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Dear Her Interactive,

I’ve always loved computer games, but the Nancy Drew series has turned out to be my favorite one! I remember discovering them on a particularly mundane day, when I went to the store with my mom and found the first Nancy Drew Double Dare sitting on the shelf. I had always loved the books and had been reading them by myself since the first grade, occasionally asking mom or dad what a “will” was or how defense attorneys worked. But when I saw that 2-in-1 pack containing Stay Tuned for Danger and Secrets Can Kill, I fell in love with the series in a whole new way. I begged my mom to buy it, and thankfully she did even though the “For sleuths ages 10 and up” description made me think she would say no because I was eight. But for the next few weeks I was sucked in, making my way through a maze of high school hallways by day, and exploring a creepy TV studio by night, wondering what might jump out at me, or hit Nancy over the head like in the stories.

About a month later I finished both the games on my own and went out in search of another Her Interactive sleuthing escapade. It was then that I discovered Message in a Haunted Mansion and after finishing that one, found myself wanting more and more.

A little while later, after I finished The Final Scene, I became known as “Scoop” around school due to my constant raving about the games and one of the character’s nicknames in particular. Kids began to ask me to help them solve some of the “mysteries” on campus, such as: “Why are the snack shop prices going up?” “What happened to the teacher’s pencil?” and the infamous “Who spray-painted their name on the fifth grade ball wall?” (Needless to say, I found the culprit). I was everyone’s hired detective only, like Nancy, I would never charge a fee. She was (and is) my favorite role model and has taught me to keep plugging away, even when the going gets rough.

As I sit here typing this on my 19th birthday, I look back at all my happy memories of my childhood, many made possible, only by Nancy Drew. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Her Interactive for making these wonderfully entertaining, and educational games. Who knows, maybe that suspiciously shaped package on the mantle is a new addition to my collection? (I’m only missing one!!!)

Thank you, from a very happy birthday girl,

-Melanie H. aka “Scoop” 😉

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was about 7 years old, I read my first Nancy Drew Book and the first in the series – The Secret of the Old Clock. I vividly remember racing through the pages and feeling my heart fluttering at all the suspenseful parts! By the time I’d closed the cover, I’d fallen for Nancy Drew hook, line, and sinker.

As time went on, I read and purchased as many books as I could get my hands on (as long as I hadn’t already spent my allowance). One book I bought when I was about 9, though one which I cannot remember the title of, had an advertisement on the back for Her Interactive’s The Secret of the Old Clock. My interest was piqued, and my mom was enthusiastic about the idea. However, there was nowhere around that sold these seemingly elusive games, and so I begrudgingly forgot about it. Then, later at school I received a book order that contained some Nancy Drew games – The Secret of the Old Clock, Danger by Design, and The Creature of Kapu Cave! But much to my chagrin, I didn’t have enough money, and mom and dad could only give me some by the time it was too late to place my order. So I begrudgingly forgot about it again, thinking I would have to live without them.

I swear it was meant to be though, for a few months later I walked into the grocery store with my mom. Quite a common-place occurrence, but I could almost hear a choir behind me as I skimmed through the electronics section and spotted a ‘Games 4 Girls’ bundle that included Danger on Deception Island! I practically jumped up and down in the middle of the store! Fortunately I had enough money, and so I grabbed and ran (and paid for it too)! I remember spending what felt like forever (when it was actually a few months) on this game; working hard to solve the mystery before any more injustice could occur! This wasn’t the first game I won, though. It was the second! In-between those months I managed to find another ‘Games 4 Girls’ bundle with The Haunted Carousel, and finished this one promptly.

I’m now 15, and down ’til this day I wait anxiously for every new game that comes out. I’ve accumulated all the current ND games and recently pre-ordered a game for the first time – Alibi in Ashes. I know that as I grow up and start taking on life, I’ll always remember and continue to enjoy these games. Thanks so much to Her Interactive! I hope you keep making ND games forever!

With Much Love,

Melissa W., from Ontario, Canada

Dear Her Interactive,

I can’t even remember when I started reading Nancy Drew books, but every time I went to the library, that was the only book I would get. I ended up reading every Nancy Drew book our library had within a couple of weeks.

I was 10 years old when I came home from a friend’s house one day and my parents had the best gift ever waiting for me. I sat at the computer and my dad handed me a copy of Nancy Drew: The Final Scene. I was ecstatic and I couldn’t stop playing! A couple of months later, at Christmas, my cousin gave me Treasure in the Royal Tower. I actually did not know there was an entire series of Nancy Drew games. Eventually I started getting them from my parents one by one, until I caught up. I have been completely addicted ever since.

I am 21 years old now and I own every single copy of the Nancy Drew computer games and I’ve beaten them all multiple times. I’m working on recollecting all of the games that come before Secret of the Old Clock. These Nancy Drew games have been amazing to my life. Sometimes parents will tell you that video games won’t teach you anything, but I have learned so much from Nancy Drew. It’s not just a game built to provide fun, there’s real knowledge in the games. Every time a new game comes out, a rush of excitement spills over me. I know for a fact that I will never outgrow these games.

I am so thankful to Her Interactive for creating something so magical and amazing to me. Thank you so much!!


Jacqui G.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hi, I’m one of your huge ND fans, and my name is Corey Milligan.

I’ve been playing your games for 11 years now ever since I was 9 years old. I myself am deaf, so I really appreciate the captioning feature, and the awesome game visuals. All of your games I have played more than two times and some of them were really TOUGH to solve! I also love that you are expanding your games for the Mac users. Your games have given me a lot of skills that I use in everyday life and that’s really wonderful for me.

I am passing down the boxed ND games that I have to my 13 year old cousin, and I know she’ll LOVE them.

Thanks for being such an awesome game company!

Corey M.

Dear Her Interactive,

I am a Navy Brat. I have moved 9 times in my life from memory, my family claims I have moved more than 10, and I have only lived in the united states for 3 years of my 16-year-old life. I have traveled to many places and lived in tons of countries. Each move has been tough and the only thing that makes each new move feel like home is my computer with my Nancy Drew games. The first game I ever played was Secret of the Old Clock when I was 12 and I have been addicted ever since!

Some of the games you have created take place in a country that I have either lived in or visited! I lived in Japan for 5 years so I was ecstatic to hear about your game Shadow at the Water’s Edge before it came out, everything in the game reminded me of my old home! You guys at the company do such a wonderful Job providing knowledge about foreign countries in your games and also providing everyday common knowledge! Thank you so much!

Unfortunately, two summers ago we had a house fire, my computer and my Nancy Drew games barely made it through and I lost my computer a week after. I can’t play my games anymore. But I have made so many memories with friends and family because of those games. Thank you Her Interactive!

A big fan,

Victoria A.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have loved detective stories ever since I was little. I have read every single Nancy Drew book, many of them several times. When I visited a friend in Washington about six years ago, she was playing The Haunted Carousel. I was instantly hooked!

Back home, I got the game and finished it. My friend and I have played through so many of them together, often quaking in fear as we traveled through a passageway for the first time, and have dozens of notebooks with clues from different games. Some of the games took us months to solve! I love how hard the games are; so many video games have cheap graphics and barely take two hours to complete. I also love the reality of the games; I learn so much by playing them! I especially loved Danger by Design because I was taking French and so didn’t need to use the in-game dictionary to translate!

I just recently transferred from a PC computer to a Mac, and was SO happy when I saw that the new games worked for Macs too!

Heather C.

Dear Her Interactive,

My mother used to tell me stories of her childhood where she would curl up with a Nancy Drew book and read for hours. As I was an avid reader myself as a child, she got me into reading several of the books, both the old yellow hardcovers and the newer paperbacks.

My real enthusiasm came, though, at Christmas when I was 9 years old and unwrapped Message in a Haunted Mansion among my Christmas presents. I was excited to have a new game, but wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it. Boy, was I wrong! My (twin) brother and I would play for hours on end, trying to unravel the mystery and discover the culprit. When we finished that game, we had the most amazing sense of accomplishment, and, more importantly, we were hooked!

We slowly played Secrets Can Kill and then Stay Tuned for Danger after that. We then started in on Treasure in the Royal Tower and played the games in order. As we played more games, we became more skilled at solving puzzles – and these games taught me so much about history. I’ve gained so much from these games and absolutely adore them.

Now that it’s 11 years later and I’m an adult, I pre-order every new game before it comes out and eagerly await its arrival. I have my favorite games, but I love them all and won’t stop buying from you in the future. You’ve gained a customer for life! I look forward to sharing these games with my children, and possibly grandchildren.

Thank you for all the wonderful games you create.

MaKenna D.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have liked Nancy Drew for a while now. Reading the whole series of Nancy Drew books and starting on the new series. But it was only a few years ago when I started playing Nancy Drew Games. I am 17 now so I was about 14. I was looking for Nancy Drew Games online and I came across the one from Her Interactive. I immediately bought it and was so excited when it finally arrived in the mail. I started playing it, when my younger brother, who was about 12 years old, walked into the room and he was immediately hooked also. The games are so suspenseful and intriguing, that we have played them hours at a time, forgetting the time.

We thoroughly enjoy Nancy Drew games and can’t wait when new ones are released! They definitely are a wonderful addition to the other Nancy Drew things to buy and also my favorite! Even though I am getting older I will never stop playing the Nancy Drew Games with my brother!

Bethany T., a huge fan!

Dear Her interactive,

My first two Nancy Drew game were Message in a Haunted Mansion and Treasure in the Royal Tower. They came from my grand-mother on a snowy Christmas day when I was 10. I had never heard of Nancy Drew in my life so I ask “What is this?” She replied, “She is a girl detective that solves mysteries and your aunt” (who was there at the time) “had the whole collection when she was little”. Right then I was intrigued and wanted to read a Nancy Drew book but my aunt had given all the books away. I was very disappointed but I opened another present and there were the first two books in the collection I jumped of joy and just wanted to read the books. Later that week I had finished the two books and was dying to start playing the games.

My dad came up from Florida to visit and asked me what I got for Christmas and I was jumping and screaming “Nancy Drew” and that’s where we started our ritual. We played the games, only the two of us, until my little brother was intrigued to what we were doing and started to help. Even to this day my dad, 47, my brother 13 and myself 16 still play Nancy Drew games and sometime when my dad doesn’t come for a couple or more months I get Nancy Drew withdraws but I still wait. Because of this it takes I long time to finish the games but I feel it makes us spend more time together when we are all together.

Nancy Drew helped me overlook my parents’ divorce and helped me to become myself again and somehow I feel she helped me grow to be the girl I am today. Nancy Drew helped me remember the periodic table for science and other subjects at school.

Thank you so much Her for the time I spend with my family and even when my younger brother always is the one to know exactly what to do to solve one of the unsolvable tasks.

Thank you so much we will never be able to repay you for all the family time you gave us.

Stephanie M.

Dear Her Interactive,

My sisters and I have been playing Nancy Drew games for years. We love the Nancy Drew games. We have played all the new ones and most of the old ones. Nancy Drew has been the most exciting game I have ever played. First you are playing something that you don’t know what is going to happen and you have no clue who the culprit is, but then near the end of the game the culprit puts Nancy in a situation leading to the end where they escaped and Nancy failed or you caught them and everybody congratulates her.

It is also a game you have to look for because most stores run out before you can get one, that’s how good of a game it is. I also like Nancy Drew because you don’t know what she looks like, but in almost all the games people make a comment saying how beautiful she is, and I don’t know about anybody else but most of the really pretty people I’ve met only care about their looks and not saving other people’s life or solving a mystery.

Nancy Drew keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what the next game is going to be about or if they are going to make more. I think I would have to say Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek #16 was my favorite, even though the rest of them are awesome.

Thank you for letting me share this with you and I am really glad you keep making the Nancy Drew games, otherwise I think I would be positively bored. I am 14 years old and they still keep me entertained.


Karen and sisters

Dare To Play!

Dear Her Interactive,

I’ve been playing the Nancy Drew games for almost as long as I can remember. Before the games, I had only heard of Nancy Drew from my mother, who used to read the books when she was a little girl. Curious, I started to read them too, but I’ll never forget that Christmas that my aunt and uncle sent me Stay Tuned for Danger as a gift when it first came out. Back then I wasn’t as adept at playing the games as I’ve come to be, so I would often get stuck on something for as long as months. I remember that there was one point in Message in the Haunted Mansion that I was too scared to go on because I was afraid something was going to jump out from behind the corner of the hallway near Nancy’s room, so I didn’t touch the game for a very long time. Eventually curiosity got the best of me and I finally asked my dad to stay there with me as I clicked to advance. Nothing terrifying happened, and we got a good laugh out of the whole experience. The games may have been really difficult for me to get through at that age, but my friends in grade school would often play the games with me and lend a hand in solving them.

As the years went on, the number of games on my shelf multiplied and I found out just how much I could learn by playing them. A story I often tell is how the information from Secret of the Scarlet Hand (specifically about the Maya ball game) helped me get a question right on a history quiz that almost no one else did. I’ve learned so many things from these games that I probably never would have without them, or at least I wouldn’t have remembered them as well as I do because of them. Of course the educational value of the games is important, but the deeper message I always got from them was how Nancy would never give up solving a case, no matter how impossible it seemed to get the facts straight. Nancy’s way of approaching her cases inspired me to put my heart in everything I do, from my studies to my hobbies like playing the piano. Her attitude was instilled in me because of these games and helped me become valedictorian of my high school and get into an amazing college. At that college, I continue to grow in new ways and I play the new games with friends who played them since they were young too. Although the games aren’t quite as hard as they were back when we were kids, we still feel like our brains are getting a good workout as we bond together and solve the mystery.

I am currently a college sophomore studying geophysical sciences and paleontology so I might also become a kind of detective like Nancy, a “bone detective” if you will. Sure, it’s a long and difficult road, but Nancy never let anything stand in her way of learning the truth, so why should I be any different? She’s given me the courage to look behind that dark corner for the answer, the determination to continue looking night and day until I find the facts. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll get to find a dinosaur egg that will remind me of all those silly Easter Eggs I’d find in the games and bring back the memories of the girl detective who got me there.

So thank you, Her Interactive, for making these games and please continue to make them for as long as possible. Nancy Drew has touched a lot of lives in a lot of different ways and your efforts are a huge part of continuing that legacy.

Thanks again,

Dawn M.

Dear Her Interactive,

Funny story: My aunt heard about the Nancy Drew PC Games Series 11 years ago and decided to get The Final Scene (MY ALL TIME FAVORITE GAME!) for my sister for Christmas. Well, my sister loaded the following day and started playing it, and then during game play she left to help my mom with the dishes in the kitchen so I decided to jump on the computer and start playing the game. I was hooked. I used to save all the lunch money I could get to buy the new games and they were always on my birthday/Christmas lists.

I now have a job and every time a new game comes out I pre-order it or purchase it at Target the day it comes out! So, you have changed my life, and I thank you all so much! Also, I fell in love with the Mayan Culture from Secret of the Scarlet Hand! So, it looks like you have a few male fans as well, so to the original slogan, “For girls who aren’t afraid of a mouse” I have challenged that! Keep up the amazing work!

Matthew O.

Dear Hannah, ooops, I mean Dear Her Interactive,

I am working right now, and I have been playing Nancy Drew since school. I still remember the first time I played the Nancy Drew series was The Haunted Carousel. I am a fan from abroad, so I don’t know much about Nancy Drew. I finished the game after a few days and I am addicted. I even used spatzi as my password.

After that, I also found the books. I try to find all the games from you. And finally now I already played all of the PC series including Hardy Boys. My favorite was Danger By Design. I loooove Paris so much! I can travel everywhere with Nancy Drew. I wish she would come to Indonesia haha..

My favorite mini games all the time is Scopa, haha.. I even didn’t uninstall the game although already finished it. Usually I also play the two modes; junior first and then senior mode.

Actually I get rather scared when it’s related to ghosts, yureis, monsters, and darkness. But I love your games and I learned a lot! We have fun & learn things from you. We can play over and over and over again 🙂
Thank you so much for introducing me to Nancy Drew and letting me have these adventures. What I love the most is the interactivity. It’s different from hidden object games.

Love, Natalia

Dear Her Interactive,

Heart pumping and not knowing what to do: Nancy Drew

This is the story of how I learned about Nancy Drew.

It all started on a Monday, a school day. I was really mad that we had a library day because I never knew what book to read. I always get frustrated looking for books that I never was going to read and enjoy. When I was done with enrichment class I got very annoyed. I WAS GOING TO THE LIBRARY!!! I really, really did not want to go, but I guess I HAD to.

When I got to library I didn’t know what to check out. It took me five minutes, then I stumbled to a shelf that I have never seen before. I was looking at the shelf and saw a book called: Password to Larkspur Lane. At first I was like “I’m so not going to check out this book”. So I turned around and left. But there was something about me that made me turn back and pull out the book from the shelf. I reached it and grabbed the book with my sweaty hands and looked at the introduction. I really loved how the introduction started out and so I read a couple of pages. Since the shelf was out of sight, my whole class left without me while I was reading Nancy Drew. So 5 minutes later the librarian was putting away books and while she was doing that she found me sitting on the floor reading and told me that my whole class left without me. At first she was angry but when she saw the book in my hand she started smiling. She asked me if I have ever read a Nancy Drew book and I told her that this was my first. She told me that when she was younger she would read and watch the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew and she said that they were great. We were chatting for a couple of minutes until I said I had to excuse myself. So I checked out my book and went back to class.

Later on that day while I was at home I told my mom and dad that had checked out a Nancy Drew book and they were surprised. They told me that when they were younger they would watch the Nancy Drew series and they loved it. They told me that my uncle had a whole collection of Nancy Drew books. I was quite intrigued. I spent 2 hours of my day reading the Nancy Drew book I got. When I was done my palms were sweating, my heart was pumping, sweat dripping down my forehead and I realized that I had just read my first Nancy Drew book. Nancy Drew: Password to Larkspur Lane was just amazing!! Reading what Nancy Drew had to go through was just so amazing!! When I had put my book back in my backpack I told my mom and dad all about the book!! They loved listening to me talk about what had happened!!! They were also very amazed!! At around 7:30 I went on our family laptop and went on Wild Tangent. I love going on there because they have the coolest and really fun games. When I first went on the home page I literally fell out of my chair with a mouth dropped, wide beady eyes, heart thinking about to explode and about a million things going on all at the same time in my head. I saw……

Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull!!!

I was so happy and started doing the weirdest dance and cheering. I was playing the game and had slot of scary moments!! But then again that was a great game. And from this day and going I still play Nancy Drew games with sweaty palms and a heart beating!! I would play Nancy Drew games the instant my cousin would come over that I would take my collection out and pick a ND game I have. From now on Nancy Drew has inspired me so much for doing things I never imagined doing that I was scared to do or thought I couldn’t do it. Just today I learned how to climb a rope in gymnastics because I am so scared of heights I never thought I could do it. But instead it all turned out okay!

From yours truly,

Nadia T.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving Her Interactive!! I love you guys so much and never give up!!

Dear Her Interactive,


I can speak for everyone that through these games, Nancy Drew has kept us afloat with her determination, wit, and ability and is able to unlock any doors that come up in life. With Nancy, these games are what simply keep the purity in an impure world we live in, and many people adore Her Interactive for that.

I am certain that I will never forget the time I was over at my best friend’s house in the 5th grade, and she was playing a Nancy Drew game by the name of Secrets Can Kill. I had only read a small bit of one Nancy Drew book, and I wasn’t very familiar with PC games but I was completely intrigued in this one. She informed me that I could get it at Best Buy, and so, shortly thereafter I ended up at Best Buy with my dad looking for this “Nancy Drew game” (I had forgotten the title due to my overwhelming excitement). As we were installing it, I realized it wasn’t Secrets Can Kill. Instead, it was Message in a Haunted Mansion and thus, this was the beginning of my journey.

I am now 21 years old, and would not be the same without these games. I’ve accumulated more common sense from these games than from real life, thank you Her Interactive! Of course I still play them – I enjoyed playing Warnings at Waverly Academy in my college dorm, I correlated the characters to my actual hall mates. It made college so much more cool. My boyfriend (who I call Ned sometimes) and I have formed memories playing these games that we will never forget! Together, we introduced a new amateur sleuth into the business (his 8-year-old cousin).

It is greatly appreciated what Her Interactive has done for all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Amber N.

Dear Her Interactive,

Before anything I have to say; thank you for all your hard work and effort in all of these fantastic games. I got my first Nancy Drew game on Christmas when I was ten years old and I was absolutely terrified to play it when I looked down at the cover of Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. But soon enough my brother and I were at the computer playing it, having the time of our lives and I was hooked.

Since then I’ve gotten fourteen Nancy Drew games and plan on getting more 🙂 Of course I’ve replayed them over and over both by myself and with my brothers and friends. I actually get what I call “mystery cravings” and when I play your games are always there to help. But not only did I get hooked on the games, it led to me finding and loving the Nancy Drew books and pretty much anything else Nancy Drew.

Thanks again,

From your number one fan in Australia

Jody R.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have been playing the Nancy Drew games for as long as I can remember. Each and every game has given me utter happiness. I remember when I was little I used to play each game over and over again until a new one came out and I still do to this very day. Everything about the games has made my life change. The games have helped me study for my exams, especially ones like The Secret of the Scarlet Hand. The music in the games always makes me smile. I have been with the games from switching back and forth from disc one to disc two in Secrets Can Kill to having Ned actually be in the game for the first time in Alibi in Ashes.

These games are a place where I feel like I am in control and when I am feeling stressed or angry or sad I’ll play these games to get my mind off of things. These games also remind me that girls can do anything if they put their minds to it. Because of these games I have really developed my problem solving skills which has gotten me far in school. I play these games with my younger brother and whenever we play these games I really get to bond with him. In this busy world, playing Nancy Drew games is the only time we really spend quality time together. We always put time aside just to play these games and it’s almost like Nancy is a sister to us. We have papers all over our computer desk with Nancy Drew notes and combinations and there are game cases everywhere as I have all of the games that have been released. I am going to University next year but I will be staying at home and I know that even though my schedule will continue to get busy I will always make time to play these games with my brother.

Thank you for making these games and reminding me how important it is to be a girl. I value these games highly and there is always a lesson to be learned each time I play a game. I am 17 turning 18 and I am still a devoted player of these games. Curse of Blackmoor Manor and Warnings at Waverly Academy are by far my favorite games. I’ve got my friends playing them and we quote the games frequently. My friends and I also have a little bit of a crush on the Hardy Boys and we play Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon a lot just because they are in it.

Thank you again for making these games and reminding me how awesome it is to be an intelligent girl! I can’t wait to play any new games released in the future. Keep up the great work!

A devoted fan,

Taylor J

Dear Her Interactive,

I first heard of Nancy Drew games when I got one for my birthday. My friend knew I liked the Nancy Drew books and she did, too, so she got me a package of 4 Nancy Drew games together. They were numbers 9, 10, 11 and 12.

When I received the Nancy Drew games I was excited to play them. I played that Nancy Drew game until I was stuck on a puzzle. I did that with all of the other games, too. I did not know I could ask for help on . A while later I looked and saw that the box had the website on it. I went on the Her Interactive site and saw that I could ask for help on the games. I asked for help on all of the games until I finished each one. Since then I have loved playing Nancy Drew games.


Anna G

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was younger, I remember my older sister getting the very first Nancy Drew computer game. She never really got into the game much so I asked if I could borrow it. I got really into the games. My sister would keep getting the games and never playing them since she was always out with her friends or found something ‘more interesting’ to do. To me though, there was nothing I would rather do. There is still nothing I’d rather do. I spend hours at my computer every afternoon solving them over and over again.

I remember when I got my first ever Nancy Drew game, I was so excited. Because it wasn’t just one, it was four! It was a mystery box set which came with four different games, but you never knew which ones you got until you opened the box. From then on all the Nancy Drew games my family bought would go to me, and my sister gave me hers. Some of the games went missing during our move from the USA to New Zealand eight years ago, I’ve bought some of the replacements but it’s very hard to find the Nancy Drew games here.

I’m a huge fan of these games, they’re truly just amazing. I hope one day I’ll have a complete Nancy Drew collection. I wish for Her Interactive to forever make more games.

Yours sincerely, a girl who’s not afraid of a mouse,

Jensen VB

Dear Her Interactive,

The first Nancy Drew game I got was Message in the Haunted Mansion. It was Christmas day, and I was in 5th grade, when my sister and I received the game. I thought it looked cool, so I started playing it. As soon as I started playing, I loved it. Just like a good book that you can’t put down, I could not stop playing it.

I remember when I beat it; I was so excited, and I ran upstairs to tell my mom how much I loved it. Ever since then, I would go to the video game store to buy another one and another one. I loved playing them so much that I would beat them in 3 days. I beat all the games that were out, and then I would wait for the new ones. I had a new obsession with Nancy Drew, and I would read the original yellow books. Ever since playing the Nancy Drew Message in a Haunted Mansion game, I would buy anything related to Nancy Drew. I can’t imagine my life without ND, because it has made a major impact on my life. I would, and still do play a ND game when I feel stressed. My life would be so dull without ND games, because they take you places I could never go. When I play a ND game, nothing else matters. I am now 18, but I can see myself playing these games even when I’m a mom.

They truly are amazing; please don’t stop making them until a long time!


Rachael R.

Dear Her Interactive,

It all started with the books. I was in second grade and at the library looking for a book. My mom went over to a shelf and grabbed a yellow hard covered book. It was The Hidden Staircase. That night I had my mom read it to me. I instantly fell in love. I began to read the books by myself and loved getting new ones.

One day when I was going to get a new computer game (I loved Pajama Sam) I saw a computer game with Nancy Drew on it. I immediately checked it out. I went home and installed The Creature of Kapu Cave with my sister. We were doing pretty good until we got to the solar panel at the camp. We couldn’t solve the simple Sudoku puzzle. We gave up and I returned the game to the library. I was crushed because the game was too hard. About a month later my sister’s friend told us that there were walkthroughs online. So I went back to the library and checked out Danger by Design. That was the first game we solved. After we finished it we went back and played all 25 games.

The games made me feel like I was a genius even though I was using a cheat. I’ll never forget my mom walking in while I was building a DNA model (Warnings at Waverly Academy) and asking me how I knew this stuff. The first game that we bought was The Phantom of Venice. I finished it by the end of Christmas day. Both my sister and I still play the games and love pre-ordering them the day they come out. Our favorite is Danger by Design because that was the first one we solved. It was terribly rude! Now instead of using a walkthrough, I try to use my brain only. Shadow at the Water’s Edge still makes me pull back the shower curtain to make sure there’s not a girl behind it! I love Nancy Drew games and they have made a big impact on my life. I hope you never stop making them!

A huge fan,

Kathleen M.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was about six years old my mom presented me with these books she had bought for me when I was born. They were the old yellow Nancy Drew books. I never thought much of them so for about 3 years I left them sitting on my bookshelf. Finally I got into reading when I was about nine years old I chose to read Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase. I still remember the first time I read it I could barely pronounce some of the words but I still loved them. I also remember thinking I thought I looked just like a younger version of Nancy.

When I was in grade five I did several book reports on these books and everyone started calling me the Nancy Drew girl. About a year after that I went over to my friend’s house, who was my neighbor at the time, and I remember her telling me all about this game she discovered and wanted to show it to me. She told me it was the most fun thing in the whole world and I had to see what she was talking about. When she showed me the box I instantly recognized the name Nancy Drew and almost freaked out when I read the back, the game was Legend of the Crystal Skull, and to this day I remember jumping when the lights went out and the skeleton was right in Nancy’s face.

Since then I have been a big fan of the Nancy Drew game series, and am always really excited to play the next one. Also in the past four years I have managed to get ten friends in total addicted to the games as well. I own all the games now and I am always pre-ordering the new ones. I couldn’t love the series more if I tried, and I’m sure I always will. Thank you so much for all the fun you have given to me and my friends. I am now fourteen and even though it seems that I’m still a pretty new ND fan I believe that Nancy and Her will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you for everything!!!

Courtney W.

Dear Her Interactive,

We have been “Nanc Enthusiasts” (as we like to call it) since we were in fourth grade. The first game we played was Message in a Haunted Mansion, and fell in love. We are now in college and miss playing Nancy Drew games so much. Nancy is our favorite way to bond with each other! Our first real life experience with the games ended in disaster. Unfortunately, there was no “Second Chance” button in this situation!

Eager to play Secrets Can Kill, we rushed to the library to pick up a copy. As we inserted the disk into the drive, we heard a shatter once the drawer was closed. We opened it to find the disk shattered into about a thousand pieces! Devastated, we returned to the library and explained the malfunction, but like Nancy, we were not deterred. We went on to play this game at a later date and continued our quest to become Nancy Drew by playing every game. We even go so far as to look for real mysteries in our own lives, creating a kit just like Nancy’s satchel. Even though we are now nineteen years old, we still love to play these games and know that it will be a long time before we stop, sometimes playing into the wee hours of the morning. Our favorite line in the games is “It’s locked!”

We are so excited to have our cake featured in the photo album in Alibi in Ashes. We found out standing in line waiting to get into our senior prom that we did not win the actual cake contest. Although this put a bit of a damper on our prom night, we were delighted to be informed a few weeks later that we would be in the game! We believe that Nancy Drew has become a part of our lives. Her games challenge us to think in new ways (even at the ripe old age of nineteen). While many of our friends and family don’t fully understand why we love these games so much, we know Her Interactive always will!

Yours in sleuthing,

Stephanie & Allison

Dear Her Interactive,

As a young child, I longed for the holidays to arrive, so that I could indulge in all the presents and goodies galore. Never did I imagine that one single gift would change my life so much. I was about seven years old and I, as usual, tore the gift apart, lucky each time that I did not destroy whatever was inside. I slowly pulled it out and read to myself, “Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion”. It looked very enjoyable and made my heart pound with excitement. But then I read the age, “10 and up”. I merely said, “But I’m seven!” Much to my dismay now, I put the gift away never to bother with it again for quite some time.

A few years later, I tried, along with my whole family, but we could not win the tangram puzzle at the beginning of the game. That put it away for another set of years. Filled with regret, I just recently took it out, and, to my surprise, won the first puzzle in a matter of minutes. I flew through the game with exciting twists and turns at every corner. I now am the proud owner of the entire Nancy Drew collection, games 1 to 25, including the Remastering of Secrets Can Kill. My younger siblings also enjoy the games, something I am overjoyed to have instilled in their personalities. The beginning scene of game twenty-four, The Captive Curse had my youngest sister, age four, playing over, and over, and over again (which isn’t as nice as it sounds, what with the screaming of the girl again and again for over an hour)!

I will always remember my moments with Nancy Drew – from quickly dismantling the bomb in Rick Arlen’s room to hearing the mirror whisper my name in Message in a Haunted Mansion to waking up at 4am to chat with Professor Hotchkiss. Even the newer games have provided me with these – ordering ice cream at Scoop in Alibi in Ashes, playing Monster with Lukas in The Captive Curse, and making bento with Yumi in Shadow at the Water’s Edge. Not only do I love the games, I can learn as I play, be it the history of Harry Houdini in The Final Scene, Mayan history in Secret of the Scarlet Hand, or about whales in Danger on Deception Island. Things that I learn about today, in advanced eighth grade classes, I have already taught myself, in a fun way!

As you can clearly see, the Nancy Drew series are not just games – they are a part of my life, and my inner self, and for this I give you my utmost thanks from the bottom of my heart. Though I haven’t won them all, I can always look forward to diving into a fun adventure – with the click of a mouse.

From perhaps your biggest fan,

Katrina Q.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was little, my sister would play video games and I would watch her. Then she started to read Nancy Drew. One day, she and my mom went to the bookstore without me. Since I love to read, I was quite sad. My sister had bought Nancy Drew books. Since my mom must have realized that I would be sad, she bought me the Lost Files of Nancy Drew. As I read that book, I became quite fascinated with Nancy Drew.

In second grade, we went to the library and I had nothing to read. Since my sister said how amazing Nancy Drew was, I started to read them. I loved them. She became my obsession. That same year for Christmas, my sister and I ran out to the Christmas tree. My sister and I stared at a present from “Santa”. It was big and square. It had the most peculiar image on it; a woman in a red cloak in front a large manor. On the cover it said The Curse of lackmoor Manor. My sister had received her first two Nancy Drew games. I would watch her play them through my fingers, fearing what would jump out or where she would get trapped.

About a few months later I told my mom that I was ready to face my fears and play my first game. So she helped me order my very first Nancy Drew game. It was The Secret of Shadow Ranch. I was hooked. I started making my mom buy me all of the ones I didn’t have. Then a few years later, my best friend would come over and watch me play. Now she wanted to play, too. For her birthday I bought her the same game she had first saw me play. Then she bought some from a book order at school. I would go over to her house and play with her because she couldn’t get past a puzzle or didn’t know what to do next. We had very much fun.

Now I have almost all of them, except for The Curse of Blackmoor Manor the PC game and Stay Tuned for Danger, which is now discontinued. I’m greatly sad that it is discontinued but I can still find it somewhere on the Internet. I have been playing Nancy Drew games for five years. They have been my favorite games. I will still be playing them till the last game comes out. Thank you Her Interactive for making such amazing games.

A Loyal Fan,

Sierra R.

Dear Her Interactive,

Since we were young, my siblings and I have continued to enjoy our tradition of sitting down for hours on end, playing every new Nancy Drew game. It is quite the comical scene if you are not accustomed to it; my three sisters, my brother and I, clustered around the computer, deaf and blind to the rest of the world, and shouting out ideas or clues when presented with a new puzzle. Together, we are a formidable team, each contributing our own ideas. Each game brings new memories and adventures, and I have selected a few to share with you. These were especially humorous because these memories all occurred in some of the more frightening and heart-racing scenes in some of the games.

In Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, we were all quite young, and for my one sister, quite terrified. She would run out of the room screaming every time when the ghost dogs started howling! And in The Captive Curse, my brother would hide behind the computer chair every time the monster alert came. Even I was hesitant to go and look for the monster, and jumped clear out of my chair when he appeared at the gate!

Our fondest memories, however, come from Shadow at the Water’s Edge. My brother, again, hid behind the chair for most of the game. The most heart-pounding moment came when we were locked in the room, and the ghost was trying to get in. The five of us were standing and shouting, trying desperately to match the colors, and every time we ran out of time, would groan in defeat. After the first several times, we resorted to insulting the ghost, in an attempt to make it ‘go away’.

Feeling mischievous, right before bed after playing Shadow at the Water’s Edge, I hid in my sister’s room, in the dark, and waited for her to come upstairs. She had turned on the light and I had done no more than stand, before she shrieked, curled up on the floor in a fetal position, and cried. (She was ok though, and she doesn’t hate us for it).

These memories are only but a few (and the more amusing ones to tell), but many more reside in my heart. I will always cherish the quality time spent with my siblings playing a Nancy Drew game, all of us working together. Though we are older, we still do not feel too old for the games, and always eagerly await the arrival of the next one.


Krystin P. & family

Dear Nancy Drew Interactive,

I have been a fan of Nancy Drew games since 4th grade when my mom bought it for my friend for her birthday. I saw it and told her I thought it looked fun and asked for it for my birthday. From that day forward I knew I had found a new hobby, idol, and book to read. I started reading the whole series, and dressing like Nancy, I even carried around a sleuth case. Nancy Drew even helped me solve “the mystery of my neighbors lost dog.” I even showed my best friends Nancy Drew and they love it too.

The first Nancy Drew game I got was Danger on Deception Island. I remember how excited I was when I finished it, and how scared I was at the lighthouse. I actually just got The Captives Curse on Thanksgiving and I love it. I’m even teaching my little sister how to play and she’s a natural. We were just screaming yesterday when we saw the monster.

I have almost all the games and now I’m in seventh grade and I still get a new Nancy Drew for my birthday, Christmas, and sometimes even Easter. Nancy Drew has impacted me so much, the games have such great educational references that put me ahead of all my classmates, and I also love reading the books. I even remember I read every Nancy Drew in my school’s library in 3rd grade and being the top reader in my school.

So thank you Nancy Drew for impacting my life.


Maddie F.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hi! So my story is when I was 8 Santa brought me 1-12 of the Nancy Drew Book Series. I loved them so much I kept asking for them and I almost have the complete collection! So I was surfing the internet one day and noticed your website. I begged my parents to buy me a game. I got my first game that afternoon! I have 8 and just ordered my 9th! These games are great! Her Interactive shows Nancy Drew spirit! I haven’t solved any of my games yet but I am determined. I love Her Interactive! Don’t change anything you’re doing! You guys are awesome!

Your fan,

Annabel B.

Dear Her Interactive,

I got into Nancy Drew when I was seven years old. My mom left for a date and I was left in the care of my grandparents. That night, I woke up because it was pouring rain outside and I couldn’t stay asleep. I wandered over to the computer in the living room and found a brand new computer game called Nancy Drew: Message in the Haunted Mansion. I knew that it was my mother’s and curiosity got the better of me. I started playing it and absolutely adored it. Granted, it was scary and creepy but with my interested grandmother by my side, I slowly became addicted to it. It truly was incredible, I had never seen such an awesome game with the graphics and amazing plot that this one had.

The following week my class went on its daily trip to the library and I found something that both shocked and delighted me; there was an entire section full of yellow hard cover Nancy Drew books. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. At the time I had no idea that there were Nancy Drew books let alone so many of them. Naturally, I checked out my first one, Nancy Drew: The Haunted Bridge. Soon, I had read all of the Nancy Drew books that the library offered and had the highest Accelerated Reading score in my class because of it. I always aced any vocabulary pre-tests as the books created an extensive array of words for me. After I began reading Nancy Drew, a required school test showed that I was reading at a 7th grade level in 2nd grade. Could you believe it? I even managed to convince several other people to read them as well. The books truly changed my life as they introduced me to a love for reading. For the first time I was reading for myself, not because a class required it. Even now, years later, I still search for the books at any library I go to and regularly check out the Nancy Drew Files for some light reading.

I didn’t give up on the games either. Every birthday or holiday was a perfect excuse to get a new one. My favorite would probably have to be Curse of Blackmoor Manor. They’ve taught me an awful lot, in fact, because of Danger by Design I was a week ahead when I first started my French class in 7th grade.

Recently, I’ve been looking into jobs in the law enforcement field to perhaps follow in Nancy’s footsteps. After all, what’s more satisfying than always catching the bad guy? I’m only a high school freshman at the moment with my whole future ahead of me but I’m sure that whatever path I choose, Nancy will always be there as a constant positive influence.

Sincerely, from a long-time fan

Angelique D.

Dear Her Interactive,

I started loving Nancy Drew books and games when I was twelve and I still love them, I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving them. My most favorite Nancy Drew game is Warnings at Waverly Academy Because I like exploring the school, I kind of wish that Waverly academy is a real school I would like to go there. I even like Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, The Haunting of Castle Malloy, and Curse Of Blackmoor Manor.

The book that got started liking Nancy Drew is The Secret of Shadow Ranch I saw it at a book store and couldn’t wait to read it. Because of Nancy Drew, I have become just as observant as she is, so I sometimes feel like a detective, too. Nancy Drew also made me more interested in mysteries and I can’t wait to get the new Nancy Drew game.

Kaitlynne B.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was 9 years old when I got my first game Danger on Deception Island. I had a Walmart gift-card and had no idea what to get. My mom then went on the computer and searched PC games. She found Nancy Drew. Mom told me about the game and I said “No way! It sounds silly!” But she made me get it anyways. I said then let me get Secrets can Kill (I liked the title of that game), but she said Danger on Deception Island looked more fun. So it was ordered and done. I was mad!

In about a week’s time the package was rolling in. I grabbed it and tore it open to install it in the computer. Everything was ready, so I called mom in the room and pressed play. Little did I know I was completely wrong about the game. I absolutely loved it! The puzzles, the characters, the whale watching, the exploring, the sneaking….EVERYTHING! It was my new favorite thing. Next thing I knew was that I was asking for them for Christmas, my birthday, or just whenever I could get my hands on them. It’s been 5 years and I still look forward to when every game is released. Now I got my little brother watching me play them. He is really smart so he solves the hard puzzles for me. So I want to Thank you HER for all the fun times and memories!


Mariah R.

Dear Her Interactive,

I want you to know that I’m your BIGGEST fan, and I’ll always be. Not long ago, my cousin showed me all the Nancy Drew games and I felt in love with them (LOL). I asked my mom, begged her actually (mmm….. does that sound familiar, Warnings at Waverly Academy) to buy me all the games possible of Nancy Drew. Unfortunately, she said I had to earn the money myself. I did everything to earn the money, and it was worth it. I spent every second playing my games! Nancy Drew is my role model. Every time I have a problem, I think “What will Nancy Drew do?” That helps me a lot. Nancy Drew has been one of the best things that happened to me. This might be short but it’s an honest writing. I am begging you, NEVER, EVER stop making ND games!!!!!

Your BIGGEST fan ever,

Jessica E. (Future Detective)

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was about five years old, I remember going over to my friend’s house, and saw her older sister playing this game Stay Tuned for Danger. I though it looked really fun, but I didn’t know the name of it. But even though I was young, I wanted to figure out what the game was, and get it for myself. Well, it wasn’t until about two years later, when I was seven when I actually found it. I remember my mom came home from the store, telling me that she had gotten me something. But I was confused when she pulled out a computer game with creepy dogs on the front cover. I had never heard of Nancy Drew before, and I really had no idea what it was. I wasn’t very sure about it. It looked scary to me, and I couldn’t believe my mom would give me something scary looking.

After installing the game, I sat at the computer with my mom as we did the game play overview to get familiar with the game. Then, we started the game. We weren’t even ten minutes into the game, when I was hiding under the desk. Those Ghost Dogs were scary! Finally, (after a few weeks) I was able to play it on my own without my mom. But I wouldn’t go into the Graveyard at night, and I wouldn’t play in the dark. Soon, I started getting more and more games, and finally, several years later (yes, I said years) I solved my first game, Danger on Deception Island. Once I solved that game, I realized that it was just a game. It wasn’t real, and I had nothing to be afraid of.

Nancy Drew has changed my life in more ways than one. Before I knew about the games, I was afraid of everything. But after playing the games, I started to become less and less afraid, so instead of hiding under the blankets when I hear a bump in the night, I would go and see what it is. Nancy Drew has also put many new friends in my life. I have met people on the message board, and other Nancy Drew fan sites that I wouldn’t know without the games.

And finally, the Nancy Drew games have given me the love of books. After learning about the games, I wanted to read the books. I was not a book reader because I never found a book that I liked, until I started reading the Nancy Drew books. Now, I love so many more books. I am now working at a library, and going to get my first book published in several months.

I don’t know what I’d do without Nancy Drew in my life. But I am glad that I don’t have to think about that…:)

Thanks for making the best games ever, and helping me find my career. 🙂

Samantha B.

Dear Her Interactive,

I can still vividly remember the first time I played one of your games. It was the middle of summer, and my mom had just returned home from shopping. She had bought a game at the store which had caught her eye and thought it might interest me and my sister. It was called The White Wolf of Icicle Creek, and I remember looking at the cover and thinking it might be a pretty cool game. My mother had been hooked by the words “Nancy Drew” on it. She had grown up reading Nancy Drew and wanted to share her with me and my sister.

My sister, Jessi, and her best friend Kyrie were having a sleepover at the time and decided to start the game. I would periodically stop by the computer to see what they were doing. They were busily taking notes on scraps of paper and talking in low, conspiratorial voices. They continued to work on the game for several more days, until they were hopelessly and completely stumped. They left the game and have yet to return to finish it.

I was nine when this all happened, and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish the game like Jessi, who is two years older than me. I also hadn’t been too into Nancy Drew before because I hadn’t discovered the original books yet. I waited until I was ten to start the game, gladly taking the advice given on the box. I was immediately hooked on the game and spent several weeks trying to solve the mystery, with an occasional help from my dad (especially with Fox and Geese!). When I finally finished the game, I decided to go to the Her Interactive website. I had no idea how many other games you had and decided to buy them all!

The summer of 2007 was a summer I’ll never forget. I had the Ultimate Dare and the Double Dare boxes containing the games The Secret of Shadow Ranch to The Creature of Kapu Cave. I spent the entire summer staying up late, cracking tough cases, and busting criminals. I am now fourteen, and I still love Nancy Drew just as much as I first did.

Almost every single day, I quote something from a game, and everyone stares at me blankly (and my brother periodically makes fun of me). But I don’t care one bit. These games teach me new things no matter how many times I replay them, and I’m constantly spewing little bits of information to anyone who will listen. Whenever someone asks me “How do you know that?” I just reply with, “Nancy Drew!” Whenever I’m in a bad mood, or I’m having family issues, I always urn to Nancy Drew to cheer me up. No matter what situation she finds herself in, she always manages to make it through. Being an adventure hound, I sometimes start wondering when exciting things will really happen in my real life. When I grow up, my dream is to be a detective, solving mysteries much like my hero before me. Thank you so much for making these games, and being a big part of my life!

From you biggest fan in Colorado,

Kate B.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was growing up, I was the kind of kid who was afraid of everything. Bees, the dark, the woods, you name it. I was also bullied a lot, only because I was easy to. It was so easy to make me cry, and kids took advantage of that. Well, late in my 4th grade year the Nancy Drew movie came out and my church group went together to go see it. I was absolutely astounded. What a brave and courageous girl she was!

My local library had almost every single vintage Nancy Drew book and I checked out and read every single one. I was bedazzled with every new mystery she solved and adventure she went on. After a while, I started seeing my own faults. Why should I have to put up with the bullies? Nancy didn’t. The next time a group of girls picked on me, I started thinking “What would Nancy do?” I decided not to dismiss it anymore and told them to stop. By the time 6th grade came around, I was bullied no longer.

Even after the teasing stopped, I still wanted to be a more independent and outgoing girl. I started trying new things, such as adventuring through the woods, sleeping without a nightlight, or getting close to bees (which still isn’t very smart, mind you). But most of all, I began talking to people, and because of that, I have made extremely wonderful and trustworthy friends. Nancy has given me so much strength and confidence over the years I cannot thank her and the people who helped with making her products over the years.

Thank you to everyone at Her Interactive to help me become a better person <3 Anna-Marie

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was about 7 years old, I read my first Nancy Drew book. I was in Brownies at the time, and I think it was for a reading badge. Evidently it made an impression on me, as I’ve been a die-hard Nancy Drew fan ever since!

For my birthday later that year, my parents found a game called Message in a Haunted Mansion. I remember being excited about it, looking over the box at the descriptions and puzzles. I loved the funny slogan ‘for girls who aren’t afraid of a mouse’. It took me about two years to finish the game; there was one point where I was just too spooked to keep playing it, and had to take a break. I still think that this is one of the most suspenseful games in the series: all the little things, like odd voices whispering, figures crossing a mirror when there was nobody there, strange shadows passing nearby.

I received Treasure in the Royal Tower not long afterwards, and that was only the beginning. It’s been a decade since that first Nancy Drew game, and I still find them as fun and stimulating as ever. I’ve learned about bits of history and different cultures, matched my wits against dozens of different puzzles and codes, and adventured into dark, mysterious places. I’ve played other computer games over the years, but haven’t stuck with any of them for quite as long.

I love the stories, the characters, and the chance to solve a mystery! Your games have strengthened my puzzling skills, sparked my imagination and solidified my connection to one of my favorite girl detectives ever.

Much thanks,

Georgia A.

Dear Her Interactive,

In 2005 when I was 10, my now ex-stepfather left my Mom, my then 7 year old little brother, and myself. My Mom had a broken back, and could not work. He left us with several credit cards he ran up in a previous marriage. Therefore, Mom had no credit, and no way to get a normal job. She sustained us by sewing when she could and selling things on ebay.

In the meantime, our church had noticed we were faltering financially, and by that Christmas my youth group had raised money amongst themselves to give us a good Christmas. I’d been addicted to N.D. books since I could read, went through all that the library had, and was starting over on them. So needless to say, when they asked my brother and me what we wanted, my immediate response was “One of those Nancy Drew CDs I’ve been wanting.” I didn’t care which one they got, or if they got me anything else. I just wanted that Nancy Drew CD.

Fast-Forward to today…Dec. 1st, 2011.

I ended up receiving The Haunted Carousel, and it was everything I’d hoped for!! It opened my eyes to just how smart a woman can be, and I began to understand how important it is to be a good role model.

Now my family has gotten to where we can afford a little extra money every now and then, so I’ve collected about 7 of the N.D. games, 🙂 and at 17, I still love them. I’m a senior in high school, and I just made a 26 on the first time of taking the ACT test. I am planning on majoring in computer tech at college. I credit part of these things to the fact that instead of watching TV, I read about Nancy, who could do ANYTHING if she set her mind on it. And instead of playing silly games, I used thinking and good ‘ole logic, playing Nancy Drew mysteries. 🙂 Of course, every Christmas, I remember a bunch of kids who got together, and unknowingly changed my world….just by giving me a CD.

Another grateful fan,


P.S.: December 10th I am taking the ACT a second (and final) time. Because if I’ve learned anything from playing as Nancy, I’ve learned no matter how hard I think… I can always think harder 🙂

Dear Her Interactive,

I started playing Nancy Drew games when I was eight. At that time, I thought I was a real rebel because the boxes are marked “ages ten and up” and I was allowed to play them at age eight. The game that caught my eye was Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. I picked it up and stared at it for a good ten minutes, looking over the artwork on the box, and thinking of ways to get my mother to buy it for me. I also saw The Secret of the Scarlet Hand, and wanted both so badly I would do anything to get them. When I asked my Mom, she said only one, and after thinking over it for a very long time, I picked Ghost Dogs.

I rushed my family home; I was so excited to play! My Dad helped me load it on his computer, and then I started playing. Within a few seconds of starting the game, my Mother came over and asked me if I was ok, because I looked terrified. I told her this game was scaring me so much I would have nightmares. She told me to stop playing then, and I told her obsoletely not, I need to finish what I started.

After that first game, I was addicted. I replayed it over twelve times before my Dad decided to buy me a new one. I insisted playing them in order from now on, so he ordered Secrets Can Kill off the website. I made myself a special “clues” notebook, writing down suspects and phone numbers as I played.

When moving into our new house, I drew up a design for my room that included a piece of every game that if put in the correct order would open a secret door to the bathroom in the hall. Silly things like these filled my childhood and helped me gain a greater understanding of the world. It sparked my interest in travel and my love for history. I decided to share these things with my little sister, who is in a wheelchair and I knew would never have been able to experience these thrills in the real world like I one day may. She loves the international games, because they give her a chance to get out of the house in a way and live freely like Nancy.

The games were always there for me, and still are. They have helped me through some hard times, like when my Dad passed last year and the only thing that helped were these games. I am so grateful. I am now nineteen, eleven years after I started playing I am still a true fan. I even got one of my art pieces in the remake of Secrets Can Kill, which gave me the courage to follow my dream and go to art school, which without that little push from Her Interactive I would have never done. I love these games and hope to share them with my children one day. Please never stop making them.

Hailie M

Dear Her Interactive,

I first heard of Nancy Drew games when I got one for my birthday. My friend knew I liked the Nancy Drew books and she did too, so she got me a package of 4 Nancy Drew games together. They were numbers 9, 10, 11 and 12. When I got the Nancy Drew games I was excited to play it. I played that Nancy Drew game until I was stuck on a puzzle. I did that with all of the other games, too. I did not know I could ask for help on Her Interactive. A while later I looked and saw that the box had on it. I went on the Her Interactive site and saw that I could ask for help on the games. I asked for help on all of the games until I finished them. Since then I have loved playing Nancy Drew games.


Anna G.

Dear Her Interactive,

When you’re a young kid in a new school things are tough. The one thing I could always rely on was a good book. My favorite: Nancy Drew mystery series. I have read just about all of the books and have a good collection on my bookshelves. As I got older I started looking up Nancy Drew online and came across the Her Interactive website.

To make a short story even shorter, since I was 10 years old, every birthday and Christmas I look forward to finding out which Nancy Drew game I get. I’m 16 now and I’m still just as excited when a new game comes out, when I get it and when I hear those words: “It’s up to you as Nancy Drew”! My absolute favorite thing is when I realize all the wonderful things from the books that have been put into the games. It may sound silly coming from a 16 year old girl but Nancy Drew is my idol and has been for years!

A grateful fan,

Devin H.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have been playing Nancy Drew games since I was a little girl. Playing the games made me pick up the books and I have personally made it my mission to ready every book, concerting how many there is, I knew it would take a long time. I am now 22 years old and still reading. Playing your games and reading the books that inspired you all at Her Interactive, I have overcome so much in my life including now as my husband is in the army and we are having a baby. Playing the classics over and over again, and they never get old.

A fan for life,

Alissa C.

Dear Her Interactive,

I’m Courtney, and I’m 13 years old. I’ve been playing the Her Interactive games since I was around 6 or 7. I played them with my sister, who was 10. I always felt a little rebellious when I played them, since they said, ‘Ages 10 and up.’ Anyways, I’m forever grateful for these games, and the books. They’ve entertained me and my sister in the summer for hours on end. We’d feel accomplished whenever we finished a game.

Our first game we ever played was Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. My great aunt got it for my sister, cousin and I. I was terrified, what, me being 7 years old. Yet, my sister was the one who got more scared, especially in the beginning where the dog bangs on the door. I saw my sister jump pretty high that day! Ever since then, we’ve been hooked. I watch and read the website whenever I hear there’s a new game coming out — I make sure to get every little detail, including when it’ll be out! My sister and I have all the games, either on the computer or in the box. The only one we’re missing is the newest one, Alibi in Ashes. But I have a feeling I’ll see that one under the tree this Christmas!

As for the books, they helped me. I believe I was in the second grade, and I never liked reading. Hearing that we had a reading project to do didn’t exactly float my boat. So my class and I trudged to the library, me, hoping I’d get lucky and score myself a picture book or something easy. However, a book with a yellow binding caught my eye. I pulled it out, read the cover, Secret of the Old Clock, and started reading a bit, to see what it was like. I became intrigued by this girl named ‘Nancy Drew’ and how she was a nice, caring young lady. I went up to my teacher, and asked to use this book. She stared at me, and politely told me, “Sweetie, that book is a bit above your level,” seeing my pouty face, she gave in, but she said if I couldn’t read it, I’d have to get a new book. I was able to read it fine, and I improved my reading level to a 5th grader’s.

I continued to read the wonderful adventures of Nancy Drew. I also have some of the stories on the old cassette tapes, and I asked my dad to borrow his clock. (His alarm clock was old, and it had a built in cassette player.) Even now, I listen to the tapes at night in my room, loving every moment of it. Now, in the 8th grade, Nancy Drew helped me. I’ve learned not to trust everyone, and to double check things. I’ve always longed to be a detective like her, and I wanted to ‘save the day’ like she always has. My library only has a few books in stock of Nancy Drew, and of course I’ve read them about 10 times already. But I’m glad those books are there, and I’m glad I chose to read one in the second grade. I have a large reading level, and I love to read now.

Thanks, Her Interactive, for helping me improve my reading, and keeping me entertained for a long time.

Courtney M.

Dear Her interactive,

I just love Nancy Drew. I have been reading the books for as long as I can remember, and playing the games since I was about eight. I’m sixteen now, and I still love playing the games. A few years ago, my parents took me out of school, and began to homeschool me. I got so lonely, to the point where I thought I might have been depressed. I’ve never been the type to have many friends, so after that, I realized most of the kids at school were just being nice to me. They didn’t really want to talk to me or be around me. I only had a couple of friends, and then I started to read ND books and play the games. It helped me out of my funk. I still don’t have too many friends, but the ones I have are very close. I considered Nancy to be a good friend, too. The games mean quite a lot to me. Please, never stop making them. 😀
P.S. Even to this day I know Ned, Nancy, Bess, and George’s phone numbers by heart. Thank you.

Jessie G.

Dear Her Interactive,

I remember the very first time I ever played a Nancy Drew game. I had spent the night with my cousin and we started playing The Final Scene together. I remember getting so into the game, I asked if I could borrow it and finish it. Well that did it for me. After that, I was hooked. I asked for the Secret of the Scarlet Hand for Christmas and then every year I asked for a new game until I could buy my own.:) I now own all the games and still find them very addicting.

Thanks to my favorite game Secret of the Old Clock, my dad has been trying to help me find my own Roadster convertible.:) The Nancy Drew games and books have truly brought out my inner vintage. I now try to find clothes that Nancy drew would wear and own three vintage inspired dresses. 🙂 I have fallen in love with the 1920, 1930 and 1940s eras and just learning about them from the Nancy Drew games and books has affected my life greatly. I hope someday I can get my future kids to enjoy the books and games as much as I have and appreciate the fascinating times of a classy detective and her mysteries. 🙂
A very devoted fan,

Katie V.

I hold you in my heart.

Dear Her Interactive team,

I tell myself “DONT OPEN THAT DOOR” and when I do I jump in my seat and scream! That’s what happens when I play a scary part in a Nancy Drew game. I still get that reaction even if I have played it 10 times!! The mysteries never get old!

I remember the first time I held my very first Nancy Drew game. I was at the library and I saw a game called Message in the Hunted Mansion on the new arrival stand. I pointed it out to my mom and she said she read the books as a kid. So I checked the Nancy Drew game out of the library and as soon as I got home I started playing the game. From then on I was obsessed about Nancy Drew. Nine years have passed and I’m still in love!! I always will be a ND fan and I hope you guys will never stop making them!! You guys have changed my life!!! <3 Your number one fan for forever, Freya P.

Dear Her Interactive,

My testimonial is rather simple but belongs with the others, nevertheless. I am 56 years old and only found out about the computer games a decade or two ago! When I was a child, I read every Nancy Drew (Hardy Boys & others) mystery book there was. (I have awards for reading every book in the public library and more!) I love all things mysterious without being horrifying. We go to mystery dinner theatres all over. I have the CLUE board games. I’d like to do a murder mystery weekend in some old mansion or Victorian house someday. You get the idea.

So it was no surprise, after I purchased a used Nancy Drew PC game from someone on eBay, that I got hooked with the first game I played. I had to have the earlier few I’d missed and then I ordered each and every one as Her Interactive released them, pre-ordering most of the time. Life’s responsibilities and events have slowed me down and I am extremely behind on playing them. But none will escape me, unless the Lord calls me home before I can play them! Now I have an iMac, so the newer games will be played on the newer machine. I can hardly wait! I love the ND games because they are fun, realistic, challenging, adventurous, do-able, educational, and so much more! I like the puzzles within the mystery. I like learning about other places and new things. I like the interaction. These are so much better than all the facebook games that I’ve played. I like the fact that I can resume where I left off without some clock penalty. I like to play alone (not really, I’ve got Nancy!). I like the fact that I own the games and can always go back and replay them. I like the guide books for the times I need a little help. I like the website where I can find answers. I like the idea that I can share these with my grandchildren as they get older. Good, clean, fun, that makes us think!

I want to thank everyone who has worked so hard on these games from the initial ideas to the people who shipped them out to me. This is truly a company of thoughtful people who care about their customers. God bless you all! (And keep them coming……)


Vanessa M.

Dear Her Interactive,

I must start by saying how much I enjoy your games. I am the middle child out of 3 children and am the only girl. My younger brother and I are very close. Until Nancy Drew PC games came along we didn’t play many pc games at all together. Now we both watch for new games with excitement!

If he hears about the release date of one of your games he calls me that moment and has to tell me. We sit around my computer with the lights low and settle in for a fun filled evening and maybe a cookie or two. 😉 I am so glad we have found something we both love.

I enjoy the time I spend with my brother playing these outstanding games, so “Thank You” Her Interactive!

Its times like this I will cherish forever.

Rebecca R.

Dear Her Interactive,

I first met Nancy reading the books, the Swedish versions (Kitty). I liked them but after a while I stopped reading them for some reason. I was and had been bored for a while when my father, from England, gave me The Phantom of Venice. I thought it sounded fun so I tried it. It took ages before I finished it. And it was too scary and hard but I liked it and I have now played every game except the two first. I could not have done it without the best and funniest walkthrough maker on YouTube!

I try to get my friends to play it and every one that’s tried it has liked it so far.

Keep up the good work!

Your biggest Swedish fan,

Emma H.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was 11 years old, my family and I had moved to a new house. My sisters and I didn’t have any friends so we really had nothing to do after school, and we didn’t have the internet, just a computer. So, we started going to the public library near us and renting some computer games. My older sister saw a big case that said Message in a Haunted Mansion. We were iffy on getting it, because we were like “I don’t want to play something that’s scary!” But, we got it anyways.

I just remember my older sister, my younger sister, and I just all huddled up next to each other around the computer screen. And I remember when it was loading it was playing the Nancy Drew theme, but it scared us so much that we turned the volume down. And we didn’t dare play the game after it got dark. But, we finished that whole game by ourselves, since we didn’t have the internet we didn’t have the opportunity to look up hints. And when we finished it, we were so happy and we started requesting ALL the games from the library!

My older sister and I are just so obsessed with the games! We buy the new one the second it comes out! We own almost all of the games, except The Final Scene, Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, and Danger by Design. I love those games, the only reason we don’t own them is because we can’t find them anywhere! But, your games started a whole obsession with us; we started getting out all of the old Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys TV shows on DVD. And we started reading the books! I LOVE Nancy Drew and all the Her games! I am now 20 years old and I still love and get scared by the games, lol.

Thank you,

Samara G.

Dear Her Interactive,

I’m 32 and I been playing for years. I believe since the game start, I got my sisters-in-law into the games and now my 4 yr. old watches me play and just asked me for the game of the Ds for Christmas. I’m so happy because is a great game without any bad things and it helps to use the mind (it would help my son’s motor skills) better than any game up there…I hope this game never ends producing so my son gets to play them.

Nancy C.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was about 10 when I played my first Nancy Drew game. My best friend, Melody, found Danger by Design on an online shop. She loved designing clothes and solving mysteries, so she liked the look of it. She begged her mum to buy it for her birthday, and after much persuasion she did. Melody invited me over, and showed me the game. I had seen the Nancy Drew movie, and I had read all the graphic novels, but I had never known there was a computer game series. We started to play, and I was instantly hooked. After many struggles, we completed it the next day.

When I went home I told my mum about it. My mum was signed up for a shop and sell email, were you can send emails to all the members if you have something to sell, and you get other members emails about the things they’re selling. About a week or two later, we had an email from someone who was selling a few Nancy Drew games. Mum decided to let me have two of the ones for sale: Secret of the Old Clock and Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. I was ecstatic.

After a long week of waiting, they finally arrived. I installed Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon on our computer straight away. My mum thought she’d give it a go and played as well. She loved it! My brother then figured it might be worth trying, as he likes puzzles, so he started to play it, too. We all spent a lot more time on the computer than we should have, trying to solve the mystery first. I now have almost all the games, but my favorite game still remains to be Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon.

I am now 14 and still collecting the games as they come out. I am reading the original Nancy Drew books, which I love. Nancy Drew has helped me in many ways. For example, I used to be really bat at Sudoku, but after playing Shadow at the Water’s Edge, I am a pro! My friends (who are also addicted) and I often use lines from the games, like instead of saying “Bye” we say “Don’t take any wooden nickels!” or “Don’t be a stranger!” Sometimes we call each other, Say “Hello!” (or something similar) Then the other says “It was nice talking to you!” and hangs up. We always have lots of fun.

Thank you Her Interactive, for making such wonderful games! Someday I hope to be a part of H.I. myself…

Love from an amateur sleuth,

Nicole M.

Dear Her Interactive,

For my eighth birthday, my twin brother and I got Nancy Drew books. We had never heard of her before, but were told she was a detective, which was really exciting. An endless series of the adventures of a brilliant girl, whose only real difference from us was that she never aged? That was awesome. We collected the books over the years. Soon after that birthday, though, we were in a store and my brother saw Message in a Haunted Mansion on a shelf, with “Nancy Drew” emblazoned at the top of the box. A Nancy Drew computer game? Definitely intriguing. We had to buy it, of course. I hadn’t really had much experience with games before, so when we (mainly I) finally finished it after many weeks, it gave me an amazing feeling! I fell in love with the adventure genre and bought many more adventure games.

Of course, I also collected the rest of the Nancy Drew series after finishing each one – Secrets Can Kill, The Final Scene, Treasure in the Royal Tower and Stay Tuned for Danger. Each case was so enthralling, and I had to figure out every little detail about them! By the time I had caught up, Secret of the Scarlet Hand had just been released, and I got that for my ninth birthday. It was like a whole new feeling – I was experiencing the series live as it came out, and I was on the message board to discuss it as well! Today, at 18 years old, I am proud to say that I have been preordering your games since Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake (and going through all of them again before the summer games)! When I think of all of the stories, the captivating music and the absolutely hilarious lines the characters say or references you put in, it’s really hard to imagine how anyone couldn’t become attached to such an epic series!

My brother eventually fell out of them, and for years I’ve always wanted someone to talk with about the games, but recently I’ve discovered that three people I know play them! Two of them are some of my best friends and are just as obsessed with them as I am. More and more people are getting to know your games because of your increasing popularity (it feels kind of cool to be one of the early ones 😀 ). Connecting with the community of your Twitter followers has also helped me meet some great people who I will never forget. The greatest thing about picking up that game that day ten years ago, though, would have to be that I now want to create adventure games for a career! It sounds like the best job ever and I am currently in college learning about it. I hope that I can one day intern or even work with you, because that would be great! Anyway, I wanted to write you this letter to tell you how your games (which are definitely some of the most awesome games out there) have impacted my life so much and that I’m so grateful for them. Keep up the hard work and know that I’ll always support you. May you have a great 2012!

Best wishes,

Andy B.

Dear Her Interactive,

I remember that I used to despise reading as a child. It was always a fight to get me to complete any reading assignment in school, until I was handed my first Nancy Drew book in 2nd grade. I fell in love with Nancy Drew’s world. My mother then gave me her entire set of original yellow covered Nancy Drew books. It of course did not take me long to get through them all. It is because of Nancy that I love reading and read a book a week!

When I was 10 years old my older sister bought me a horse riding game for our PC from the bargain game section, $10! I was so excited to play, because I loved horses at the time. When I tried to play I found out the game was faulty…so we returned it to Walmart. They would not return our money since it was opened, so I was to pick out a game of equal price. It was there I saw it. That lovely pink box that said, “Nancy Drew: Stay tuned for Danger”. I snatched it up and brought it home.

I started to play, and even though I was 10 at the time…I was scared…so I made my sister help me solve it and we both got hooked. It was not long after that we bought our second game, Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. We took turns screaming and hiding behind the couch when we got scared. We even had to have our help us complete the game! The scene at the beginning? We hid for a good ten minutes. Nancy has allowed me to bond with my sister so much! Even now we still play the games together with her being 21 and me 18.

Nancy Drew even helped me pass a test once. We were studying the Mayans and I knew everything because of Secret of the Scarlet Hand.

I am studying to become a teacher and I cannot wait to show my future students Nancy and I might even use Nancy Drew computer games as a learning tool. The games are so informative that when we were baking one time and we were out of brown sugar I was like, “YOU CAN USE MOLASSES!”

I love Nancy Drew and could not image my life without her! My sister and I even joke about Nancy together from locked doors to even random things. She once told me, “I was in chemistry lab the other day and we had to make aspirin! With all the jars and measurements I felt like I was in a Nancy Drew game doing some sort of task in order to get something I need…like a glow stick!”

Thank you very much Her!

Forever a girl detective,

Cassie B.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hello! My name is Aubrey Lauren B., I am currently a freshman at the University of Texas at Tyler and I would like to thank Her Interactive for helping me get here!

I have always struggled in school and I would try very hard to do my best, and I would always do my best. I can’t tell you how heartbroken I was that no matter how hard I tried I seemed to get nothing but below average. Something had to be wrong. I was spending 5 hours on homework and through all the tears of trying to understand I still could not make the A I was striving so hard for.

In sixth grade I was finally tested for a learning disability and was diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder, which is a form of dyslexia. Now being dyslexic does not mean I have trouble reading. I can read and write no problem but my brain processes auditory commands differently than most others. Meaning verbal instructions alone are hard and take a while for me to fully comprehend. I was placed in the special education program and stayed in it all of my school years. Just because I knew what the problem was didn’t mean that my grades shot up overnight. I had to work harder than I ever did before on my school work. I had to figure out how I learn and apply it to every single one of my classes.

My cousin introduced me to the Nancy Drew games. She would bring them to our grandma’s house and we would play them together for hours. Once I started to play them on my own I realized how difficult it really was. My brain was being exercised in a way it had never been before but it needed to be. I learned problem solving strategies that I wasn’t taught in school. I learned to think out of the box and to be more creative. Playing those games helped me with my learning disability and how to overcome it and I still apply the skills I learned in the games to my college classes today!

As a senior at Diamond Ranch High School in California, I “graduated” out of the special education program because academically, I now show no deficit, however I still have the possessing disorder. I owe a lot of my “graduation” to Her Interactive’s Nancy Drew Adventure and Dossier games. All the puzzles in those games have helped me to be sharper with my problem solving skills which has helped me be a better test taker. They have also helped me to be patient and think on my toes. The games have helped my listening skills as well as helped to develop my ability to find context clues, which is really helpful. But most importantly, they have taught me to never give up. When I finish a game, I feel the same sense of accomplishment that I do when I pass a test.

I am nineteen years old and have played and solved all twenty-four adventure games as well as the two Dossier games. I cannot wait to play Alibi in Ashes. I know it will teach me new skills that I can apply to learning.

I just wanted to say thank you for making such educational games. I very much enjoy solving them. If there is a possible scholarship let me know, I would be very interested in applying for it.

Thank you,


Aubrey Lauren B.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hi Her!

Let me start off by saying that I’m a guy and I have always loved ND games since I first saw CAR on the shelf at my local library. I’m not into things like shooters and mindless garbage that many of the people of today seem to love, being only a teenager, it would seem strange that I don’t like them, but I suppose it’s just chance. ND games have really inspired me to think outside the box, especially the old ones where I learnt so much history, culture and logic skills.

The ND games are my favorite series of games along with Sam and Max, and I’m sure that that won’t change anytime soon 😉

Tim B.

Dear Her Interactive,

I can remember the first time I played a Nancy Drew game. I was 10 years old and my dad saw Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake at the bookstore and got it for me (knowing that I am I mystery lover). I tried it that night with all the lights off with my sister, and… well, needless to say it freaked me out. I put it away for a few months and then decided, “You know, I’m gonna try this again.” So I tried it again, prepared to be scared, and I LOVED it! I pretty much found my true love. I was so excited to find a new computer game to play.

Ever since then, I’ve been getting the Nancy Drew games almost as soon as they come out. I have every single one of them, and have played each of them at least twice, sometimes more!

Before these games I wasn’t too interested in Nancy Drew, I just didn’t think that the books put her in enough danger, and they were as interesting as say The Hardy Boys to me. But after I played these games, I am now addicted. I have Nancy Drew stuff all over my room, and am hoping to hang all my game covers as a border for my room.

Another thing these games have done for my life is brought my sister and I close together. My sister and brother always watch me when I play them. Sometimes they don’t watch me the second time through, but they always watch me the first time. It’s one of the only things that my brother and I don’t argue about, and that will be a good memory I can have forever.

It’s even affecting my day to day life! One time my friend wanted me to put bacon on a plate to heat up, and I started arranging them in all these weird ways to see if they could all fit (kind of like the book puzzles in the games). She walked over, looked down at my bacon and said, “…You’ve been playing waaaay too much Nancy Drew…”

All in all, this is one of my favorite things to do! Thank you Her Interactive! Y’all are amazing.

A HUGE Nancy nerd,

Misty M.

Dear Her Interactive,

In my family I have been a natural gamer ever since I was little, I beat a high score for a game usually on my first try but I had never tried any story line games until one day I went to one of my friends’ house and she suggested that we play Nancy Drew. I also love solving puzzles so I thought “hey, why not?” and so we started the adventure of The Legend of the Crystal Skull. Within the first few minutes of the mystery we had already screamed when we saw the skeleton man, we then learned that playing Nancy Drew in a dark basement all alone sometimes wasn’t the best idea when you’re ten years old.

Once I got home the next day I begged my parents to get me a Nancy Drew game but to my surprise my older sister already had one: The Final Scene. I played it for so long over and over again until I got the next game and the next and the next and so on. My sister and I have grown a love for these mysteries and I keep on getting more and more thrilled as they get harder and better! I cannot go a month without playing a Nancy Drew game I believe I have played The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon over twelve times on senior detective and have been able to finish it in just two hours. There is so many times where I want to do something that will ignite my intelligence but also have a fun sense to it and Nancy Drew has always been there to the rescue.

Whenever I finish a new game I replay it until the new one comes out. I must say I am a Nancy Drew nerd I read the Blog three time a week most of the time (sometimes longer 🙂 ) and still I do not get bored of reading and playing and reading about Nancy Drew on a regular basis, I don’t know how anyone could! Please continue in making some of the best games ever! I am currently begging my parents to get me a game for the 50% off deal because I have always wanted to know what a Koko Kringle chocolate bar tastes like. Keep on making those wonderfully addictive games!

Nancy Drew Lover,

Kathryn* T

Dear Her Interactive,

I think I got my first game for Christmas when I was in the first grade. It was Message in a Haunted Mansion. I remember taking the game from where it was under the tree and installing it on my computer. I began to play. I was so excited! I had been introduced to the Nancy Drew book series by my Aunt Patty and when I found out there was a computer game. I was so excited that my parents got it for me for Christmas. This was a big deal for me. I was playing by myself and I got to the part in the game where Nancy gets the phone call with the scary creepy voice. Being totally honest this freaked me out. So I called to my mother in the next room and told her that I was scared and then I made her come and play with me. This was the beginning of what has become one of the best things that I have with my mother. She came into the room and started playing with me. We had to have played for at least four hours. As we continued to play the game, my little brother came and started to watch us. I guess he must have felt left out so we let him play with us. And like I said this was only the beginning.

As the years passed we got more Nancy Drew games. We got Stay Tuned for Danger and Secrets Can Kill in a book order. I got Treasure in the Royal Tower for my birthday. My Dad even got involved. One year for my mother’s birthday day he got her one of the Double Dares: Secret of the Scarlet Hand and Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. I remember the first time that we played Ghost Dogs. Neither I or my brother or my mom could figure out how the spark plugs went for the boat so we called to my dad in the next room and had him come in and help us. He ended up figuring it out like he always would whenever we had something we couldn’t do. Every time there was a new game I would tell my mother and we would go to Target and buy it. This past summer my brother and I had a lot of free time together so we would end up replaying Nancy Drew games on my laptop.

Now I am a freshmen in college. Over Thanksgiving break my mother was so excited for me to come home because she had gone out and bought Alibi in Ashes. She had bought it weeks before and had waited for me to come home because it’s our thing to play the games together. We beat it and I bought roughly $200 worth of ice cream. Anyway these games have given me so many memories. Memories that I wouldn’t have had if these games didn’t exist. I have had so many hours spent in front of the computer with my mother playing and taking notes and arguing about whether to ask this question or that question about who did it. These are memories that I will cherish forever.

Nancy Drew games are a huge part of my life. They have given me so much time to spend with my mother and I greatly appreciate that. So thank you Her Interactive. Here’s to you and many more games that I can play with my mother.

A Very Grateful Daughter,

Genna M.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was first introduced to the Nancy Drew Video games when I was in grade four, my classroom bought Message in a Haunted Mansion and I remember playing it one afternoon, since then I had wanted to finish the game and soon after bought it. It was one awesome game. Since then I have bought every game that has come out and have played and finished every one.

For years after I continued to play the games and they became increasingly challenging and the more challenges the better. And after playing the games over and over you start to get a sense of what Nancy looks like, even though we don’t see her, you just know how she looks.

Nancy Drew is the best computer video game on the market, and it is excellent that there are more games soon to come, the new incorporations over the years of the interface and menus and style of gameplay are great because it makes you more interactive with the game.

The books are really awesome too, and the books that were made into games made you think you were actually in the book sleuthing as Nancy herself. The book version for apple products was great as well because you read the book and played as well, and hopefully there will be more of those too.

The packaging may say for mystery fans ten and up, and depending on the game girls ten and up I am a guy and I still enjoy Nancy and her famous “it’s locked” slogan. She is my favorite heroin and will be for years to come as more games are made.

Thank you Her Interactive for the best series for computers.

Thanks for the many years of Sleuthing and thanks for many more.

Donnie Y

Dear Her Interactive,

It all started when I was in elementary school. The school library was filled with all the Nancy Drew books. I was curious because there were so many. I decided to read one. The book pulled me in and I was instantly attached to the mystery series. I was in love with the books, I would be the kid you saw jumping off the walls waiting to get her hands on the next adventure Nancy and her friends were going to take. The character grew on me and I was obsessed.

I would always go on the computer to look up Nancy Drew. Then one day while on the computer, I happened to stumble upon a website called Wikipedia and there was a lot of stuff about the books and games. Wait, games? There are Nancy Drew GAMES? I had to check this out, I was super excited. I begged my parents to take me to the store so I could buy some Nancy Drew games.

I can still remember the first game I got: Danger by Design. The earlier games were not out anymore (This wasn’t that long ago) so I had to order those later on. That was my favorite game out of all the others because it was my first and it took place in Paris (and because it was just that good). I love making cookies. Fire! Fire! But when I played Secret of the Old Clock I just had to change my mind (I wasn’t getting all the games in order at that time) because it was based off the first Nancy Drew book (which was the best book ever). Now I have all the games and I LOVE them!!!

The Nancy Drew games had a very big impact on my life. I always loved playing video games but there weren’t that many with strong, smart female protagonists. These games made me want to be more like Nancy. She was like a role model to me and they made me want to make my own character who was just like her. These games have become more than just a fun past time, they became part of my life. I can’t wait till the next game (I’m sure it will be awesome) to come out. Nancy Drew will live on forever and I hope other people find joy in the joyful games Her Interactive makes for jolly good people like us (I know I did).

Book em Danno,

Toni W.

Dear Her Interactive,

As a single mom of three, money and time are hard to come by. About six years ago, someone gave my 9 year old daughter a Nancy Drew computer game. We all gathered around the computer just to help Jessica solve the game. To our surprise, it was the most fun we had had in a very long time! Our family quickly fell in love with the Nancy Drew games!! But more than that, we fell in love with the idea of working together to solve these games while spending quality time together! Thank you so much for the laughter, the family time, and all the wonderful memories your company has brought to my family. Nancy Drew is a tradition that will be passed on for generations!

With gratitude,

Melissa K.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was probably 10 years old when I first received Stay Tuned for Danger, and I was hooked. Ever since, I have anxiously waited for the release date of the next game. I have played all the games and have grown up with Nancy Drew. I loved every aspect of the games: the brave, creative, resourceful personality of Nancy, the beautiful graphics, the unique characters with their own jokes and quirks and the heart-pounding exciting, stay-up-all-night plots.

Now, I’m 22, and I still play the games when I have free time and need a break from studying. Sometimes, when I meet other girls my age, I tell them I love the Nancy Drew games, and their faces light up as they tell me they’re big fans, too. You can never be too old for these games!

Now, I’ve almost completed a journalism degree, partly in thanks to the games. Nancy Drew has not only been amazingly fun, but she’s taught me to continue to seek out information and to not be afraid to be smart and independent. I know I will continue to anticipate the next Nancy Drew games, no matter how old I get. I hope my children will one day know the magic of Nancy Drew, too!

Love from a big fan,

Thomasina J.

Dear Her Interactive,

I first become a Her Addict when I stayed over at a friend’s house when I was nine. She was playing SSH and I watched her play. When I went home I told my parents that I wanted a Nancy Drew game for my tenth birthday. For my birthday they got me SSH and DOG. Me and my dad played SSH first and had a ton of fun although I was completely confused with the culprit. Somehow I had gotten the ending completely confused from what it actually was and I didn’t believe the culprit was really the culprit until the credits. Playing DOG was a blast too. I was terrified the whole time and had Dad traverse the woods by himself while I hid my eyes.

I have been a fan ever since and buy the games as soon as they come out. Her Interactive games are my favorite games because they are made for girls and are so much fun without all the blood and gore that prevail in games geared for guys. I now have my whole family hooked on them and have gotten all my friends hooked also. Now they count down the days till the release of the new game along with me although sometimes my family shakes their heads at me when they run into the room when they hear my screaming in excitement at the latest game or contest. I will always be a huge fan of your games. Thanks!

From the biggest fan,

Katherine C.

Dear Her Interactive,

I don’t even know where to begin! The obsession in question started when I was very young. Having been a bookworm my whole life, I received stacks of books for Christmas and my birthday every year. One year in particular I unwrapped a little yellow book and was immediately intrigued. From that moment on, I have been a die-hard Nancy Drew fan. When I discovered the computer games my mind was blown! After receiving Treasure in the Royal Tower for my birthday, I holed up in my room for a few days and played until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. Ever since then, my 20 year old brother and I have been obsessed, (him a little more secretive about it, ha!)

Since then, I have purchased and completed every game in the series. The feeling of success I get when I complete a game is extremely rewarding. It shows that no matter how frustrating something is, I can always find a logical way to push through it and solve the problem. I love the evolution of the graphics and the ever increasing intricate story lines. My favorite games are the ones that take place in old houses or hotels since I am a history major. There have been MANY times where little tidbits of information I’ve picked up from the games have come in handy during school or even just for the sake of knowing something interesting that no one else does. It has certainly taught me roman numerals, ha! The games have impacted my life in so many ways; I wouldn’t give my experience of growing up with them for the world. They have always, and continue to, stimulate my mind and pique my intrigue with every game I play.

I’m 19 years old now and proudly play Nancy Drew games in my dorm room all the time. My roommates are fully aware of my love and know never to interrupt me while I am playing. It has long since been a dream of mine to be involved with the process of creating a game as wonderful as this. Perhaps one day I will have the privilege of working behind the scenes since I do love history and would LOVE to virtually recreate a place or a storyline for a Nancy Drew game. I get goose bumps just thinking about it! I truly think the experience has educated me and impacted my life in more ways than originally intended by the game makers. Never stop making these games! Ever!

Thank you so much,

Denise S.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was 11 years old when I picked up my first Nancy Drew game. I was a fan of the books and thought, “How exciting that there are PC games based off of the book series! I hope this is good…” My first Nancy Drew game was Treasure in the Royal Tower. I absolutely fell in love with it. This game has brought so much happiness to my life considering my sad childhood. I didn’t have very much to look forward to. A new Nancy Drew game was one of the few things that brightened my childhood. I would get my paper and pen and a snack to prepare myself for some serious game time. I always take my ND games seriously! To this day it always brings such fond and happy memories.

I have been playing Nancy Drew games for nearly 9 years! I am never too old for something that brings me such joy and happiness. It is now my husbands’ joy to buy me these games as each new one comes out. Not only do I have fond memories of this game, but I now have a new tradition with my husband each time a new game comes out. I feel just like that 11 year old girl every time I sit down with my snack, my pen and paper, and my new Nancy Drew game!

Thank you so much for keeping my childlike heart alive, keep it up!
Lauren E.

Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Angela. I’ve been reading the other fan testimonials and I’m here to say that I’m not the Angela you selected earlier. But it was creepy that when I was reading hers, she said she has a half sister…. And so am I! Anyways, I am obsessed with Nancy Drew! My mom and I love mysteries like Sherlock Holmes, Angels and Demons (which by the way, I knew right away who the bad guy was and I got it right!), Mystery Murder Dinner Theater, and of course Nancy Drew. Lani Minella is an amazing voice actress but I do have to give a nice big THANK YOU to all the other voice actors and actresses and of course the people who all make it happen… the graphic designers and the writers (sorry if I’m missing anybody but I don’t know all the job names but I am giving you a big than you as well.)

When I grow up I really want to be a movie director and/or writer and I feel like the Nancy Drew games are like movies. And as the writer inside me, may I make a suggestion? Well, I’m half Russian and my mom is fully Russian and I usually play Nancy Drew with my dad but if my mom seems that Nancy Drew is going to Moscow, I think without a doubt she would play this Nancy Drew. My birthday is in April but I am a person who likes to plan ahead and I’m of course having a Nancy Drew party and I’m thinking of having a Bento Box birthday cake and when my friends first come in they will each get a clue to where I hid the keys to the cabinet with all the Nancy Drew games I own and whoever gets to them first gets to pick which game we are playing for the rest of my birthday party. Anyways, I got to go play Nancy Drew. As Abby would say in Message in the Haunted Mansion… Have a celestial day!

Nancy Drew obsessed fan,
Angela Laraine P.

Dear Her Interactive,

I began an early love for Nancy Drew when my sister introduced me to the book series. I was instantly hooked. My first PC game to play was Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. I loved it mainly because of the Hardy Boys. 🙂 I then played every game in the series with my three sisters and brother. We all enjoy gathering around the computer to solve the mysteries. We have yet to play Alibi in Ashes, and are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

I have also played one of the Nancy Drew games for the Nintendo DS, and have read the mobile mystery for the iPod touch. I also hope to play the Dossier series as well.

Your loyal fan,
Amanda P.

Dear Her Interactive,

Nancy Drew has been a huge part of my life since before I could read my first words. My absolute favorite books were the Nancy Drew books that my mom had read to me, starting when I was about two. When I was four, my mother took me to Staples with her. While I was looking at the computer games for anything Barbie (just as any little girl with a computer, haha!), I stumbled upon a small, slightly worn Stay Tuned for Danger game sitting in solitude on the rack. I couldn’t quite read yet, but I definitely recognized the “Nancy Drew” in big letters sprawled across the top of the case. Relentless begging on my part finally got me my very first Nancy Drew game. Unfortunately, since I couldn’t quite read yet, when the sound on my computer went out, I had to stop playing. When I finally received a new computer to play (along with Secrets Can Kill and a few new books), neither of my Nancy Drew games worked on it. The system was too new I guess. I was SO happy when SCK was remastered because I could finally play it. I’m still praying that the game that introduced me to the Her Interactive world, Stay Tuned for Danger, will be remastered too, lol.

I finally ended up finishing my first Nancy Drew game with Treasure in the Royal Tower when I was six, and since then I have been solving ND games every chance I get! I remember getting so scared that I actually had to stop because of all of the close calls and creepy details in every game. I am now a senior in high school and an LPN Nursing Student at our local vocational school. Becoming a nurse has just made so much sense to me because I get to be a sort of medical detective to make sure that any patients I care for feel better.

I will never outgrow Nancy Drew. I honestly think that I will still be playing these games and reading these books when I’m 90 years old. I’m even starting to intrigue my Fiancée with these games as I play them in front of him! Thank you, Her Interactive, for giving me these games because they have been the absolute best escape, an inspiration, and a wonderful comfort to me all my life. I hope to see one of your masterpieces underneath my Christmas tree this year!

Much love and warmest Holiday wishes!
From a very grateful fan,
Aja G.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was 9, my mother brought me home my very first Nancy Drew game. It was Message in a Haunted Mansion, and I remember being too scared to play it, for months. I think the moving eyes in the portraits, really got to me as a kid who seriously believed in ghosts. When I was also 9, I met my best friend. She ended up, loving mysteries, just as much as I do, and she gave me enough courage to complete that first game I was too scared to myself.

Nothing was more exciting or anticipated than the release of a new Nancy Drew, and we’d have such fun watching then re-watching the trailers. We’d make up dances to the intro music, and we’ve dialed Ned Nickerson, George Fayne and Bess Marvin’s numbers so often, we even know them by heart. At one point in high school, we logged them into our cellphones, because it just didn’t feel right without them there to call if we needed any clues. We even tried to make one of the recipes listed in The Secret of Shadow Ranch, and quickly realized, it wasn’t at all edible. The dog wouldn’t even eat it. Our parents still make fun of us, for that one. We also can never forget, the time we drove all the way to Chicago, just to see the Mayan exhibit in honor of Secret of the Scarlet Hand. We got a few glances when we took out our magnifying glasses we bought for just that occasion.

Now we’re both 21, and have moved away from our familiar childhood places, and each other. We’ve made some new friends, and have grown up and created new lives for ourselves. But throughout all this chaos and stress of being an adult, the one thing that brings us together twice a year, is Nancy Drew. No matter what we’re doing, or the responsibilities or stresses life has brought us, For one day, because yes, we do not sleep until we’ve caught that sucker of a culprit, we’re 9 again, back in her basement, too scared to make the next click but determined to solve the mystery.

Alison N.

Dear Her Interactive,

I first started playing the Nancy Drew games one summer, when I was about seven. One of my friends had these two games, Secrets Can Kill and Stay Tuned for Danger, and she told me that they didn’t work on her computer, so she gave them to me. I thought nothing of it, “oh cool, just another game,” and I completely forgot about them when I got home.

Then one day a few months later, I found the games again and, having nothing better to do, I loaded them both onto my computer. I played SCK first, and when I finally finished I was so intrigued that I had to play Stay Tuned for Danger. I played it in one sitting, unable to tear my eyes away from the screen, only pausing gameplay to go on when I came across a hard puzzle for which I needed a hint. I was completely hooked! Little did I know that eight years later I would still be playing the games.

From that day on, my friend and I would have a frequent “Nancy Drew Sleepover” whenever a new game came out. We stayed up all night, our eyes glued to the screen, taking turns at manning the mouse and taking notes. Together, we solved every game we could get our hands on.

These gam games have always been a thrill for me to play. I relished the feeling of my heart beating wildly and my palms sweating profusely at the mere thought of entering the ghost town in The Secret of Shadow Ranch. My friend and I screamed at the top of our lungs when we saw the girl in the mirror during Message in a Haunted Mansion. Our favorite game is Curse of Blackmoor Manor, and I recall us staying up late at my house and jumping at every shadow, every little sound, every sign of movement.

I have learned so much from these games, and they have had a major impact on my life. They’ve taught me about culture and different things, and I have so many facts stored in my head that I learned from Nancy. The games are great for people of all ages; they keep you on your toes and require you to think and recognize patterns. My parents are thrilled that I love these games, because they are safe and educational, while still being fun. I am even considering going into video game design and possibly even working at Her Interactive in the future.

Even now that I am 15 years old and very different from the person that I was at the tender age of seven, my love for Nancy Drew has always been there with me, and always will be. Nancy is an amazing role model, and your games have made her come to life in such a realistic way. Friends may come and go, but Nancy will always be there for me when I need a pick-me-up. Please, never stop making these wonderful, inspiring games. I want my children and all children of future generations to have the opportunity to experience the joy that Nancy has brought into my life. I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you, for bringing me joy in a package twice a year! 🙂
Lots of love,
Alissa T.

Dear Her Interactive,

I’ve no idea where to begin on this letter of my Nancy Drew journey. I suppose starting with the first game that has forever changed my life would be a good place. I remember I was at the mall with my parents one day. We went into a game store, and my mom saw a computer game sitting on the shelf. My mom had been a Nancy Drew book fan from when she was younger, so seeing Nancy Drew on a computer game she instantly knew she had to show it to me. Message in a Haunted Mansion—sounded like a promising title for me. I bought the game, took it home and hurriedly installed it, played it for about fifteen minutes then shut the game off. I was easily frustrated at my young age and, not knowing how amazing the Nancy Drew games really were, I just stopped playing when I got frustrated.

I’ll be the first person to admit: this game scared me half to death when I first started playing it. The chairs inflating by themselves, the strange music that came out of nowhere, the random duck/swan side table in the parlor moving when you are far away, but not when you were close up. Creepy much? My parents thought it would be funny to come in one day when I was playing this particular Nancy Drew game—in the dark mind you now—and yell boo while tapping me on the back. Needless to say I jumped up to the ceiling and practically started crying. I was too afraid to finish my game for at least a month. Finally, I convinced my mom to come in the room with me long enough for me to finish my first ever Nancy Drew game. I was hooked from that point on. I immediately started searching for Secrets Can Kill, and Stay Tuned for Danger (the only other games available at that time).

The next two games hold a special place in my heart: Treasure in the Royal Tower and The Final Scene. TRT holds a special place in my heart because it really helped spark my interest in history. I had always somewhat liked history, but having this game take place in a castle with books and portraits of Marie Antoinette helped spark my interest for that time period. Because of this game I got very interested into Marie Antoinette and began looking for more books on the subject; to this day it remains one of my top five favorite historical time periods, and I attribute it to this game.

The next game I hold very near to my heart is The Final Scene. I received this game as a Christmas present one year. I un-wrapped a package and saw a Nancy Drew game case staring back at me—but that wasn’t all. This very special game also game with a little magnifying glass necklace. Black cover with Nancy Drew printed on it; a little magnifying glass swung out for easy, yet hidden detective work. To this day I still own that necklace. I would wear it as I was playing my Nancy Drew games. As with TRT this game also sparked an interest in history for me. Learning things about Harry Houdini was fascinating, and done in a way that made me want to just gobble up any little historical nibblet I could find in that game.

Fast-forward ‘x’ amount of years later to the present day; I’m a senior in college…and I am still just as addicted to Nancy Drew games as I was however many years ago when I first began my Nancy Drew journey. When I’ve ordered a new Nancy Drew game from Her Interactive and shipping starts I pity any UPS truck that comes within fifty miles of my house. That excitement is still just as raw and present as it was when I was searching through various toy stores trying to find the gigantic box which represented my new Nancy Drew game. Her Interactive not only got me addicted to collecting both the Nancy Drew games and the boxes of the older games, but also got me interested in the Nancy Drew books themselves. My mom had a smaller collection of the original yellow hardback books from when she was younger so I began reading those. One thing led to another and next thing you know I have an entire bookshelf full of Nancy Drew yellow hardback books. I then delved into the Nancy Drew case files—two shelves full of those were the outcome.

I come to my last Nancy Drew present I received, which I will forever love and hold dear. My mom found a Nancy Drew calendar and presented it to me for Christmas one year—along with a Nancy Drew official cookbook and a small collection of very old Nancy Drew books—we’re talking like 1930s old people. None of these amazing books and collector’s items would have been in my possession had it not been for Her Interactive sparking my interest in Nancy Drew. I will be forever grateful to them for not only sparking my interest for Nancy Drew books and reading, but for also getting me more interested in history which is still, to this day, one of my biggest passions in life. So, to end this ranting and slightly longer than anticipated testimony I would like to thank everyone at Her Interactive who makes these games possible. From the game developers and testers, to the phone operators, to the cover art designers, to the actors who provide the voices for our beloved Nancy Drew characters—thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I’m sure that I speak for all Nancy Drew fans when I say we hope that you will continue making these games forever so that everyone has a chance to have their lives touched by the always classy Nancy Drew.

Love your fellow detective,

P.S. If you want to release an early copy of Tomb of the Lost Queen for testing purposes, this history/Nancy Drew lover wouldn’t be offended at all if she got one sent her way :p

Dear Her Interactive,

I would just like to thank you for bringing my sister and me closer together. We have always loved the Nancy Drew books, and when Secrets Can Kill came out we purchased it immediately. However, I was only 9 at the time, and my sister being 15, it was a tad difficult for us and we never beat it. We forgot about our Nancy Drew computer game, and as we got older we also grew apart. Alas, fate would not allow us to completely forget our Titian haired pal.

In 2005 our mom came home with a new Nancy Drew game, The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. My sister and I decided to play it, and beat it within a few days. After that point, we became addicted. When we found out that there was a whole Her Interactive website and so many more Nancy Drew games we were thrilled! We came up with excuses to buy the games for each other, and for the next couple of years, I always got a Nancy Drew computer game for a birthday or Christmas present from my sister, and vice versa. Today, we have played all the Nancy Drew games (Yes, even our 1998 version of Secrets Can Kill!), and we pride ourselves in beating them all without using a strategy guide or having to go to the message boards! Even though my sister, now 28, doesn’t live at home anymore, when a new Nancy Drew comes out we always make time to come together and play the new game. So thank you Her Interactive for repairing my relationship with my sister, and bringing us closer together!

Dorothy L.

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