Graphics Problems

Graphics problems are usually caused by outdated video drivers, or by video cards that do not meet the game requirements.

Graphics problems can include:

• Game exits during puzzle or animation sequence
• Mouse cursor flickers or disappears
• Blocky text and boxed cursor
• Game window is black
• Boxes or outlines visible around on-screen objects

Updating your video card driver can help with graphics problems. To determine your video card model and manufacturer, please follow the instructions below to view your Dxdiag file.

1) To run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool:
Windows Vista/Windows 7: Go to Start Menu > type “dxdiag” in the Search Bar, and hit the ENTER key.
Windows XP: Go to Start Menu > Run > type “dxdiag” in the Open Bar. Click OK.
2) The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will run. It will take a few moments to complete – you can watch the green progress bar in the left-hand corner. (If asked about WHQL Certification, click No or Cancel.)
3) Once the Tool has finished, the progress bar will disappear. Click the Save All Information button. This will bring up a Save window. Click Save.
4) You have saved a new text file called Dxdiag to your Desktop.

Open the Dxdiag file and check the following information:
Display Devices
Card name:
Driver Date/Size:

Using this information, go to the website of the video card manufacturer to search for driver updates for your video card. Download and install the updates.

***Download drivers from your manufacturer’s official website. Do not uninstall your current drivers – simply install the new driver over your current one.***

If the graphics problem continues after updating your video driver, or you would like assistance in locating drivers for your video card, please email Technical Support with a brief description of the problem and attach your DxDiag.txt file for further assistance.


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24 responses to “Graphics Problems”

  1. pamela says:

    i bought your Nancy drew 4 pack game but every time the game has a dialog it pops up with errors for not working.

  2. Kstar101 says:

    I have graphic errors and tried the solution that you posted here and it hasen’t worked!!!

  3. Diana says:

    I bought the Nancy Drew Around the world 5 pack it has
    the haunting of castle malloy that plays all the way through
    danger by design which wont open it says something about video card
    the phantom of venice which lets you get to the part where u hack the computer and put in the codes and it closes out
    the creature of kapu cave which says something about the video card
    the white wolf of icicle creek that plays all the way through.
    I have windows 8 and when the error messages pop up it says to install the latest version of direct x and video card, but then it says direct x doesnt need to be installed because its already on my laptop, what do I do? only 2 1/2 of the games work. It does however say something about updating the video card/sound card. I’m so confused I love nancy drew games and I have never had a problem with installation. this is the 1st time Ive ever bought a 5 pack where all 5 games are on 1 cd

  4. Eugene Els says:

    I have installed the game on a laptop, but when I try to open it, it comes up with “indirectdraw screenbuffercreatesurface unable to create an indirectdraw surface. Game shutting down.” Please help?

  5. Brian Manhart says:

    I have alibi in ashes and when I first bought it did ok but when I downloaded it on a new computer when I get to the part where you find nancy’s phone, keys, and lock pick set when I grab the lock pick set it disappears it doesn’t show up in any of the characters inventory

  6. Christine Troutman says:

    The Ghost Of Thornton Hall uipad version had lost sound suddenly! Not iPad issue as everything else with sound works!!

  7. Megan says:

    Hi, can you please tell me what the website of the video card manufacturer for Danger on Deception Island is?

  8. Pat Herring says:

    In the game Lights , Camera, Curses in the Tunnel where you click on the beams to spell out Lois the water symbol o will not work.

  9. budford says:

    I get a black screen with no sound when I try to play Tomb of the lost queen, I emailed but no response.

  10. I purchased your Nancy drew 4 pack diversion yet every time the amusement has an exchange it flies up with blunders for not working.

  11. Tom Croley says:

    I’m trying to play Stay Tuned for Danger on Windows 7. I purchased it years ago… I have all 32 games. It loads and runs OK but there is NO text in the places where conversation is displayed. Since I play with the sound OFF, this is a big problem. Is there a fix for this? When I run DXDIAG no problems are reported. I’m running Win7-64 bit on I7 Processor with 8 gigs of RAM.

  12. Eldritch says:

    I downloaded Stay Tuned For Danger and it gave me the INI error, which I fixed with help from these FAQs. But now when I go to launch the game after downloading it says “We’ve changed our sound system. Nancy Drew can not play sound at this time, please restart the game and try again.” But I can’t restart the game because no icon pops up for the game anywhere (Including files/folders)

  13. Paige Hall says:

    Please let me know how to get rid of the glitching of Nancy Drew games with Windows 11. I have tried just about everything I can find online and would really enjoy using my new laptop to play.

    • Heather T Eddy says:

      I’m having the same issue it sounds like. Windows 11 and the screen flickers over and over. I’ve emailed them but as it’s Christmas, may be a bit before I hear back.

    • Jennilyn VanderWeide says:

      I’m having the same problem with phantom of venice! It’s so irritating! I’ve been trying everything I can to change the system settings and nothing is working….

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