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We love making games that make a difference, and we’re always thrilled to receive feedback from our fans about how our company and Nancy Drew products have made an impression on their lives.

If Her Interactive has impacted your life in a positive way, we want to hear from you! Send us an email at with your story. We will accept both written and video testimonials and can’t wait to share them!

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was about 5 or 6 my dad was letting me get a computer game at Target. I found Secret of the Scarlet Hand and saw that it was a mystery. I had never heard of Nancy Drew, but I had to get it because it was a mystery and I loved mysteries. I installed it at home but found that it was a bit boring and hard as it wasn’t very exciting at the beginning. I lost interest in it but wanted to try others in the series. I got Danger on Deception Island from the library and I was so proud when I finished it. It is still one of my favorite games.

A while later, our family was on a road trip and we stopped at a mall. We went in a computer game store and I found The Secret of Shadow Ranch. My dad bought it for me and I played it after we got home after the trip. It was a few years back so I only still have the disc and it only installs and doesn’t play the game, but it’s better than the Secret of the Scarlet Hand which I found recently all scratched and broken =(.

After this, I played 1-11 that I got at the library. Unfortunately, after Curse of Blackmoor Manor, my mom said they were too scary and wouldn’t let me play them anymore for like 5 years. Later I found SHA in the bottom of my desk drawer. I played it and remembered how much I used to love them. By that time everything up to The Phantom of Venice was out and at the library, so I played those too.

From then on my obsession really began and I bought 19-25 plus SCK2 and the Dossiers when they came out. Now I’ve read around 11 or 12 of the Nancy Drew books. Even though it is kind of weird for a boy to play girls games, it doesn’t matter because “to be great is to be misunderstood; FYI Ralph Waldo Emerson and Lou Talbot said that”. I cannot wait for Tomb of the Lost Queen to come out in spring and hope it is as good as the others. Some of my personal favorites include: DDI, CLK, HAU, RAN, WAC, and CAP.

Farewell from your biggest fan,
Will L.

Dear Her Interactive,

I love your games! I started playing at the age of ten. I had gotten a gift card for Target for Christmas and when I went to pick out a game I saw Message in a Haunted Mansion. I had never played a mystery game before so I thought it would be a good change. I took it home and installed it. I loved it and then…. I got stuck! So I stopped playing because I couldn’t figure out what to do!

A couple months later I got back on and with my brother’s help was able to beat it! It was another year before I bought another game. My brother and I pretty much came together and beat that one! Ever since that second game I have been playing every Nancy Drew Game I can get. I now own all but 4 of them.

The Nancy Drew games have given me something I really care about. Through playing the games I got hooked on the book series and I now have almost all the hardback books! I take joy in collecting Nancy Drew items; books, games, t-shirt, etc. Without Nancy Drew I don’t know what I would do. I can escape into the games and books when I am tired and ready for a break from life! Thank you for all you do! Nancy Drew Rocks!

With love,
Jessica K.

Dear Her Interactive,

I can clearly remember the days where I would go to Best Buy and spend hours searching for the right computer game to buy. Once when I was about 11, my uncle took me and offered me 40 dollars to buy games. After looking around for literally an hour, I couldn’t decide which of all the different types of games I should buy. Seeing as my uncle was losing his patience I just picked up the nearest one because it brought a book with it. That game I chose turned out to be Nancy Drew: The Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake.

That night I went home and my best friend came over, she played my GameCube while I headed through the woods of Pennsylvania trying to find the graveyard. She saw what I was doing and came and played with me. We haven’t stopped ever since. We have played the majority together, the rest I have played on my own. Sometimes me and her grow apart as is normal for two teenage girls that go to different schools but every once in a while, we catch up. Nothing else can bring us together and make us laugh as if there was no distance or time between us as Nancy Drew can. All our problems melt away as we scream together at Ethel popping up or laugh together as we hear Joe say something witty. It’s an everlasting friendship and Nancy has helped us in so many ways.

To this day, we are still best friends. Even after I moved to the other side of the country and then moved back. Playing Nancy Drew is not only a fun and delightful experience for me, but it is sort of a promise. A promise that two best friends, no matter where they go in life, can always turn to these amazing games and relive our innocent youth.

So thank you, Her Interactive for giving one friendship among three that will last forever. Me, Alexis, and Nancy Drew.

Annalie L. 🙂

Dear Her Interactive,

Since I was little, I’ve had a passion for book reading. Among many books, Nancy Drew was one of them. I still read Keene’s books. Currently, I own 51 Nancy Drew books, one The Dana Girls book, and eight The Hardy Boys books. (I know, not a Carolyn Keene series.) You can see I love detective and mystery, though.

Until 2004, I didn’t know I also had a passion for creative writing. That was also the year I discovered Nancy Drew games – er, I should say my oldest sister, Anna, discovered the games. She knew I loved the books and gave me my first game: Secret of the Scarlet Hand. I had so much fun playing that game. I’ve always had an interest in Mayan culture; and to solve a case involving that was a wonderful experience for me.

I think it’s highly likely that SSH, and a particular documentary movie, inspired me to write books. Nancy Drew is definitely the source of inspiration, though. There’s so much detail, real facts from the world, and creativity in the books and the games.

Being Nancy Drew in the games is a wonderful experience. There is a lot we can learn from playing these games, and reading the books too. There are real facts, specific details, and detective skills. Mind you, I wouldn’t really break in someone’s office or house to get clues, hehe. They really help me since I have a thirst for knowledge, detective skills, mystery, and writing.

Since I’ve started writing, my ultimate dream is to become a published author. This past week, I have actually counted how many unpublished books I’ve written. I have almost 30. Can you believe it? I’ve written almost thirty books since 2004. That’s almost five books a year; I sacrificed a lot of social time to write these books. (That has to be the works of a serious author. If not, then I don’t know what is.) I sometimes play Nancy Drew to distract me after getting writer’s block. And quite a few times, it has helped me get out of writer’s block.

I want to say thank you, Her Interactive. Thank you, Carolyn Keene. If it weren’t for the books and games, I don’t know where I would be right now. Thank you so much.

Sincerely a big fan,
Allison D.

Dear Her Interactive,

Your games have been a part of my life ever since I was little. My mom used to play them when I was very young, and I still remember watching little snippets of her solving the original Secrets Can Kill case, peeking behind the tall, black office room chair. Since then, both of us have played each and every one of the mysteries; the games inspiring me to read the original Nancy Drew series, which I have read and re-read throughout the past few summers. Nancy’s voice in the computer mysteries helped me imagine and get to know Nancy a little better while solving the cases in her books, and even made me think of her more like a companion than a character in the games and books.

Now, I have hooked my friends into playing your games, creating fun memories with them, a lot of those including having sleepovers just to be startled by the sequences in Shadow at Water’s Edge, The Haunting of Castle Malloy, and so many others we enjoyed solving.

Thank you, Her Interactive, for bringing Nancy Drew to life. The animation is so life-like, and the music and Easter eggs and Kringle Bars make it even more amazing. Even now, years later, I sometimes imagine that the hotels I stay in sometimes hold dark secrets and only Nancy Drew with her super sleuth instincts can solve the case, because you awakened the detective in me. 😉 I really appreciate that Nancy herself is never revealed, because I don’t think anybody can copy the exact image of what the super sleuth that captured our hearts and imaginations looks like.

Keep up the amazing work, and can’t wait to see what else is in store!

A HUGE fan,
Detective Grace

Dear Her Interactive,

I’ve been reading Nancy Drew for over twelve years. I’m almost twenty-four now. I’ve been playing the games since I was a kid. My dad first picked me up Message in a Haunted Mansion shortly after it had been released. I could never forget that moment. I sat at the computer surrounded by snacks until late night playing. It was so scary! I absolutely loved it! I still remember jumping, yelling, and laughing. It was the best childhood memory I have. After that, I had my dad buy me the first two games that were released. Then from there on out, I collected each one after that.

I’m twenty-three now and I still sit here like I did years ago in anticipation of the next game! Sometimes I feel if I looked in the widow, I’d see myself sitting there as a kid again waiting in excitement. One day I’m going to pass all my games onto one of my kids and I’m going to sit with them as they wait with excitement for the next game to come.

Your games are the best thing to ever happen since the books were released. You’ve created so many childhood memories for me that I can’t explain. You’re still creating memories for me and I’m an adult now. I’ve learned so many things playing your games that it’s kind of crazy! I’ve never missed a game and never will. I can’t wait for Tomb of the Lost Queen! I can’t thank you enough for all you do. So, thank you very much for everything!

Forever a fan,
Jessica H.

Dear Her Interactive,

First off, I would just like to say thank you for creating these great games that give me so much joy and a little mystery in my otherwise normal and usually uneventful life. Ever since I was a little kid, I’m twenty now, I have always found anything involving Nancy Drew to be attention grabbing and so fascinating. The books, the shows, the movies, and of course, the games. Unlike the books and such, the games allow you to actually feel as though you are a part of the mystery. Playing as the role of Nancy, and sometimes other characters, really makes the story seem like it is revolving around you as if you were a detective.

Although I have to wait after I finish a game for the next in the series to come out, these games are never ending to me. They have so many fun challenges and puzzles within them, and a great storyline that lets you play the game over time and again without ever getting bored. I own the entire series of the Nancy Drew game collection, one through twenty-five plus the Secrets Can Kill Remastered edition, and I have played them all at least two or three times. But some have been played a lot more than a couple times. Treasure in the Royal Tower is my all-time favorite of the set and I’ve played it at least ten times. It even inspired my Marie Antoinette bedroom theme that I had for a while.

These games have done a lot for me in my life. They even helped me in my decision of what major I wanted to take in college. I am very much into mystery, crime, and suspense, and so my major ended up being Psychology. This way I can study these kind of events and how people’s minds work. The Nancy Drew games make me love these things even more with the secrets and cases that need solving. I’m very grateful that I am taking a major that still allows me to focus on the things that I have extreme interest in.

I am so thankful for the products from Her Interactive in my life and cannot wait for the new Nancy Drew game to come out. And I’m so glad that I was able to share how much I love and appreciate these games and the people behind them. Thanks so much for everything!

From Nancy’s Wishful Detective Partner,
Shanna T.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was bored one day when in the second grade, my friend (also my mum and grandmum) had recommended The Nancy Drew series to me. Little did I know that I would get addicted to it. I still am even though it was almost exactly four years ago when I’m just a “teeny” fifth grader.

Then, I once again was bored. I stumbled onto your site, the Her Interactive site. That’s where I found out where somebody FINALLY made Nancy Drew games. I begged my mum to get me a game for Christmas/my birthday. (As for it’s on the same day.)

My mum never did it until last year’s family Christmas, she gave me the game Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor. It’s very fun, and the things that were introduced in there, my peers don’t have a clue about anything of that sort! So, it has a sign that my brain sucked it up and of course, I loved the game once again. Played it 24/7 practically. Later, I received the game, Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge. I’ve picked up a little bit of the Japanese language along with a few lessons taught by my best friend at my new school.

Most people have no idea how much fun and how NON-girly Nancy is. She taught me to me smart (sometimes cunning), follow your brain though sometimes your heart, love your friend and family, keep your friends close but your enemies closer, and always love adventure and mystery.

I’m very glad that HerInteractive has guides in case you get stuck. Though, I always thought that Nancy and one of the Hardy Boys would’ve made a good match….Don’t ask me how, but it’s true in my opinion. (I have also read a LOT of Hardy Boy series books over the course of four years…). There is nothing that I love and want more from Nancy and her friends. Except, maybe have it more based on the books? Also, my little, meaning three years old, second-cousin is getting a bit spooked out by my playing these games. Is there any way for the Creators make it a TAD okay for little children to see and not have nightmares about it? Her mother told me that she had nightmares about it already.

Stay true and loyal Nancy.
Wish you luck and well health on your next journey.
Oh and please, don’t die. <3 With lots of love, Nancy’s junior detective, Anna T. *Now back to playing the game*

Dear Her Interactive,

Growing up I absolutely loved to read and there was no genre I enjoyed more than mystery! I tore through series after series of mystery novels; I even took a turn at writing some of my own stories and declared myself a private eye in training.

My grandmother was the first person to introduce me to Nancy Drew. She had a collection of Nancy Drew stories that both she and my mother had read as girls. Naturally I loved them just as much as my mother and grandmother had before me. I always loved when I had finished one of mysteries because I could run and talk to my mother and grandmother all about it. Many of my fondest memories consist of these considerably animated discussions I would have with these two incredibly influential women in my life. You can imagine how excited I was when I received the first Nancy Drew game from my parents. It was Message in a Haunted Mansion and I worked noon to night to solve what was really going on in that old Victorian Mansion in San Francisco.

Eleven years and twenty four amazing Nancy Drew games later and I’m still an avid fan of this wonderful series. Thank you, to everyone at Her Interactive for creating my favorite computer series. Though quite a few years have passed since I opened my first game, I’m stilled filled with the same overwhelming excitement and anticipation as I was back then when I receive each new game. Not only do these games once again allow me to play at being detective, just like in the days of my youth, but they also remind me of the wonderful connection Nancy Drew created between the generations of women in my family. Unfortunately I can no longer run to my grandma and tell her all about all the new mysteries I’ve solved, she passed away three years ago due to lung cancer. Still each time I start a new mystery case with Nancy I think to myself of all those wonderful conversations and great times I spent with my family and how Nancy Drew created some of the happiest times in my life. So thanks again and keep up all your amazing hard work!!

Your ever loyal and devoted fan,
Katie K.

Dear Her Interactive,

Before anything I have to say thank you for all your hard work and effort in all of these fantastic games. I got my first Nancy Drew game on Christmas when I was ten years old and I was absolutely terrified to play it when I looked down at the cover of Ghost Dogs Of Moon Lake. But soon enough my brother and I were at the computer playing it, having the time of our lives and I was hooked.

Since then I’ve gotten fourteen Nancy Drew games and plan on getting more 🙂 Of course I’ve replayed them over and over both by myself and with my brothers and friends. I actually get what I call “mystery cravings” and when I do your games are always there to help. But not only did I get hooked on the games, it led to me finding and loving the Nancy Drew books and pretty much anything else Nancy Drew.

Thanks again.
From your number one fan in Australia,
Jody R.

Dear Her Interactive,

I just wanted to thank you for giving me some of the best memories growing up. It’s really true, Nancy Drew games have been with me ever since they came out up until now that I am 21, almost 22. The games aren’t just like any other games, they truly are an adventure. They take you out of your house and place you into beautiful settings and amazing places around the world. There is nothing better than popping a disk in and being transferred into the mystical and courageous world of Nancy. The graphics have always been topnotch and are always realistic! The games really taught me all sorts of facts and interesting information, even how to cook. I also love the music by Kevin Manthei! I hate to say it but I own every cd from the games and play them in my car on my iPod whenever I need a pick me up. I even listen to the music when I am doing homework. The music can bring back memories from the games and the different adventures Nancy has been through. The only problem is that I want to replay some of the older games but they are too old for my computer now, which is upsetting.

There are really no other games out there that compare to the Nancy Drew series in my mind. They are fun, adrenaline pumping and even scary at times. I can’t tell you how many times I have jumped out of my seat because I got scared! Yet it’s worth it and it only makes it that much more fun and realistic. I can also say that in other games I hate talking to people to get information and clues. Yet in Nancy Drew I love it! They all have interesting stories, accents, and styles and it’s so hard to figure out who the bad guy is! I love how Ned is always there or the Hardy Boys; it really feels like I grew up with these characters.

Basically Her Interactive staff, if I went into details about all of the games and how much I love them, we will be here all year! I feel like the Nancy Drew games are a great example for girls out there and teach them how to grow up into intelligent strong women! I wish I had more time to play the games but I am getting older and that still won’t stop me! I will always make time to play the games and I warn my boyfriend and family that I will be playing the whole day and not to bother me.

Well, the weather today has been rainy and cold maybe I will take a vacation and play The Creature of Kapu Cave and take a trip to Hawaii! Please never stop making these games and thank you so much for making them!! I can’t say how much I love them and also thank you for making them for Macs. Hopefully one day I will be able to pass these games down to my children!

Sincerely, your biggest sleuthing fan,
Cerene B.

Dear Her Interactive,

I would like to thank you SO much for making Nancy Drew games! They have impacted my life so much. Me and now some of my best friends are better friends because of Nancy! Whenever they come over for sleep-overs, they always ask me if we can play the scariest ones, and we stay up all night playing them! Also, my family and I have become closer, like when my mom was little, she had almost all the ND hard cover yellow books, so when she saw that I was renting some ND games from the library she now almost always helps me play them! I now almost have ALL the Nancy Drew games! I’m only missing 4, and they are on my Christmas list! So, once again I thank you SO much for making these games, and I hope you keep making them for a long time!

From one of your biggest fans,
Brennah B.

Dear Her Interactive,

It is a cold day and I had just got home from school. I am in year 3 and it just started raining so I run into my friend’s house across the street.When I burst into the house and walk down the hallway and past the computer room, I see my friend’s brother on the computer with his friend playing a game and they were both staring intently at a dark screen with a tree house centred on it. Out of curiosity I walked into the room and watched over their shoulders as they climbed a ladder and spoke to a man with binoculars. I then heard my Mum enter the house and start to talk to my friend’s mum. I run out of the room and tug at her sleeve and make her follow me to the computer room. I point eagerly at the screen and Mum watches half interested. “I want to play!” I whisper to my mum. Mum then starts to talk to my friend’s Mum and I hear her say these two words, “Nancy Drew”.

Mum then got the game out of the library after many hours of persistent begging and reasoning and after school Mum invited me to her work to play the game which she had previously installed. It was a huge moment for me as I sat down in the old plastic seat and stared at the icon labelled Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. I eagerly clicked on it and then a pop-up appeared. A sentence then completely shattered me. “Unable to play disk”. I tried again and again and again but always that same pop-up came up. I moved out of my Mum’s office in tears. I was so disappointed that I didn’t stop crying till several hours later. The next week Dad surprised me by revealing that he had installed the game on his computer and when I clicked on it, dreading the worst…It played! The music started up and as I clicked junior detective and Nancy started speaking to Ned, I jumped up and down screaming and laughing I was so delighted. Every day after school for 4 weeks I played that game. As I got used to the controls I would spend days figuring out puzzles and trying to locate birds in the deep forest.

Then it all started. I went to the library and began to read all the books and then went hired all the games I could and spent all my time at Dad’s work checking off my tasks and reading my journal. Nancy was my imaginary friend and I would often spend hours talking and helping her, and then Bess and George became my best friends. I would talk to them when I walked home but as I grew up, my mum and dad thought I would grow out of them but I am still here! Six years after I started playing I still ride the train to Blue moon canyon. I still attempt to run up the stairs of the treasure tower in pitch black. I still eat hundreds of gumballs while I ponder the whereabouts of the crystal skull. I still fly across the fields of Castle Malloy. I still design dresses at the old windmill and I fiddle with my necklace that I managed to recover after the phantom stole it in Venice. These games have been a treasured place in my heart and even at 14 years old I still get butterflies as I open a new game and wince as Nancy almost gets burned to a crisp in your latest game. I hope you make these games for many years to come because they have been the biggest part of my childhood.

Love, a dear fan of Nancy

Isabella F.
14 years old

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was little I used to like animal computer games. I remember one day my mom bought me a pack of Her Interactive games with “Lets Ride” and “Pet Vet” but there was also a 3rd game included: The Curse of Blackmoor Manor. I quickly played through the animal games, then I decided to give the Nancy Drew game a shot. I played it and from that moment I was hooked. I started collecting all the games and once I played through all of them I started to read the books.

I now have my own Nancy Drew book club at the local bookstore and I have a huge collection of Nancy Drew books and memorabilia. I hated reading before I got into Nancy Drew books. They have made me smarter and able to focus more in school. I have a huge amount of pride in my collection. Without it I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Thank you Her Interactive for opening new doors for me. That one computer game sent me on a great path and changed my life forever.

From a grateful fan,

Dear Her Interactive,

It has been 15 years since I was introduced to Nancy Drew; my grandma was the great inspiration that brought Nancy Drew to life as she read the books to me before going to bed, and later taught me how to read them as well. I still remember my favorite was The Secret of Shadow Ranch and Secret of the Old Clock. I was so thrilled when the games had come out and brought the books to life.

Over the years Nancy Drew has been my inspiration to go after my dreams, I was also a curious girl and snooping in people’s things and I still do. (Even if I get in trouble, haha). But it’s just a quirk I have and I learned how to be discrete like Nancy in doing so.

I also learned a lot of knowledge from the games; I remember in the 6th grade we had to do a presentation over a historical figure and I chose to be Marie Antoinette from Treasure in the Royal Tower. Not only did I learn from that particular game, but I also learned how to speak different languages such as French, German, Japanese etc. and to also have more respect of other cultures.

If it wasn’t for you Her Interactive, making Nancy Drew come to life in the games that we can play no matter if we are 5 years old or 80, it brings a lot of joy to not only me but everyone else, too, and I also give big reps to the guys out there that were also inspired by Nancy Drew. Because of you, I am planning on touring around the world to all the places Nancy went and to continue learning the languages. I also hope to pursue further in my education in either Criminal Justice or Computer Tech., and maybe someday be a part of your team; whether it’s coming into work every day or being a volunteer to play the games.

Nancy Drew will always be a part of my life and I will continue to enjoy the days I get to play Nancy Drew, so thank you for bringing all of the adventures in to mine and everyone else in Her Interactive’s lives!

Brianna B.

Dear Her Interactive,

I love your website. It’s so safe. There is so much to do on the website. I love the house of games, there are like a million games. Your site keeps me occupied. If it wasn’t for my sister, playing the games all the time, making me jealous, I wouldn’t have discovered this site. It’s the best site ever. I love it.

Kennedy Q.

Dear Her Interactive,

My best friend Sarah gave me my first Nancy Drew computer game for my birthday when we were in 5th grade. It was Nancy Drew #4 and I loved it so much that I bought the earlier games as well. Every birthday we would give each other a Nancy Drew game and we would have a sleepover so we could play the whole game start to finish that night. We loved the puzzles, discovering hidden passageways, and trying to guess who did it! Sarah and I are now in our sophomore year at two different universities, but we still get together twice a year to continue our tradition. Thank you Her Interactive, for creating games my best friend and I have loved for ten years, and bringing our long distance friendship together.

Taylor W.

Dear Her Interactive,

I remember the first time I played Nancy Drew. I got the game pack of Secrets Can Kill and Stay Tuned for Danger. It was the summer before sixth grade and I started playing those two games and loved them. That summer I bought every Nancy Drew game that was available thus far. I remember thinking these games are impossible to beat. That is, until Thanksgiving of that same year, I beat my first Nancy Drew game: Message in a Haunted Mansion. I remember my parents telling me to come downstairs because our family was here, but I was having so much fun playing Nancy Drew. Two hours later, I ran downstairs and screamed, “I beat Nancy Drew.” My parents giggled, and hugged me. Little did I know at the time, Nancy Drew would have such an impact on my life.

Throughout my school years, I would bring up questions and teachers would say, “how did you know that?” In sixth grade, I asked my science teacher what HgS was, from Secret of the Scarlet Hand. She gave me this look and said Mercury and Sulfur. “Thank you,” I said. I was so excited, and could not wait to go home and see if that helped me progress in the game. Of course after asking this, I figured out Nancy Drew could click on the periodic table in the lab, and it told her the element. However, asking my teacher made me feel as if I were a detective just as Nancy, and inspired me.

In my ninth grade English class, we were reading a Middle English piece of literature about catacombs. The teacher asked, “Does anyone know what catacombs are?” Everyone looked around at each other and I raised my hand. “They are underground tunnels in France and Europe,” I said. I remember the teacher’s eyes widened and he looked at me with surprise. He said, “How did you know that?” I said, “Nancy Drew.”

Those are just a few of the fond memories I have of how Nancy Drew has impacted my life for the better. Nancy Drew has taught me to be observant, confident, and respectful. I am currently in my sophomore year of college, and am home for Thanksgiving break. My parents and I were talking about the weather and different cloud types because I took a science class this semester. My parents were joking and said, “Did you learn that in college?” I shook my head, “No, I learned it from Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister.” My parents said, “Of course.” They know how educational and inspiring the games are.

Nancy Drew has taught me to be a strong and confident woman and to not let anyone belittle my dreams. Anything is possible if you have the courage, and Nancy Drew has given me that courage and inspiration to live life to the fullest with no fears.

Much Love and Huge Nancy Drew Fan,
Chelsea M.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hi, my name’s Cassidy B., and I love Nancy Drew games. These games have brought me back in touch with some of my closest friends, and we love to play them together. Without these games, I would not have some of the most important people in my life that I have today. Not only have your games improved my friendships, but my logic sense is now even better than before, causing me to use logic to figure out even the toughest of questions.

These games give me something to do on a rainy day or boring weekend. They turn me into a super sleuth, so I can turn into Nancy Drew and solve the case. I can’t believe how these games have changed my life, and I love them all the same. Thank you so much for creating these games and bringing Nancy Drew back into my life. I love your games, and I have so many of them already. I have to go, I need to help Nancy figure out what’s going on at Shadow Ranch. Thanks again!

Cassidy B.

Dear Her Interactive,

I met Nancy Drew about 3 years ago, and now I have almost all of the disks. I met Nancy Drew when I was with a friend at a party, his older sister at that time was playing Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island. My friend tried to shake his sister, but I said that I wanted to see.

So about an hour later, I asked Kolya (this is the name of my friend) where can I buy this game, he replied that are sold in the academic bookstore. After I bought up all the Nancy Drew in the school store, I went to the electronics shop and there was an extensive choice of Nancy Drew games. Now I have only one game – Danger on Deception Island, but soon going to buy more. Unfortunately I can’t buy the original box version of the game as I live in Russia.

Женя Б.

Dear Her Interactive,

I LOVE your work, you guys are so awesome! My favorite game is Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake! You guys should do 50 Nancy Drew games, because you guys are awesome! I have completed 8 games, including Stay Tuned for Danger from Alibi in Ashes. If you guys want to know, call Nancy Drew to be on the case!

Your #1 fan,
Max L.

Dear Her Interactive,

First I would like to say that, your games are amazing, creative, and fun. My name is Joe and I live in PA. Yes I’m a proud male Nancy Drew fan, and to be honest I check your site like every week for news on the upcoming games.

It started when I was about 8, my cousin had the first one and second one, and although I can barely remember what happened, I fell in love, I thought it was so cool, and later when I was about 10 I started to get my own and play them, but sadly I would have to use help or a guide sometimes. Over the years I’ll admit I was a little secretive about it, being a boy and playing them wasn’t cool especially young, but one of my friends told people but they really didn’t care, were still friends, and I’m not angry at her for telling since I realized a game does not have a gender its meant for anyone who likes it.

My favorite would have to be Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, I loved the characters, the mini games, the storyline, I felt like it could really happen and it happening on a train! You guys are so… I can’t even think of a word, always switching the settings and making it even funner, and shocking. My cousin does not play them anymore, she’s 17 and I’m 15, but I still love them and I played the recent game; loved it, ten times better then Call of Duty (no offense to any major COD fans) I prefer your games over them, thank you for making these games, they have helped me in many ways.


Dear Her Interactive,

Hello, my name is Nicolette! My story may not be the most interesting but it’s one of the greatest memories I’ll ever hold close to my heart. Leave it to my grandma to always try her best at getting me an exciting birthday present! One year my grandma bought me two computer games that I had never heard of. She told me that I seemed like a smart girl and that I should give these games a whirl. I opened my presents to reveal Message in A Haunted Mansion and The Final Scene. Yes, those games weren’t in order but my grandma didn’t realize they were numbered. Nevertheless, I popped those games into my computer and put my game face on.

One of my best friends in the whole world is my partner in crime when solving these mysteries. Ever since those first two games we’ve played non-stop. After we finished the two that my grandmother bought me, my friend’s mother rushed right out to see if there were any others, and there were! From then on in we’d solve the mysteries, memorize our favorite characters’ voices, beat the game and wait; rather impatiently I might add, for the next game to appear on our store’s shelves. Whether the next game came out just in time for Christmas, or our birthdays we always had a reason to buy the newest mystery.

This became our tradition. When a new mystery needed to be solved we’d hold a sleepover, make sure we had a bunch of snacks at the ready, get into our pajamas and begin cracking the case. Bagels are our signature snack of choice, along with some popcorn and veggie crisps. Normally we’d stay up the whole night just to solve that one game, and then we’d wake up to realize we had a long ways to wait for the next game to come out. These sleepovers are one of the greatest parts of my childhood, but after all those years of playing together my best friend had to move and even though it wasn’t too far away sleepovers were held a little less often. It wasn’t easy to plan days where we could get together. We grew older; high school came along and there was more work to do, more studying and then came our jobs. All these obstacles put a big standstill on our tradition.

We’re turning twenty this year, and we still consider ourselves huge, avid players of the mysteries. Recently we stayed up all night beating Alibi in Ashes, just to head to work early in the morning with absolutely no sleep. Every time we play a new game our parents think we’re crazy, claiming “we’re too old!” and, “it’s as if you guys are nine years old again!”

Every time we see the new desktop when the new mystery begins we look all around and point out which knick-knack goes to which previous game. We love Nancy Drew, we’ll be fans forever, and at the rate we’re going we’ll be having sleep overs until we’re thirty! As long as the mysteries keep churning out, we’ll make time in our awfully, hectic college schedules to get together and solve the crime. I’ll forever love my grandma for getting us started and we’ll forever appreciate Her Interactive for producing these challenging story lines and quirky characters that we love so much!

See ya soon – Love,
Nicolette B.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hi! My name is Calla and I have been playing Nancy Drew Games since I was 7 years old! I first heard of them when my sister got Secret of the Scarlet Hand and was playing it on our computer. I would go over and watch her play for a little while and then go back to my Barbies. Then after she got Message in the Haunted Mansion I went over to watch at the wrong time. It was apparently one of the scarier scenes in the game and I never came to watch her play for 2 years (and to this day I cannot even bring myself to put the Message in the Haunted Mansion disc into my computer, I was so scared.)

After I started playing again I was instantly hooked by Secret of the Scarlet Hand. I would take out a notebook and a pen or pencil and I would write down everything I did in case I would need the information (I still do this with every single game). Then I just started playing whatever games we had and I loved it!

One day after school I was hanging out at a friend’s house and I said to her “Yeah, so I am like totally addicted to these games you gotta play one of them” and I told her all about them. Apparently she had also been playing them for quite some time. We then had a tradition of going to someone’s house and then making a big bowl of pizza puffs (pizza rolls) and get some juice and we would just play for hours on end. We had so much fun and now we lend games to each other whenever we get a new one or one of us misses an old game.

Thanks Her Interactive. You brought me and my friend closer together and I also use a lot of the information that the games have taught me. I have played Scarlet Hand maybe 3 times over now and recently in my history class we were learning about ancient Mayan cultures and they mentioned king Pacal, I instantly thought “PALENQUE!” Nancy Drew has taught me Morse code and nautical symbols in Danger on Deception Island and whenever one of my friends asks a question like that I always am the first to shout out the answer. Danger by Design has by far had the biggest impact on my life. I have learned about French history and learned several French words and I will even be taking French next year.

Her Interactive has educated me and now whenever I feel bad or I just want to forget about something I will play Nancy Drew games and I always feel better afterwards. Nancy Drew games make me feel happy and smart. Please continue to make the games adventurous, scary, and fill them with facts that pique my interest and teach me about things that I never knew anything about before.

I will love your games always and forever,
Calla T.

Dear Her Interactive,

I just love your games. My first game was about three years ago. It was Legend of The Crystal Skull, which is still one of my all-time faves. My mother loves Nancy Drew and she saw it on the shelf and bought it for me. I played it so much and so long until I got stuck on the dang clock puzzle! I had such a hard time figuring it out that I finally bought the officially strategy guide. Never used it again. To this day I’m not sure where it is. Every time I would get a new Nancy game I would grab the package and download it onto my computer yelling “Come on game! You can load faster than that! Go! Go! Go!” Yeah, it would get me a few strange looks but who cares, it’s a Nancy Drew game!

Ever since I got CRY, I have read loads of the books, which got me thinking I should write books about the games, for those who want to know that particular storyline, but don’t want to play all those puzzles (which is my favorite part). My first one was about Shadow at the Water’s Edge, and I am now writing one about Secrets Can Kill Remastered. While I have yet to have any published, it might just happen someday.

You’re games changed my life, like the ones internationally set. Danger by Design stared my love for France (and park vendors), and The Phantom of Venice started my love for Italy (and chocolate). Stay Tuned for Danger taught me never to eat chocolates unless someone has inspected them thoroughly. I wonder how many times that’ll happen? Go figure. I just hope that you’ll always keep making Nancy Drew games forever.

From a loyal and loving fan,
Aimee W. ♥

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was about ten, I was over my next door neighbor’s house and she was playing Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel. I walked up to her and look at the screen in amazement, as she walked around the park talking to people. I remember asking her what was she playing and she said Nancy Drew. I continued staring at the screen when I noticed that her sister had walked in with her laptop and sat on the floor. I walked over to her and glanced at the screen to see another game similar to The Haunted Carousel. I stared at it and she was riding a horse and she said to me, “Do you want to help?” I said “yeah, it looks fun”. When I left their house I ran all the way home hopped on my dad’s computer and looked up Nancy Drew on the internet. I found Her Interactive and then I played little mini-games that were there.

About a week or two later there was already snow on the ground and all my friends were making Christmas List because Christmas was only about a month away. My list had only Nancy Drew games on it. I was talking to my aunt and she asked me what I was interested in getting for Christmas. I started telling her about Nancy Drew when she talked to me like I was bring back memories or something. She told me how when she was my age she was obsessed with Nancy Drew books and that my dad was obsessed with the Hardy Boys. For some reason this pasted a big smile on my face, I jumped up gave my mom the phone and ran down the steps in excitement. I walked through the big door turned to the dusty old bookshelf and saw six yellow dusty books that had a girl with a magnifying glass. I walked slowly up to them and snatched them then darted up the staircase all the way to my bedroom. I sat them on my bed and picked up Secret of the Old Clock and began reading. My mother had to come up the stairs and take the book out of my hands to get me to go to bed. Christmas Eve came ever so quickly, and all my family members were present. My aunt walked up to me and gave me a hug and handed me my present I gave her a present bag. I smiled as I tore open the present to see the Nancy Drew logo for The Secret of Shadow Ranch. I went to my room and played for hours.

Ever since I was at my neighbor’s house I was hooked on Nancy Drew. Now I have every single Nancy Drew PC game and the Wii game. I am so glad that Her Interactive still makes their games, because I love them! I really hope that you guys will make another Wii game because I thought it was really cool!

Your fan,
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Dear Her Interactive,

About three years ago, my best friend introduced me to Nancy Drew. She gave me your website for me to look up. When I visited your website, and noticed that Nancy likes to travel. When she goes on her adventures, she makes me think of myself. The next day, I asked my step-dad if we could go to Best Buy for one of your games. The Best Buy we went to had about three different games on the shelf: The Phantom of Venice, Nancy Drew: Ultimate Bundle, and Nancy Drew: Double Dare 6. At that time, I thought about how some of them have two or three games in the box, but my step-dad told me just to take The Phantom of Venice. So I did.

When I first started playing Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice, I didn’t know what to expect. It made my heart beat every time I was inside Fango’s office. But when I had to go through the maze in the house, and try to avoid the security robots, I just about gave up when I kept getting caught. After dying about four million times, I gave up and haven’t played that game for two years. But I never stopped liking Nancy Drew and the PC games.

After play The Phantom of Venice, I asked my mom to get me Nancy Drew for my birthday the following year. I didn’t care which on, just as long as it wasn’t The Phantom of Venice. When I opened my present, she gave me Nancy Drew: Ultimate Dare. Immediately after the party, I when to start my laptop and I began playing The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. I say it is the easiest game out of the all the other games I’ve played. But I love the game! 🙂
After beating The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, I installed and began playing Secret of the Old Clock. Because of its many puzzles, it took me about three days to complete it. At that time, I enjoyed the game, because there was nothing that could scare me to death. One thing’s for sure, I cannot play golf. That’s something that I learned from the game while playing it. The next game I played after was The Secret of Shadow Ranch. I enjoyed playing that game. When I was at the ghost town, I would hurry to Cappy’s, do whatever I needed to do there, and run straight back to Ol’ Bob.

I was scared of playing Curse of Blackmoor Manor, but I still played it. I think I got most scared when Ethel would just pop up out of nowhere. Hanging around in those secret passageways also kind of freaked me out. But it was a very good game.

During the summer, my best friend discovered a website that I could download Nancy Drew games from Message in a Haunted Mansion and up, until the newest game was out. I became part of their club members, and bought all of the older Nancy Drew games. I played every single one of them, and couldn’t stop until the very end. But later that year, I got my hands on the newest game: Warnings at Waverly Academy. At first, when I saw the trailer for it, I thought it was going to be scary. But then playing it, the game wasn’t scary at all. It was also cool to see what a boarding school might look like. As time went on, I received and bought all the newest games, up until Alibi In Ashes.

In the end, Nancy Drew is really good, and her games. I thank Her Interactive for making all these wonderful games! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the near future.

I hope you enjoyed reading my testimony,

~MaryRose B.

Dear Her Interactive,

First of all, I have been reading Nancy Drew books ever since I was a little girl. I think that they are the best books ever, and I think that Nancy Drew is the best detective in the world.

Then, when I was in fifth grade, I was at my best friend’s house, and I noticed a Nancy Drew computer game lying around. I asked her what it was, and my friend suggested that we play it. And so, I played my very first Nancy Drew computer game that day. I still remember everything about it. It was Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull, and still, to this very day, I still believe it is the best computer game ever. I remember jumping out of my seat because, at the beginning, the Skeleton Man really scared me. I remember the crocodile and how much it surprised me when it popped out of the swamp. And I still remember getting the loquats from the loquat tree to coax Iggy out of his spot.

And then, my best friend and I were obsessed. We got every Nancy Drew game we could find and played them non-stop. We even timed ourselves to see how long it would take us to complete certain games. Even my friend’s mom was hooked!

I still recall the time that my friend and I were extremely close to finishing a Nancy Drew game, but then, her mother accidentally uninstalled it. We were devastated because we had to start the game all over!

My friend and I still laugh about the time, in the Crystal Skull, where Nancy eats too many Koko Kringle bars, and we wish that, somehow, we could eat a Koko Kringle bar someday! We even pretend that she is Nancy Drew, and that I am George Fayne!

And now, we buy every single Nancy Drew game that is made; we install it on the computer, and play for hours! We even made up our own verb about it–NANCING: a verb meaning to play a Nancy Drew computer game.

Nancy Drew has become a part of our lives in so many ways, and I cannot imagine life without her!

Sofia Z.

Dear Her Interactive,

My Nancy Drew experience started two years ago. My cousins were getting rid of some of their computer games, so they offered to give my family a disc. The disc just happened to be Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave. We loved it so much, we asked them if they had any other Nancy Drew games, so they gave us Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch, which we loved even more. But those two were the only ones they had, so my mom went on Amazon and ordered Legend of the Crystal Skull and Ransom of the Seven Ships. The wait for them to be shipped felt like a million years, even though it was less than a week. When they finally arrived, I was so excited to start, and also excited to finish. And I was what you could call a very satisfied and happy customer! Since then I have played twelve other games, and I am currently waiting for Treasure in the Royal Tower and The Final Scene to be shipped. I love them for the mystery and excitement I feel while playing them. Go Her Interactive!

A super satisfied customer,

Danielle H.

Dear Her Interactive,

Six and 1/2 years ago, in the summer before second grade, a family member bought me The Final Scene. I don’t think I really knew who Nancy Drew was, but I knew I loved playing the game. I remember getting freaked out when I got that creepy phone call from the kidnapper and having to have my older sister take over while I watched. I remember the constant phone calls to Bess and George, and that weird old magician: The Amazing Monty.

About a year later, I got out The Final Scene again and started to re-play it. At that point, a kid in my class heard me talking about Nancy Drew. His ears perked up and he said, “Oh yeah, I played one of those games before.” I asked him if it was about some girl who got kidnapped at an old theatre. He said, “No. No, it was some game at this old castle and there was this crazy old lady . . . “. At that point I realized that there were more.

That Christmas, my aunt and uncle gave me a gift card to a tech. store. When I got to the store, I was walking around and saw the words “Nancy Drew.” There were two games: Danger by Design, and The Creature of Kapu Cave. I bought Danger by Design, and immediately commenced playing it with my sister when we got home. I think my parents gained respect for the games when I knew some French words and a little about the French Resistance in third grade because of those games. Also, playing Nancy Drew games was one of the times when my sister and I, three years apart and going to different schools, got to spend time actually enjoying doing something together.

The Nancy Drew games were the only games that I never got tired of playing, and even enjoyed when I was just watching someone play it. I remember one time when I was planning to have a friend over and had all sorts of things planned, from climbing the trees in our backyard to playing on the trampoline. When it turned out that my friend broke her arm, we thought all our plans were ruined. But then I got out one of our Nancy Drew games and we laughed, screamed, and had all sorts of fun, even though she broke her arm.

I would say that the Nancy Drew games have shaped me a lot in the past six years, from opening the door to about 50 Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, to helping me spend quality time with my sister and friends, to teaching me about Irish folklore, Japanese traditions, and an Italian card game; to inspiring me to write some mysteries of my own. Even though I’ve never been outside of the country, it hardly feels that with all the ND games I’ve played.

I’ve considered being a detective or even a writer because of these games, and though I don’t yet know exactly what I want to do, I know that whatever I do, Nancy Drew will have had a part in shaping me, and I will always look up to Nancy.

Always a Nancy Freak,
Daniel G.

Dear Her Interactive,

I cannot tell you how old I was or what year I got my first Nancy Drew game (which was The Final Scene), but I can tell you that this 20-year-old woman has had a smile put on her face by 25 memorable games.

My obsession started with the Nancy Drew books then soon shifted focus to the computer games. Every birthday and Christmas list has had Nancy Drew games at the top since I conquered The Final Scene. These games have given me the strength to get up and investigate a strange noise or take on any task, no matter how mind-boggling or difficult. I have always been a fraidy-cat and I love that these games can scare me (what is up with Shadow at Water’s Edge?? SUPER SCARY AT TIMES!) but they keep me going and motivated to finish the game. I love the puzzles that are a part of each game and the countless tidbits of useful facts I pick up from playing.

Keep doing what you’re doing and I will continue to be the first in line to buy the next 25 games. Much love,
Katelyn C.

Dear Her Interactive,

I remember almost 9 years back, to the day, when I became totally and completely head-over-heels obsessed with Nancy Drew. My Mom had taken me on a trip to Toys R Us in the hopes we would find a new horse computer game for me. We browsed the shelves, but what few selections they had were ones I already owned. Being only 7 years old at the time, I was quite disappointed. But then I saw the beautiful cover art for The Secret of Shadow Ranch, and asked if I could buy that and give it a try. My Mother was a bit skeptical at first, because she noticed it was a Nancy Drew game, and thought it would be more mystery/puzzle geared than horse themed. In the end, she decided to let me give it a go, and I’m so very glad she did. Though it wasn’t the total “train and compete” your horse style game that I was going for, I didn’t notice or care when I actually started playing. It was so much fun! I was glued to the computer for hours every day, and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I was fascinated with absolutely everything… the people, the setting, the activities, the puzzles; even using Nancy’s cell phone was great fun.

My babysitters never had a hard job; they just had to set me down with the game and not have to worry about a thing. Most of the time they would watch me and help me through it, and they’d end up as obsessed as I was. I remember having an hour long conversation once with one of them about who the culprit could be and motives behind it. Even after I moved out of state, the sitters would call me to ask how the game was going and all that had happened since they last got to watch.

The next game I got was Curse of Blackmoor Manor, and by that time, my little brother was so enthralled that he would watch me whenever I would play it. He was so young that he could barely get past the very beginning part of entering the manor without running out of the room; but curiosity would always win over and he would back within a few minutes. My little brother became my buddy detective, and I never had to play alone. We would even role play out loud, him pretending to be Nancy’s assistant, while I was Nancy. We would have countless various adventures throughout the games, and for the scarier ones, we would end up both hiding under the desk, eyes barely peeping up so we could just see the screen, twisting in insane angles so we could still reach the mouse to be able to play. One time I remember in great detail was when we were exploring the woods at night in Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, and heard the dogs howling. We both looked at each other, faces paper white and I asked him if it was ok if we both ran outside as fast as we could, and not go back in until our grandmother could be there with us. He happily piped up “Right behind you!” and we dashed out as if the ghost dogs were actually on our heels!

My obsession hasn’t died down since. Every birthday and every Christmas since, if you look in the photo albums, I am always smiling broadly holding up a new Nancy Drew game. I still jump at the same things I did all those years ago, and I still get so excited to play all the games, new or old. The knowledge it’s given me over the years has practically paid for the games themselves! It’s helped me so much in real life situations, and helped me in trouble subjects in school. I told myself that everything was a puzzle I just needed to spend a little more time on, and all I had to study was stuff that I’d need later on to help me advance. I truly believe it’s due to Nancy Drew and the computer games that I passed my subjects in school. Even in high school, when I had problems with exams due to the time limits they would give, the only thing that would settle me down was thinking “Ok.. it’s just like any other race-against-the-clock puzzle I do in Nancy Drew all the time… I can do this!”

As odd as it sounds to say it, Nancy Drew and the computer games have really become a part of my life; with all the fun I have and the things I continue to learn with them all…priceless life lessons! I have to give big kudos to Her Interactive for making these wonderful games.

Much love,
Amber V.

Dear Her Interactive,

I can still vividly remember the first time I played one of your games. It was the middle of summer, and my mom had just returned home from shopping. She had bought a game at the store which had caught her eye and thought it might interest me and my sister. It was called The White Wolf of Icicle Creek, and I remember looking at the cover and thinking it might be a pretty cool game. My mother had been hooked by the words “Nancy Drew” on it. She had grown up reading Nancy Drew and wanted to share her with me and my sister.

My sister, Jessi, and her best friend Kyrie were having a sleepover at the time and decided to start the game. I would periodically stop by the computer to see what they were doing. They were busily taking notes on scraps of paper and talking in low, conspiratorial voices. They continued to work on the game for several more days, until they were hopelessly and completely stumped. They left the game and have yet to return to finish it.

I was nine when this all happened, and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish the game like Jessi, who is two years older than me. I also hadn’t been too into Nancy Drew before because I hadn’t discovered the original books yet.

I waited until I was ten to start the game, gladly taking the advice given on the box. I was immediately hooked on the game and spent several weeks trying to solve the mystery, with an occasional help from my dad (especially with Fox and Geese!). When I finally finished the game, I decided to go to the Her Interactive website. I had no idea how many other games you had and decided to buy them all! The summer of 2007 was a summer I’ll never forget. I had the Ultimate Dare and the Double Dare boxes containing the games The Secret of Shadow Ranch to The Creature of Kapu Cave. I spent the entire summer staying up late, cracking tough cases, and busting criminals.

I am now fourteen, and I still love Nancy Drew just as much as I first did. Almost every single day, I quote something from a game, and everyone stares at me blankly (and my brother periodically makes fun of me). But I don’t care one bit. These games teach me new things no matter how many times I replay them, and I’m constantly spewing little bits of information to anyone who will listen. Whenever someone asks me “How do you know that?” I just reply with, “Nancy Drew!”

Whenever I’m in a bad mood, or I’m having family issues, I always turn to Nancy Drew to cheer me up. No matter what situation she finds herself in, she always manages to make it through. Being an adventure hound, I sometimes start wondering when exciting things will really happen in my real life. When I grow up, my dream is to be a detective, solving mysteries much like my hero before me. Thank you so much for making these games, and being a big part of my life!

From you biggest fan in Colorado,
Kate B.

Dear Her Interactive,

I first heard of Nancy Drew games when I got one for my birthday. My friend knew I liked the Nancy Drew books and she did too, so she got me a package of 4 Nancy Drew games together. They were numbers 9, 10, 11 and 12. When I got the Nancy Drew games I was excited to play them. I played that Nancy Drew game till I was stuck on a puzzle. I did that with all of the other games, too. I did not know I could ask for help online.

A while later I looked and saw that the box had on it. I went on the Her Interactive site and saw that I could ask for help on the games. I asked for help on all of the games till I finished them. Since then I have loved playing Nancy Drew games.

Anna G.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was in second grade I started to read Nancy Drew books, and I have grown to love it more as I grew older. My first encounter was when I was in Staples one day with my parents, and I stumbled upon The Final Scene. My face suddenly lit up, and I got uber excited to actually see a Nancy Drew game in stores.

As I grew older, the more I have enjoyed the games. The games are challenging at times, and they know how to make me think. I always enjoy the thrill of being Nancy, and trying to figure out who the culprit really is. The games always make my heart race once Nancy gets into trouble, or when I discover something new. My friend whom I have played Nancy Drew with in elementary school still plays the games as well. It is always a blast to talk about the game play or what it takes to beat a puzzle with her; however, we never give each other spoilers!

Also, on a more recent note Nancy Drew has helped me cope with a personal matter. My only other sibling, my older brother, has been sent off to Iraq. I was so sad he was leaving the country, but I knew he would be fine because he is strong. However, being the worry-wort I am, I worry about him every day, but playing Nancy Drew has helped me keep my mind off things. I just wanted to thank Her Interactive for making Nancy Drew so amazing, and being a distraction for me from this matter! I have been playing for nine years, (I am 18 currently) and I don’t plan to stop. When I have children, I want them to enjoy the excitement I have from playing these games. Thank you again!

From a huge fan,

Sheri P.

Dear Her Interactive,

I played my first Nancy Drew game when I was ten, and now I’m twelve and have played seven more games. My favorite is definitely Curse of Blackmoor Manor; so scary yet so fun! I tell my friends about these games and now they buy them. I have invited at least ten people to ND PC games. Here’s a poem I wrote for you guys:

“There’s something living and active, hiding inside Her Interactive.
For there is nothing in it that is so called lame,
because what’s hiding is a very interesting game.
If you want to play you will never lose, for the game is forever called Nancy Drew.
Play it now, right away, of course if you only want to dare to play.”

I hope you liked it! I just wish I could tell the world about Nancy Drew PC games and Her Interactive. Thank you so much for letting your website exist! I don’t know what I would ever do without you guys and Nancy Drew. I appreciate all you do for all the ND and Her Interactive fans. I have actually sent out letters to all my friends with your website on it and instructions on it on how you can buy ND games on the website. I love how you guys include mini games from the actual games and trailers, too.

Thank you for everything you do!
Inga M.

Dear Her Interactive,

Ever since I was in elementary school, I loved Nancy Drew mysteries. My very first chapter book I read was, in fact, The Secret of the Old Clock. Soon I began reading every book Carolyn Keene had written in the Nancy Drew series. After reading one of the newer copies of one of the books, I saw that there was a PC game you could play and solve mysteries. After much begging to my parents, I finally bought my very first Nancy Drew PC game: The Haunted Carousel. I played that game over and over until I practically had the whole script memorized.

Over the years I have gotten more and more games, and still enjoy them immensely. Recently, I have been struggling with the issue of a career choice for college. Racking my brains for something I could enjoy doing enough to where I’d want to do it for the rest of my life. The image of the cover of Treasure in a Royal Tower popped into my mind. That’s when I knew what I wanted to do. I have decided to pursue a career of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science.

Nancy Drew has not only offered entertainment for me throughout my childhood, but now has greatly affected my future as well. And for this, I thank you Her Interactive, I hope you continue making more games and inspiring more young detectives like myself.

A big fan,
Katie J.

Dear Her Interactive,

As a long-time fan of the Nancy Drew computer games, my passion for mysteries has heightened over the years. I remember when I first beat The Haunted Carousel; I was hooked! Ever since then, I eagerly anticipate the exact day the next game will hit the shelves. You can guarantee I’ll be the first one to buy it! Thanks to you, Her Interactive, for inspiring me to publish my first mystery novel, called How to Keep a Secret for Detectives, when I was only 14 years old! Now, as an 18 year old, I have added three additional novels to this series, which follows the lives of young detectives who solve mysteries as members of the “Adolescent Undercover Detective Association” (a.k.a. the “AUDA”). I’ve already had two book signings and have been the lead story for two newspapers! And guess what? My main character’s hero is Nancy Drew, too!

I am also excited to be taking Forensic Science and Detective Fiction electives at my high school next semester. I bet they will help me with the games AND my novels!

I am incredibly grateful for the learning experience and great memories you have provided me with through the Nancy Drew games. Thank you so much, Her Interactive!

Happy Holidays!
Jessica G.

Dear Her Interactive,

We have waited to send this testimonial until now to see some of the other testimonials and get a general idea of what to send in. We were amazed at how many lives you have touched through a series of computer games. We have enjoyed every testimonial we have read thus far, but now it’s our turn. As young children, our mom would read Nancy Drew books to us, so we were all quite familiar with the girl detective.

One day in 2005, our older sister bought Treasure in the Royal Tower and gave it to mom. We all watched her play it, and were captivated by what seemed to us to be a piece of pure genius. The old re-converted French castle, Ezra Wickford’s garden, and, yes, even Professor Hotchkiss captured our undivided attention. A bonus was the fact that the whole game revolved around Marie Antoinette, who is one of our ancestors. When mom beat the game we were devastated that it was over. Lucky for us, a few weeks later our dad bought the 75th anniversary pack with the first 5 games, and from there, we have constantly been adding to it, our most recent being Alibi in Ashes. The only one we do not have in our possession is Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, but that (in our opinion) is our own fault. We had seen it at our library and convinced our mom to take it home and play it. After it had been finished, we saw it at the store, but our mom wanted to wait awhile before actually buying it (since she had just played it), and by the time that moment came, we could no longer find it in stores. Now it shall finally be added to our collection, along with an infamous Koko Kringle Bar.

For six years now, we have been captivated by the very essence of Nancy Drew PC Adventure games (and Dossier games). Every time the new one comes out, we get out our projector and screen to watch mom play. It has become a family tradition. Often we will stay up to all hours and postpone meals, all in the name of the next puzzle that needs completed or the next suspect that needs questioned.

Nancy Drew has become part of our lives. She’s like our best friend who all we need to do to ‘see’ her is pop in the game of our choice and (in the words of Poppy Dada) tadow! there she is. We are very careful about the type of games we play, and those that are clean and uplifting are very hard to find & when we do, they’re usually quite juvenile. Lucky for us, we know that we can always count on at least one company to make good games that we love . We both want careers at Her Interactive (it would be the BEST JOB EVER!), Hannah as a 3-D artist and Cc as a scriptwriter. We love reading the Amateur Sleuth blog (go Little Jackalope!) and wish we were a part of all the fun. We check Her Interactive’s website and the Amateur Sleuth Blog more than we check our Facebook accounts. We love your games and hope you never stop making them!

Competing for the #1 fan title,
Hannah and Cc
P.S. If you ever have an opening we know two very intelligent, very capable prospective employees who would love a job with you 😉

Dear the fantastic crew at Her Interactive,

I started reading Nancy Drew books in elementary school. I remember at one point making the decision that I was going to read all of the classic yellow covers in order, but this goal ended up petering out when something else caught my attention after starting Nancy’s Mysterious Letter. The audio books for The Secret in the Old Clock and The Hidden Staircase, as read by Laura Linney, were almost constantly checked out by me from the public library.

I received my first Nancy Drew PC game, Stay Tuned for Danger, from my friend Paula for my 10th birthday (if I’m remembering correctly). From then on, I was hooked. Now I’m 19 and in my second year of study at Grande Prairie Regional College in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. I own every game released, along with both Dossier games (a series that I miss quite a lot!) and the DVD version of Blackmoor Manor. I own every Nancy Drew Girl Detective book ever published, along with several of the yellow covers (and Nancy Drew’s Guide to Life – never sleuth on an empty stomach!).

Even when I had to stroll past the Cast in the Hat, I was never afraid to show my love for good old ND. In my eyes, Nancy is a constant I crave – no matter how crazy my real life gets, Nancy always gets the bad guy and she always has her loyal friends (and cute boyfriend!) to help her out. I’ve been told by more than one person that he or she finds Nancy to be very predictable, with no spice. But that’s what I want – the constancy of always knowing there’s going to be a happy ending. With the games, I like having to think instead of some games where it’s all shoot-em-up and no puzzles. I love puzzles! I usually play the new games twice in a row because there are so many different ways you can talk to people that will get you new conversations you hadn’t unlocked before. You have never truly conquered a Nancy Drew game – there’s always something else to try!

Thanks for creating a pleasure for this girl who isn’t afraid of a mouse!

Rebecca A., a Canadian who dares to play!

Dear Her Interactive,

I grew up reading Nancy Drew books and wanting to be a detective. I spent my childhood sleuthing around the neighborhood! Skills and life lessons I learned from Nancy still serve me well as an RN (I solve the mysteries of “what is wrong with this patient?” lol!). So you can imagine my excitement when one day I discovered Nancy Drew pc games! My first game was The Haunted Carousel, and it’s still my very favorite.

I was hooked from day one. Even though my funky old computer kept stalling, I was glued to that game! I loved the graphics and I was so excited that it was CLEARLY made by fellow fans (and fellow north westerners! I’m in Oregon and you guys are so close!) who kept the essence of all that is wonderful about Nancy Drew intact! I loved the story and the voices. And when my old funk computer got jammed up in the rollercoaster sequence, I called your incredible tech support guy who went (in true Ned Nickerson fashion) ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty to help me. He sent me discs with patch code to get me past the sequence, even though it was a problem with my pc not with the game. In today’s world of automated phone services, customer service has gone by the wayside. Not so with Her Interactive!

I immediately shared the game with my son and my cousin, both Nancy Drew fans, and have now shared with other family and friends. I bought every ND game for myself and many for others. We all love them, proving that Nancy Drew and Her Interactive games transcend different ages, genders and backgrounds. My son learned Dewey decimals, roman numerals, and countless things about other cultures/languages and bartering from your games! We loved Scopa so much we went and got actual Scopa decks online and played at Christmas, loudly shouting SCOPA! like they do in The Phantom of Venice.

We eagerly await each new game, and have even cooked the recipes from the games (mint choc. chip cookies and rattlesnake chili, anyone?) or have ND themed dinners. I keep hoping you will release a Her Interactive ND cookbook with all the recipes from all the games!

In summation, I would like to thank you for being an awesome company that encourages young women to be whoever they want to be, be it a detective, a computer programmer, or a business pioneer. It also encourages young men (like my son) to appreciate innovative women like Nancy and the ladies of Her Interactive. You inspire creativity, and show the world why there’s nothing better than a good mystery. And let’s face it, the games, like Nancy, are just plain AWESOME & FUN!

So keep rocking, Her Interactive! We are eagerly awaiting the next Egyptian Nancy Drew adventure, and more fun with Sonny Joon.

Yours truly,
Aja L.
(a lifelong Nancy Drew fan who takes no wooden nickels)

Dear Her Interactive,

I don’t know when I played my first ND game, but I was really little. I got it for Christmas, and the game was Secret of the Scarlet Hand. I was too young then to understand it, and I finally gave up on it.

Then, years later, we were shopping in Walmart, and I saw The Haunted Carousel. I checked out the back of the case and after looking at the screen shots and game overview, I just HAD to buy it. I loved it. To this day it is still one of my favorite ND games ever. I kept asking for games for my birthday and for Christmas and kept buying them myself.

I remember one time my sisters and I had just got the Legend of the Crystal Skull, and when at the beginning of the game, it said to turn the lights out, my sister, of course, did just that. We screamed when the skeleton man jumped out!!!! It was so much fun! The surprises throughout the games make them fun and exciting; there’s always something new just behind that… LOCKED DOOR!!!! 🙂
I love figuring out puzzles. So does my uncle. I got my uncle started on ND games, and now he plays them almost as much as I do. I am a competitive person, and so I started “racing” my uncle to the end of the game. Whoever got done first is the winner… 🙂 It is now a tradition to see who can buy the next game first, and who can get to the end first. We call each other if we need a hint, and we now call ourselves, Nancy Drew (me), and Frank Hardy (my uncle).

I love Nancy Drew games… please don’t ever stop making them! I love the tense, mysterious feeling, the excitement, and surprises through the games! I always look forward to coming home after school to solve some new puzzles on a brand new Nancy Drew game! Looking forward to getting (hopefully) The Phantom of Venice and Danger by Design, (2 of the 4 games I don’t have) for Christmas this year.

Thanks so much!
Detective Stephanie G.

Dear Her Interactive,

My obsession with these amazing games started when I was about eight. The Nancy Drew movie had just come out and I was getting really into the amazing novels by Caroline Keene. At the end of the book, Secret of the Old Clock, I noticed an Advertisement for the Nancy drew PC games. I had to have them, but we couldn’t find them anywhere.

After about two months of searching shops and asking friends, my dad came home one night with Danger by Design, which he had found at the library. I was over the moon, telling all my friends every day that I had a Nancy Drew game.

I must admit, Dad and I found it pretty hard and were constantly looking to HER for hints and walkthroughs. Since then I have played every other Nancy Drew game ever made, and have never disliked one.

Keep it up HER, I appreciate all of the effort you put into these amazing games!

Love from your number one fan,
Elsa M. xoxo

Dear Her Interactive,

I have always enjoyed playing computer games because they expect you to use your mind and solve puzzles rather than just use a controller. So one day, I was browsing the computer games in my local store, and I saw a game called Treasure in the Royal Tower. I didn’t know who Her Interactive was, and I didn’t know much about Nancy Drew, but I love the snow and saw that it was set in a snowy castle in Wisconsin. I decided to try it, figuring I had nothing to lose. I had no idea that it would be the first o f many adventures that I would go on as a spunky girl named Nancy Drew!

I enjoyed the characters, the plot, the adventure, and most of all learning about a new place. I loved getting stuck on an elevator and sneaking into a library. I then began to research Her Interactive and who they are, and saw that they were a company with good values and that there were a lot more Nancy Drew games to play. I started anticipating the new games coming out in the store, and eventually I started ordering the games right through Her Interactive so that I could get bonus content.

I introduced my sister to the games, and playing them with her is so much fun. We jump each time we get caught snooping or make a mistake in the game, and we burst into laughter at some of the characters. We spend true quality time enjoying these games together.

I have learned so much from the Nancy Drew games; I have traveled to Ireland, Italy, England, Germany, Canada, the Caribbean, Japan, Washington DC, and so many other places. I have learned about Marie Antoinette, I have learned to identify types of birds and insects, I have learned about the 1930s, and even about the ancient Mayans. I have saved an old theater from being demolished, and even fixed a chicken coop on a ranch!

Her Interactive, I want to thank you for all of the adventures.
Thanks for teaching me so much. I hope you continue to make these games until I am an old lady, and even that won’t be enough!

Libby K.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hello! I’m so glad you asked!! Let me tell you why I enjoy your Nancy Drew games so much. I am the mother of 3 children: ages 17, 15 and 8. We started playing your games about 6 years ago. We received Danger on Deception Island as a birthday gift. We were hooked!

We are a homeschooling family so we had all day to devote to solving the crimes! Every time we finished one, we would grab another! Sometimes we would do nothing but Nancy Drew! I thought of it as schoolwork because they are very educational! We just enjoyed them so! I remember especially when we started the Legend of the Crystal Skull. It said to play in a dark room so we all piled into one bed and turned out the lights!! When the skeleton poofed us with his dust ball, we all jumped up and screamed!! The computer went flying and someone ran for the lights! We had to start over because we missed the initial dialogue. Oh, it was hilarious!

We count down the days till the new ones come out! My children know every detail about each one. It really has become an addiction in the best sense of the word. We have great cozy memories all because of you. We love looking for all the items from previous mysteries! So, thank you for putting so much time and energy into these games. They are truly so much more than games to our family.

Stacey R.

Dear Her Interactive,

I’ve always loved Nancy Drew – my mom had 10-20 books so my sister and I would read them all the time, and get more from our library. But one day we were looking through our American Girl magazine, and in the section of the magazine where they advertised different products, they talked about Treasure in the Royal Tower. They had these two girls talking about how much they liked it, and we thought it sounded like the coolest thing! So we checked out our library and, lucky for us, they had Secrets Can Kill, Message in a Haunted Mansion, Treasure in the Royal Tower and The Final Scene. We rented them all and fell in love. After a good bit of sleuthing we beat Message in a Haunted Mansion and Treasure in the Royal Tower, but the other two games kept us stumped for months (this was before we knew about

We loved them so much my parents got me and my sister Secret of the Scarlet Hand (still one of my favorite games!), and Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake for Christmas. We’ve been ordering the games online (except for one or two) ever since. And then it hits me – in 2012, I will have been playing these games for 10 years. I was 9 when I started playing and I still get so excited when the newest trailer comes out or when I’m waiting for the new game to arrive. You can’t say that most games are just as entertaining at 19 years old as they were at 9 years old. And it’s something everyone can enjoy – I’ve played them with my sister, my brother, my sister’s played them with her boyfriend and her heavy metal band friends.

It’s great to have a series of games that are literally just good, clean fun; I never have to worry about seeing something gory, or hearing a character say something foul. They let me see beautiful different locales while solving intelligent, difficult (but never unsolvable) puzzles. They teach me about different subjects, like tornadoes, Morse code, Braille, the Mayans, Marie Antoinette, and teach it so it all seems fascinating and makes me want to learn more about it (I’m learning Morse code now because Scarlet Hand made me interested in being a HAM radio operator).

Playing a Nancy Drew game, even one I’ve played so many times that I know all the answers by heart, never fails to inspire and uplift me. I appreciate so much the work that Her Interactive puts into each game and am looking forward to playing the Nancy Drew games for at least another 10 years!

Much love,
Katie R.

Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Jamie, I have been playing your amazing Nancy Drew games for a good 2-3 years now. However the reason for me playing these games wasn’t just because I have a huge love for the Nancy Drew series or because I love Mystery Games, it’s because this game series has helped me through some pretty tough times.

When I was 10 months old I had a Liver Transplant, I am currently a 23 year old guy and my transplant is doing great, *knock on wood*. But even though things are going well where I’m thankfully alive, I have some pretty rough days health wise like a lot of other people do. But during these tough days I would find it tough to find a way to pass the time and to distract myself from some pain I may be going through or anything else.

So 2-3 years ago while out with my Mom, I came across Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy, while reading the box I was a lot more intrigued in this game then I usually am in computer games, so I bought it and put it aside for a day where I would need to be distracted. I had no idea what I was actually in for.

One day I had a really rough day; my mood was down and was bored. So I started to play your game. I have to say this game took me to a place I was not prepared for. I expected for this game to be another regular hidden object game or something, but it was a game with excitement, puzzles that to this day I still love, an amazing story and more importantly it got me away from the rough time I was having.

These days I still play any Nancy Drew game from Her Interactive I can get my hands on, not just because I want to help any boredom I may have; but because I always know with these games, a bad mood or a bad time can be turned into an amazing time. To this day anytime I either have a tough time with my transplant and/or I feel I need to get away, I dive into the world of Nancy Drew and her puzzles. I have to say that these games have gotten me through some tough times and I definitely want to thank everyone at Her Interactive for giving myself and so many Nancy Drew fans out there the opportunity to turn a bad day into something pretty special.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and please don’t stop making these amazing games! I really appreciate them and all of you.

Lots and lots and lots and lots of Love!
Jamie C.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have always loved Nancy Drew, the books, the movie, and now the games. I have almost all of the games of have played and finished them all. I even have a book that has every book on Nancy Drew and a lot about Nancy’s change in style and her friends and family. Nancy has been in my life in some way ever since I was 7 years old. I love all the games but my favorite will have to be Alibi in Ashes I got it a couple of days after it came out and I love it, especially the huge cabinet full of Koko Kringle bars, mmmmm.

I will always love Nancy Drew,

Dear Her Interactive,

Hi, my name is Ashlee and this is my Nancy Drew story. I received Message in a Haunted Message as a gift from my grandmother when it first came out. I was 11 years old and my brother Sean was 7. We began to play it, but got so scared we put the game away and forgot about it. A year or so later we decided to try it again. That was it, we fell in love. After solving that mystery we bought the first two games and ever since have pre-ordered the newest release.

My brother and I have always played the games together and have become a great mystery solving team. I am now almost 23 years old and he is 19. We own every game and have played them all multiple times. Even when I was away at college we would wait until I came home to play the fall release. These games have helped us form a special bond and it is something we both plan on sharing with our children someday. I’m not sure what we’ll do when we both move away from home and cannot play together. But for now we will continue to enjoy these great games that have helped us bond with each other.

Thank you!
Ashlee J.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was in the second grade the night my dad took my younger sister and me to our local media store in search of an activity to beat the boredom we’d been feeling. I recall strolling idly into the PC game section where I soon noticed a familiar name on the top shelf, “Nancy Drew.” I already had a small, but greatly adored, collection of Nancy Drew books, so this Nancy Drew computer game was very intriguing. We left the store with Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion in our bag of purchases.

This game, still my favorite to this day, really brought my family together. Instead of lying around, silently watching television all weekend, the four of us gathered around the computer making plot predictions and playfully bickering about who the culprit could be. We played for months before my parents and my sister finally solved it…while I was at school. I remember that I was furious that they had done it without me, but we all welcomed the opportunity to play the game again. We’ve enjoyed the game enormously with each replay.

My sister and I are in our teenage years now, but that has not changed our deep adoration for the series of Nancy Drew PC games. Though we are older and we no longer need our mother and father to help us all the way through each game, I am always secretly pleased when we find ourselves stuck and the four of us are once again grouped around the computer laughing as we try to solve the puzzle.

My sister and I can now proudly say we have dared to play and beat each and every Nancy Drew PC game ever made. As we got older, dolls slowly found their way to a permanent place on our dusty shelves, blocks put in boxes to be given to baby cousins, but Nancy Drew Games have remained a constant source of fun in our lives. We now drive ourselves to the store each time a new mystery is released and come home to pull an all-nighter playing the game. I hope that we can continue to do this forever, as these games have brought me so many blissful memories. Thank you for creating such a source of joy for us.

Your Fan Always,
Harley K.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hello, my name is Angela and I really do LOVE your games. I am a 40-year-old married mother of two boys who works very hard and loves some down time playing Nancy Drew games. I discovered the games about 10 years ago and have bought most of them until recently when I had been sick. But I am recovering now and winter is setting in and it’s such a great time to play your games. With the bad weather I am stuck inside, but I can go to many different places through your games.

I had started playing the game Legend of the Crystal Skull and then had to give up for a while because it was so challenging! I didn’t want to use the cheats online so I kept on and finally got it! It was so fun and exciting getting into the games again. I also like it when the game allows you to switch to other players such as Bess. It’s like I am in my own Nancy Drew world! It actually helps me be a Jr. detective in real life with my family and all it’s real mysteries! LOL- but true! And I get to learn new things as it is quite educational, but in the most fun way. I have notes and drawings all over the place from my last game.

Nancy Drew games are so delightfully different than other games and I love how wholesome and wonderful these games are even for ANY age. I just ordered two more that I don’t have and can’t wait to get them and see what new missions await! My mother, sister and her daughter play them, too, and we all love them. Even my boys want to play them on occasion or try to help me out and hubby even tunes in some to see what the mystery is and if he can help me figure something out. Please keep on making more of these great games and we will keep on playing them. Thanks!

Angela M.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was in high school, I played a lot of hidden object games, mystery games, law and order (just trial), and others. I have been a gamer since. But my gaming experience changed when three years ago I was introduced to many MMORPG games. A year passed by and I found myself stressed out from non-stop playing since the games I was playing were really time consuming. Then I realized I need to switch back to casual games so I started playing hidden object games again, however I wanted more than just a hidden object game. There I found Nancy Drew PC games. I fell in love with the game right away. I started with playing the Nancy Drew 11th: Curse of Blackmoor Manor. Everything that I love to do was in the game such as solving puzzles, finding clues, snooping (lol!), interviewing people in it, and many more so I bought more Nancy Drew PC games and continued my gaming adventure but this time as Nancy Drew, an epic detective!!! (At least she is to me). So now, I do not just get to play a game but relax as well. One of my ways of relaxation is a cup of hot chocolate and Nancy Drew PC games. Thank you Her Interactive for allowing me the opportunity to experience being the Detective Nancy Drew in this game.

Detective Vien F.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have been a fan of Nancy Drew forever. I remember reading “The Lost Locket” Nancy Drew Notebooks book when I was maybe 8 and completely going Nancy Drew crazy from then on. Well, a few years later, my aunt, knowing I adored Nancy Drew, bought me a Secret of the Scarlet Hand gift set with a book. I had seen the games around, but for some reason I thought they were for people older than little eleven year old me. I thanked her and brought it home, and from the moment I put the disc in, I was hooked. I had never seen a game like this one, and it was insanely fun at that. I ended up not finishing it for nearly two weeks because the end freaked me out so badly, and when I did, I was so proud of myself lol.

Anyways, fast forwarding a few years to the present; my dad, sister, two best friends, and one of my best friend’s sisters now play these games. The moment a game comes out, my sister and I have a race to see who can get to what part fastest, and who can do what without hints or cheats. It’s super fun. These games that were amazing journeys and great fun when I was little are now complete stress relievers as well now. I’m headed off to college soon, and I started playing Alibi in Ashes, and all worry evaporated into how to save Nancy.

I’ve also learned so much from ND. Treasure in the Royal Tower sparked my interest in both French (which I have since taken two classes of) and history. The Secret of Shadow Ranch fanned my love of old western history, and Shadow at the Water’s Edge taught me tons about Japan. I have to say thank you for all the history and mystery, as well as the introduction to different languages, of these games.

So, thank you Her Interactive, for making games like Nancy Drew, for keeping my (and countless others’!) interest in Nancy Drew alive, teaching us something along the way, and for giving me and my family and friends something to bond with, especially my sister. In the times where stress and real life come crashing down, or I’m just itching to play a great game, it’s nice to sit back, put a ND game in, and get to become Nancy Drew for a while :).

You guys rock :),
April B.

P.S. I am currently 18 and a redhead, and I have to say that made playing The Captive Curse the best. game. EVER!

Dear Her Interactive,

I will never forget the first time I happened across my first Nancy Drew game. I was with my mom at Staples who was getting some copy paper and other office supplies. My 10 year old self was getting bored so I asked my mom if I could look at the small section of PC games across the way. She said yes and so I made my way through the aisles not aware that what I was about to discover. I circled around the kiosk noticing it was really just a bunch of language learning software with a few games like Solitaire and pinball. Not amused I still browsed the shelves. Then something caught my eye…NANCY DREW in bold letters stood out at me. I know that name! I had read the yellow books at the library and I had come to love the girl detective. This had promise! I picked up the case and looked at the cover. Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand was the title and I instantly loved the cover art with its ominous red handprint and the shadowy figure in the corner surrounded by jungle-y plants. It all looked so mysterious! Then I saw “For Mystery Fans 10 and up”. I was a mystery fan! I was 10! I quickly knew that this game and I were meant to be, so I ran across the store to tell my mom about my discovery and how it was only $10. She said yes and I felt like the luckiest girl as I ran back to retrieve my game. I remember playing on that game and loving every second of it! Meeting all the suspects and questioning them felt so real! I loved being the girl from the stories solving the mystery! Everything about that game was amazing; from the music to the wonderful Mayan exhibits that taught me so much about the history of this long lost civilization.

Then, four years later as a Freshman in High School, I was walking around Target in the new games section and spotted that familiar name again, except this time a snowy white wolf decorated the cover. I was ecstatic! I couldn’t believe there were more of these amazing games! I turned the corner and saw that the whole top shelf was covered with Nancy Drew games! New mysteries waiting to be solved! I immediately bought The White Wolf of Icicle Creek and vowed I would come back for the rest. Ever since then I’ve played all the Nancy Drew PC games and eagerly wait for those two special times a year when my favorite sleuth takes me on an adventure! I’ve learned so much through these games like logic skills and historical knowledge! These games also teach valuable life lessons, like being kind to others and never giving up!

I am now 18 and a College Freshman with my whole life ahead of me and I know that Nancy Drew PC games will forever be a part of my life! My excitement for them will never die because I’m still a child at heart. I will never forget that day at Staples when my 10 year old self discovered such a wonderful treasure!

Thank you Her for making such quality games and allowing all us Nancy Drew fans to make memories that we will cherish forever!

Your Forever Fan,
Hanna P. (detectiveyubby)

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was about 7 I watched my older sister play her first Nancy Drew game The Final Scene. I would always try to play the game but I was never able to finish it because I would usually get stuck along the way. Then, when I was 10 I decided to play The Haunted Carousel and was able to complete the game. After that I tried Nancy Drew: The Final Scene and finished that without the help of the message boards. Then I asked my sister if we had any other games and she said that we didn’t but she had a couple Nancy Drew books. One of the ones I read was Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch. Then I found out it was a game and was so excited I asked my mom if we could order it and we did.

Three weeks past and it finally arrived. Right when I got the box I loaded it right onto my computer and played it right away. I’m now 13 and my sister is 18 and we still love Nancy Drew games, books, and even the movie. For my 12th birthday party I had a Nancy Drew themed birthday party with a cake that said “Happy Birthday Nancy Drew’s Sidekick”! I was so amazed and my sister was super jealous and still is today. We now play Nancy Drew games and complete to see who can finish the game first. It’s usually my sister but I still love to play them.

Nancy’s Sidekick,
Emily G.

Dear Her Interactive,

I am a true fan who loves all the games you have created. When my cousins were younger, we all used to play the older Nancy Drew games together. The ones we played most often were The Final Scene and Stay Tuned for Danger. I loved them, partially because they were a bit scary when I was younger. There is nothing like that thrill. I don’t know who started to play them first, but I owe my life to whoever did. THEY ARE AMAZING! The company should be proud of themselves. There aren’t a lot of first person games out there that are appropriate, yet scary and thrilling. I started when I was 8 and now I am 14.

My cousins and I would always play them in their basement. It was so big and I loved just playing Nancy Drew down there. One of the best memories we had was when we were playing The Final Scene. Maya was just kidnapped in the beginning and we go into the dressing room… BAM! The electricity just went off. My cousins and I thought there was a ghost or something and we were all screaming. It was so much fun and now that I look back on it, I laugh. Ever since then, none of us have played Nancy Drew together.

Luckily, I still do. There is nothing like playing Nancy Drew on a Friday until late at night. The scariest definitely has to go to Curse of Blackmoor Manor. When you see the Lady in Black walking down the hall, you don’t even want to follow her. I have played all of them, including the latest, Alibi in Ashes. That was so cool how someone can play as Nancy, Bess, George, and Ned. My most favorite thing about the Nancy Drew series is how the player never sees Nancy. I will never want to see her because that will ruin the mystery of what she looks like. It is kind of like a mystery within a mystery, which is so clever. The creativity and graphics of the Nancy Drew series are phenomenal.

Jack H.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was about eight or nine, my mother took my brother and me to Target to use gift cards we had gotten. I was still into Barbie games back then, so I headed to the computer game section. I was quite bored with the selections, until I saw Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion!

Let me tell you, finding that game changed my life! I took it off of the shelf and told my mother I wanted to get it. I remember her saying, “It might be scary. Are you sure you still want it?” I had to have it! I told her yes, and once we got home, my brother and I sat by the computer, waiting excitedly for the game to finish installing.

We played the game for maybe ten minutes, and we got too scared to finish. But that didn’t mean I had to give up Nancy Drew games for good! We went to Target several times over the years, and with the help of downloading the games, we now have every Nancy Drew game!

I’ve only finished, like, ten of them, but I’m still motivated to solve more! And it was just a week ago that we downloaded Message in a Haunted Mansion because our old game was lost. I’m still too chicken to figure that one out.

Needless to say, I’m in love with the Nancy Drew game series, and I cannot wait for the latest game to come out!

You’re biggest chicken-out fan,

Dear Her Interactive,

I was nine years old when some of my older sisters’ friends showed me The Secret of Shadow Ranch. I was enchanted. I bought the game and started playing it. I loved the challenge of it and I had already read the whole Nancy Drew book series, so I loved having another Nancy Drew challenge!

Every day after school I would rush downstairs to play it and finally I finished it. The feeling that I get each time I finish a game is like: “so they are the ones who did it!” and “Why did it have to end so soon?!” Now even as a teenager I still love playing Nancy Drew.

Thanks from a big fan,
Callie C.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have been a long time player of the Nancy Drew PC games since the Christmas that I received Treasure in the Royal Tower. Ever since I have enjoyed playing all of the PC games, as well as the ipod touch/iphone game. Some of my favorite Nancy Drew games include…

Treasure in the Royal Tower
Warnings at Waverly Academy
The Captive Curse
The Nancy Drew games have had a huge impact on my life. They have helped with puzzle skills, and uncovering the mysteries of our lives. I have also learned about subjects that have been beneficial in school, such as Marie Antoinette in Treasure in the Royal Tower. These games also happened to encourage me to create animations and work on some games which can hopefully be a part in a future website. These games brought me skills and knowledge about life, and really showed me how things are not always as it seems. I have had so many great memories playing these games with my brother as well.

Thank you Her Interactive for creating these wonderful games that help me day to day.

Forever a fan,
Sarah H.

Dear Her Interactive,

I got into reading Nancy Drew when I was in 6th grade, when I decided to try a different kind of book. I didn’t have high expectations, but The Mystery of the 99 Steps is so good! It is still one of my favorite books. I got into the games at my friend’s house on New Year’s Eve. She was playing Curse of Blackmoor Manor, and I was watching her. We got to the part where Nancy has the really weird dream, and I was laughing the whole time. I kept telling her to do it again, and again, and again! We also played Phantom of Venice and Warnings at Waverly Academy. That was one night that I still remember and love.

I decided to start a game, and I chose Danger by Design. That game is still my second favorite game in the whole series. I finished the game in a few days, and I was addicted. I started renting all of the Nancy Drew games I could find. My sister hates being around me and my friend because we always talk about Nancy Drew games and make references to the games. Now I preorder every game! So far, my record for finishing a game is 2 days. I am always hogging the computer, and my homepage is the Her Interactive website, so I know everything first. Thank you Her Interactive for making the best games ever!

Your biggest fan,
Megan G.

Dear Her Interactive,

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE NANCY DREW GAMES!!!!!!!!! My obsession (as some of my friends would call it) began was I was very little. My grandma bought Message in a Haunted Mansion. We played it together and attempted to solve the game. But, without success! My grandma the whole time was saying “We have to get out of the house! How do we get out of the house?!” So that was our mission trying to get out of the house. Later to find out you can’t ever get out of the house! 🙂 So we left the game to sit, frustrated at our inability to solve it.

Many years later, my grandma bought another one. It was Treasure in the Royal Tower. I was a lot older now and was better able to understand the games. I began to play it and I was hooked immediately!!!!! I began asking for them for Christmas and birthdays. My Grandma and I would always play them together, scared to death half the time and confused the other. 🙂 When I was terrified what might be in the secret passageways she would make me go on in. My grandma had me make her a list of all the games I needed and whenever she was out she would get me two or three.

I got my best friend hooked on them as well! I must admit that I can’t play them at night, when I’m alone in the room and the wonderful and beautiful music can scare me to death sometimes! 🙂 Blackmoor Manor scared me so bad! Thanks to these games I was able to have a very special bond with my Grandma and is part of the reason why I love these games so much! (Though, I also love them because I am a total nerd and LOVE brainteasers!!!!). Thank you for making these awesome games and for keeping them clean and so much fun!

From Your Number 1 Fan,
Daley T.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hey everyone! I’m Nicole and I adore the Nancy Drew games. My first game was right when I graduated fifth grade. I received Danger by Design as a gift from my aunt, and my excitement and passion for the game was obvious. After I finished it, I wanted to do more, so every time my mom brought me to the store I got the next game (which of course I would finish in a matter of 2 days or less). My absolute favorite game is Danger on Deception Island, but every single game holds a special place in my heart.

I love the Nancy Drew games because you get to step out of your own shoes and be the great detective, Nancy Drew. The excitement of solving every puzzle, the joy of finding a new clue, and the triumph of solving the case is extraordinary. Nancy Drew has become a permanent part of my life, and it has even inspired me to be in the forensic science class at my school and has gotten me and my best friend Natalie to become two young teenage sleuths. Our first case was “The Missing Turtle” – solved.

Thank you Her Interactive, please never stop making these wonderful games.

Nicole L.

Dear Her Interactive,

I’d been obsessed with the old yellow hard-back Nancy Drew books ever since I was about eight when I bought The Hidden Staircase. For ages I would wait patiently at my local library, hoping that a new Nancy Drew book would appear on the shelves.

It was not until I started fourth grade that my love of Nancy Drew grew, when I found out about the games. I had a dear friend in my fourth grade class, and once every week, our class would have ‘book day’ where we checked out a book from the school library. Naturally, I’d always rush over to the ‘mystery’ section and check out the few books that sat there, obviously the Nancy ones. It wasn’t until my friend asked for book suggestions that I handed her her first Nancy Drew book, which got her hooked. For the next few weeks, Nancy Drew was all we ever talked about at lunch and in between teacher lectures in class.

One day, we were having a conversation about one of the books when Rachel, out of the blue, pointed out, “You know, there are Nancy Drew computer games at the Cuyahoga library,” which I never even knew. After school, my mom took me to the public library, and sure enough, there on the ‘computer games’ shelf sat three Nancy Drew computer game boxes. They weren’t the original, glossy cases, but what looked like sea green CD holders with a picture of the game pasted on the front. Naturally, I excitedly piled them up in my eager arms and went straight home to play them. I first ejected Message in a Haunted Mansion and checked it out. It took me a few seconds to figure out how to move the mouse and get away from the table in the Chinese room, but I eventually got the hang of it and switched discs to The Final Scene then to Danger by Design. I loved all of them.

It took a few months until I finished my first game Creature of Kapu Cave, which then moved me on to finish all of the games in a span of about two years.

I’m proud to say that I’ve been a user, ‘Hermes’, for about a year and a half on the Her message board and that I currently own, and have played and finished, all of the Nancy Drew games. Now I am currently awaiting the exciting adventure in Egypt, and the many more to come after that.

Thank you Her Interactive; you’ve been my childhood.
-Katie I. 🙂

Dear Her Interactive,

My first encounter with a Nancy Drew computer game, when I was seven, got me hooked for life. My older sister had just received Message in a Haunted Mansion from my aunt. As I sat behind her curiously watching over her shoulder, I was intrigued, it was the most terrifying thing ever. The music alone gave me shivers. When my sister got to the séance, I nearly cried, it was so scary.

Years later, when I was thirteen, that same aunt got me my first Nancy Drew computer game, Danger by Design. I had the most fun, diving through catacombs and getting the other assistant fired. The game let such an impression on me I decided to re-open Message in a Haunted Mansion. I was still scared to death. I managed to beat the game (with immense help form my little brother and walkthroughs), and when the chandelier fell on the culprit, I was thrilled. It felt like I was actually solving a real crime.

I began an addiction, buying every game ever, squealing at delight when I came across a double dare or triple threat. I began to enjoy the scary ones as much as the easier ones. My all-time favorite is The Haunting of Castle Malloy, but Shadow at the Water’s Edge gives it a run for its money.

I began to pull more friends in to the madness and addiction, the pure thrill, of these games. Convincing them with Edgar Allen Poe, or Hawaii, or even terrible graphics (looking at you Secrets Can Kill). We started a society; we fell in love with them. It has made bonds between friends so much stronger, and I am a gamer. A Nancy Drew computer gamer, and proud.

Alainna M.

Dear Her Interactive,

I just recently found a bunch of the Nancy Drew PC games at a local consignment store near where I live. I have been a fan of Nancy Drew series since I was wee little and I am now 35 yrs.’ old. I am very much an avid reader and can’t wait till we get our computer up and running to be able to play these games. Thank you for the hard work you put into creating a wholesome game for us mystery fans out there.

Elizabeth D.

Dear Her Interactive,

Ever since I was a little girl, there was this game called Stay Tuned for Danger. We had it because my mom was a lover of Nancy Drew since she was a little girl and collected all of the books. We even have a whole bookshelf dedicated to ALL the Nancy Drew books! This game was way too scary for me to play, so I let my big sister do that. I loved watching her, but one day she quit playing. She gave up. I was still too scared to even touch the computer. A couple years later, my sister had a friend over. This friend happened to have played every Nancy Drew game they had at the time, which was only thirteen. They played together as I watched until she had to go home. Yet again, the game was left uncompleted.

A few more years later, my sister and I were looking at the Wii games. There it was, staring me in the face, haunting me: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. My sister and I decided we would buy it, and we got started immediately. I was still too scared to play, but I watched. One day, my sister wouldn’t play, and I was so mad! I just picked up the controller and played myself. It was like a new love. This whole new experience that stretched my brain to its limits, and I loved it! I never finished that game, but Stay Tuned for Danger, the game that I have had since before I could remember, was my first Nancy Drew game to beat.

I bought them all. I spent all I had on the games and beat them all. Twice a year I wait until I can once again experience being somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. A couple of days ago, I took out the Wii and tried playing the game I couldn’t beat. In two days, it was over. I had played every Nancy Drew game out there. Now I’m caught up with the present. I am anxiously awaiting the next game. I have started reading the books to pass the time. Nancy Drew has taken this shy, scared little girl and turned her into a master detective, searching the world for a mystery to solve. I now can speak my mind to others and boldly take the leadership role in any situation. Thanks Nancy! Thanks Her Interactive!

Brianna H.

Dear Her Interactive,

I’ve always had a passion for mystery and solving puzzles. Nancy Drew is the epitome of that. My love for the game started when I was about seven. My aunt had just given me her whole collection of Nancy Drew books published by Grosset and Dunlap in 1959. I powered through all of them in a matter of weeks. When I finished, I was left wanting more.

I still remember the day my mom and I bought my first Nancy Drew computer game. We were shopping in a department store when I spotted The Secret of the Scarlet Hand on one of the shelves. I spent every waking moment trying to solve the case of the missing jade Pacal. Though I was new to the method of the Nancy Drew games, I soon caught on quickly. After finally cracking the case of The Scarlet Hand, I was hooked. For every Christmas, Birthday, and any other excuse, I would beg for a new Nancy Drew game.

My love for the game progressed into organizing mysteries for the neighborhood kids, whether it was to find “The Lost Bike” or “The Case of the Missing Cookies”, we always had a lot of fun. And of course, I always had to be Nancy Drew! Now that I’m older, I still enjoy my past time hobby of Nancy Drew. I just solved Alibi in Ashes and I’m looking forward to the release of The Tomb of the Lost Queen. Because of this passion, it has lead me to realize my love for solving mysteries and I hope one day to be involved in solving real life mysteries. I plan to pursue a college major in Forensic Science and Scientific Research.

I am currently working on my own case of analyzing the presence of lead in children’s toys, also known as “The Case of the Toxic Toys”. Thanks to Nancy Drew and the Nancy Drew series, I am on my way to solving true to life mysteries and nabbing real-life villains.

“Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise.” – Julia Cameron

Forever a N.D. Fan,
Jillian R.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was 10 when I played my first Nancy Drew game. I saw an ad from my “Mystery at Lilac Inn” book for your Secret of the Old Clock game and was immediately interested in the game. I got it later that week and started playing it the moment I got it in the mail. I had somewhat of a problem making friends at my school because I was different; I was into mysteries and crime and they bullied me for that. When I got my game, it was A LOT different than I expected. The graphics and details to me were top notch, and I believe that you guys are getting better with each game you come out with. The puzzles were also quite clever! They really had me on my toes and wanted me to solve them as quickly as possible so I could finish the game. After I did, I became hooked on the games and wanted to play more, and thus making me to become a fan.

Thank you for making such wonderful games for me to play to break away from the world with, Her Interactive! I look forward to your 26th Nancy Drew game coming out next year!

Addicted Fan,
Maureen M.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have been a fan of Nancy Drew since I was little!! I read the books ever since I could read!!! I love the “Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew” books, there were sooo good!

Ever since I got a computer I have loved them. My sister and I would get a 2 pack of the games and race to see who would win the game first without cheats. 😉
I love Nancy Drew and I have been in love with the games ever since forever! In Trail of the Twister I went to Ma ‘n Pa’s a bunch of times and bought 100 Koko Kringle bars and I would keep getting more and more Pa pennies!!! I love the games; I’ve played every single one! But not the newest game at River Heights and I can’t wait to get it! I was gonna buy it with the Koko Kringle bar but once I got around to it they were sold out! I think I’m the biggest fan of Nancy and I ADORE the Justin/Colin character in The Phantom of Venice. He was soooo adorable about liking Nancy! Pleaseeee put him in a new game!! I would play it 5 times like I did the other just to see tesserae slides (: I thought I was gonna die when he left Venice!!!

I love Nancy soooo much I think I’m gonna name my little girl Nancy (:
Your biggest fan EVERRRR,

Erin N. <3

Dear Her Interactive,

When I saw that people were writing these fan testimonials, I wondered how Nancy Drew games can really make a difference in lives. The more of these I read, the more I thought about all the great memories of Nancy Drew games I had, and the more I realized just how much of a crazy Nancy Drew fan I am.

My sister and I have played some version of all of the Nancy Drew games (SCK Remastered instead of the original and White Wolf of Icicle Creek for Wii instead of for the computer) except Stay Tuned for Danger, which we own, but, tragically, we cannot get to work. The other day we sat down and did pairwise comparisons of all the Nancy Drew games we have played to come up with a complete ranking of the games. Last night, she and I replayed the one that quickly found its way to the very top of our list: Alibi in Ashes.

I have downloaded the four Music for Mysteries albums, and I have them all on my iPod. I looove to listen to the music, and sometimes, when I hear it, I can visualize scenes from the games from which they come. It’s very exciting to me, and, by the way, I really hope there will be a fifth one because there’s some great music in the newer games! 🙂 My friend has actually been able to pick out bits of the music and will sometimes play them for me on her flute! It’s so cool.

My friends and I are actually in the process of coming up with a scavenger hunt for one another around our high school inspired by Nancy Drew, of course. It’s me, my sister, my friend who plays the flute, and another mutual friend of ours who hasn’t played the Nancy Drew games. (We’re hoping to get her hooked.) We drew names the other day, and we’re each designing a hunt for someone else. The catch is we can’t know who made ours until the very end. We’re supposed to plant the clues the day we come back to school from Christmas break. It’s going to be a race to see who can get to the end first. I have been working hard on the clues, and I have a new respect for the Her Interactive people who have to keep satisfying our hunger for puzzles! 🙂 It’s hard to come up with something that will be challenging enough to be fun, but not too hard.

In just remembering all the fun I’ve had with Nancy Drew, I can see that these games can affect lives, and they bring people together. It’s fun to talk about the games, too. My friend and I would even text funny Nancy Drew quotes to one another. We would take turns, and try to pick one we could remember from each game. It was hilarious. Thank you for all of the funny quotes, and the times we can laugh at each other for being so jumpy during the scarier games! Keep up the good work, Her Interactive! 🙂

Meredith M.

Dear Her Interactive,

I absolutely love your games. We have over 10 of them. I got hooked on them on my first game: The Curse of Blackmoor Manor. My 2 older sisters were playing The Secret of Shadow Ranch on another computer, and I freaked at the animal outside. I got so scared, I jumped up from my chair and ran to my sisters. They were highly amazed.

My favorite game has been Legend of the Crystal Skull. My sister was playing it and when we saw the skeleton, we screamed! On the Kapu Cave, I love fishing, snorkeling, beading, and most of all….MAKING ICE SHAVES! I hope Frank and Joe weren’t on diets!

My name is Caitlin G., and I hope you like the email and pick it!
Caitie bug 🙂

Dear Her Interactive,

It was Christmas Day 2001 when I received as a gift my very first Nancy Drew game, Treasure in the Royal Tower. My two cousins (both a year younger than I) got Message in the Haunted Mansion. 11-year-old me was skeptical at first, I thought it looked like something a little kid would play (and of course I was EVER so mature at age 11). A few short weeks later, I had grown bored with winter break and decided that I might as well give it a try.

It was that fateful first game that brought another faithful ND fan into the world. In the years that followed, my cousins and I eagerly awaited each new release, gathering around the computer and frequently fighting over the mouse. My best friend and I would buy new releases and watch the entire installation process, looking for clues in the file names about what might happen. My little brother would tease us for playing, and then later sneak on the computer and start his own file.

No matter who I played it with, memories were made. We shrieked in terror at Blackmoor Manor, argued over who had to run the mouse in the creepy graveyard at Moon Lake. We called Bess and George more times than we could count. We stared at the screen without a clue what to do next. We got frustrated and went to the Her Interactive message boards for help. We clicked as fast as our fingers would let us when an epiphany came. We gaped in awe at whoever the culprit had turned out to be. We laughed. We screamed. We made memories.

Now, ten years later, I am still proudly up to speed on every single game that has been released. Even with the demands (financial and time-consuming) of college life, I still find time to hole up with my computer (thank goodness the new ones are Mac compatible!) and play each new version. While I’ve liked some more than others, the games still never cease to entertain, and often confound me. I’ve also had the immense pleasure of passing my passion for these games onto my younger sister, who now is the same age that I was when I was first handed that wrapped box on Christmas morning.

So, I’d just like to say thank you for all the laughs, all the screams, and all the good times. Please keep them coming!

Abby H.

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