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Since 1930, Nancy Drew has been a positive role model inspiring mothers, daughters and grandmothers alike. She represents all those characteristics we aspire to – she’s smart, gutsy, courageous and resourceful, and she gets the job done.  You, as Nancy Drew, get to travel around the world, solve mysterious cases, go on adventures, crack codes, solve complex puzzles, help people and expose the truth to bring criminals to justice.

The Nancy Drew games are daring, challenging, thrilling and fun and are set in real world locations where players can discover different cultures and history. Rich environments, compelling stories, and fun characters also add to the enjoyment of solving the mysteries single-handedly or with a group. The Nancy Drew game franchise has won over 24 consecutive Parents’ Choice Awards and has sold more games than Harry Potter, Myst and Tomb Raider. In the games, you will become Nancy Drew’s eyes and ears to solve the mystery. Assuming the role of Nancy Drew for the first time? Here are some helpful tips for your role as the famous amateur sleuth!

Nancy Drew Goals   Nancy Drew Case FilesHow to solve the mystery: Before you begin your game, we suggest grabbing a pen and paper for jotting down vital information such as passwords or codes. (In later games, you can use your in-game cell phone camera to take snapshots). Prepare yourself. Read the opening letter or Case File, or talk to your main contact at the beginning of the game to better understand what adventure you are about to embark on. An extra tip: save your game often! There are opportunities to fail in the mystery, but if you forget to save before making a fatal error, you can use the “Second Chance” feature found in every game.   Amateur and Master Sleuth Levels

Amateur Sleuth: If you play on Junior/Amateur level you will likely have a task list with entries that can be checked off once completed.

Master Sleuth: Senior/Master level provides harder puzzles, the task list is either really basic or not available, and you get few or no hints.

First Time Players at Nancy Drew

Search for clues: Move your cursor (your mouse) around the environment. Snoop in different areas to collect clues. Explore and move around the environments or snoop in different areas to collect clues, which could appear as anything from a written asset (like a book) to an inventory item to take with you. Then check your inventory to study the items you have uncovered.

Question Suspects: There are animated characters and phone characters you will need to question. Seek them out and talk to them regularly by selecting the questions of your choice in the dialogue box. Choose your words wisely, because one wrong response could blow your cover!

Be sure to call your friends and the other characters from your phone. In a few games, you can use the phone to become other characters who can then help Nancy with her investigation.

Call your Friends for Help!

Notes and Hints: Besides taking notes on your own paper, Nancy will add her own notes regarding important observations and clues to her journal. These entries can be viewed later to help solve the case.

If you play on Junior/Amateur level, you will likely have a task list that you can check off once you have completed the task. Nancy will not allow you to check off unfinished tasks, so you can see what still needs to be done.

Bess, George, Ned, the Hardy Boys and others will often be available as phone friends to provide hints that nudge you in the right direction. In later games, you can consult your “Hint Hotline” or the task list for these types of hints. In a few games, you can use the phone to become other characters who can help Nancy with her investigation.

Solve puzzles: In every game, there will be many puzzles, tasks, and challenges you must solve and accomplish to progress in your investigation. Some puzzles or games you can play more than once, but are not required, such as cell phone games in later titles. Stuck on puzzles? See the Hints section above.

Play Interactive Mystery GamesGetting Help Outside of the Game: Strategy Guides for Games #6 and up are available for purchase exclusively at, or for free when you order the game from our site! Strategy Guides offer solutions to every puzzle while walking you through the mystery (without spoiling the ending for you). Pictures and maps are included. Check out the Message Boards at to post your questions and get hints and tips from fellow players!   More Information:Nancy Drew Strategy Guide Stay informed about upcoming games, enter contests, read interviews, participate in polls and answer fun questions, interact with fellow fans, and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of the company and how we create our games by following us online! Subscribe to our newsletter to get all the latest news, including sales, contests, and news on upcoming games!

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