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We love making games that make a difference, and we’re always thrilled to receive feedback from our fans about how our company and Nancy Drew products have made an impression on their lives.

If Her Interactive has impacted your life in a positive way, we want to hear from you! Send us an email at with your story. We will accept both written and video testimonials and can’t wait to share them!

Dear Her Interactive,

I first heard of Nancy Drew from my mom who used to read them when she was little girl. When I was 7, inspired by her, I chose Nancy Drew to be my first chapter book.

Over the years, I continued to read and enjoy the books but, to be honest, I grew less fond of Nancy Drew herself. To me, she seemed too perfect and, I confess, I would kind of laugh when someone would hit Nancy over the head with a random object.

Finally, I dropped Nancy Drew and moved on to other books. However, Nancy came back after I received a Sherlock Holmes game for Christmas. Wanting to find another game like it, I went to Target and picked out Nancy Drew: Message in the Haunted Mansion. At first I thought it would be one of those (slightly lame) hidden objects games but after I played it, I was hooked. This Nancy was totally different from the one in the books. She was smart, she was brave, and I really liked the fact that she wasn’t perfect. Now that I had been exposed, I couldn’t just stop, so for two years now, I’ve been collecting and playing games with great enthusiasm.

The games are so fun yet at the same time, I’ve learned things from Morse code to the Periodic Table. We need more games like this that teach girls that being smart is just as good being pretty. Anyways, I said all that to say, thanks Her Interactive for making me love Nancy Drew again.

Elizabeth C.

Dear Her Interactive,

Ever since I got my first Nancy Drew Game “Message in a Haunted Mansion” back in lower school for Christmas, I have eagerly and loyally played each and every one to date. Over the years they have brought me great joy and I often brag by saying “I learned that in a Nancy Drew Game.”

I am now a college student studying Animation and Game design, and it has only made me come to love and respect the work you all do even more now. From your stunning environments, to the subtle details in characters and story that makes them thrilling.

I just wanted to say a special thank you to all of you, concept artists, writers, modelers, riggers, coders, animators, designers, actors, sound designers, lighters, developers, producers etc. Thank you for all your hard work, you do an amazing job. Thank you for inspiring me and giving me these wonderful adventures. Keep up the amazing work.

Gratefully yours,

Dear Her Interactive,

I’m Emily, and I’m thirteen and I have been playing your games ever since I was about 7 years old. Your games, of course, are fantastic! Sometimes I wonder how you do it. I’ve played many great detective games but none can compare to yours. The challenging puzzles and the perfect story lines make the combination of the perfect game series! I love these games so much I have every single one!

I hardly play video games repeatedly but I have at least played every single one at least 3 times. Nancy Drew is spunky, intelligent and someone you can totally relate to! She’s even inspired me to become a detective when I grow up and she is such a great role model! (Even though she’s a fictional character).

I almost never send fan mail but I can’t help but tell you how incredible this company is! The one flaw I had was when you released game’s #26-#27, they had dry story lines but other than that you brought back your charm when you released “Ghost of Thornton Hall.” I was totally surprised in the end, “well done!”

I hope you read this fan mail and if you do I want you to give thanks to all the people who are involved with these outstanding games! Thank you for making my life a little bit better. 🙂


Dear Her Interactive,

Please hear my story of how much Nancy Drew has impacted my life! I discovered Nancy in the 5th grade through the movie and the books. I started collecting the games when I turned 12 and fell in love. These games have been more than just a disc and a screen. Whenever I was sad it’d help me get through tough times and comfort me. I grew up on these games!

Nancy teaches girls everywhere to be kind and stand for justice and do the right thing. They were what kept me going when times were tough. I’m in my senior year of high school now and looking back I don’t think things would have been the same without them. Please don’t ever quit on these games! Nancy is a figure of hope for girls everywhere.

Lexie F.

Dear Her Interactive,

I think I was 7 or 8 years old when my Mom gave me my first Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys book. I still have it and adore it even though I’ve never read the ending. At the time I only had one. If I read the ending then the mystery would be over and I didn’t have any others and of course I didn’t realize there were more. As long as I didn’t read the ending, the mystery never ended and Nancy stayed bright in my mind as I thought over what the answer was…

A few years down the road, after I had found and devoured all the Nancy Drew books at the local Library, I was standing in line at a Dollar General and spotted something in the $5 bin that caught my interest. It was a red box with an angry looking carousal horse on it. On the top it read “Nancy Drew” and I just blinked at it. I had never been much for games, I had much rather go out and actually live the adventures or sit and read. But this one looked different from the other games around it. Being 10 years old and broke, I begged my mom for it. She, of course, bought it and sent me on my merry way.

My sister and I struggled with it for weeks. Then finally, we won. That’s the exact moment we were hooked on these games. I remember being terrified to go into the next room in the game but curiosity got the better of us. A few weeks later my Mom found the first 5 games and we were sucked further into the fabulous world of Nancy Drew…

It took us years to win the Curse of Blackmoor Manor, but then we ran into a girl who was a major fan of the games too. Then we discovered how easy the internet was to use and before we knew it, we were pre-ordering every game the day it came out.

This is what led me to meet one of my closest friends as well as fellow Author, Samantha B. when I was bored and on Facebook one night. Our friendship was started over the simple fact WAC had just come out and we were freaking out over it. That when we realized that we were not only the same age but only a few days apart as well as homeschool and using the exact same program! The more we talked the more we had in common. There was only one thing… She lives 900 miles away!

Since then we’ve become amazingly close and I have you guys to thank for that! Without Nancy, I don’t know where I’d be right now. Thank you so much for making these amazing games.

Your grateful and loyal fan,
Crystal B.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I first started playing Nancy Drew games, I didn’t think it would be my type, but later on, I developed an addiction to the Nancy Drew game series along with the books.

At first, I played Secrets Can Kill and I just simply adored it! A few years later I decided to play Stay Tuned for Danger, Message in a Haunted Mansion and Treasure in the Royal Tower.

Every year, I’d just hope I would get a new Nancy Drew game, and now in 2013 I have from the very 1st game of Nancy Drew to the latest one, #28. And I just can’t wait for The Silent Spy right now. I buy all my games as soon as they come out in stores, and order them if I have to.

The Nancy Drew game series, is just simply amazing, the graphics and the storylines are as awesome as the games themselves.

I have now been collecting Nancy Drew books to help me through the wait of The Silent Spy.

I cannot wait for new games to come! I know that the game storylines will be more fantastic than it is now!

From an Nancy Drew Sleuth,

Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Heather and I have been a loyal Nancy Drew player and lover since I was 5 or 6 years old. My sister, on the other hand, has been a fan from the beginning. Because of Nancy Drew my sister and I had a common interest. Of course, back then I was too little to understand the puzzles, so I would just watch and I loved it.

I wanted to be a detective for the longest time. I would find mysteries around my house to solve. My sister and I would always beg my mom to pre-order the game for us. By the way, I’m 13 and my sister is 19. Since I’m blond I would always imagine Nancy as me and I would wonder what titian hair meant because when I was younger I didn’t know what type of hair color it was. Probably nobody will read this but if you do I want to tell you that Nancy Drew has been my childhood and as long as it is still here I will still feel like a child, which is a great feeling.

I have decided to not be a detective but to instead be an actor, which includes voice acting. It’s been my dream to voice a character for Nancy Drew. I would probably put the game in a display case above my bed.

I just love the game and the character Nancy Drew. If you do read this, I would love a response. That would make my day. Have a great day Her Interactive! I can’t wait for The Silent Spy! I doubt I will get much homework done once I start playing.

Heather H.

Dear Her Interactive,

So often, in customer service, we never hear the good things about our products, only the bad.

But I wanted to write and say thank you for a great product.

Years ago we purchased the first two games for our daughter. She had so much fun with them that her little brother wanted to help her play. Several years later they were asking for the next few games for birthday and Christmas gifts. Because they were enjoying the games so much, my husband and I started watching and playing the games as well. This turned into the four of us playing the games together. Our daughter actually moves the mouse around and is the pilot of the game, but we all put in suggestions about what to do. Many of the puzzles are easier for one or the other of us, so we take over being the pilot. We have now worked through all the games available and are looking forward to the newest one just coming out.

The kids are now a junior in collage and a senior in high school and are very excited about the new Nancy Drew game coming out. Our daughter is actually coming home for the weekend, from college, just so we can play the newest game.

While this might sound silly to some people, I find it to be one of the best blessings for my family. It allows us to be all together, to play and laugh at each other and just enjoy ourselves. The kids will grow up and will soon not be able to rework their schedules to play games with old Mom and Dad but we will always have the precious memories of the times we did.

Thank you again for such a wonderful product,

Michelle T.

Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Monique and I live right at the bottom of Africa in South Africa. Nancy Drew games aren’t easily accessible here as major retailers don’t stock them at all so I have to order them from pricey stores that import only a handful but I would just like to say that I’m willing to pay any price for them!

I’ve loved the games you create since I received Treasure in the Royal Tower as a present from my father when I was 11. And now 7 years later, I’m still addicted. You create such immersive games with rich storylines and believable characters that I can’t bear to tear myself away for hours at a time. I’ve played every single one (except for the Dossier series) and they just keep getting better and better. Naturally, my favourite ones have included The Hardy Boys (as I had read their books before Nancy’s for some reason) so if they make an appearance again I wouldn’t be too unhappy! (That was a little joke.)

Anyway, this letter doesn’t really have much of a point except that I want to thank each and every person on the staff – from the animators to the CEO to the person who fetches coffee for late nights. You have given me a childhood that I would never replace. The games have taught me so much and brought me countless moments of joy and laughter. My life would be a little bit more boring without Nancy Drew in it. I hope that you continue to create Nancy Drew games for years to come so that my grandchildren may be able to play it as well!

I would just also like to say that I love how HER aims to be interactive with the fanbase and updates us regularly and sometimes listens to the suggestions that are put in. It’s understandable that you can’t cater to every person’s whim but the amount you seem to have done is lovely. It’s important for a company to do that and you’ve succeeded tremendously.

Just once again, you produce amazing games that are so vibrant and I’ve loved each and every one. I can’t wait for The Shattered Medallion!

Yours truly,
Monique B.

Dear Her Interactive,

My little sisters and I have loved your games since we were really young. My family had just moved to Oregon and we were really bummed, having moved around a lot. We siblings were each other’s best friends, so, we hung out and did everything together. One day, we came home from school to find our mom had bought us a computer game called “Message in a Haunted Mansion”. (It wasn’t until later that we found out our game was even cooler cause it had #1 on it, when really it’s the 3rd case.) Having always liked the idea of mysteries, we jumped right into it with our mom. And, we LOVED IT!

Nancy Drew encouraged us to expand our minds. We’ve learned different things from languages, to history, to the basics of sleuthing from these games. I even used Nancy’s sleuthing skills to get my lunch card back when a friend of mine had stolen it!

Ever since then, we’d either rush out to the nearest store to buy it or digitally download it. With every new game, we get excited. However, we will always love the original games, seeing as they bring back memories of us hanging out.

We’re now 23, 22, and 19 and STILL love these games! Even now that we’re a little busier in life with our jobs, school, husbands, families, and friends, we’ve always got time to play the newest Nancy Drew games or another play through of any of the games.

Continue to make these wonderful games, HI. We can’t find any other games like them. They’re challenging and they teach you new things yet are still fun!

Thank you,
Elizabeth K.

Dear Her Interactive,

I would like to tell you how much I love your games. I’ve been playing them ever since the 4th grade and now I’m currently 16 years old and still love them as much as when I started playing them. Nancy Drew helped me get through many tough times when I was young like when my mother was sick and when I lost my grandfather. Nancy Drew books and games have helped me through many things and eventually made me want to become a detective also.

I just wanted to tell you how Nancy Drew has influenced my life and how much I appreciate the work you all do on the games. My friend who really didn’t know anything about Nancy Drew books and games once asked me why she was such a big deal and I told her because she teaches girls to become independent, being intelligent is alright, and they can do anything (because she has literally done anything you can think of in the books) and all girls can relate to her. I really hope you will continue to make Nancy Drew games for a long time and I always will support Her Interactive and the games that they make.

-Rebekah N.

Dear Her Interactive,

I just wanted to send a quick e-mail saying how much I love the Nancy Drew games. They are so much fun to play and provide my husband and me with hours of entertainment together. I tell everyone I know about these games to promote the product.

I hope that Her Interactive continues to make the Nancy Drew games. I know a lot of people that will be terribly sad if the games end!

Elizabeth S.T.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have been playing Nancy Drew games for as long as I can remember. I am almost 20 now and I remember when I was 8 sitting at my computer, exploring new worlds and solving new mysteries with the games that were released. I have always looked up to Nancy Drew. When I was young my parents gave me some of her books and I was amazed how confident, smart and witty that this girl was. I was amazed by how a character like her can be excellent role model when I was that young. I remember my very first Nancy Drew game was Treasure in the Royal Tower.

As I got older, I grew up with the games. As I faced many obstacles growing up: bullying, friend decisions, college and high school choices. Because of Nancy Drew I knew there was more than one solution to every problem. Also, that no matter what the life throws at me I will always be able to get through anything. Nancy Drew has been a huge role model in my life as I stated earlier. She has made me into the strong, confident women I am today. Also, I know now that because of her my dreams and goals in life can always be reached.

I haven’t played all the Nancy Drew games. I am missing two for my collection. But I will treasure the games in my collection forever. Thank you Her Interactive very much for all that you have done for me and all Nancy Drew fans. I will never stop playing the games and I will never stop being a fan. Thank you. 🙂


Dear Her Interactive,

I have been playing the Nancy Drew games for over ten years now. I got my first game (Treasure in the Royal Tower) when I was roughly 14 years old, sometime around 2004. The game became my favorite and my whole family has played it with me over and over. From that point on, my family began to get me further Nancy Drew games for all of my birthdays and Christmases.

I am now 24 years old and a professional creative writer/magazine editor. And every year I still get Nancy Drew games from my family on Christmas and my birthday. I love them as much as I ever did, and still find them challenging and fun. I own every single game, and am still working through a few of them. Thank you for producing quality games that are not only mentally difficult, but also fun and engaging. I am happy to say that they brought my family and I together on many occasions, and often still do. Thank you again. And if you ever need a professional creative writer, please contact me.

Abigail S.

Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Abby Cohen and I am 17 years old. My best friend and I have been playing your games since we were 8. Through boredom or sickness, you have given us something to make us happy. You have also given us an excuse to get together because she lives kind of far away. Bottom line is thank you for creating such amazing games.

Abby C.

Dear Her Interactive,

Nancy Drew saved my life. What I’m really trying to say is that Her Interactive saved my life, and still continues to do so. I got my first Nancy Drew PC game when I was twelve. From a young age I was bullied at school. I was overweight, terrible at sports, and considered to be “unpopular”. I was a very shy girl; I had the most awkward sense of humor and had terrible social skills. The next few years were the worst for me. They shaped me and changed me into a damaged young woman. I spiraled into depression. I would often feel lonely and I had very few friends. I still thank my mom to this day for picking up “The Secret of the Old Clock” on a day when the bullying was too hard for me to bare. Nancy Drew was, and still is, my friend when I have none. She gives me hope and gives me a sense of confidence. When I felt as if I had nowhere to go, I would be Nancy Drew for a few hours and feel a sense of belonging and self-worth.

Thanks for teaching me life lessons Her Interactive. Thanks for teaching me the qualities that girls need to embrace. Thanks for teaching me to be brave, independent and confident. I’m now 19 years old, and I couldn’t be more thankful for you. Nancy Drew saved my life, and shaped me into the self-confident, empowered, and motivated woman I am today. Nancy Drew influenced me to pursue a career in criminal justice and criminology. I’m currently studying at a prestigious university in Chicago, and I’m living the dream. I couldn’t have done this without you!

Much love,

Dear Her Interactive,

I guess I will start my story, then. I had heard of Nancy Drew when I was younger, and of course I loved to read, but I was more into adventure books. One of my best friends had nearly all of the yellow hardbacks she would read a lot of them at the same time that they were scattered all over the house, she suggested that I should read them, since I was more of a tomboy I thought that they would be too girly for me; you would think that my story ends there, but it does not!

Fast forward a few years: it was a hot summer day and my friend and I was bored. She mentioned that she had just got “Message in a Haunted Mansion” she said it was a ND game. I at first rolled my eyes at her. “Nancy Drew, seriously” I laughed, “She is too old-fashioned, girly, and boring,” but my friend dragged me along anyways, and I am glad she did! So I watched her play the game, and I had to admit it was not as boring as I thought. It was actually really fun!

That Christmas I asked for a bundle. My mom was hesitant at first, since she thought that Nancy Drew was too grown up for me, or too difficult, but I got the first three games for Christmas. I played the first three and loved them, (of course, back then they did not have strategy guides or message boards so I had to solve them on my own) and since then I have been playing ever since. So far I have been playing them for 12+ years. What I love most about the games, is that even though I am tomboy I still love playing the games, I have suggested them to almost all of my friends, and I do have friends who are guys and yes they love them too, so the games are not just for girls!

Keep them coming! And thanks!

Dear Her Interactive,

I wanted to write and tell you what an impact the Nancy Drew games have had in my life.

Being a single mom with two boys doesn’t give you much time for action, adventure, travel and excitement in your life!

Until one day several years ago I found my first Nancy Drew mystery game, “Treasure in the Royal Tower”! It was so much fun I couldn’t pull myself away from it. I’ve been hooked on the games since then and don’t know what I would do without them!

Thanks so much for adding the “spark” back into this working mom’s life!


Dear Her Interactive,

Hi, my name is Kimberlee C. and I’m a huge Nancy Drew fan! I’ve loved Nancy Drew all my life and have to thank my Uncle for showing me! I love Nancy Drew because she is positive and is constantly thinking of others while she is sleuthing and catching crooks.

I absolutely love reading, so when I have free time or I’m having a tough time in life, which is all the time, I read. When I read Nancy Drew books it’s as if I’m in her world, helping her solve a mystery. The books keep getting better and better! I love everything about her….she is truly great and will never be forgotten.

Your greatest fan,
Kimberlee C.

Dear Her Interactive,

I wanted to let Her Interactive know that I think the new direction the games have been taking has improved the games tremendously, and they are better than they have ever been. I’ve always enjoyed the Nancy Drew games, and learned things from them, and liked many of the interesting and quirky characters. But it’s the last three or four years that I feel the games have really reached a new level, that the stories grew stronger, that they gained more heart, and became more layered than ever before, and the characters became more than just interesting and quirky, and instead felt like real people with histories and stories of their own. The newer games have taught me more, encouraged me to learn more, and inspired me in ways more personal than any of the older games have. I am not saying this as someone who’s trying to show blind devotion to the games no matter what or anything like that, but as someone who does her best to try to truthfully analyze things as best as she can. Throughout the series, there have been plenty of games I’ve liked and plenty I’ve disliked. And I honestly think that, overall, the games have been improving as they go along. I’m sending this email because I was concerned that the people who make these games might not realize just how much good they are doing, and how far they’ve come.

I’m currently working on a Customer Review (and a Game Review for the message boards) for MED, but it just didn’t seem like enough, so I wanted to send an email as well. Even when the majority likes and enjoys something, the negative reviews tend to stick out more just because they are negative, and positive reviews can often seem so hollow even when they are honest and heartfelt. And I saw so many negative reviews posted on the message board the last couple days, I felt even more that I needed to say something more directly. MED was not a perfect game by any means (not nearly as good as GTH, SPY, or SAW, for example). It has flaws. But I thought it had a really solid story and stands quite well among the other games in the series. I loved Bess and the handling of her insecurities. And most of all, I loved Sonny. I had huge expectations concerning him, and all of them were met (and then some). We got to know him well enough that it felt satisfactory, and yet he was kept at a safe enough distance that he remains enigmatic in a good way. That kind of balance is just what was needed. And the back story about his grandfather fleshed his character out so well. It was just the sort of thing I was hoping it would be.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that the games are improving, and to keep doing what you are doing. Once in awhile I’ll see a person on the message boards say that the games aren’t as good as they used to be, or the old ones are better. But even though those comments crop up sometimes, I don’t think it‘s the majority opinion of fans. At least, it isn’t from what I’ve seen. Sometimes the naysayers speak louder than the majority, and sometimes the majority is too busy enjoying the games to speak up about their opinions. And that can give people the wrong idea. So I wanted to speak up and let you all know you are doing amazing jobs. Don’t think the direction the games have been taking is wrong, because it isn’t. The direction of recent games is better than ever before. I don’t know how many people will see this email, but if there is any way to let the writers and designers and others who make these games know how much their work is appreciated, and how much everything has been improving game by game, I would appreciate it so much.

~Izzy R.

Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Morgann and I’m 12 years old. I love to play Nancy Drew games! I have been playing Nancy Drew games for about 4 years now and I just wanted to let you know that these games help me get through tough times, like when I am upset. The reason I’m writing to you is because I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the games, and to keep making them! When I am in college I hope to become a Her Interactive intern for the Nancy Drew games!

Thanks for reading!

Morgann B.

Dear Her Interactive,

I liked the 30th Nancy Drew game. I also liked some puzzles were hard and still trying to figure them out. One of facts is that Nancy was competing with other people on the game show. With that just like Nancy, I will be competing at the Special Olympics State Summer games here in Fort Lewis, WA doing track and field.  I will be doing the 100m walk and the softball throw tomorrow and the 200m walk on Sunday.

Go Auburn,

Erin R.

Dear Her Interactive,

I just wanted to thank you for continuing to make Nancy Drew video games.  Nancy Drew has literally thousands and thousands of fans who play the PC games and, now, on laptops and tablets.  Her Interactive ceaselessly continues to produce high quality games ‘true to Drew’.  We love that your company and thanks so much!

I’m 55 years old and still have many years left, I hope, to keep Nancy Drew in my life since I was 8.


Lee R.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was around 9 years old, my grandparents took me and my twin to a book sale. We immediately went to the kids’ section and I saw a ton of bright yellow books. I went over to see what it was and saw it was Nancy Drew. I bought them all because my friend had given me The Secret of Red Gate Farm a couple of months ago. I think I read them all in about a year. There were about 20 books in all. I forgot about them for a couple of years but recently started to finish my collection.

We moved in November 2013 on Thanksgiving Day to Utah where my mom said I could get a book before we moved so that when we got there, I had a book while mine were packed. After we moved in, I met a girl who got me into the Nancy Drew games. I got The Silent Spy and played it and now I am trying to collect all the games. Keep up the good work on these awesome games!

I sadly don’t have a picture but I wish I did!

Samantha 😀

Dear Her Interactive,

I just want to give a quick shout out to show how appreciative I am of all the hard work you guys put into your games. I played my first ND game, The Final Scene, when I was in grade 3. I am now 21 years old and just finished The Shattered Medallion. Before I continue any further, I just have to say THANK YOU for including a Lord of the Rings reference in The Shattered Medallion! Ever since seeing the preview that she was going to New Zealand I hoped there would be at least a small Lord of the Rings connection in the game but I never thought it would happen. When I found that phone charm in the caves (I like how you guys hid it in the cave by the way, very movie related  ;D) I was totally freaking out! I never thought the 2 things I am so nerdy about, Nancy Drew + Lord of the Rings would ever collide and equal AWESOMENESS. So thanks for that 🙂

Moving on past my nerdy explosion… I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you guys put into these games. I have played every single one, right from Secrets Can Kill up until #30 which I just finished tonight. I can’t believe Her Interactive has been making these games for so long and each and every one has so much education, creativity and fun in each one. These games were always the top of mine and my sister’s Christmas list each year from our parents. The Nancy Drew games literally brought my family together to help solve the puzzles together each Christmas break… and I just want to say thank you for those memories that I will be able to keep forever. For however long Her Interactive will be making these games I will always be supportive of what these games are about. There are so many movies and games that have no meaning or horrible lessons behind them these days. The Nancy Drew games are a breath of fresh air from those. They have more meaning than your typical violent and graphic games.

So I just want to say thank you for years of dedication your company has put into these long years of game creation for the fans. I will always support Her Interactive and the material they create! I look forward to Labyrinth of Lies!

PS. What’s with the weird Canadian accent Bill Kessler has in The White Wolf of Icicle Creek? 😉 haha

Emily J.

Dear Her Interactive,

I wanted to express my appreciation for a game series that has inspired me for over half my life. I asked for Message in a Haunted Mansion when I was in third grade and looking for a challenging computer game that was more in line with my interests than the violence and male-centric worldviews presented in other games available at the time. I was immersed in a world of atmospheric, detailed settings, smart and varied dialogue, unforgettable characters and nifty puzzles. I purchased The Final Scene next and was even more pleased with the world I found within and in particular the characters of Maya Nguyen and Nick Falcone, who recognize that the world can be a shifty place and demand answers and, ultimately, change.

The newer games, too, have provided me with no shortage of feminist material to discuss with my friends, both online and “in real life” (shouldn’t “in real life” include online discussions as well? As Ellie says, we’re all plugged in all the time now anyways :p ). Education, healthy and unhealthy relationships, assimilation, relationships between families, identities, and power imbalances have all been prominent themes brought to light either directly by the games or indirectly in the works and interpreted by the many brilliant fans who are similarly inspired by Nancy Drew. One of my most favorite recent storylines was Ellie’s situation working as a research scientist, something I, a female computer scientist, can identify with. In fact, if it hadn’t been for your games, I may not have had the motivation to go into a field that is flooded with men! It is in no small part due to your games that I had the passion to go into this field, and this passion for your games also fuels my feminism.

I have identified as a feminist since I was a youngster, and your games have given me no shortage of righteous figures to aspire to as well as not-so-righteous ones that still illustrate important truths about the world. My interpretation of feminism aims to change society to treat women and other marginalized groups as multifaceted individuals who are just as deserving of representation as the groups game developers typically pander to. The combination of sheer volume of output and the intricacy and quality of content you provide is fantastic, and the fact that it involves characters of diverse age demographics, racial backgrounds, and sizes does well to further my ideals. I can think of even more areas that can be explored where representation is concerned, and hope to someday write for Her Interactive or a similarly-valued company realizing the inspiration your games have given me.

Fight the power forever and always,

Charlotte K.

Dear Her Interactive,

I got my first Nancy Drew games when I was about 6. I had just moved half way across the country and my grandma bought me Curse of Blackmoor Manor and Secret of Shadow Ranch for Christmas to give me something to do since IN was so unfamiliar. At first, I never played them. They sat un-opened on the shelf, but then when I was about 7 almost 8, I decided to try it out. It took me years to finish them because I did it so off and on but I still asked for more.

I was hooked! Nancy became my best friend and I didn’t feel so alone in a new state and school. I also started reading the yellow cover books. That’s when people starting teasing me about it but I didn’t care. My motto became WWNDD?

I actually have tears in my eyes when I think of how my life would be without Nancy Drew. She is a fantastic role model. She taught me to be caring, loving, helpful, and always a little suspicious. Without her, I’d never be quite as inquisitive or smart as I am now. The ND games and books actually do teach a lot. Especially the historical games with info on the life and people back in the day like Marie Antoinette in TRT, the Maya civilization in SSH, the Edwardian Era in CAR, WW2 in DAN, Ancient Egypt in TMB and MANY more! Thank you Her Interactive for creating such a beautiful world for me. 🙂 I couldn’t be happier. 🙂 You can “bet your bloomers” 😉 that I will be showing my kids and grandkids these games.

A forever grateful fan,

Falynne R.

Dear Her Interactive,

My sister and I have almost nothing in common, and we have always had an extremely tough time getting along together during any activity. However, for some reason, we have always been able to put aside our grievances to play Nancy Drew. In elementary school, our cousins bought us The White Wolf of Icicle Creek, and we were instantly hooked. Seven or so years later, we still devour any game we can get our hands on. Because of Nancy Drew, we’ve spent many hours together laughing and creating inside jokes that only Nancy and ourselves could understand. We would play Scopa for hours straight, and then laugh and dance along with Punchy LaRue. When we were home alone, we would scream together when Nancy turned a corner and suspects would pop out of nowhere. I can still remember my sister making me turn down the ‘scary’ music and turning away as she left me, the younger one, to search through some haunted woods; only to steal the mouse out of my hands as soon as we got to a puzzle. As we’ve grown up, we still continue to enjoy every game as much as ever, if not more, especially now that I am allowed to leave the music on full blast!

Now that my sister is in college, and we only see each other on holidays, Nancy Drew has become much more of a sacred tradition. Every time we see each other, we crack open a Nancy Drew, and somehow get along sleuthing once again. Nancy Drew games still maintain the same amount of excitement and glee as the first time we played. Every Christmas or birthday, buying each other Nancy Drew games has become standard. My sister and I have never been able to truly bond over anything as much as our love of Nancy Drew, and we have never been able to enjoy an activity together more than playing these games side by side. Thank you so, so much Her Interactive for creating such engaging, imaginative, and just plain fun games. I really cannot imagine life without Nancy!

A fan who will forever “dare to play,”

Grace D.

Dear Her Interactive Team,

I just recently thought of how I wanted to thank you for being a great part of my life. When I was ten I had moved from Illinois to New Jersey after an extremely unpleasant divorce. I felt alone except for my books, which included brothers Grimm, The Lord of the Rings, and pretty much any folk lore I could get my hands on. Moving to my mother’s old childhood home I unearthed her trove of Nancy Drew first editions and became obsessed with how she was everything I wasn’t.

After moving I wasn’t able to make lasting relationships and I was exhausted from putting on a smile for my family when I missed my Dad. My Grandfather was a practicing physician at the time and was the only one who noticed how I had changed. After two years of counseling didn’t work he gave me a computer game based on “those books you’ve been so keen on lately.”

Playing those games became an outlet to release my mind and let healing begin. Through my family, my books, and your games I was able to quietly piece together a little part of my own world. I started talking to people at school and I was able to play the game with others and make friends.

I am now turning 25 January 20th and I have continued to play your fantastic games. I have brought my best friend from college in on my traditions. When bad things happen it has become our coping strategy. I want you to know how important your work is. Please keep going and making these wonderful games, because I am certain my story is not so unique.

I still have my mother’s collection. It’s right next to my cases of your games.

Ever a faithful fan,

Suzanne V.

Dear Her Interactive,

I had a free afternoon and was thinking back on all the Nancy Drew games I have played over the years and so I decided to write a poem. I just typed it up in Microsoft Word and I have attached the file to this email. I am by no means a great poet, but I did have fun writing this and hope you enjoy reading it.


The Nancy Drew Games,

Are not nearly all the same.

Secrets Can Kill,

Was quite a thrill.

In Stay Tuned for Danger,

Aunt Eloise remained kind of a stranger.

In Message in a Haunted Mansion,

The threats halted the expansion.

Treasure in the Royal Tower,

The ski lift had no power.

In The Final Scene,

We searched for a lost teen.

Secret of the Scarlet Hand,

The cookies were quite bland.

In Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake,

Bird pictures we did take.

In the Haunted Carousel,

Without Niacin, Nancy looked terrible.

Danger on Deception Island,

A device pulled clams from the sand.

In The Secret of Shadow Ranch,

We lassoed a far away branch.

Curse of Blackmoor Manor,

“Someone” was a crafty planner.

Secret of the Old Clock,

On an old radio we did talk.

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon,

The Hardy Boy’s were our companion.

In Danger by Design,

“That’s so rude,” was Minette’s line.

The Creature of Kapu Cave,

The pineapple crop we tried to save.

In The White Wolf Of Icicle Creek,

My “Fox and Geese” skills were somewhat weak.

In The Legend of the Crystal Skull,

To end the game we found one last eyeball.

The Phantom of Venice,

The green mask was the menace.

The Haunting of Castle Malloy,

Shear sheep like a farm boy.

Ransom of the Seven Ships,

To find Bess, follow the tips.

Warnings at Waverly Academy,

To hear the chant, climb the tree.

Trail of the Twister,

Tornadoes coming! Fix that transistor.

Shadow at the Water’s Edge,

Rentaro is full of useful knowledge.

In The Captive Curse,

Buy souvenirs with Euros from Nancy’s purse.

Alibi in Ashes,

Deirdre’s attitude clashes.

In Tomb of the Lost Queen,

Call Professor Hotchkiss- On her expertise you can lean.

The Deadly Device,

Niko’s discovery came at a very high price.

In The Ghost of Thornton Hall,

What really happened at the birthday ball?

The Silent Spy

How did Nancy’s mom really die?

In # 30, The Shattered Medallion,

Catching up with Sonny has finally been done.

Labyrinth of Lies,

Touch the water and you’re in for a surprise.


I didn’t cover nearly all the twists,

In this Nancy Drew games list,

So grab a game off your shelf,

and solve the mystery for yourself.


Cristyn Y, 2015

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was 8 years old, my younger sister got this boxed set of different computer games for girls. I asked her if my older sister, then 10, and I could both take a game and play it. Playing that first game, Danger on Deception Island, nine years ago is something I still remember today. My sister and I then saved our money to buy The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. We finished it without any spoilers or help, and it is still my favorite game to this day.

I will always thank Nancy Drew for bringing my older sister and me close together. We used to wake each other up at 6am every morning and play for hours. Needless to say I was completely scared of everything when I was younger and so was my older sister. My sister hid under blankets during Message in a Haunted Mansion, Legend of the Crystal Skull, and many more, making me have to navigate while trying not to look. These instances brought around a new term that my sister and I still use to this day, “blanket support.” We use it when someone who says “they got your back” really doesn’t.

My sister went to college last year and although I don’t get to see her as often as I would like, we still pre-order all of the games and save them for when she comes home on breaks. For a few days we lock ourselves in her room and play until 1 or 2 am, then wake up early the next day to keep playing.  These days are some of my favorites and I am forever thankful for them.

The gift Nancy Drew has given me, the opportunity to bond with such an amazing sister, is something I will always be thankful for. I know we will continue our Nancy Drew traditions as I go to college next year, and throughout our lives.


Grace O.

Dear Nancy Drew Crew,

My name is Elizabeth but people call me Lizzie. My brother and I adore your games. I’ve been playing and watching others play Nancy Drew games since I was 8 and I love them. When my father was diagnosed with cancer a few years back I had no idea what to do. Solving mysteries with Nancy made that hard reality fade. For a while I stopped playing those games and my life as a crime solver stopped. Recently, just 6 months back, my father passed.

Here, me and Charlie, my 12-year-old autistic brother, are sitting in my step-parent dad’s house. We’ve been depressed. He’s dealt in a different way, leaving me alone in this depression. I felt like my life was over for a while. I looked back at my computer and saw a Nancy Drew game I hadn’t touched in a while. The puzzles and the brain teasing made me think and took me away from the life I have now. Now I’m trying to get as many of the games and books as I possibly can. Nancy can’t help me physically but with her and her mysteries, I get taken away in another world where I can do something about death or tragedy. Nancy has also inspired me in other ways. I’ve decided I want to write my own mystery books. I know, I am only 16 but I can do it. Thank you. Thank you for inspiring me and helping me move on with my life. Thank you so much.

Inspired and adoring fans,
Lizzie and Charlie

Dear Her Interactive,

Unfortunately my own brain has failed me in coming up with a professional yet witty subject line so alas, Testimonial was all I could conjure up.  Though if we want to Nancy Drew-ify it we can call this letter The Testimonial of Time or something to that affect.

This, ironically, is pretty relevant to my own experience with Nancy Drew and your games as a whole.  The first Nancy Drew game I ever played was Treasure in the Royal Tower.  My family has always owned Macs but for about seven months my brother had a Dell computer for Christmas.  In turn I got the Nancy Drew game and promptly overtook my brother’s laptop to play the game.  I had played edutainment games before but Nancy Drew made me both excited and afraid at the same time.  This curious mixture not only brought me into the game but also my brother.  I was too scared to do certain parts of the game so I’d have my brother come over and solve portions for me.  I wasn’t going to die with Nancy Drew; I was seven years old I had places to be.

Unfortunately the Dell broke and my mother, who had always disliked Dell, was convinced they wouldn’t fix the computer and so that was the end of my life with a Dell and the Nancy Drew computer games.  However, I’ve always remembered the game fondly.  I could trace a lot of my gaming habits back to that game as well as a good bonding moment with my brother.  Not only that but girls at my elementary school also played Nancy Drew games so I had something to talk about at school (though I lied and said I played more games than I did because Nancy also taught me sometimes you have to lie to get information (I kid I kid!)).

It wasn’t until three years ago in my sophomore year of college that I learned a life changing event:  Nancy Drew had come to Mac computers.  I was ecstatic.  I live in a Co-Op so i quickly rushed to my 17 housemates to tell them the good news.  They were understandably perplexed but I assured them that this was big.  After an arduous two-hour download (our internet isn’t that great) I had downloaded The Captive Curse.  A few housemates and I sat down and went to work.  Despite the brains of four college students it still took us eight hours to complete the game on Master Sleuth.  It was incredibly fun.  Of course we didn’t beat it in one day and so soon we were scheduling time to get together to play Nancy Drew.  It was an incredibly bonding experience and by the time we finished The Captive Curse we knew we wanted to play more.

Now, I think I own all but two of the Mac Nancy Drew games and we still play them.  Newer housemates will play through the “older” ones.  It’s become a sort of ritual in our house where people play these games together and problem solve with one another.  Being able to work alongside someone and start to understand their thought process is amazing and in the context of a house, it has been a real benefit to us since we can see how the other person might approach a problem.

On a personal level I think Nancy Drew has also developed my way of problem solving.  Not solving puzzles, I’m only ever good at the visual/practical ones while anything with rows and columns remain one of the harder concepts for me to grasp, but solving social issues.  I think sometimes people underrate Nancy Drew’s interactions with characters and I think Nancy has been a kind of role model for me.  She’s direct but tactful: nosy yet respectful.  She’s curious as to why people are acting the way they are and tries to understand them just as much as she tries to understand the case.  Often these conveniently go hand in hand but they are there never the less.  Nancy’s ability to speak and empathize with characters while remaining objective makes her a powerful analyzer of human interactions.   This has definitely stuck with me throughout the years as I’ve become a Communications major who studies just that.

I’m beginning to ramble now so I’ll close this letter but I do want to thank you all at Her Interactive and Nancy Drew for being an unknown staple in my social and educational life!  Best wishes to you all and I cannot wait for your next game!


Jaci O

Dear Her Interactive,

I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know that I think it’s really cool that you are gearing a series of games toward younger kids and coding. There’s been a big push toward getting younger kids interested in Computer Science (and Cyber Security!!! Super important!) and I think it’s great that you all are on board with that and helping the cause.
I come to computer science in sort of a meandering way, so these kind of things really make me smile. My first bachelor’s degree is in education — but when I picked it, I was never really all that into it. I ended up going back to get another (dual) bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Computer Security because programming and security are really cool … and that’s where all the jobs are at!

I think if I had been introduced to the field as a young student, I would have taken to it and majored in it my first time at college instead. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I’d graduated that my friends prodded me into trying coding. I loved it. It was like a weird moment of knowing exactly what I wanted to do with my life after spending the last 4 years feeling unsure about my career path.
This is actually true of a bizarrely large number of people I know. When I chose to go back to school, I thought I’d be the only one. Then I ran into a former high school classmate of mine who was also back to get his second degree in CS. Then, another girl I did summer courses with got in contact with me telling me she was getting into programming after getting her degree in Russian/International Studies. The cool thing is that we’re all doing different things within the CS field, but we all ended up in that direction under very similar circumstances. There are many others who found programming similarly … accidentally, and after college.
This isn’t a case of people giving up on their dreams, because we’ve all discovered that we just … like technology better than the things we were attempting to do before. Anyway, just wanted to say good on you guys!
Lindsay K.

Dear Her Interactive,

I want to send an email of gratitude for the work that you do and the great games that you make. They were a fantastic part of my sister’s and my childhood (and we still play them today in our 20s!). I would love to explain the role that your games have played in my life.

My sister was given Message in a Haunted Mansion when she was five. After that, Nancy Drew became a part of our household. We had to play every single game together, and the time huddled over the computer solving mysteries was one of our greatest bonds. Now she’s married and has a kid, and we still text each other – “Check out Thornton Hall, it’s really good. You have to play it!” or “You have to play Sea of Darkness. It’s one of the best!”.

But that is not the biggest effect the Nancy Drew games have had. One of the greatest things that these games do is open up a doorway to other cultures and places. The best parts of the games, to me, are the opportunities to explore information beyond what is normally available – such as alchemy, mythology, or nautical slang! As a kid, this had a profound effect on what I wanted from life, namely to explore other cultures and countries and to never stop learning about things like carousels and the history of stage magic.

Well, I’m here to report that I didn’t! I have spent my twenties traveling the world, including Scotland, France, England, Italy, and Germany, which were first experienced through your games. (A trip to Iceland is currently in the works as well.) Every single one of these trips was spent exploring and loving the culture and the detail, and I think a hunger for those cultural experiences was first developed in Nancy Drew’s world.

I really have to add this one instance. My friend and I arrived in Florence, Italy in the early morning hours before anything was open. As we walked the maze of tight, dark streets with not a person in sight, I told her about the Nancy Drew games and how, at that moment, it really felt like we were sneaking around looking for clues in a foreign city!

Anyway, I am here to point a finger at Her Interactive and say that you develop an insatiable curiosity in people that leads them to a life of exploration and learning and a love of adventure! Don’t stop doing the great work that you do. Your games have been a big part of many people’s childhood (and beyond).

Thank you so very much for giving that first taste for adventure, that longing to see foreign places, and that curiosity that doesn’t grow up.


Kayla P.

Dear Her Interactive,

For starters I want to say how much I love the Nancy Drew games! I honestly could sit and play them all day. I’m 23 years old, a mother of two, who is constantly on the go. I have very little “free time”, but what I am getting at is that I play Nancy Drew games on my “free time”. I enjoy the aspect of getting to sit down and relax and playing a game that makes me think. I love the puzzles, and having to find the clues by myself (and the hint button, haha. Trust me, that one’s a life saver).

I love the fact that these games are centered around actually making your players use their head, and in most of the games they actually teach you useful things. Like for instance r,oman numerals, I seriously never learned roman numerals in school. I can honestly say that Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake taught me roman numerals. I could sit and name game after game that has taught me life skills I actually need and could possibly use in day to day life. I feel like these games also make you “think” more in day to day life. You look into things more, and notice things that a lot of people don’t. Call me crazy, but I really enjoy my Nancy Drew time!

I want to also congratulate you on making these games! These games are also user friendly for all ages. No cursing, swearing, no brutality (like blood), all the clothes are modest, and I feel like this is important. Most young girls don’t have modest, friendly social media or games these days.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this! It means a lot! I’m so excited to get to play Midnight in Salem!


Kirsten D

Hi Her Interactive,

I grew up with the Nancy Drew franchise and I just wanted to thank you guys for creating well-made games encouraging girls to take an interest in solving puzzles and think critically. So many products aimed at girls focus on styling, shopping, etc. and it is refreshing to see a company focused on changing that image. Currently, I’m at university studying mechanical engineering and have faced some challenges being one of the only women in my course; 95% of my course are men. These types of games, and this effort to make a change especially, may encourage an increase to the 5% !

Thank you for this and for being a big part of my childhood!

Elisabeth L.

Dear lovely folks of Her Interactive,

For the past 7 years my sister and I have been such fans of your incredible works of art, the Nancy Drew game series. We are now 18 and 22 and are still such huge fans. In fact, the past four days we have finished at least one a day, sometimes even two! It’s gotten to the point where we replay them because we are beating them faster than they come out! So I would just like to take this time to thank you for taking the time to make the outstanding masterpieces which are Nancy Drew computer games. Nothing beats starting a new case and getting to be your own super sleuth. From Secrets Can Kill to Sea Of Darkness, each is their own work of art. Nancy games are so entertaining and my life wouldn’t be nearly as fun as it is without them. In fact, for the past four nights my sister and I wait for our other sisters to go to bed and have parties we call “Nance Parties” where we stay up late, sometimes till 4 am just to work on our sleuthing skills and to find the latest evil culprit.

We want to thank you so so much for all your hard work. It most definitely pays off. Neither one of us can put into words the excitement we get when we see the latest trailer for the newest case after finally closing it. Especially Midnight in Salem. We cannot wait! Thank you so much for bringing such creative works of art to life.

Love your biggest fans and most skillful sleuths,

Brianna (and my sister Taylor)

Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Ciara, I’m 22 years old and live in North Carolina. I wanted to send you all a message to share some joy! My entire life I’ve wanted to become a detective! Because I grew up with Nancy Drew, CSI, and all kinds of crime novels. After lots of money struggles and confidence counseling, I’ve applied at college for my training. 🙂

Nancy Drew has always inspired me to think outside the box and inspired a love of science in my life. Thank you all for your hard work and planting the seed that women can become something to make a difference.

-Ciara D.R.

Dear Her Interactive,

I would just like to send a sincere thank you to your company for producing the games that have become an essential component of my childhood and adolescence.  As I prepare to graduate high school in a few weeks, I have spent a lot of time reminiscing on the days I am leaving behind, and I have realized the huge role that your games have played in the past 10 years of my life.  I received my first game, Curse of Blackmoor Manor, as a Christmas gift when I was seven or eight years old.  Since then, I have played almost all of your games (most of them multiple times).  Not only have your games provided me with countless hours of intriguing sleuthing fun, but they have also become synonymous with my childhood in my mind.

Some of my sweetest memories are of the sleepless summer nights when my cousins and I played Nancy Drew into the wee hours of the morning.  Now, almost a decade later, we still have inside jokes about our nights as Nancy.  I know that your games brought me more than just a good time with a lot of laughs.  I know that my hours spent as Nancy helped to enhance my critical thinking skills and my knowledge of a wide array of subjects, all while having fun.

I am so thankful for the fun and the adventures that your company brought to me through a computer screen, and I ask that you will continue to bring this unique enjoyment to girls across the world for years to come.

Thank you,

Sarah B.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was in the third grade when my dad brought me home my first ND game. It was of course Secrets Can Kill in the clear case and the sleeve cover on it. That was way back in 2000-2001. I was 9 then. I am now 24, almost 25, now and still playing your games religiously. Your games have taught me to be more open minded and aware of my surroundings. It has come in handy many, many times as well as being able to remember people’s faces better than I used to. Nancy Drew has helped me with these things as well as pass the time on a rainy day or when I’m just plain bored and need a pick me up.

My grandfather was the one who originally got me into detective movies and books at a very young age. I mean, hey, my first movie was the Great Mouse Detective, and gave me my mom’s old ND books to learn to read with. Your games got my brother to stop bugging the daylights out of me and would just sit and watch me play or join in playing. I own every Nancy Drew game that has come out since SCK and always TRY to wait patiently for the next one.

I remember very well the two pack games from Walmart, FINALLY being able to order your games from online, being able to play the short mini games you made for us to play to pass the time until the next game, and have so many found memories your games helped me create. I wouldn’t be as sharp minded or attentive to detail as I am without y’all. I am very excited for ND #33. You have been a big part of my life and will continue to be part of it. One day when I have kids they will get to play all of the “original” ND games just as I did. So I would like to thank you all for all your hard work on the games as well as the updates on the latest games. Too bad I am not going into game design, I would love have loved the opportunity to meet you all or maybe have had a chance to work with you on my favorite game series. So once again thank you all and keep up the good work.

A very loyal fan,

Kristine E.

Dear HeR Interactive,

Ever since I was a little girl and got my first Nancy Drew game as a Christmas present, I have been thoroughly obsessed with mysteries. I’ve played almost every single Nancy Drew game and I own and have read every Nancy Drew book. Although a little irritating sometimes, Nancy Drew has brought something to my life that I believe has genuinely made it better. Nancy Drew is more than a game to me and to a lot of people. I have learned so many things from these games and I couldn’t imagine my life without having played these games. They have made me more compassionate, observant, and to appreciate myself and those around me more.

The Customer Service from HER Interactive is incredible and I know that you guys go out of your way to make everyone feel like they aren’t talking to just some company but to an actual person. I love that you guys include fans in everything that you do and it means a lot of me and I’m sure to everyone else.

My favorite game so far would have to be The Silent Spy. I love that Nancy’s mom was introduced like she was and it’s some truly unique to HeR Interactive because as we all know; Nancy Drew is redone A LOT. The Silent Spy showed a different side to all of the characters in the series and that made is different than all of the other games in the series, in my opinion at least. I will say though, Nancy’s friends (Bess, George, The Hardy Boys, Ned) are probably some of my favorite characters and I would like to see more of them throughout the series and have them have a more involved role, kind of like in Alibi in Ashes. They remind me a lot of my own friends because they’re always looking out for each other and only want what’s best for everyone.

Sawyer M.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I’m not sure if anyone will read this but I figured I’d give it a try. My dad found a 4 pack of Nancy Drew games when I was 7 years old. He worked a lot when I was little and thought they would cheer me up. We started to play the games together at least once a week, no matter what time he came home we would play a game. I still remember finishing our 1st game, Message in a Haunted Mansion, and how many times we got killed under that chandelier near the end.

Well, I’m 19 now and have been playing your games with my dad for over 10 years. We have loads of jokes and stories we reminisce on from your games. Like how he still laughed every time I jump while playing Shadow at the Water’s Edge or Ghost of Thornton Hall. And how The White Wolf of Icicle Creek is the haunted game because it took us nearly 10 years to complete it because every time we would get into the game, at some point our computer would break or our progress would be erased.

Waiting for midnight in Salem, we have been going back and replaying our favourite games – and yes that includes the cursed White Wolf. I’m an only child, so growing up my dad was my best friend. You have given me 12 years of bonding with my dad and for that I am eternally grateful.

I apologize for how long this is but I wanted to take my time to say thank you for all that you have done for my family without even knowing it.

Sincerely: the father daughter sleuth team.

-Keira L.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I cannot fully explain how much of your games have truly changed my life. It’s not just in the actual gameplay, it’s because of everything that comes along with it. The smooth graphics, the compelling dialogs, the collectables, the accessibility and not the mention the affordable pricing. Everything is absolutely perfect when it comes to these series. I can tell massive amounts of energy and effort has been put into creating such a obsessive work of art. As a childhood fan, these games had always brought me closer to my family (and still do). I remember the first time I had stumbled upon one of the Nancy Drew games…it was actually in a public library. My parents would take my sisters and I to the library and we would always sprint towards the video game section to see if there were any new computer games to play. A couple of times we stumbled upon the Nancy Drew series and at that time, classic CD’s had been the jewel. You cannot imagine the excitement we had as we furiously brought the game home. Even now, we still continue to be lured into this passion. In the future, I hope to collect all of the interactive disks in my own library for generations to come. Thank you for making this journey a magical experience.

Your loving fan

Qiathra N.

Dear HeR,

Let me just start by saying, I should have written this letter a long time ago. I’ve had it on my mind for a while, but with recent events it pushed me a little further. I am a 27-year-old mother of 2 children; a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old. I started playing Nancy Drew games at around the age of 10, when my grandmother bought me my first game, “Message in a Haunted Mansion.” I used to stay with my grandmother every weekend growing up and we made it a hobby of ours to play Nancy Drew games together. Over time, we bought every single Nancy Drew game and made it our mission to play them all together. Even as I got older, she would still buy me every game that came out, and I am proud to say that this 27-year-old is still playing your games and I proudly own every one.

A few months ago, my grandmother passed away from cancer. I lost a best friend. As I’m sure you know, it has a been a while since your latest game came out, and as I am patiently awaiting its release, I am currently finding myself replaying old games. Just the other day, while my youngest was napping, my 4-year-old came to find out what I was doing. I sat her on my lap and showed her what Nancy Drew was all about. She reminded me of the first time I started these games. She now comes running every time I put a game in and loves to watch. I can’t wait until she’s bigger and I can share the same memories with my daughter that my grandmother gave to me.

So basically, HeR I am writing this letter to say thank you. These are so much more than games to me. They are memories. Precious, precious memories. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you. I truly hope you never stop making these games because I can promise you; I will never stop buying them. You will never know the love I truly have in my heart for Nancy Drew, and the greatest of all that you have given me: the simple fact that I can pop in any Nancy Drew game and I can feel my grandmother right there playing alongside me. Thanks again, HeR. For the heartwarming memories, for the time spent with family, and the funnest adventures spent right here from home.

P.S. Just wanted to let you know my favorite game so far is Treasure in the Royal Tower 😉

All my love,

Casey V.

To everyone who made the Nancy Drew games possible,

My first game was White Wolf of Icicle Creek, but the first time I came to know Nancy Drew was about five or six years ago.

I was very sick to the point I couldn’t even walk a few feet to the bathroom. There was a nebulizer next to my bed in our living room that I had to use every hour, my hair was falling out (it still hasn’t completely grown back), and I was told that due to my heart and lung problems, I would never play tennis again (if not for this I would be playing professionally by now).

One day, my mom came home from the library with a few things including the book “Secret of the Old Clock”, and the Nancy Drew movie. She told me that she loved Nancy Drew as a girl and that she hoped my sisters and I would love it, too, and we did. Some time later, she bought us White Wolf at a book sale, and we loved it more so than the books. We even wrote a rap about it.

Now we have all the games except STFD, Captive Curse, Lost Queen, Thornton Hall, Silent Spy, Shattered Medallion, Labyrinth, Sea of Darkness, and, of course, MID. I’ve enjoyed playing them all and I’d like to think they’ve helped make me better.

I can now walk, run, dance, sing, or anything (my tennis is a bit rusty though). Playing isn’t what healed me, of course, but it did make me smile in a time when I was fighting pneumonia as well as severe gluten, nightshade, and ipratropium bromide allergies.

So, I thank you, HeR Interactive and Nancy Drew. In a way, you helped solve the case of my “Mystery Illness”. There were doctors and nurses and my family, but Nancy Drew helped me directly, and if you want to so much as read my Nancy Drew Fan origins, I would feel honored.

A girl who isn’t afraid of a mouse,

Hannah A.

Dear HeR Interactive,

Growing up, my sister and I played Nancy Drew games every day in the summer. We finished every one of them five times over and when a new one came out we were counting down the days until it was released. Now she’s in college and I’m in high school, but the effect is lasting; I plan on majoring in Computer Science because your games sparked my interest in computers. As a little girl, I dreamed of working at Her Interactive, and because of this I decided to take courses in Computer Science in high school. I found out I absolutely love programming, I was at the top of my class and took AP Computer Science at 15 years old, but I owe a debt to HeR Interactive for inspiring me to even take these courses. Nancy Drew games were my favorite thing in the world, and are still a part of my life. Thanks for helping me find my path.

-Constance D.

Dear HeR Interactive,

First, I sincerely thank you for producing such wonderful games!! I have played Nancy Drew games since I was 10 years old; I’m now 25 and play them with my husband. We love the story lines, characters, puzzles, exploring all of the great locations, seeing the game in a first hand view/point and click, and of course the mystery itself! I can’t tell you how many times I have been in a real-life situation and used something I learned from these games (from throwing valuables away from yourself while getting robbed – the ending on Haunted Carousel, to scoring higher on the science section of the ACT – insect puzzle at Camp Quigley on Creature of Kapu, to decoding a note written in Morse Code – the lighthouse on Deception Island.) These games have not only brought a lot of joy/stress relief/fun into my life, but also useful information and education on a variety of subjects including history, math, science, engineering, and critical thinking skills. You guys are the original STEM! (You could also market your older games as STEM education games to gain speed on your new STEM related projects – my degree is in Social Work, and I have developed STREAM after-school programs for at-risk children.)

I have purchased all of the games throughout the years either by CD or download and played them all numerous times. A few of the downloads were on an older computer that is no longer working, and some of the CDs are too scratched up to reinstall on my new computer. But one day I hope to have a full collection again! As far as new games go, I would love to see them more in the style of the earlier games. My favorites are Danger on Deception Island, Danger by Design, Creature of Kapu Cave, Stay Tuned for Danger, Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, Secret of the Scarlet Hand, The Final Scene, The Haunted Carousel, and The Secret of Shadow Ranch, Curse of Blackmoor Manor. The story lines, characters, locations, and puzzles in those particular games are so captivating. They made you feel like you were really there, and all of the characters were so memorable. Everything just tied together perfectly.

Lastly, the reason I wanted to send this to you is because I follow you guys on Facebook and Twitter- I know there is a lot of negativity stirring around from other fans who are growing impatient waiting for Midnight in Salem. I have no idea if any of the rumors circulating on there by other people are true, but I wanted to send a little encouragement and positivity your way. Your work is greatly appreciated and impacts people from all stages of life! I think it is great that you are keeping your social media accounts active with contests and older game content. I can understand how hard it is to keep social media pages active especially when there is not much NEW content that you are able to share. My husband and I are now filmmakers/photographers and have to keep our social media pages active as well. But I can’t imagine having to keep our pages active while constantly receiving negative comments on every post. Even after you have posted a few letters to the fans, it seems they are still not satisfied. I think there are a few ways to boost the morale back up and regain the trust of your social media followers. I know you can’t share a lot of updates with the game specifically, but if you posted a couple of behind the scenes photos or videos a few times per month, I think it would really help the negativity to cease. For example, “here is ___ one of our designers, can’t wait for you guys to see her great work in Midnight in Salem!” or “here is __’s workspace, currently working on scripts for our new game” or “here are our character sketches we released a while ago for Midnight in Salem, who is excited about this game coming soon?” I know you keep telling everyone you are working on it and there are no updates you can share, but I think a lot of people feel ignored when you don’t mention the new game whatsoever like it doesn’t exist- especially when almost all of the comments on Facebook are related to Midnight in Salem instead of the actual content you posted about. In my professional opinion as someone who regularly has to manage social media pages, if you just mentioned the new game in any way or showed some behind the scenes of your office life, your social media pages would drastically improve. It wouldn’t have to be a big deal like your other official letters to the fans, just some small posts incorporated periodically among your contests and older game content.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, and best wishes to your team on your future projects.

a loyal fan,

Ashley C.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I just wanted to say thank you for the years of games you have created. I remember when I was 9 years old and picked up The Haunted Carousel (my first ND game) and fell in love right away, while also being terrified!

I’m 20 years old now and I still revisit Nancy Drew games all the time, and often find myself solving real life problems with skills I learned in the games! I cannot wait to see Midnight in Salem, even if it’s still a while to go! Your games provided me an escape when I needed it most growing up, and helped me feel clever even when I was struggling in school.

This message is quite the jumbled mess, but I have been wanting to reach out to you guys for a long time, and seeing the Midnight in Salem post today just reminded me how much your games helped shape me into who I am today, even if I spent half of my time just making treats for Loulou! I can’t wait to introduce Nancy to my little ones when I do eventually have kids. <3

Emily I.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I just wanted to share with you guys how inspiring you’ve been to me through all these years and how much I’ve learned from playing your games!
The very first Nancy Drew game I ever played was Trail of the Twister, which a friend let me borrow. I was only seven years old so as you can imagine it was really hard to solve all the puzzles! My parents had to help me at times. The first actual game I owned was Labyrinth of Lies, which holds a dear place in my heart as my favorite. The characters, the atmosphere, everything just feels so real to me. When I first saw it on the shelves, I thought, I just have to have it! Thanks to you guys I know SO many random facts about Greek mythology and culture (as well as Icelandic language and so many other things!) My friends and family often saying “How on earth do you know that?” I simply reply with, “I learned it from Nancy Drew!”

I’m fourteen now and own a very, VERY small collection of Nancy Drew games and books (including the Hardy Boys)! It may not be as much as other people, but it’s my collection and is special to me. From an early age I’ve been an aspiring artist who doodles on homework papers and find any time I can to draw and sketch. I’ve recently gotten into digital art and wanted to share with you guys   a recent piece I did, featuring the cast of Labyrinth of Lies! As you can tell I’m most certainly NOT skilled at sketching humans, so instead I do animals, sometimes cartoonish, sometimes realistic. Anyways, I just wanted to say how much y’all mean to me! I wouldn’t be who I am today without Her Interactive!

-Your dearest fan, Gracie!

Dear HeR Interactive,

I have been playing Nancy Drew games with my father since (almost) the day the games came out on PC. He bought them starting at the first one, Secrets Can Kill and played them with little me by his side. Together we have collected all but three Nancy Drew games (Secret of the Scarlet Hand and Sea of Darkness and now the newest, Midnight In Salem). My childhood was filled with days and nights of my father and I trying to see who can solve the puzzles, find the clues, and figure out who had done the thing before the other. He was always done first, somehow. We had notebooks and notebooks filled with clues and notes and answers to puzzles. We even used to write on the paper CD slips the dics came in when we needed to jot down a quick note. It was almost as if we were detectives.

Nancy Drew was my childhood and where my father and I bonded, especially in my early childhood. Nancy Drew helped to bring out the curious person I am today, always up for adventure. And now, being moved away from my father, I keep our Nancy Drew collection close and hold it dear because I can no longer play the older games on my newer computer (but I hope to one day, especially the Scarlet Hand because we never had a chance to find nor play it). Anyway, I was unpacking my things and started putting my ND games on display and thought of emailing my memories to you all. I love Nancy Drew and hope many more games are to come.

Thank you to anyone who may take the time to read this sappy and long email, have a wonderful day!

Dear HeR Interactive:

As we quickly approach the long-awaited release of Nancy Drew: Midnight In Salem later this year, I have gotten quite nostalgic about my personal history with your Nancy Drew series of games. My older sister and I have been playing since very early on (I distinctly remember owning a four-pack with Secrets Can Kill, Stay Tuned for Danger, Treasure in the Royal Tower, and The Final Scene). We would work together to figure out the puzzles, keep extensive notes for anything and everything we thought was important, and eagerly await the release of each new game in the series. We couldn’t solve every case (I’m currently in the process of finishing the ones that were too tricky for us back in the day), but we did end up playing every single main-series title. We still play Nancy Drew games together even now that we’re both adults (as long as we both have the time)! In short, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping to shape the childhood of my sister and I. We’re both chomping at the bit to play Midnight in Salem, so please keep up the good work!

Massive Nancy Drew Fan

Dear, HeR Interactive,

My name is Angeline, and I have been playing your Nancy Drew games since I was 8!  I just turned 20 a week ago, and even in my old old age, I still play a Nancy drew game whenever I get the chance! However, unfortunately, a couple of years ago, I stopped keeping up with the games as they released, and stuck to playing the same handful over and over again. But, a couple of months ago I hopped back on the bandwagon and bought a whole bunch and played them ALL through in a couple of days! I couldn’t be stopped! It has been amazing to watch the games get better and better as the years go on and I was so thankful and excited to find out that nothing had stopped you guys from producing games!

Really, this email is just to let you guys know how much I really appreciate this company and the work you put in to keep my, and so many others’ childhoods alive. While both keeping the nostalgic aspects, AND introducing new and modern elements at the same time!

Thank you so much for making the last 12 years of my life sleuthy! I cannot wait for 12+ more!

Thanks again,

Angeline L.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I just wanted to say that I love your Nancy Drew games and thank you for your continued dedication to making them. I loved Nancy Drew books growing up and these games naturally became a staple of my childhood. I’ve spent countless hours looking for clues, talking to characters instead of moving forward, muting the sound because the music scared me too much, and calling my sister to help me on especially difficult puzzles! I’m in my 20s now and playing one of these games brings me as much joy as when I was younger.

Thank you for all your hard work!

Lauren M.

Dear HeR Interactive,

My name is Caitlin. I have been playing Nancy Drew games since I was 14, I am now in college and I am still playing them! Since I have been playing them so long, I guess I should share my story. I knew who Nancy Drew was, but I never read any or owned any of the books growing up. My childhood friend Kristie loved to read them, she had a yellow hard back in nearly every room of her house, ahead in one book, behind in another. I thought that Nancy Drew was too girly or too old fashioned.

Fast forward a few years, it was a hot summer’s day. My friend Mika was talking about how she was playing a mystery game. Of course, being a fan of Sherlock Holmes and what not I was interested. She said it was a Nancy Drew game, I said I would give it a shot. We played “Message in a Haunted Manson” (back when it was a recent game!) and I ended up liking it! I asked my mom for it for Christmas, she was hesitant on buying me it thinking I might not like it (too scary for me) that and computer games were a boys thing. So the next Christmas I got a double pack (tri-pack?) Secrets can Kill (the original), Stay Tuned for Danger, and Treasure in a Royal Tower, (why it didn’t include Message in a Haunted Manson I will never know), and played them. I loved them, and solved them all myself. Finally, a game for me that wasn’t Barbie or Need for Speed.

The following years I collected them, relatives giving them as gifts, or me buying them for myself. None of my friends played the games, nor heard of them. I was talking to one of my guy friends in high school about the games, and he loves to play the games. I was a bit surprised, thinking it was games for girls. He owns all of them, and loves playing them, his favorite is either Danger on Deception Island, or Secret of the Old Clock (which he let me borrow!)

Fast forward to now, I still play the games, and enjoy them, I thought I was a random-fact-opedia before the games, but I am now even more! Some of my favorite games are Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, The Final Scene, and Shadow at the Water’s Edge. I love learning new things, and travel – which is why decided to study geography and history in college. My absolute favorite game is Shadow at the Water’s Edge. When the game first came out, I was taking a history class on Japan and we studied a lot of things that were in the game, that and it was fun to use my dictionary to solve puzzles or translate things! Keep up the good work! and I can’t wait for Midnight in Salem.



Dear HeR Interactive,

I am a 26-year-old male (soon to be 27) and I absolutely love Nancy Drew games. I have had a sincere passion for Nancy Drew games since I was young (8-10). In 2016, I was still in the Marine Corps and I was deploying to the Middle East for 8 months. We didn’t have access to internet or much electronics because we lived in tents in the desert. All we had was what we brought ourselves. I told my wife I wanted to buy several Nancy Drew games for my laptop for when we were not out doing anything. Without my knowledge, my wife emailed you all and you sent several games FREE OF CHARGE. I legitimately played Nancy Drew during my free time on deployment. It took me away from the situation of missing my home and family. It distracted me for the time while I was gone. I have recently got my son (9yrs old) in to playing Nancy Drew and he begs me to play with him all the time. You all as a company are amazing. The Nancy Drew game is amazing. And I truly appreciate you and your product. Thank you for all you do.

Lance S.

Dear HeR Interactive,

Just have to share that I am 82 and as a girl read all the Nancy Drew books and have played all the games many times. These games are not just for the young. I have so many wonderful memories of reading the books and playing the games. I can hardly wait for Midnight in Salem!

Sandra P.

Hello to the folks at HER,

I just wanted to say thanks! My sister and I grew up on these games and, weird as it may sound, some of my fondest memories with her are helping each other solve these mysteries, with her doing the clicking and me taking diligent notes. We still have a bunch of these notes we found while moving! It was fun to be reminded how much we were invested in Nancy and her adventures. We are both stoked that a new one is coming out! Can’t wait to play it:)



Dear Her Interactive,

I might be your oldest fan playing ND Games! I am 50 years old now, but I have been playing your wonderful Nancy Drew games since 1998. That was when I was 30 years old!! My first game was Secrets Can Kill. I got it as a Christmas gift. It was also that same year my grandmother had died a week after my birthday. So playing the game was a way to cheer me up.

My next game was Message in a Haunted Mansion and it was a struggle to finish that one but then I found out that you also have a guide book. I was thankful!  It became my favorite game. But many games later, when The Ghost of Thornton Hall came out, it suddenly became my favorite that tops the list. I am currently trying to finish up the others before I actually buy Midnight in Salem. By the way, we live 30 minutes away from Salem! So I look forward to getting that next. Also, I was thrilled that you have the subtitles because I am deaf and I love your games so it helped me understand what they are saying, so Thank you for that.

Thanks for continuing the game series.

All the best,

Susan S.

Dear HeR Interactive,

This is a (very) late thank you email. I have loved your games since I was in middle school, always looking forward to the next release. During Hurricane Harvey my house flooded, ruining many possessions, including my (at the time) complete set of Nancy Drew mystery games. After the immediate shock wore off, I looked towards replacing my collection (I was in desperate need of distraction), but realized it would cost close to $500 (I may be remembering that wrong, but it was still a significant chunk of change). I wrote to see if there was some kind of bulk deal that might lower the cost, or even a minor hardship discount. Instead, I received a code which discounted my entire basket to zero. It was an amazing and memorable act of kindness in an extremely stressful time. I meant to write my thanks sooner, but life got in the way, and I only just remembered that I never did write a thank you note! What I have been trying to say, in as long winded a manor as possible, is that I am extremely grateful. I have always been a fan of your products, and this was one more reason to continue supporting you. I look forward to the release of Midnight in Salem.

Thank you again,

Elizabeth C.

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