the newer game that wasn’t working,(including all files in the root of the directory where the game executable is found), and copied them to the OLD folder. So now I had the new game folder and files in the root directory sitting in the old folder directory.

    I made note of the exact name of the directory name of the newer ND game installation folder, then I removed the newer installation using standard uninstall procedures. I removed it so there would not be conflicts in the registry between the two game names. After uninstalling the newer game, I renamed the older game directory with the exact name of the newer game directory.

    Please be aware of the following using the registry. There is a section for uninstalling the program in the registry and it can get involved, with many entries. If that part is messed up, the game wont uninstall. You may be able to uninstall it with programs dedicated to that, like CCleaner.

    Also be aware, that I know how to remove remnants of any program in the registry so I was not worried about leaving traces of the old installation around.

    If you mess up an entry in the registry while doing this, you could mess up your entire registry. There are ways to replace a messed up registry provided you have a current copy.

    I went through the registry using the Find function searching for Nancy and replaced every entry for the old game with the path and game name of the newer game. The path was the same, of course, (C:\Program Files (x86)\Nancy Drew), just the new game folder name and new game name was required in several places.

    When all that was done, the game that would not start with a directx error booted fine using whatever the older game had loaded in the registry. No directx error. That’s why I suspect the Installshield installer.

    I remember a while back that problems had been encountered with Installshield whereby older installations of Installshield for earlier apps would not allow newer installations to install properly.

    There is a workaround which I don’t remember but it involves finding the Installshield directory and clearing it. I’d be careful with that one without further research.

    Look it up on the Net with Google under something like Installshield folder corrupt.

  29. Pepper says:

    I try to click on the setup application, but it won’t go at all. I have my anti-virus disabled and I’ve tried everything, but I can’t get it to go!

  30. Gail says:

    I have tried this with the original Secrets Can Kill and Stay Tuned for Danger, on a I7 processor with Windows 7 Pro and it will not work. Still says the sound has changed, won’t even as me for disk 2 of the set upon install. Both games work just fine on my Pentium and Windows 7 Home Premium. Contacted Support about a week ago and still no reply.

    • Brandi Badgett says:

      I was told that the new sound cards are incompatible with the games 1&2. So, it seems to be a physical issue.

  31. Sarah says:

    Bless all of you at HER Interactive!! I was so worried I would never be able to play my old games again and then I found this page and now they all work!! I could not be more grateful! I am NOT a tech kind of person at all but your instructions were super easy to follow!

  32. Rachel says:

    I’ve tried installing Stay Tuned as well as Final Scene. Neither of them will install. I have followed all of the instructions and have had no luck. Everytime I put in the disc and click on a file, nothing happens. It thinks and thinks and nothing ever comes of it. I’ve already emailed tech support with no help. Anybody else have the same issue? Also, which setup file do you click on? There’s three or four and none of them are titled the way that is described in the instructions.
    Very frustrated.

  33. Hayden says:

    Hi I don’t know what computer I have on the computer it says acer is it a windows computer?

  34. Hayden says:

    So I do have a Windows computer thank you

  35. faith says:

    If I uninstall a game (Tomb of the Lost Queen) can I reinstall it from the same cd/dvd (whatever it’s called) without having to buy the same one again?? 🙁

  36. jannette says:

    what do you do if you get a digital download?

  37. alexa says:

    When I try to install treasure in the royal tower all that pops up is an aplication that says modify repair or remove all installed content. I’ve clicked the remove all installed content and I still can’t get to the install page.

  38. Eva says:

    This worked great for Treasure in the Royal Tower! Thank you!

  39. Nita Bush says:

    In order to install older Nancy Drew games is it required that I have Windows 7? Currently I have 10.

  40. Williy S. says:

    I’m trying to install WWOIC (number 16 in the series) from the White Wolf/Crystal Skull 2-Pack, and it gives me “The process cannot access this file because it is being used by another process.” HALP!
    Just so you know, it’s been more than one process attach attempt.

  41. nancydrewplayer226 says:

    We are attempting to install Shadow at the Water’s Edge, but an error message saying “Disc:/setup.exe is not a valid Win32” continues to show up. We do not know how to address this issue and would really like some help.
    Thank you.

  42. Teendetective15 says:

    I’m trying to install The 2 pack of alibi in the ashes and The deadly detective once I get to the screen the show the bar showing how much it has installed it stops at about 90% and that’s all it does. I tired the method in this post but could not find the setup folder. I’m not sure where to go from here and would really appreciate the help
    Thank you

  43. Gwen says:

    Hi i have a windows 98 pc, and it has a microphone plugged in. I plan to install 2 Nancy Drew games, will i have problems if i don’t unplug it?

  44. Gwen says:

    Hi. I have a windows 98 home pc. I plan to install two Nancy drew games. My computer has a microphone plugged in, will i have problems with the games if i don’t unplug it?

  45. Gwen says:

    I Did e-mail. Will wait for response.

  46. Gwen says:

    Hi! Got your email response! Thanks so much! I will email you guys if i have any problems.

  47. TAnya says:

    HI, everytime i try to install treasure in the royal tower on my windows 7, it says that the dxdiag is too new and that i need dxdiag What do i do?

  48. Jessica says:

    Hello. Every time I try to install the second disk for Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon and type in/select the path, a message pops up saying “Setup could not find a file on the specified path or disk. Please check that the proper disk is inserted or specify a new path.” How do I fix this?

  49. Nancy Drew says:

    Hi, I recently received White Wolf\Crystal Skull two pack (physical copy). Crystal Skull worked fine but White Wolf won’t open every time I click on it. I tried to change the compatibility but nothing changed. I tried emailing Her Interactive TechSupport and Cosmi Valusoft but the info they gave me wasn’t helpful. Please advise! Thanks, Nancy

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Nancy, please reply back to techsupport’s email and let them know where it stopped working in the steps they provided. Thank you!

  50. Kimberley Klein says:

    My MHM keeps saying that there is an error with the “display mode,” whatever in Heaven that means, and it is not letting me open the game to even play because I keep getting that error box. The kicker is it was playing fine when I intstalled back in Februrary, but now its is being tempermental. I have Windows 7.

  51. Emma Britt says:

    I have followed the instructions above for installation and it still won’t work. I have message in a haunted mansion. My computer says “Your system cannot play the correct display mode for this game. Game shutting down.” What do I do?

  52. Rich says:

    We have installed The Curse of Blackmoor Manor (game# 11) on a Windows7Pro PC. The installation went fine using the above instructions. At the end of the installation we’re asked if we want to play the game. Selecting play game results in no response.

    Selecting the icon on the desktop, no response.
    Changing compatibility to resolution = 640×480, WinXP SP3, and run as administrator, no response.

    Please help, my daughter really wants to play this game.

  53. Bastien says:

    I have installed The Curse of Blackmoor Manor (game# 11) on a Windows7 PC. The installation went fine. Launching the game, it asks for Starforce protection system drivers to be installed, if i do, my computer reboot and windows can’t launch.

  54. jean says:

    shattered Medallion wont load on Win 7 no matter what i do. have tried manual with pre-made folder wont work.

  55. kimberly says:

    i am trying to download my nancy drew warnings at waverly academy and am having trouble i have a windows 7 ultimate

  56. budford says:

    Tomb of the lost queen has black screen and no sound on vista/xp

  57. Uche says:

    Am having a problem with sims3 on windows 8. Disk two doesn’t continue download. Says path not found. Please help me.

  58. Melissa says:

    I have Windows 10 on HP 15 touchscreen laptop and I’m trying to install Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon and my computer isn’t reading the cd at all.

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