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We love making games that make a difference, and we’re always thrilled to receive feedback from our fans about how our company and Nancy Drew products have made an impression on their lives.

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Dear Her Interactive,

There is nothing I find more enjoyable than playing Nancy Drew games on the weekends. I have played and replayed every game available for the PC. Each story is so enjoyable and the graphics are always amazing.

I look forward to playing these games for many, many years to come! Please, never stop making these extraordinary games.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I hope for nothing but the best when it comes to keeping Her Interactive alive for as long as possible.

Kelly N., Nancy Drew fan for life

Dear Her Interactive,

December 25, 2005 is when our lives changed. It was Christmas night and we popped “The Haunted Carousel” into the computer. When the first screen came on, we were amazed and in disbelief. Playing the game was a captivating, thrilling and unforgettable experience – one we will never forget. We were instantly hooked and entered a new world that we loved – puzzles, mystery, a beautiful environment that held fascinating characters, an intriguing plot and exciting music. The music brought each scene to life and seemed to be crafted by an artist who we would easily call “genius” and “infinitely gifted”.

Each available game was quickly purchased and played with the same amazement and enjoyment. We were addicted and were provided with countless hours of family entertainment that brought us closer together and allowed us to have a positive, common interest. Our enthusiasm grew with the release of each new game, but we still had our favorites – Treasure in the Royal Tower, Shadow Ranch, Old Clock, Blue Moon Canyon and of course, the classic – Blackmoor Manor – the pinnacle of perfection. Blackmoor Manor, in our opinion, offers numerous fascinating puzzles, a riveting plot, scary moments, memorable character,s a gorgeous environment and of course, the music – sheer genius.

We cannot accurately put into words how much we love all of the games. Each game in the series has been played over and over. We wait anxiously in anticipation for each new game release – knowing we can add a new classic to our complete library. (My personal favorite is Resorting to Danger). My family listens to the Nancy Drew music every day, quizzes each other on Nancy Drew game trivia and are always in the midst of playing at least two of the games.

Thanks to Her Interactive for forever changing our lives for the better. Signed – Nancy Drew Fans Forever

Dana L.

Dear Her Interactive,

I read the letter that said Her lost a fan in Rachel Vaughn that particular day. I grieved along with everyone because I have a daughter who is almost 15 years old and it done something to me. I read on and found out that the game was being dedicated to her.

Well, time went on and I got the game and started playing it. I opened up Nancy’s suitcase and there was a picture of Rachel. That was the most precious and sweetest thing I have ever heard a (game) company doing for their fans. It was as if Nancy was taking her on an adventure with her.

So the reason why I write you all is to let you know that Her is the best game company ever. I have played Tomb of the Lost Queen with a special excitement because TMB is a special game.

I’m very proud to be called a Nancy Drew fan, especially knowing that a company has compassion for the fans as well as integrity to provide a family-oriented game.

Well done to all the staff and contributors of Nancy Drew PC games, and especially to Tomb of the Lost Queen.

Devoted fan and customer,
Shirley F. L.

Dear Master Sleuths of Her Interactive,

A big hello from the Netherlands, my name is Venus I am 56 years young! 😀 I live in the south of our country and am a mother of 4 beautiful children.

How I did I get to playing Nancy Drew? Well, because most of the time I am in bed because walking is not very easy for me, so sometimes I go online with my laptop and surf on my fav website (Amazon) and look for adventure games or sleuth movies (Marple/Poirot) at a very low price, and there was the game Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek, so I looked it up because want to know what it was all about.

I ordered the game and from that moment I was hooked. Honestly, I still try to get them at low price and I have a lot of them now.

What great games! They are full of mysteries. The interaction between Nancy, Bess, George, Ned and others is so wonderful and funny. For my birthday I got Alibi in Ashes from the kids and from that moment I started saving some money for the next ND game: Tomb of the Lost Queen. I had saved enough to buy the pre order (Bonus Edition, yeah!).

Today (11-05-2012) I received the game and started playing it and at that moment I was thinking I’ll have to share with you all what these games mean to me:

My brain keeps being challenged
I need to keep thinking
I need to think outside the box
Consider other’s thoughts
How to be a Sleuth
Imagine: how I would I do it?
They are fun
Great for relaxing
I have a great time
They keep my mind healthy and reminds me to enjoy life
So thank you Master Sleuths of Her Interactive who helps and provides me with all of this.
Already saving up for The Deadly Device!

Thanks for the great times the games give me.

Kind regards,

Dear Her Interactive,

I think this will be a very lengthy one, so watch out. I’m going to share all of my ND stories that I remember. My first game wasn’t actually mine. I don’t even know how we came to own it, I was 2 at the time. I think my brother and I were at Target and each got 1 game, mine being “Where is Linus’ Blanket, Charlie Brown?” But his was, “Secret of the Scarlet Hand.” I. Loved. It! I played it day-in and day-out, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen Joanna check the lock on the Pacall display case. I still have many fond memories of that game, such as completing the pottery puzzle, or finding the Monolith Document, or jumping when Taylor walks up to you when you first examine the monolith.

The next games were actually mine. I got a 2 pack that consisted of Treasure in the Royal Tower, and The Final Scene. I played FIN for about 30 minutes, and me being 2 I had to go to bed. The thing about me then was that if I couldn’t get past a puzzle, or get the game progressing again, I would stop and play a different one. So, the next day I played it got frustrated, and installed Treasure in the Royal Tower. I remember being excited because you start out in the room that the tutorial was in for the past 2 games. I remember while playing that game, when you turn of the lights Jaques (I think) will say “TURN ON THE LIGHTS!”, or when you broke in to the library and I just got completely scared. (I was easily scared at the time).

After I had played Scarlet Hand, I was in love. I can’t remember which games I got after that, but I eventually got the 30th anniversary (at least I thought it was? It could’ve been 80th.) pack. It was the first time I played SCK or STFD. I liked them. The whole time I was playing these games, my brother, who was 10-11, (when we were first playing them, he’s 8 years older than me) was playing them along with me. At the time I had been playing them on a Compaq Windows ME laptop, but in 2004 that all changed. My brother got a Dell Desktop for his room running Windows XP. A proper description of me and his experiences with that computer would be a Nancy Drew machine. We played at least one ND Game every day, and when we got stuck, we would run across the hall to the computer with internet and get hints from (A great website for hints, readers take note!), and then run back.

We played them every day until the day we moved out of the house. My love for Nancy Drew started in that night playing Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, which I had gotten as a present for the prior Easter. Even when we moved in to the apartment, I still played them. And those are some of the stories I remember from all the way back when I was 2.

And here I am, 10 Years old, and this day, I’m going to Target to get some soda and TMB. Thanks for 8 years of fun, and cheers to 8 more!

Best wishes,
Austin C.

Dear Her Interactive,

It was a dark and stormy night. I hid under a blanket, clutching my flashlight and forcibly prying my eyes open as I attempted to finish the last few chapters of The Secret of the Old Clock. I had no way of knowing how late it was, and I didn’t particularly care. All that mattered was solving the mystery that had kept me up for nights on end. What was really in the clock? Would Nancy escape the burglars?

With sweaty palms and my nose buried deep within the musty page creases, a smell I can recall to this day, I didn’t even notice my parents crack my bedroom door open. They typically would have been furious with me for staying up so far past my bedtime, but this was a momentous occasion: The Secret of the Old Clock was the first book I decided to read of my own free will. Before that day, I was threatened with every punishment under the sun to get me to read just the required materials for my classes at school. Nancy Drew turned me into a voracious reader nearly overnight.

What my parents first thought a blessing soon turned into a curse when I brought my first Scholastic book order form with nearly every box checked off on it. I was distraught when told that I could only pick one thing out of the catalog, but I knew which item it had to be: the double dare PC games titled Treasure in the Royal Tower and Stay Tuned for Danger. Excitedly, I brought the games home and installed them immediately. I made it about two hours into the first game before shutting it off and refusing to go near it again for nearly three years. I dared to play, but I did not dare finish!

People may disregard the Nancy Drew games as things for children, but to this day there are some games in the series I can hardly make it through without covering my eyes at one point or another. I still have an occasional nightmare as a result of playing Shadow at the Water’s Edge. Beyond this, the puzzles are stimulating and I always finish a game having learned something new about the world I had never considered before, such as how to read secretary’s shorthand, the names and purposes of Egyptian gods or the meaning of storm weather symbols. There are several times a concept has come up in class that I understood easier than other classmates only because I played a Nancy Drew game.

This is a series of games I hold near and dear to my heart. I find it amazing that nearly 10 years after reading The Secret of the Old Clock for the first time, I’m experiencing it first-hand with new twists and puzzles. The games provide entertainment as well as enrichment and I hope to one day, God willing, play them with my daughters. I’m looking forward to see what the Her Interactive developers cook up next. It is a wonderful thing that you have all done!

Anna K.

Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Kim K. and I have been a huge fan of your games ever since I saw the McKenzie & Co. Game on a commercial when I was 15. That was one of the most memorable games from my youth. We still have the game but it doesn’t quite work right on our new system but my 14 year old daughter has played it a few times and really enjoyed it. We’ve also played quite a few of the Nancy Drew games you all make too. Also love those!

I have a 14 year old daughter and my niece has daughters aged 9, 7, and 6. We have so many wonderful things to say about your company and how you have appropriate games for our girls.

Kim K.

Dear Her Interactive,

Thank you, for years of entertainment. Thank you, for making video games that I don’t have to worry about bad language, innuendoes, or gore and violence. Thank you, that Nancy never believes in the ghost stories or haunting rumors. Thank you, for staying so true to the Nancy Drew that is in the books.

My grandpa first bought me Treasure in the Royal Tower when I was nine. I had been reading every Nancy Drew book I could get my hands on since I was 7. It was awesome to actually be playing as my most admired heroine. I found out a girl at church played the games too, and I would talk to her about them all. the. time. She got tired of me, I talked about them so much. 🙂
I would save up my allowances until I could buy the next game. It usually took about three months. I was especially thrilled with the “double dares,” since that meant more for my meager buck. Whenever I would get a load of birthday money, my first thought would always be how many games I could buy with it.

I am now about to enter college, and twenty bucks is a little easier to come by. I plan on keeping up with the games, as I don’t think that the clean, fun entertainment is something to grow out of.

I know that there are people who are disappointed with the progress that the games have taken. So I just wanted to give you a message that I love what you’re doing, and I hope you never stop.

Sarah G.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was about seven when I first started getting into Nancy Drew games. I was walking through Target looking through the computer games. I found Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion and I thought it looked like a really cool game! I bought it, went home and ran to the computer in my house and started installing it. When I started playing it, I was ecstatic. The mystery just sucked me into the game like I was actually there!

The second Nancy Drew game I bought was Treasure in the Royal Tower, and I thought it was great too! That’s when I became hooked, and started buying every new Nancy Drew game that came out! Now, fifteen, I have Nancy Drew game cover pictures all over my room that I have printed out off of Google! I’m pretty much a Nancy Drew nut!:)

-Brooke A.

Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Sydney and my whole family loves Nancy Drew. One day, we were all looking for a fun, fresh, new game to play. That is when we saw Nancy Drew, The Secret of Shadow Ranch. We thought it was perfect because we were headed off to our own ranch in Oklahoma and needed something to do. We started it there and enjoyed it so much. I remember trying to go to sleep two camping trips later while the rest of my family was playing especially loud. Ever since then, we have played every game and beat every one. We have tried to find something else like it to play, but nothing comes close. We love these games so much; my brother and I (yay for guys who like Nancy Drew) tracked the package every day and then watched out the window with binoculars until the mail man came with Ransom of the Seven Ships. You guys are awesome.

We went back then, and played the earlier games. You can be cleaning out the house and find pieces of paper with ramblings and puzzle solutions from Danger on Deception Island, Secret of the Scarlet Hand, Message in a Haunted Mansion, and more. I now know to put everything in one journal. I have played and replayed Scarlet Hand so many times; I think I have memorized the key conversations. I impressed my ancient languages teacher by saying the Nahuatl word for snake. Real world uses for Nancy Drew there.

Nancy Drew has taught me to be brave. I am one of the biggest scaredy cats. Ever. I was scared to go into the locked classroom in fear of Paige looking in and seeing me. I am braver now. I even looked when the ghost was there in Shadow at the Water’s Edge. That is huge for me. Really. Not kidding. Nancy Drew is a good way (in my opinion) to stay sharp over summer break. Puzzles make you think. Thinking is good. Over all, Nancy Drew has made me a better person.

Thank you for giving me something I can do when I am board or not board or just want to feel adventurous and have fun.

Sydney G. and the Diamond G crew

Dear Her Interactive,

Earlier today I went to my local library in the small town of Claremore, Oklahoma. While walking by one of the shelves in the non-fiction section, I caught a glimpse of the book Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her by Melanie Rehak. Being a huge Nancy Drew fan, I instantly picked it up and carried it home with me. Just from the first few pages of the introduction, I understood what Rehak was talking about when she began remembering her favorite Nancy Drew mystery. She remembered the many times Nancy had been kidnapped and how somehow she was always able to escape a horrible death. Eventually Rehak mentioned that her mother had also been a fan of the books, except she read the royal blue hardbacks from the 1940s instead of the yellow hardbacks we’ve all come to love. Rehak’s mother said that she wished she had saved those older books, but she never had any idea that her own daughters would come to love the icon that she grew up reading about.

That statement got me thinking about, well, me and my love of Nancy Drew. To be honest, I had never heard of Nancy Drew until I was about thirteen-years old (now seventeen). I think it’s amazing that this teenage amateur detective from the fictional River Heights has become such an icon for young girls (and even young boys!). If you had told me I would be reading Nancy Drew books as constantly as she is solving mysteries, I wouldn’t have believed you. But, that’s how it is now! Sure, I have always been an avid reader, but I never read the classics. They were just never interesting to me.

Until my friend introduced me to one of your bestselling games, Curse of Blackmoor Manor (the DVD version). After that, I was able to get my hands on Danger by Design, the first Nancy Drew adventure game I had ever completed. To this day, I’m proud to say I’ve solved every single one and am currently working on Nancy’s newest mystery Tomb of the Lost Queen. And, obviously, I didn’t just stop at the games. I tried reading the books as well and soon became hooked on them, too.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “Well, that’s great and all, but why are you sending us an e-mail?” As the subject line suggests, it’s to say thank you to the whole team at Her Interactive. Thank you for getting me hooked on Nancy Drew. Your goal in these games is to inspire girls of all ages and make the games fun and lasting. Her Interactive, I believe 100 percent that you have accomplished this and will continue accomplishing this. I would love to name off all the times that I’ve known something before my classmates have even begun learning about it, but that would take quite a long time. In the games, you’ve made Nancy come alive and thank you so much for that! To all of the Nancy fans out there she’s much more than just a fictional character. She’s an idol! She inspires us all to be brave and ask questions, even if some people become irritated at us.

Also, thank you for listening to us (the fans). I know you’re constantly checking the message boards after a new game or decision is made. You’re always looking for feedback, good or bad. You can’t please everybody, as I’m sure you know, but I can tell just by playing one Nancy Drew game that you all really put your hardest work into it. While playing Tomb of the Lost Queen last night, my mom came up to me, saw the columns in the temple room and remarked, “Wow. That’s amazing! They really do their homework with these games!”

I suppose now I should wrap up this e-mail before it becomes ridiculously long and I begin to repeat myself. There are just so many words to say to you all that I feel even with this e-mail it wasn’t enough. But that’s probably because I don’t think I can say thank you enough. Thank you for creating these games, Her Interactive. Thank you for keeping Nancy Drew strong, especially in this cyber world we live in. Thank you . . . for everything.

Love a Fan Forever,
Susan F.
(or 1NancyDrew24 on the message boards)

Dear Her Interactive,

I just wanted to tell you the Nancy Drew weekends my friend and I have. Her husband had bought the first one way back as a Christmas gift. That was it for us. We start them usually on a Friday night, going way into the night until we’re exhausted, and then continue the Saturday. I do stay overnight. We play as a team, and have now just finished #25. What fun we have, we would never play the game just by ourselves at home. It’s always been known as our “Nancy” weekends. Keep them coming, you have two very serious sleuths here.

Thanks for all the fun 🙂
Joceline L.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have wanted to write an email to you for quite some time; however, it’s taken me a few months to decide exactly how to say what it is I have to say. You see, Nancy Drew has been a part of my life for about ten years and just recently, I realized what an incredible impact she has had in my life. I feel as if I should share our experience together with you all. My name is Brittney A. I am 18 years old, freshly graduated from Nazareth Area High School in Pennsylvania and plan on attending Pennsylvania State University for forensic science in the fall. I picked up my first Nancy Drew book in third grade(2002), and shortly after I found Her Interactive’s Nancy Drew mystery series for PC. Wouldn’t you know, being the tech savvy, daring young girl I was, I decided my first game would be Message in a Haunted Mansion. (Secret: This game scared me so horribly, I put it away for a year before I decided to shove it back into my disk drive again). I solved my first game at age eight without knowledge of the extremely helpful message board, and within that time span, bought about four more to play sporadically until I solved each one. It wasn’t long before my group of friends were calling me every night, asking how to get past a certain spot which I had blown through weeks before. At the end of 2004 I moved overseas to Brussels, Belgium. It was a difficult task, but like Nancy Drew, I loved a challenge and a new culture. Now don’t think I stopped playing the four years I was over there…I had my aunt send me every new game that came out so I could keep up to date with my home girl Nance. Then the best possible thing happened: Nancy went to Paris. My sister and I still play this one over and over just because we love relating to the culture and understanding the French sayings that are slipped in there every once in a while. I can’t tell you how many times I have used random facts I’ve picked up throughout each game with the international culture I was immersed in for four years. They say video games are the death of our society? Not this one. I think if everyone played at least one of them and actually absorbed half of the information thrown at you, our generation would be a lot better off.

Move forward a few years and here I am in Nazareth, Pennsylvania starting high school…still playing Nancy. (I play sports and music as well, not just Nancy Drew computer games I promise :)) It was a rough transition moving from my European utopia to a small town in eastern PA, but Nancy pulled me through yet again. She was there to occupy my time the summer I moved, and to help me decide what I was going to do for the rest of my life when teachers started pressuring us about career choices. I knew what it was like to be somewhere where I wasn’t happy, and I promised myself I would never feel like this again. That’s why I regarded this decision as the biggest one I will ever make. I wanted to wake up every morning, excited to go to work and love where I’m at and who I’m with. So I started looking at what I’m good at. My first thought was art, I always loved art. Why not architecture? Because that only fulfills one of the multiple skills I have acquired over the years. Then I thought about music, which I would love but the economy most likely would not encourage that field. Then one day, as I was on the verge of tears from the magnitude of such a decision, I thought about how I always wanted to be a detective like Nancy Drew when I was younger and drive a blue convertible. If only that were possible. Realistically speaking, I didn’t want to work on the field, I just didn’t have the guts for that, but I did want to make a difference in someone’s life by doing something of the sort. That’s when I thought of forensic science. I had the logic and problem solving skills from years of puzzles in the games, the love for science and a little bit of mystery, and the compassion to feel as if every day made the world a better place. The thought hit me like Jake Hurley’s train speeding to Blue Moon Canyon. There was no doubt in my mind that this was what I was supposed to do. Nance did it again, she saved my future and I will be eternally grateful.

I would just like to thank each and every one of you for helping me become the young woman I am today. I plan to embark on this new journey with the determination and confidence Nancy would have, keeping in mind the innocent love I had for mystery and games like the first time I opened one of Carolyn Keene’s masterpieces or heard “it’s locked.” I hope for many more years of games to inspire girls around the world like they have for me. And I hope my story has justified almost fourteen years of hard work poured into each game. Thank you for ten years of exceptional gaming, all because I dared to play.

Kindest Regards,
Brittney A.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” – Albert Einstein

Dear Her Interactive,

Thank you for replying me with an answer. I’ll be looking forward to the release date. I’m so proud to be a Nancy Drew fanatic. I always thought that only me and my sister in our country plays Nancy Drew PC Games. Well, at least in our state or city. The very first one I played was Secret of the Old Clock.

I still remember when I was like 10 (I’m 21 now), my dad asked me if I wanted to play this Nancy Drew game he downloaded. I was like, what? Who is Nancy Drew? Then he explained that she’s a teenage detective who solves mysteries. I was like, whatever. He intended to download it for my mom to play, but my mom grew bored of it. One day when I was too bored of my old games, I gave Nancy Drew a go. Guess what? I loved it!! Then my sister joined me and we both solved it together.

Now, we both love Nancy Drew PC Games and we play the series as soon as we get it and try to finish as fast as possible. Usually, it takes me only 2 days to finish. Depends. Some needs 3 days if the puzzles are difficult. I’ve solved all the series except for Secrets Can Kill, Message in a Haunted Mansion, Secret of the Scarlet Hand and Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. I don’t know why, but I would like to play them, but I couldn’t find the download and I’m not allowed to purchase online. That’s the problem. I may be a young adult but I still need to respect my parents’ authority over me and my decisions. Well, all I can do is hope that one day I will be able to purchase them online! Before they are discontinued…

Thanks for reading my story and I love Nancy Drew and Her Interactive! Have a nice day!
Poh L.

Dear Her Interactive,

I just wanted to take a moment to send over my thanks for the Nancy Drew video game series, because they have truly had a profound impact on my life.

I was introduced to the games by a friend back in 2008. Since then, four years later, I have bought and own every single game in the series, and have played each game at least twice, if not more. I can say with absolute sincerity that these games make me happy, and offer me an escape from the, at times, harsh realities of the real world. They also teach me to be a better person; whenever I’m frightened, I think of Nancy and how brave she is, and it reminds me to be brave just like her. It certainly adds to the appeal with the fact that the games are so educational. I have learned so much, whether it be Morse code, German folk lore, or how to speak a little Italian.

Words cannot express how much these games mean to me. They have made me more confident, taught me to be adventurous, and offer me a place to go when I feel lost. I may be 18 and I may be a boy, but Nancy Drew will remain timeless, no matter my gender or how old I get. I will continue to play Nancy Drew forever.

My eternal gratitude to all at Her Interactive. Thanks for the best gift in the world.

Your biggest fan,
Wyatt R.

Dear Her Interactive,

I want to thank everyone that works on every single one of these games. I am the victim of a stroke and domestic violence that left me with concussion syndrome and some definite brain damage. Memory problems have been a HUGE part of that. Since I tried the first game I came in contact with of yours (Treasure in the Royal Tower). I was hooked. I made it a point to get ALL of the games. Not only have they been a tremendous help with my memory, it seems like my brain functions better now than ever before. I will confess. Once in a while I do have to sneak a quick cheat in. Most of the time I work it out on my own.

These games have literally given me my life back. I don’t know why anyone has a problem with those little tests through the game. That’s the biggest thing that helped me were those little games. Having to work out the solution made me use parts of my brain that weren’t functioning properly or retrained other parts to pick up the pace of the weakened areas. Please don’t ever change the games. If you don’t believe me how, well, they work. Ask some stroke and brain damaged patients to try them. Watch the results for yourself. Now, with the addition of Tomb of the Lost Queen I have them all. I will anxiously be waiting for the next in the series. Again THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Miss Darcy C.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hi, my name is Julia and I am seventeen.

I was given my first Nancy Drew game (The Final Scene) when I was nine years old. I loved it as soon as I started playing, having read my mum’s old Nancy Drew books from the ’70s avidly. This would start a love affair with Her Interactive’s products that still applies today.

I have had many struggles in my short life. An assault when I was very young led to the development of OCD. I also have Asperger’s, which was only diagnosed when I was fifteen. I have always found social things difficult, but analyzing Nancy’s interaction with the various suspects in each of her cases has definitely helped me to understand why people think the way they do. (Although I can probably come off as nosy – just like Nancy XD). I would definitely recommend Nancy to any “Aspies” out there.

Due to my undiagnosed Asperger’s, I developed depression when I was fifteen, along with an eating disorder. When I was in hospital, I discovered that Shadow at the Water’s Edge had just been released. Playing this game helped me to take my mind off where I was and why I was there. For this reason, it will always hold a dear place in my heart.

I adore the Nancy Drew games, if that isn’t already apparent. I always have. I’ve even managed to find a way to run the older games on my MacBook 🙂 So thank-you, Her Interactive, for assisting me, for educating me, for entertaining me. You’ve been a big help through the whole time I’ve been in contact with you.

Thanks again,
Julia M.

Dear Her interactive,

I’m nearly 22 years old and I still play Nancy Drew. I remember when I got my very first game. I was about 10 and I got Message in a Haunted Mansion for Christmas. I must have played it 3 times during Christmas break. I loved it. But I hesitated to play it at night, because It creeped me out. I would A) Not play, B) Close all the blinds, turn on all the lights, and turn the sound down, or C) make my little brother play with me. He loved it too. From then on, every birthday and every Christmas, I made a list of every Nancy Drew game I didn’t have and gave it to everyone. Eventually I got nearly all of them. When I got Danger by Design, I loved it so much, I took it to my grandparents’ house to replay it, but it broke in half when I took it out the box, I’ve since bought a new one, but after talking extensively to Technical Support, It won’t work on my computer.

The last couple of years have been busy, so I hadn’t been playing. I got married to a Marine last November and moved 500 miles away. Before I moved, I donated all of my Nancy Drew games that weren’t formatted for Vista or 7. Little did I know that I could have made them work. Since being married, I’ve started working from home, so I have a bit of free time, so either its clean house or play a game. What would you do? J So I rebought nearly every game from the Her Interactive website and replayed every game I grew up on, including the new ones. I’ve saved all my games onto a flash driven, because one day, I want my kids to play these games. I want them to know that they can learn while playing and that games can be non-violent and non-sexual and still extremely fun.

Thank you so much for the years of good memories, learning, procrastination, and fun. I hope you can continue to make games for years to come, and never degrade yourselves like many other games, continue to make clean games. Thank you.

Lindsay F.

Dear Her Interactive,

A few years ago, we found out my mom had lung cancer. We went to Mayo Clinic so she could get treatment. That meant a lot of waiting around. But at Mayo Clinic, in some waiting rooms, they have computers that patients and their families can use.

This was when I discovered Her Interactive’s website. I spent countless hours on there, reading the game rumors and other fun things you have. You helped me pass the time and forget some of the troubles my family was facing.

Also, once my mom got treatment, she still couldn’t do a lot of physical activity. When we got home, we played Nancy Drew games together, since she could do that sitting down.

My mom is cancer-free now, and we both love to play Nancy Drew games and are looking forward to The Deadly Device! I just wanted to thank Her Interactive for providing us something fun my mom and I can do together, and helping me forget my troubles.

Many thanks to all of you, and may many more games come from this company!

A devoted Her fan,

Dear Her Interactive,

I am a HUGE fan of Nancy Drew. I grew up reading the books and watching the mini soap opera that once came on television. I have been playing the Nancy Drew PC games since I was in elementary and now I am in college and I wouldn’t dream of buying any other PC game. I liked that you decided to make one of the games available for the Wii system. As a fan, I would really like to see future games available on multiple platforms (i.e. Wii, Xbox, Kinect, iPhone, etc.) I feel that it would gain this product even more exposure and more die-hard fans like myself. 🙂

Norrelle C.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was in 5th or 6th grade I went to the library to look for some Nancy Drew books when I came across the little section of games. I saw a copy of “Treasure in the Royal Tower.” At first I thought, “I doubt they made it like the books so it’s probably not that great.” But I decided to give it a try anyway. After I played the game I was so interested and intrigued with how the game played out I wanted to find more Nancy Drew games. Since then, I have played almost every Nancy Drew game thus far (I am now a freshman in college) and am continually looking forward to the new games. A couple of things that have really impacted my life from these games are culture and music.

I am completely fascinated with how well the games have presented the different cultures and countries Nancy goes to. I have learned so much about so many different cultures through the Nancy Drew games that help me almost every day. One specific game that really got to me was “Shadow at the Water’s Edge.” This game got me really interested in Japan and its culture so much that now I am going to learn Japanese! This game made me open my eyes and helped me find something that I love. It has become a place I would love to go to someday. I now look into the culture daily and research it as much as I can.

I love all of the music in the Nancy Drew games. What more can I say? The music may be one of the main reasons I love to play the Nancy Drew games so much! Every piece of music in the Nancy Drew games fit perfectly. The music in “Warnings at Waverly Academy” fit the competitive and ‘elite’ feeling of the school so well. It did make me feel like I was actually in the challenging and competitive school environment generally seen with private/boarding schools. The music in “Danger by Design” made me feel like I was actually in France. Every game has its own style of music that coincides with the environment so well. To me music is another means of exploring culture and the Nancy Drew games have done an absolutely fantastic job of incorporating music, art, culture, traditions, etc. into the games.

Thanks to the Nancy Drew games I have become very interested in different cultures and societies. Though it may seem a bit off, I am studying to be a Marriage and Family Therapist and hope that through understanding many different cultures I can help many people. I can’t think of any better way of getting a ‘sneak preview’ of a culture than playing the Nancy Drew games. I can’t even begin to explain how many things I have seen or learned in the Nancy Drew games that I have expanded and researched on because they were so interesting and new to me. And because music is something close to my heart I feel like I can actually feel and understand different cultures a little bit better through their music and the Nancy Drew games have done such an exceptional job at portraying that. Her Interactive, thank you so much for all of the hard work and research that you all put into these games. They really are life changing and are unlike any other game I have ever played before (which are more than I’d like to admit), not to mention that I have played these games with my siblings and they love it too! Keep up the amazing work and I anticipate the many amazing games yet to come!

Thanks again for the wonderful memories and experiences!

Lisette S.

Dear Her Interactive,

A lot of people would assume that Nancy Drew PC games are just that… games. But sometimes it is necessary to read between the lines and realize that a simple picture can tell an amazing, heart-touching story. A simple picture can leave you thinking- I never want to grow up! I live in London and I am 14 years old and Nancy Drew has changed my life forever! It had an impact on the way I think, the way I react in certain situations and the way I want to set out my future. It started out when I was around 8 or 9 years old…

In 2005, when I was 7, Secret of the Old Clock came out. A year later, when I was getting home from school, I found my sister on the computer, playing this game and trying to figure out how to get past the puzzles. I sat next to her and I started thinking, too. Then a year later I discovered all the other games and I became obsessed with them. They are not only super fun and full of adventures but they are educational and make you think, unlike games where you only have to shoot people or jump over things and find hidden objects. This is more than that. This is an amazing experience and each year it is incredible and I always say this year the games was amazing, unbeatable, how could you possibly come back with a better game next year… and no doubt you do! And this is the thought that leaves me thinking, every time you guys make something new, it helps young people to discover the world in a whole new way!

I will buy all the Nancy Drew books, I have ND as a wallpaper on my laptop and all my stories that I write get inspired by Nancy Drew. I love writing! I am already published in a few books and I received awards for talent in creative writing. When I discovered all these amazing ND books, case files, DVDs, movies and TV series, and most importantly when I discovered Her Interactive- I realized I am born to write and whatever I do, I always come back to this dream! I want to write mystery series and I have so many ideas that my goal is to work with other people under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene and create more and more Nancy Drew books, so that this young heroine lives forever! And maybe someday, I could direct a brand new TV series to bring Nancy Drew back to life!

Thank you Her Interactive for changing my life and opening my eyes for the future! You are the best!

Your biggest ever fan!
Nicole S.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have been a fan since the first game came out in 1998. I own every single game and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I am almost 26 years old and I don’t think I will ever be too old to play! I have saved all the games for when I have a daughter I can pass them down to.

Thank you,
East Coast Fan

Dear Her Interactive,

I’m not sure how long this will be, so let’s see how it goes. I hope it’s not a novel by the time I’m finished, I will try to keep it brief.

Let me just say, Nancy Drew is a huge part of my life. Probably bigger than most people’s. Let me fill you in on my backstory, so I can tie this all together. I don’t want to throw myself a pity party so I’ll try to exclude the nitty gritty details as much as possible.

Well, up until 2 years ago, I was in a “perfect Catholic family”. You see, I come from Pennsylvania, and located in a small town in Philadelphia. This place was the kind of town that everybody knew each other’s business. Everybody also had to be “so great” to everybody else. So on the outside, my parents & the rest of my family were the greatest. They worked at my elementary school and were really close with nearly everybody. You would think from the outside looking in I had it good.

Wrong. Once entering my house when no outsiders were around, I was physically, verbally & sexually abused by my drunken father. If my father was not around, my brother mimicked everything he did to me (as he thought this was normal from seeing my father do it to me since he was born). If none of the “men” were around, my mother/grandmother verbally slaughtered me on a day to day basis. When it was time for school or work, we put on our happy faces and put on a show for the neighborhood. Because I was treated this way upon birth, I was trapped my whole life. My parents worked at my elementary school to “babysit me”, if you will, every hour of every day. They wanted me to feel contained and knew by intimidating me that I would never say a word. This was because I was brainwashed into believing nobody would ever believe a stupid young child like me. The rest of my family does know about my delusional house, but they were either too drunk, too “oblivious” or too ashamed to care. The only times we’d see each other were chances where families are supposed to be together. Christmas, Thanksgiving & Easter were when holiday gatherings took place.

As soon as I was able to understand what was happening, I knew I had to escape. I became independent at an unbelievable young age. I understood that the only way to escape my life at home was to excel in school so I could get a good job and make my own path in life. So until high school graduation (I knew that I couldn’t survive staying at my house through college, so I knew I had to make it to high school to get myself some sort of job to save for college and such), I found myself staying involved in anything I could to avoid my house. With a mixture of my parents throwing me into nearly every activity so they could be able to explain any injuries to me, I focused on schoolwork & extracurriculars. I made friends and always insisted on sleeping over their house if I was offered. It was at one of these friend’s homes I discovered she had a PC game that caught my eye – Nancy Drew : Secrets Can Kill. Reading had always been a favorite of mine as well, another way to escape my harsh reality. One of my favorite books had been in fact Nancy Drew. She taught me how to be brave, independent, smart, and all sorts of wonderful things. I could not believe my eyes though when seeing this game, as I was / still am a huge geek in all ways possible. I insisted we play it, as my friend at the time kept getting too scared at parts to finish. So I set off on a journey. I got lost in this virtual world, where I could actually put pictures to plot. I made the decisions and discovered clues. I saved the day. It was after playing this game that I knew I would be okay someday, as silly as that sounds. I knew I’d be okay because I was like Nancy Drew & anything was possible.

Ever since I was 10, I have worked. At home, I was not fed or cared to & had to take that responsibility on my own. So I talked my way into working at my school’s day care. I talked my way into doing lots of little jobs for people. I saved and saved. Any extra money I earned I thought I deserved a reward of some sort – to Toys R Us I went to purchase the newest Nancy Drew game. On these excursions I was lost again in this new environment. All over the world I travelled learning new things and just having fun. Through each game I grew stronger and stronger mentally, picturing myself as Nancy Drew trying to survive my own life.

On top of the abuse in my home, I obviously had my doubts on myself. I developed depression at a very young age and also hated myself from the constant slander of my folks. I tried to commit suicide 3 times. Two of those times I was, believe it or not, saved by the thoughts of “What would Nancy Drew do?” Of course, that wasn’t the only thought going on, but it was one of the firsts I had. I still technically could have died, because the only reason I am still alive is because I was lucky.

You are probably asking yourself, “What happened the 3rd time though? You said you tried to commit 3 times & only mentioned 2 of those times.” Don’t worry, that’s where I am at now.

I have always been the type of person not to belong to a “clique” in school. I just kind of got along with everybody and never really had a long term “best friend”. When high school rolled around, I had a few boyfriends and dates. But those turned out to be boys using me for something or they ended up cheating. So in the back of my mind I have always been by myself. Nobody has ever stuck around to be my friend, except Nancy Drew.

So this is leading up to my third attempt at taking my life. I had been talking to this boy named Justin on the internet (we had a mutual friend) for a while. I really liked him but my life was too overwhelming for me. I condensed my life story pretty drastically for this letter, so let me just tell you now if you think you’ve heard it all – you truly have not. Just take my word for it.

Anyway, I was talking to this guy. At the time we had stopped talking for a while because I had pushed him away – I tended to do that at that age because I was just too scared to let anyone in since I had been hurt so many times.

But right as I was cutting myself and trying to make them deeper (pardon the vulgarity), here pops up a message from this boy I still had strong feelings for on my computer. Right before I was about to cut too deep. I clean myself up. I respond. We start chatting again, for months. We talk on the phone. He comes and we go on our first date months and months later. We start dating.

At this point, nobody knows about my true story. Nobody. People may question but were too scared to take action if they noticed things. After a few months of dating Justin though, he brings up the subject of my family. He can see right through them. Why? Because he comes from a home where the only “normal” people are his mother and one of his brothers. It took him a lot to get me to admit it. Because as I said, I have never discussed this with anybody but myself for 17 years. I never cried or anything up until this point, and I just lost it. I had a breakdown. But all in all it was okay because he still loved me. He still thought I was right for him.

My life got better. Justin helped me through a majority of my depression & eating disorders. It was my senior year of high school too. Justin had a very good job at the time (& still does) and halfway through my senior year he was offered a job promotion to California. We had been dating for over a year officially and he asked me if I wanted to join him after my graduation. I of course said yes, this was my chance to be even MORE like Nancy – travel the world. So, I tolerated my family up until June 28, 2010. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA (Thanks to all those studying pointers from Nancy, and her natural smarts.) I hopped on a plane and am still residing in California, living with Justin in a decent apartment. Yes there are still parts of my life that aren’t going well financially & such, but that’s for another time. This to me is paradise, as it probably isn’t to most other well off people. 🙂 All that matters now is that we are both out of our harmful lives and started anew – with each other’s support 24/7.

He is my Ned. I am his Nancy. I still continue to play all the games. I unfortunately do not have my collection anymore I am sad to say. Upon moving out here in 2010, my parents had gotten ahold of most of my stuff and threw it away, a major part of those things being all my Nancy Drew games. So I only have a few now. I hope to one day be able to afford all of them so I can have the whole collection! So I hope to not be too much of a disappointment with calling myself a true fan 😉
But yes, Nancy Drew is one of my heroes. I am not ashamed to say it. She has gotten me through so much that nobody will ever be able to understand. I will play the games until I die. Because of my passion for Nancy I would love to work for Her one day too, because I am artistically/technology gifted 🙂 But I can’t move to Washington right now – but perhaps one day.

Until then I guess I just wanted to say thank you. If it wasn’t for Her & Nancy Drew, I really do not think I’d be here today. I owe you all my life and just wanted you to know how much you’ve impacted me.

-Julia K.

Dear Her Interactive,

Ever since I was old enough to read, my mother put Nancy Drew books in my path. They were her favorite growing up and since then I have nearly acquired the entire original set.

When I was about ten, my mom found out that someone, somewhere was making Nancy Drew in game form! She was so excited and got me excited as well. I remember driving a good hour with the whole family in tow to look through stores we didn’t have in our small town that might carry them. Much to my disappointment we didn’t find them. My mom ended up ordering it online and I got it for Christmas.

I will never forget what it felt like to open that first box with a Nancy Drew game. Message in a Haunted Mansion was my first and every time I get a new one in the mail my heart races just like it did that first time. I’m ten again and pulling out the packaging to get to the good stuff.

My mother passed away 3 years ago. It took me a long time after her passing to pick one up again. But finally I got caught up and now it’s become a sweet time for me. I get to curl up on the couch for a while and forget what it feels like without her. I’m blessed in such a unique way because as long as you keep making these games, for a little while I’ll be able to tuck away and remember the good times with my mother and feel her beside me, getting excited with every new adventure. She used to tell me that she always dreaded the day I would grow out of them because she would miss it.

Well, I’m now 22 years old and much to the chagrin of my friends and family, I play them still. I catch myself quoting some of the games to people sometimes. They always take me back to those precious days. I own all of them, with the exception of a few misplaced cases and discs and a more recent game that I’m saving up to get. My all-time favorite is Treasure in Royal Tower which Tomb of the Lost Queen ALMOST beat out. 🙂
Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for making those sweet memories possible and for the games you guys take so much time and care to create. I love how sassy the newer characters are becoming! I’ve learned to love the changes and the differences between the games over the years, you can’t beat change, it’s part of life but it makes everyone unique, you just have to learn to go with it.

We have a restaurant chain down here in Tennessee called Pals, I don’t know if you guys have it, but they always write different sayings under their sign, things like, “Daydream”, or “Go to the Beach”. One time I drove by and they had written “Remember the Good People”, and my first thought was remember the fairies? How would they know about that? And then I had a good laugh and thought, that’s when you know you play Nancy Drew a little TOO much!

Thank you for your time! : D

Autumn L.

Dear Her Interactive,

I started playing Nancy Drew games when I was about 13 or 14 years old. Now I’m out of college and I still enjoy playing them because they are some of the only games out there that are exciting and stay out of the proverbial gutter. Your Nancy Drew games encourage good problem solving skills and moral character, like standing up for what you believe is right. So thank you for making awesome clean games!

J. Himes

Dear Her Interactive,

I’ve grown up both playing and reading Nancy Drew. It’s what I love to do. Nancy Drew is life to me. It makes me happy when a new game comes out and I get to play it for the first time. I’ve been playing since I was nine, and I’m still playing and loving it ten years later.

-Amanda S.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hi, I’m 14 years old & LOVE Nancy Drew! I’ve been reading ND since I was 6 years old! I love trying to think like her to solve day-to-day mysteries! My mom, 3 sisters, & I started playing the games together. I love the chilling thrill each of the games gives me! In fact, one night, we (my mom, sister, and I) were up till 1 in the morning playing The Captive Curse. It was storming outside and the wind was blowing hard. We were at an intense part, when suddenly, the wind blew down the chimney, knocking loose the flew, sending it crashing into the living room! We all screamed, jumping out of our chairs, clearing at LEAST 5 feet, (my mom doesn’t remember how she got over the sofa), and dashing to bed! We didn’t even take time to turn the computer off! Needless to say, we haven’t played that late at night or during a storm since! But we still love sitting & solving the mysteries together! It’s something that really brings us together, that my sisters & I will remember into adulthood! Thanks so much!

Keep Sleuthing!

Blonde Heroines Rule 😉
Dell M.

Dear Her Interactive,

I love your games! I can’t wait for The Deadly Device to come out! I am preordering it. Please keep making your games! I have them all.

Tommy Leduc

Dear Her Interactive,

Nancy Drew has made a huge impact on my life. I do not just mean that the games have been fun to play, or that they are a good way to pass the time. When I was 10 years old, my mom got me my very first Nancy Drew game. Actually, it was The Secret of Shadow Ranch/Danger on Deception Island combo pack. I had never heard of them before, and the only reason I started to play is because I enjoyed playing computer games. I do not remember being very excited. However, the moment that game started loading something clicked. I remember getting so excited all of a sudden to play this game that I was literally jumping in my seat.

My brother used to sit by me as I would play for hours, riding the horses, learning about petroglyphs (to this day I still get a fuzzy warm feeling in my heart when I see a familiar petroglyph), and talking to the people. I had been so fascinated by this game; I would play for hours at a time. After this game was finished, I would play the next one. Then I would ask for Nancy Drew games for my birthday, and scrounge up all the allowance money I had to get the newest game.

I am 16 now, and my love for Nancy Drew has not faltered. If anything, my adoration for the games has become stronger. I still buy the games, and at the moment have all but about 4. Nancy Drew has taught me that being yourself is a wonderful thing. And that if you try hard enough, and think fast enough, you can get anything done.

That one game that my mom bought me for Christmas changed my life forever. It led me to the movie, the books, even the shows have started to spark my attention. Thank you so much Her Interactive for giving me a chance to escape in these amazing games. They are not simply just ‘a game’. They have molded me as a person, and without them I would not be who I am today.

With much appreciation,
Shay F.

Dear Her Interactive,

I don’t even know where to start! I read the Nancy Drew series when I was younger (my parent’s would literally have to pry the books away from me because I would read for too long) and when I discovered there were Nancy Drew computer games, I was ecstatic! I got a pack of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th game when I was about ten, which began the hunt for the rest of the games. I have all the games now, and my collection continues to grow.

When I first started playing, I found the games challenging, but gradually they got easier and more fun as new things were being added. After I started playing, I noticed my math and English grades in school going up! These games really inspired me to think abstractly, and some of the knowledge and history tidbits in the games helps out on a daily basis. Plus, I love that your games aren’t very violent, something that’s hard to avoid in the video game market these days.

My favourite game would have to be Stay Tuned for Danger. I love the glamour of New York City, combined with being transported back in time to the 90′s. The music in all of your games is fantastic, and the graphics are excellent as well. Best of all, your games have inspired me to take computer programming when I go to college. I can’t wait to see where Nancy heads off to next! (Scandinavia, maybe?)

Fight the Power!
Althea M.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have been playing your games ever since I can remember! I played them as a little girl, probably around kindergarten, with my cousins. We played almost every time they came to visit. As I got older I kept playing them, but on my own. I have almost every game (I’m missing about three), and I absolutely adore them. I think they have given me some sort of wit, confidence, and geeky-ness, that I love. For some reason I have people calling me “Nancy” because I love these games so much. Haha.

Just getting into high school, I’m already looking at art schools in Washington, so I could (hopefully) intern at Her Interactive while in school. Thank you Her Interactive for living up to all the things you guys say you do. Keep working hard and inspiring girls of all ages! I love you!

Dare to Play,
Grayson C.

Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Stephanie and I’m twelve. I started playing Nancy Drew games in about 6th grade. I was at the book fair at my school and I saw a Nancy Drew game. I was at my friend’s house once and her sister was playing one, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. That’s how I recognized it. It was a cracked Secret of Shadow Ranch game and it was only $3. We had switched to Mac computers at the time, and that was pc ND game, so I didn’t know how I would use it, but I bought it anyways. We still had our old pc in my mom’s desk area, so she finally got it to work and I played it. And I LOVED it. To this day it is still my favorite.

After I finished that one, I hoped they had more somewhere. So I begged my parents to take me to Target to see if we could find one. We found Alibi in Ashes, and I got it. After I while, every time I finished one, I HAD to get a new one. I bought them, played at my friend’s house, got them for Christmas, bought them from eBay, and any other way I could get them, anxiously waiting for them to come or until I got home.

After a while, I was on your website waiting for a contest, or seeing what sales you had or when the next game was coming out. I just wanted to let you know, that you have always made me look forward to something when I’m sitting in boring Math class, and brightened my day with excitement, thrills, snooping (one of MY favorite parts!) and puzzles galore. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I love you guys!

With deep, deep, deep, gratitude,

Dear Her Interactive,

I love the Nancy Drew games and I love you guys coming up with that idea; genius! I know the label might say Her Interactive and for people 10 and up but I have been obsessed with Nancy drew since I was first introduce when I was 8! I love them. The title was misleading because I thought since it was Her Interactive I thought it was only for girls, I was wrong! I love them so much, when I play I cannot stop! Best games ever! I also recently on YouTube I saw a video of your next game. Not to be rude, but man that’s scarier than they were when I was first introduced to the games, but I’m taking the time to type this letter or email because I think you guys rock!

I have lots of games by you guys and I always wonder how they will top the next game because they get better and better and better! I am 12 and I still play whenever I can, but when I start I must find out who the culprit is — so funny! But like I said about the title; a tad misleading, but I understand now. I’m a boy, too, but whenever I tell someone I play Nancy Drew they kind of look at me weird, but I don’t mind because when I play I just love to keep on going!

My favorite parts of the games are finding out who the culprit is, game play (awesome graphics by the way!) and the letters. So I am hoping to get a response but if I do not, I understand. You probably have tons of fan mail and do not have to look at it all and you are probably too busy coming out with super awesome games!

Keep doing what you are doing. You’re making kids around the world happy with your games of awesome detective work! And good job, I know it might not mean a lot but that does to me. I always try to buy the new Nancy Drew games. Good job Nancy Drew crew.

Harrison, a Nancy Drew fan 🙂

Dear Her Interactive,

I am a boy in CO that loves to play your games and each and every one is awesome! Your staff has made me and my friends and family very happy. I would like to say thank you Her interactive, and thank you for reading this email.

-Jose C.

Dear Her Interactive,

I’ve finished yet another Nancy Drew game, and finished as satisfied as ever. I just wanted to thank you all for the work you put into the games, the good graphics, the mystery/storyline, and how the puzzles are hard, but not unbreakable to the average-minded. Every time I play a Nancy Drew game and see the screen pop up, I get excited. I’d also like to thank you for how wholesome the games are. I’m fifteen, and it’s nice to play a game where there’s no swearing or inappropriateness for once. I’ve played Nancy Drew games with my mom too, and she loves them. Keep doing what you do, because I’ll never get old of your games!


Dear Her Interactive,

I am 17 and I have played every Nancy Drew game you have made. A friend introduced me to the oldest ones like Stay Tuned for Danger and Treasure in the Royal Tower. Up until about the time The Haunting of Castle Malloy came out I was quite satisfied. But when they came out after that I became disappointed. The length became shorter and the challenge didn’t seem to be as strong. It used to take me going on 2 or 3 weeks to finish the game. Now it only takes 2 or 3 days. Perhaps it’s that fact that I am older now.

As a huge fan of these games I would love to see them get harder and take a bit longer. Perhaps you could base the games on some of the books, that would be AWSOME! I must say my favorite was Curse of Blackmoor Manor. It was scary but in a good way. They were so much fun, I always looked forward to getting the new one. Thanks for giving such good games! Even though the newest ones are not as good, I still enjoy playing them.

Emily C.

Dear Her Interactive,

Just wanted to send you a thank you for many years of fun and games. I have been playing Nancy Drew games near continuously for about 12 or 13 years by my best recollection. I’ve been playing Nancy Drew games for so long that the earliest memory of purchasing a game that I have is bugging my Mom to take me to Toys R Us to buy Treasure in the Royal Tower. I still have vivid memories of grabbing the box off the shelf, feeling triumphant. As a kid who moved a lot, playing Nancy Drew games became the easiest way to hang out with and create friends. Indeed, I have played ND games over and over with different sets of friends in different states. Sometimes it seems like Nancy might as well be one of my childhood friends!

My favorite game, hands down-completely-never-going-to-change, is Stay Tuned for Danger. Love love love love love love love everything about this game, down to the weird photoshopped pictures, drawers that don’t open, etc. I love all the things to look at that don’t ultimately mean anything for the mystery (the calendar, the torn script, etc). Also, Rick Arlen. It’s been a good 12 years since the first time I played STFD and Rick Arlen is still quoted and revered in conversation between one of my friends and I. (I always check the merchandise store to see if I can buy a poster or mug of Rick Arlen but alas not an option) I was disappointed to see that STFD was discontinued without the possibility of a rerelease. While the compatibility and technical issues for modern computers are huge, it makes me wistful to think that other ND fans will never get the chance to have the living daylights frightened out of them by the endgame (THAT ALARM! LILLIAN SCREAMING! DWAYNE COMING AT YOU! So much panic for little me) or skulk through Mattie’s prop room or spend hours trying to trigger the box arrival. I hope one day you reconsider and release STFD in some format, whether Remastered or a simple digital download.

My other two favorites are Treasure in The Royal Tower and Secret of the Scarlet Hand, in case you were curious. 🙂
I have never regretted my long relationship with Nancy and Her Interactive. I love your games, and I love how involved you have remained with those who buy your games. I’m in grad school now, and I brought my thick stack of games with me in case I needed some relief from schoolwork. Thanks Her Interactive, for giving me a way to make friends, games that I could be involved in (for girls who aren’t afraid of a mouse!), and many fond memories. I truly appreciate all that you do and how far you’ve come since I started playing your games all those years ago.

I do have one *very* random question: Was there a demo on the site for STFD a very long time ago? I remember one vaguely as being somewhat different than the final product.

I’m off to play some DED. I got it for Christmas 🙂
Stacie S.

Dear Her Interactive,

I purchased my first Nancy Drew game when they first came out. That was before I had children of my own. My nieces and nephews would spend the night for my Nancy Drew Theme Parties! They are in their twenties now, and still ask when a new one is coming out. My own boys love playing the games with me.

As a parent, I am always on the lookout for entertainment that doesn’t compromise our values. Nancy Drew games, with the exception of a few, have been consistently good, clean, and challenging! I would like to say “Thank you” to the awesome staff, whom I have communicated with at times. Keep up the good work! The graphics just keep getting more and more impressive. My family has shared countless hours of fun and memories playing your games. In 2013, if you create games that do not emphasize the female anatomy, have offensive language and dark mysticism, you are stellar in my opinion! Keep up the good work!!

Jenn M.

Dear Her Interactive,

I’ve been playing your games for about 11 years! (I think that is the longest out of anybody!) I never really read Nancy Drew when I was younger. Sure, I had a childhood friend who loved to read the yellow books, (mostly three at a time, and she would leave them all around her house!).

I became interested in the games when I got them for Christmas one year as a young teenager, I thought they looked interesting, but I always thought that Nancy was a bit girly (being a tomboy and all) so I decided, ‘hey, why not. If I hate them, I’ll give them to somebody’. So I decided to first play “Secrets Can Kill” (the original one). I found it to be pretty fun, and actually not that bad, (well, expect for a lot of talking to people) so I decided to play the second game. I liked it a lot, and I decided that I actually liked the games, and I’ve been playing ever since! I have liked nearly every game, but my favorites are still the originals (1-5 to me).

Most people I know don’t play the games because they think “Oh it’s Nancy Drew, it’s too girly” when in fact, I have many friends who, like myself (tomboys), who the games! And Nancy Drew is not just for girls, in fact I have two guy friends who play and love the games!

Keep up the good work-
Caitlin M.

Dear Her Interactive,

I grew up reading the original Nancy Drew books (Mystery at The Lilac Inn was my favorite!) and I aspired to be like Nancy Drew when I grew up. I even did a report on how to be a detective in 2nd grade. When I was 10 when I received my first Nancy Drew game (The Secret of Shadow Ranch, which is also my favorite game!) and I have been hooked since!! I own every single game and have played them all multiple times, and each time is still like its brand new!

My birthday is February 26th and I will be turning 19 and will have been playing (and loving every minute of it!) Nancy Drew games and have been reading the books for over 14 years. These games have helped me branch out when I was younger, to think on my feet, problem solve, and most importantly they have taught me that there are no limits for girls. I think that you all have done and set such beautiful standard for intelligent young ladies. Please continue being so wonderful and inspirational to women (and men) of all ages. I know I will surely share these books and games with my family and will continue to share them with my friends. Thank you 🙂

Much love,
Natalie Nicole G.

Dear Her Interactive,

I just want to say my daughter and I love Nancy Drew and we have so enjoyed playing your games! The ones we especially like are the ones that have an element of surprise and/or spookiness to them. We love ones that involve supernatural things; i.e. ghosts, monsters, etc. – we love a good scare. J We have played every single one and have gone back to replay certain ones. Our favorites recently are “Shadow at the Water’s Edge” and “The Captive Curse”. We weren’t that excited about the most recent one “The Deadly Device” as it was really scientific and a bit on the boring side. But we were extremely happy to see the preview of the “Ghost of Thornton Hall” at the end of the game! We cannot wait to play that and are counting down the months until its release!

Thanks for providing great entertainment that my daughter and I can share together!

Maicie C.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hello! I am a customer who has been faithfully playing your games since middle school age (I am now almost 21). I just want to say thanks for being good to your customers, Her Interactive! It is very much appreciated. I have recently observed the complete disaster that was (and still is) the new Simcity launch and realized how horrible some companies can be to their customers. This has given me much more of appreciation for companies with integrity.

I am very thankful that you guys happen to be one of these companies. You guys actually listen to us! I really hope that you guys always remain this way.

Faithful Customer,
Jessica B.

P.S. – Looking forward to Ghost of Thornton Hall! Woohoo!

Dear Her Interactive,

Hello my name is Desiree. I’m 25yrs old and come from northern Tasmania in Australia. I have only just joined the message board today. I have an intellectual disability but I don’t need to go too personally into that. I’ve always been a BIG! fan of the Sherlock Holmes trilogy until recently, I didn’t know the Nancy Drew games very well. But, since purchasing three Nancy Drew games from my nearest computer game store, I LOVE! Nancy Drew. She is so AWESOME! The three games that I have are The Captive Curse, Tomb of the Lost Queen and Alibi in Ashes.

Thanks so much for your time. Please keep up with the great work!
Yours sincerely,
Desiree J.

Dear Her interactive,

About 5 years ago, I had a gift for Christmas that was waiting for me under the tree. I wondered what it could have been. I was so excited to finally get to open it.

Finally, Christmas arrived and I received a Nancy Drew game with 5 games in one box! I had no idea what they were at first (I knew what Nancy Drew was though, I read the books). I was pretty surprised they had made a computer game out of it, and super excited. The first one I picked to play was “Treasure in the Royal Tower”, after I played it for 5 minutes I became obsessed with it! It was SO much fun. After I finished that one I started playing all of the other ones I had including; The Final Scene, Secrets Can Kill, and Message in a Haunted Mansion. They’re now my favorite games to play EVER.

I thank my dad for introducing them to me and playing them with me. It brings our family together to play and solve the games. I own all of them, and get super excited when you come out with a new one. I’m fourteen years old, and will always love these games. Thank you for making Nancy Drew games. They’re amazing. My family can’t stop playing them. They’re so incredibly well made, and I’m totally grateful for the makers of Nancy Drew games, for their hard work and brilliance for making these Nancy Drew games amazing. Thank you for making these games!!!

Shayla M.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hello! I just wanted to say that I am so shocked by the Nancy Drew games! I am 28 years old and I thought I would try one. Since then I have purchased all that are available, and I have purchased disc versions (just in case) of every single game available! I can honestly say that I was not expecting to love these games as much as I do!

Last but not least will Stay Tuned for Danger be available for downloading anytime soon? That is the only game I don’t have!


Dear Her Interactive,

My mother was the first one to ever tell me about Nancy Drew. She would tell me stories of when she was young waking up on Saturdays to watch the Nancy Drew shows on television. I wasn’t all that interested until one night she took me to Wal-Mart so I could buy a computer game with my allowance money that I had saved up (this is usually where my allowance money went). While I was exploring the shelves for something that looked fun and appropriate for a fourth grader to play, I found a neat looking red case that said “Nancy Drew” at the top; I had found ‘The Final Scene’. I immediately ran to show my mom because I knew how she always mentioned watching Nancy Drew when she talked about being my age. She was really surprised to see it, and said that I should buy it. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t think that something that my mom thought was cool when she was little, could still be cool to me today. I ended up buying the game, and once I took it home and started playing it, I was hooked for life.

I bought all of the previous games, and have been buying every game released since then. When I was younger playing these games, if I became stuck in the game and needed a hint on what to do next, and being as my parents put it “too young to be on the internet” I would have to go to our local library and try to find the Nancy Drew books that the games were based off of to give me some idea of where to go next. Many things have changed since then, for example I am no longer 9 years old; I am now a 20-year-old college student who still anxiously awaits the release of the next game! I am so grateful for the Her Interactive team for creating such a brilliant gaming series, and I look forward to someday showing my kids so they can enjoy Nancy Drew just as much as my mother and I have.

-Kelsey G.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hi, my name is Clarissa and I have played/own every single Nancy Drew PC game. I also own multiple items, including the 80th anniversary Secret of the Old Clock book. Ever since I was eight when my mother and I completed my first game, Treasure in the Royal Tower, I have been hooked. I went backwards and completed the first three games, and then every June/end of May or December/end of November I purchased a Nancy Drew game. I really love them so much, and cannot believe how much better they have become. It is amazing what the people responsible for doing the graphics are capable of. I love how each game (since the Warnings at Waverly Academy game) includes something small from previous games. It is always fun to look back and say, “oh yeah, I remember that!”

In fourth grade, I started reading the Nancy Drew books and have successfully read several of them. In fact, the librarian at my school used to let me check out 2 books instead of one, when the regulated amount was one book per person. She knew about my love of reading and how Nancy was always able to save the day through very clever tactics and plans. So, she bent the rules. Everyone in my class thought I was crazy for sticking to one series for several years, but I argued that you can never become bored with something so great. I have pondered many times, what it would be like to meet Carolyn Keene and ask her how she was able to write 50+ books about the same topic; a teenaged girl who uses her keen sense of wit and common sense to help solve mysteries of all kinds.

I am looking forward to any other PC games that the Her Interactive team will put together and you can bet that as long as they are still being produced, I will play each and every game. I have come to a sad point though. Unfortunately, technology has evolved far too much, making it impossible for me to replay some of the first games (with the exception of the remastered game, Secrets Can Kill). But on a lighter note, I am thoroughly excited for the upcoming game – Ghost of Thornton Hall. Not only does it look like a good ghost story, it will have some amazing graphics. Also, the skip conversation button is something that I am REALLY looking forward to! Thumbs up to the creators for hearing my “prayers”.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all that are responsible for creating the Nancy Drew PC games. This might sound kinda corny, but if it weren’t for the Nancy Drew books and games, I don’t know what my life would be like. I met by best friend through a conversation about Nancy Drew and I the character Nancy Drew has taught me to use my wit when in a tight problem and my common sense as well. She has taught me that I can have enough courage to overcome certain tasks and deal with multiple personality types. Finally, Nancy Drew has taught me to be a leader and stand up for what I believe in. Overall, I think that both the Nancy Drew books and PC games will live on in people’s lives for a very long time. I know that when I am older and have a family of my own, I will show my children the wonderful and uplifting series that is Nancy Drew.

Clarissa W.

Dear Her Interactive,

Thank you for putting out great games. I have enjoyed them ever since I got Danger by Design and The Creature of Kapu Cave Double Dare 5 in 2006 and can’t wait to play Ghost of Thornton Hall next month.


Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Caroline. I loved Nancy Drew ever since I’ve gotten my first game, on Easter of April 2007. I had gotten Treasure in the Royal Tower and couldn’t wait to play it! It was very hard for me to play, since I was very little, about 8, and had to use a walkthrough (oops!) but it was the best fun I had ever had! After that, I became obsessed with her! Outfits, magnifying glass necklace, the movie, all of the books! I then played Stay Tuned for Danger, The Final Scene, and The Secret of Shadow Ranch.

But years went by and I stopped at age 10, because I thought I was too old to play them. But then one day at the library, I saw Secret of the Old Clock, and decided to give it another try, and got hooked instantly, ALL over again! After that, I played Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, The Captive Curse, Alibi in Ashes, The Phantom of Venice, and Message in a Haunted Mansion. I made more outfits, and also made my very own sleuth kit! I also watched a walkthrough to Tomb of The Lost Queen, because I didn’t have a chance to play the game. And with all of the advice and experience from solving mysteries, I actually solved a mini mystery of my own!

I am now 13 and hope to grow up to be a detective in the CSI, and I am also working on Shadow at the Water’s Edge! Thank you for all of the inspiring years!

Keep on Sleuthing!
Caroline L.

Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Kristina K., I’m 17, and I’ve been playing your Nancy Drew games since I was about 8 years old. The Nancy Drew games have inspired me in so many ways, and I’d like to thank you for what you’ve done for me throughout the years. Nancy has shown me how young women can be responsible, independent, and kick-butt, and be intelligent and confident at the same time. I’ve picked up so much knowledge from these games (at the time I first played I didn’t even realize that I was learning – very sneaky Her, very sneaky), and I’ve always been amazed by the rich graphics and intriguing puzzles. Thank you for this, my childhood and now young-adulthood has benefited from these games.

Thank you, again, for being such a big part of my life and for being part of what empowered me to decide to go into a field that I actually enjoy. <3 Kristina K. P.S. Your Tumblr fans (Clue Crew) are super mega excited for Ghost of Thornton Hall, we’re freaking out in this last week before pre-orders ship XD

Dear Her Interactive,

I just wanted to tell you how much Nancy Drew has meant to me. Nancy Drew has been with me more or less for about 8 years. I have played every single Nancy Drew game you have come out with including both Dossiers. I own all of them, be it a download or a boxed copy (except Secrets Can Kill which I occasionally get from our library), and I have preordered since The Captive Curse, which is currently tied with Ghost of Thornton Hall as my favorite game. Your games are like nothing else on the market these days. You have beautiful, sad, happy, scary, and original music which sounds ten times as good as anything any other games have. You have amazing graphics, it’s so life like.

The characters are unique and always have secrets to tell. The way you make your characters is easy to relate to, they invoke pity or hatred or love. The plots are always so exquisite and the locations are accurately depicted. I have played every game so many times; I’ve played Ghost of Thornton Hall 9 times already! I always love new places you come up with from the cold snowy Canadian Rockies to the sandy deserts of Egypt to the dark, quiet forests of Germany to the roads of a 1930s town to the wide blue seas of the Caribbean to (alright you get the point).

Every game is so rich and full of detail and are better than any video games I have ever seen. Although I am a guy, Nancy Drew games are dear to me and I just want to tell every single person listed in the credits of every game, that your work is phenomenal. Thank you for working so hard on all of these games.

Your literal #1 fan

P.S. I really hope you make Ship of Shadows, the Dossier games were so enjoyable and I wish there were more than two. But if it is going to take you away from working on SPY, don’t do it 😉

Dear Her Interactive,

I can’t describe how much I love the Nancy Drew computer games. My first game ever was Treasure in the Royal Tower, and I was in elementary at the time I first played it with my family. I remember my parents and I sitting around the computer, trying to remember how to navigate the castle corridors, talking to funny old Hotchkiss, and repeatedly getting caught in the library. I would hand the mouse over to my parents because I was so afraid of being found by Dexter! It is my favorite game, and on days when I’m overwhelmed by work or even schoolwork I grab a PB&J and return to my old favorite- Wickford Castle! That’s when I wish I had some chocolate milk on hand.

Anyway, my mom and I have continued to play the games, and I remember each one with a different type of fondness. I have a starfish necklace that always reminds me of Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (the part with the different animal characteristics and gems). I also find myself remembering things I have learned from the games in class, and they actually help me on assignments!

So, thank you for making informative, thrilling, fun, and definitely clean games that I won’t have to worry about my future children playing. The high moral values and lack of swearing and innuendos is very greatly appreciated.

(I would love to give ideas for games, or help in any way someday!)

Thanks for many good years,
Nikkita B, (and her mom JoAnne)

Dear Her Interactive,

I just wanted to say thanks! I have been playing these games since I was 10 years old and I’m now 22! I’ve played every single game. In fact, I am now preparing for law school and just wanted to point out that the type of logic and the skills you develop through playing these games is EXTREMELY similar to the logic necessary to score high on the LSAT. Just another benefit to loving Nancy Drew!

Thanks for all your hard work,
Jessica M.

Dear Her Interactive,

I just wanted to share how much I completely love your games and how I cannot wait for the next one to come out as soon as I finish one. You see, my mother bought me my first Nancy Drew game when I was about 12 years old for Christmas, Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. Now, I am 24 years old and I still cannot wait for new Nancy Drew games to come out, I am not sure if I am crazy or a nerd.

I am married now and my husband has been making fun of me for playing your games since we started dating five years ago. All well, he still married me! My mother has since passed away almost three years ago and I still remember that first game she bought me and watched me play. We had so much fun together, or at least I did and she was a great pretender. One day I will have children and I look forward to the day I get to play these games with my daughter.

I love the concept of the Nancy Drew games of how you slowly gather clues and get to see the bigger picture towards the end, all while doing fun and interesting games along the way. Ingenious. You guys are doing and excellent job and I want to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for making every May and November a mini Christmas with my mom.

Alexandria K.

Dear Her Interactive,

Thank you so much for making such amazing games! I truly enjoy the graphics, the puzzles, and the story lines. I eagerly anticipate each new game. Please keep them coming!

Christine P.

Dear Her Interactive,

The Nancy Drew games are one of the best game series I have ever played. I love the puzzle designs and the story lines. One thing I love about the games is the amount of thought that they inspire and that you actually learn things while playing them. I believe that anyone who loves a good mystery game should play these games.

Heather K.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have been a fan of Nancy Drew PC/MAC games for over 6 years. It all started when my two older sisters bought this disc which held three computer games for girls. And one of them contained Danger on Deception Island. So my sister installed it and we played it. But we all got stuck on finding the clams, because we didn’t know about the little beach where you can kayak to had this little are where you can jump on the rocks to another small sand part. So I played a few years later and I beat it last summer in 2012.

After that first game we played we, or I, would go to a Target or Walmart to find more. So then we bought Message in a Haunted Mansion (BTW, I am scared to play it and it’s as scary as Curse of Blackmoor Manor, which I love). After that we all became interested in your games! But unfortunately my sisters kind of stopped playing them for a while and still today, but they will play every now and then. But as for me I am still obsessed with Nancy Drew! If I ever worked at Her interactive, I would want to be character animator/voice actor.

My top 5 Nancy Drew games are, 5: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, 4: Curse of Blackmoor Manor, 3: Shadow at the Water’s Edge, 2: The Haunting of Castle Malloy. And here’s I my number one Nancy Drew of all time (for now :)) LAST TRAIN TO BLUE MOON CANYON! “Why?” You may ask, because I love the music (I am a sucker for good music, you guys did really well), I love every puzzle (I’m a sucker for good and fun puzzles also), and I love the storyline and the mystery.

So in conclusion, Nancy Drew has changed my life forever. I am so glad you all made these wonderful games and whenever I am bored and have nothing else to do I just go on my or another computer a replay one. So wrapping up: thank you for making the games we all love to play! 🙂 (“There are some doors that must never be opened, there are some doors that hold secrets that must never be known”. My motto for when I play Nancy Drew.)

P.S: could you maybe give this to LJ to post on her blog? Thank you, and forever your Nancy Drew fan,
Ben J. 🙂

Dear Her Interactive,

To all those involved in the creation of Nancy Drew PC games, I am writing to express my upmost gratitude. Why? Because the Nancy Drew PC Games have been a part of my life, ever since I played Secrets Can Kill with my sister in 2000. From there we continued to play the games as they were released – and loving every minute of them. I soon began playing them with all of my friends because they were more than just an excellent mystery, but also a perfect way to connect with people.

Though I could, and have, talked for hours about these games, I will sum it up by saying this. I am now 19 and just finished my freshman year at college. I have played each and every Nancy Drew game. I just finished playing Ghost of Thornton Hall with my sister, who is now 23 and married. While playing, we could not stop reminiscing about all of the good times we have had playing your games!! Many of my friends and I are looking forward to The Silent Spy!

Thank you once again for a being a great part of my childhood AND adulthood,

Bethany S.

Dear Her Interactive,

I love Nancy Drew; the books, your games and just the idea of a proud female heroine. I’m 14, almost 15, and my obsession might not be as loud as others proclaim but I do love it and so does my 11 year old sister who I sort of forced into the fandom…!

It started with my love of books. No, my obsession. I read always and everywhere. I got into the some of the books and I fell in love. I borrowed my cousin’s yellow books and read them all (I’m rereading them now!). It was the way she ALWAYS solved the case, no matter how many times she was conked on the head that drew me in.

I can barely remember the first time I played… But I do remember it started with a Scholastic book order form from school. I saw the name Nancy and I was sold. I bought it, played it, and then completely forgot about it. Sometime later I found it and I was hooked once again. Now, I’m not unintelligent but I use walkthroughs when I’m stuck, or confused. That doesn’t mean I disrespect your work, in fact, it means that I respect it even more! They’re so challenging, I just can’t solve it! But once I play it once, I usually get the gist of solving them on my own so you know, learn from my mistakes.

I live in Canada, and I simply can’t find your games in retail, at least not the older ones. The oldest I have is the one my cousin had and never played, ‘Stay Tuned for Danger’. I’ve never played it either because the version is simply too old for my (not so) super high tech computer and it’s such a shame that I never will because it’s no longer being sold. Oh, well. I know it had to have been a good one because you can only ever go up from here!

Now on to merchandise. I have not bought anything yet but with my birthday rolling around… You never know . I’ve bought a game off of you, it that counts. If I had to develop a product, it would definitely be Nancy’s scrapbook. Maybe her first 30 cases, when that comes out. In the style she has on her own desk or even just her letters or her stationary. Oh! It would be cool to be able to purchase or download the letters for the games you’ve played as a memento or a certificate, if you will, to commemorate each game you’ve completed. Dream on…!

I love your work. The characters are so diverse, the locations are fabulous and the storylines are to die for! I may not have played or owned all of the games but that doesn’t mean I’m any less of a Drewaholic.

Ever yours,
Lisa M.

P.S. I know the concept of bringing back of a baddie has already been done but wouldn’t it be cool if all the suspects were past criminals that just got out of jail? Who can you trust when everyone is guilty?

Dear Her Interactive,

I started playing the Nancy Drew games the day my grandmother, who read Nancy Drew as a child (and her mother when they first came out), bought Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. To this day, it is still the only game I haven’t beaten! Since I was 7, I got really scared when I met Red Knott & when the dogs attacked the house. But, I was totally addicted since my grandmother had also gotten Secret of the Scarlet Hand.

That next Valentine’s day, my aunt got me The Haunted Carousel & Warnings at Waverly Academy. I loved exploring the carousel and playing the games in the rec room. I felt as if it was actually there. Since, I have gotten many of the games, even Stay Tuned For Danger.

Your games taught me a lot about many subjects – French Revolution, Mayans, and Science. They also made me very happy in school when I was lonely or sad. Your games brought my attention to the books and now books beyond Nancy Drew, such as Kay Tracey and The Dana Girls. I also think the phone conversations with Bess & George are very funny, especially in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. Every time I know one of your games comes out, I try to get it pre-ordered. I just want to thank all of you for keeping Nancy alive and updated through your games. Every time I catch a culprit, my heart races and my palms sweat. Bravo to all of you for making great games!


Dear Her Interactive,

I’ve been a fan of Nancy Drew for as long as I can remember (and let me tell you, it’s not a secret). My mom, sister and I used to always read books together before bed and I remember one night my mom brought home Nancy Drew: The Lost Locket, one of the Nancy Drew Notebooks. Needless to say, it was one of my favourite nighttime stories. But that’s only the start of my obsession with mysteries and all things Nancy Drew.

I picked up my first game in September of 2007 after the Nancy Drew Movie (my favourite movie for at least a year) came out. For my tenth birthday I asked my mother for a new Scooby Doo computer game (I had played my old one over and over) but when she couldn’t find a new Scooby Doo game she got me Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower. My eight-year-old sister and I decided to play it together but time proved that we had no idea what we were doing. We got stuck and impatient, gave up, and was about to save and turn off the game when I saw another save file. On the bottom “book” save file I saw ‘DD’ the nickname my sister and I had given my father. We decided to locate out inner detective and snoop in my father’s save file. We found out that he was at part of the game we hadn’t found yet! We instantly ran outside (my father was in the middle of mowing the lawn) and began interrogating him about the save file and (after he finished mowing the law) he came inside and started to play with us. We’ve been playing the games together for almost six years.

The funny thing is the same year (2007) my grandparents (that I rarely get to see) came to see us at Christmastime and gave my sister and me each a Nancy Drew yellow hard back. I got “The Whispering Statue” and now it’s my goal to collect all the yellow hard backs, I’ve already read most if not all of the books multiple times!! Everything Nancy Drew seems to be a collective family thing and I’m so glad it is! I even got my best friend into the games; we have had so many conversations about the games and the characters!

Last year when I ordered RAN I got a KoKo Kringle Bar (It was amazing) and I posted a video of it on YouTube. I was so excited to see that my video was shared on your Facebook page, it really made my day.

Nancy Drew had been a really big part of my life to the point that when I give someone my email (NancyDrewFan…..) they laugh and say “Why am I not surprised?” I’m even listening to the “I’m Nancy Drew” Music Video on repeat.

Thank you HeR so much for bring my favourite character to life, so I really can walk in her shoes!!

Ky W.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hi, my name is Annie K. I would like to thank you for making such great games!!! My two older sisters and I started playing them when I was nine; the first one we played was Curse of Blackmoor Manor. We all loved it so much that we bought three more! We are still trying to collect them all but, I think playing them with my sisters has brought us together more :). I look forward each time when a new game comes out, because my sisters will drop whatever it is they’re doing and play it with me :). Keep making great games.

Annie K.

Dear Her Interactive,

I just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to you.

My name is Paige M., I’ve been playing your games since the very first one and when my library used to rent out computer games. My sister Katie and I would sit down for hours to play Nancy Drew. I would be the puzzle solver and Katie would navigate. I am 20 and she is 21 and we still enjoy your games.

This past week my sister came back from school; I haven’t seen her in years. Even though she was only here for a week, all we wanted to do was play your latest Nancy Drew game. We had the greatest time and we managed to finish it right before she left! It was just such a joy for both of us, it reminded us of the good days when we were young playing all these games full of fear and confusion (the puzzles are still hard) and it brought me so much joy. Your games always amaze and challenge me, and I wanted to say thank you.

One day I hope I can get my sister in one of your games as a surprise for her. Never stop making these games!

I hope you take the time to read this, thank you again.

Paige M.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hello. I just want to say that I love Nancy Drew games a lot and think they’re really great. They are awesome games and I’ve played all of them except 6. My favourite one is Shadow at the Water’s Edge because I like how scary it is.

The ND games that are scary are the best ones I think, that’s why I liked Ghost of Thornton Hall, too. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for making these games, and keep on keeping on 🙂 They’re AWESOME, and all of you who work at HER are awesome, too.

Marina W.

Dear Her Interactive,

My nine year old, a reading phenom, loves Nancy Drew. She’s read every book (old and new), watched every movie (old and new), dressed up as Nancy for Halloween, and is now hooked on the Nancy Drew Video Games by Her Interactive. I would be concerned about the video games, except that I’m hooked too.

Like many parents, my wife and I strive to help our daughter strike a balance with screen time. I wish we could say we are winning, but we are not, except when that screen time is a Nancy Drew Video Game. In the games, played on a computer, you are Nancy. Usually you are visiting the relative of a friend or on vacation when something strange happens that needs investigating. As Nancy, you go sleuthing through very elaborate locations. The first game we played was Stay Tuned for Danger, where Nancy was visiting a soap opera star who was getting threatening notes. We had to snoop around the studio, the friend’s apartment and other locations for clues. You open drawers, find hidden passageways, and interview suspects. Along the way, you must also solve a variety of puzzles to access new areas and information.

It’s very fun, but it is also very educational and develops critical thinking skills. Many of the tasks my daughter must complete in the games are variations of the tasks she is being asked to do at school or for homework…the only difference being, in the game, she does it enthusiastically. The game can be a little advanced at times for a 9 year old, still part of its charm is the way it introduces higher order thinking skills, historical figures, and math and science concepts without it feeling like “learning.” I love watching her problem solve and stay focused on a task for a long while without getting fatigued. In education, there is a concept of flow where rewards and challenges are married in such a way as to lead the learner steadily forward, the Nancy Drew games exemplify this type of learning.

My daughter loves how the game doesn’t condescend, but instead assumes she is quick enough to catch on to even the smallest of clues. She also likes getting to explore unique/exotic/dangerous environments and situations. As Nancy, we’ve kayaked in the Great Northwest with an Orca whale, diffused a ticking time bomb, helped renovate a haunted mansion, and solved a murder in a hi-tech laboratory where we used a 3D printer. She also loves that mistakes have consequences. You can (and will) die, get arrested, be sent home, etc., etc. The nice thing is you can always go back to where you made your last mistake.

Finally, on a selfish note, I love that it’s something we can do together and that she’ll actively recruit my participation in. If you have a daughter (or son) who likes to solve riddles and puzzles, read mysteries, and put her (his) mind to the test…these games might be for her (him). If you like those things too, or just like spending a really enjoyable couple of hours a week with your kid, it might be for you too.

Brad H.

Dear Her Interactive Team,

I would like to reintroduce myself. My name is Alex S. and I am from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I am a sophomore attending Oklahoma State University, majoring in Multimedia Journalism.

This summer I went on a vacation with my parents to the Northwest. I brought Flat Sonny along as a part of your contest, taking pictures of him wherever we went. When I discovered that we would be traveling through Bellevue, I knew I wanted to stop by your office to take a picture with Sonny in front of the Her Interactive sign. Little did I know, I would be greeted by the friendly and wonderful faces of your team and given the opportunity to tour the place where the Nancy Drew magic happens.

Playing Nancy Drew games has become a tradition for me and my family. I started playing the games in 2001 and have played them every year since. I typically play the first game of the year as soon as summer break begins. However when the second game comes out, I wait to play until New Year’s Eve with my parents. We gather snacks, connect the computer to the TV, and try to finish the game before midnight. I have grown up playing these games and I still get excited when a new game is announced. As I say, you can never outgrow Nancy Drew.

Touring your office and getting to meet some of the creative team allowed me to see a little of the behind the scenes work it takes to create these games. Megan, I can never thank you enough for sharing not only Her Interactive’s story, but also yours and your commitment to empowering women. Her Interactive has had a journey as a company and I believe it can only continue to grow and impact more girls around the world.

I am so thankful that I was able to meet some of you and a special thank you goes out to Megan for being so gracious to me and my family. Thank you again for creating Nancy Drew Games and continuing to inspire young women in strength and courage.

Alex S.

Dear Megan and Her Interactive,

I just wanted to let you know how much our meeting meant to me. Since we met, I have found it unbelievable how strong of an effect you’ve had on my confidence. It was so inspiring to hear about all the adversities you faced to get where you are today and that has really helped me to believe fully in myself and my abilities. I look up to you very much and I sincerely hope that we can stay in contact and be a part of each other’s lives, even if it’s just in a small way. People like yourself have made me so excited for the future of gaming for women and I’m so very thankful you made yourself available to me to offer a helping hand.

P.S. I’m absolutely LOVING Ghost of Thornton Hall! I’ve had some magnificent fun solving all the puzzles in such an eerie and mysterious way. I’ve showed my friends as well and they’ve insisted on coming over just to play the game with me. What a wonderful gift!

Again, I can’t thank you enough for everything and I really hope I’ll get the opportunity to see you again soon. Have a wonderful day.

Anna P.

Dear Her Interactive,

My love of all things Nancy Drew led me to find your games in the PC section. I found them shortly after The Creature of Kapu Cave was released in 2006, and I was in middle school then. I obviously became hooked (just like anyone who plays your games) and I still play them to this day, going into college.

I was a super Nancy Drew fan before I discovered your games: I own an original set of the first 60 or so books from the ’60s-’70s (my being a bookworm has led me to read all of them at least twice, no less); I have been reading the books since I was at least 10; and I imagined myself something quite like Nancy Drew.

However, once I discovered your games, I was completely thrilled that there was something created that combined my love of the keen Nancy Drew with my love of beautifully created computer games. I remember opening up the box with The Creature of Kapu Cave, and nearly jumping up and down in my computer chair waiting on the game to install on my PC. The game was electrifying, and its high quality of graphics and all the small details of all the parts of the mystery just made me ecstatic. Snooping through people’s belongings, lying for the sake of the mystery, almost blackmailing people, it was all a part of everything a girl imagines and reads about in the Nancy Drew books. I can honestly say that I could not imagine any of the games being any better. Everything I expected is everything that was put into the game.

Ever since playing The Creature of Kapu Cave, I have purchased and completed all of the games at least twice. I find something new in the games each time I play, so they never get old. Giving different responses to the characters and doing different things starts a different reaction in the environment of the games, and it is extremely fun to find all the new facets of the games.

I also would like to thank Her Interactive for making the games not only very fun, but also extremely educational. I myself am a person who loves to learn, and the way the knowledge is delivered in the games makes you forget that you’re even learning until after the fact. (Not that learning is bad!) I personally love that the games give you little nuggets of history and knowledge that I otherwise would not have known or learned. I can’t tell you how many times the information I’ve been given in a Nancy Drew game has helped me on a test or in everyday life! Being able to tell people little random facts just somehow makes my day. When I tell them I learned that knowledge from a computer game, they don’t believe me. But Her Interactive has created games that are fun for girls – and boys! – of all ages. Whether you’re young or old, there will be many aspects of the games that everyone will enjoy.

Nancy Drew works my brain, and that is something I rarely see. I appreciate them wanting to make you work to win the game. And you won’t just have the answers handed to you in the game, but the Her Interactive forums are a great place to get help or just get a spoiler when you get completely stuck!

My godmother also plays the games, and this has given us a bond that is indescribable to others. We always tell each other the little hidden things we’ve found in the games, and try to figure out who got more awards and whether we should replay the game to do everything or not. The answer is always yes!

Her Interactive’s attention to small detail and the accuracy of information given in the game is both exceptional and admirable. I always get hyped about the next Nancy Drew game coming out, and exhaust every outlet I can in telling others about it.

Once again, I would like to thank you for all the joy that you have brought to my life with the Nancy Drew games, and I hope that you continue to keep making them for many more years to come!

From A Nancy Drew Nerd,
Makayla G.

Dear Her Interactive Team,

My cousin and I are huge fans of this series. What can we say? For me, I have been playing your games since I can remember. The very first game I remember solving on my own was Treasure in the Royal Tower, at the age of 6-7 years old. But even then, I had watched older siblings play the earlier games. I still have the copy of Treasure in the Royal Tower, to this very day. (Along with all the other earlier and newer games as well, of course!) This game was the single game that sparked my interest in video games and now I am going to college to pursue art and hopefully make it into the game design industry.

Nancy Drew is more nostalgic to me than my old teddy bears and tomb raider games, and is a love that remains by my side to this day. Although tomb raider is a great series as well, I honestly feel like ND is the series that has truly grown with me, from my elementary days to my awkward phase to now. I have played each and every one of these games within their year of release, and this will not change anytime soon. Although the oldest games will always hold a very special place in my heart, I will continue to follow Her Interactive devotedly because you guys know how to make amazing games with a bold, gracious female lead and amazing characters, teaching young girls that it’s okay to divulge in a male dominated hobby such as video games. This confidence carried over into my life in other ways as well, and I can honestly say that if not for this series and its lead, I would be much more hesitant to travel against the crowd.

As for my 15 year old cousin, I introduced her to the ND series in the way I was introduced, and before she was able to play or even understand, she was watching me unlock secret passages with eyes wide open. She quickly managed to pick up, and now sports her own collection of ND mystery games in her room. Many of her favorites like The Captive Curse, Alibi in Ashes, The Final Scene, and Treasure in the Royal Tower correlate with her interests like storytelling, reading, history, art, and video games (of course!). Aside from the hobbies she has indirectly acquired through the games, she has been a huge fan due to their intriguing story-lines, eccentric characters, informative settings, and everyone’s favorite skeptic: Nancy Drew. For her, it is hard to find such a bold and charming female protagonist woven into such beautiful mysteries without the tale seeming shallow and quite frankly, a bland waste of time. Nancy Drew rings to such a degree of nostalgia for her that she feels an easy mind and an immediate sense of belonging when able to play her favorite mysteries time and time again. She also eagerly awaits new releases and constantly wonders during difficult times, “Would Nancy do this?” In the end, despite the fact that we are both growing older and are beginning to pursue our goals in life, we still always come back on weekends and replay games until the crack of dawn.

Please, Her Interactive, keep making ND games because no matter what, there will always be loyal fans such as my cousin and myself, who will always be looking forward to the next game the day it is released. There will always be difficulties once in a while, but Her Interactive, you have devoted fans who are always here for you!

-Anjali & Nikita 🙂

Dear Her Interactive,

I still remember the very first time I saw your games. I was probably around 6 or 7 and my sister was playing “The Final Scene” and every time she would play I would pull up a chair and watch until I had to go to bed. I loved the idea of mystery games where you had to solve a crime. After that I would always ask my grandpa to bring me to the book store for a new hard cover Nancy Drew Mystery Story. I think my favourite one out of all of them was either “The Clue of the Dancing Puppet” or “The Mysterious Mannequin”, then we would head over to the library to get one of the Nancy Drew games or the books.

I have to admit that the games have changed my life, it’s my only way of getting away to my own little world. It may be hard at some points but I would either ask for help or… use a walkthrough! Yes a walkthrough, even though it’s classified as cheating and you wouldn’t be able to use a walkthrough in a real mystery. In school when we would have show and tell I would either bring one of my Nancy Drew books or a game, and now a lot of my friends are so interested in the games because of the mystery solving.

And every time a new Nancy Drew game would come out I would save up my money until I had enough. And if I didn’t have enough I would wait until a new game came out. Or if I didn’t want to but the new game I would cuddle up with my blanket and teddy and watch Arglefumph play them. Both Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy games were so much fun! But it was best when you incorporate both of them into one game, I loved all of your old games but also the new ones, it’s terrible how you discontinued “Secrets Can Kill” and “Stay Tuned for Danger”, those were 2 of my favourite games. I have always dreamed of becoming a Baker or Chef or anything to do with the Culinary Arts and I LOVE when you guys include it in your game. Like making Parfaits in “Danger by Design” or creating burgers in “Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon”. I love the scary ones especially the jump scares, for instance “Ghost of Thornton Hall”. I even have quotes from the games on my corkboard. And I can’t wait for future games!

Thank you for making my dream game,


Hailey T., 12

Dear Her Interactive,

I’m not sure if anyone will read this or not but I thought I would just send it in anyway. I’ve been playing Nancy Drew PC games since I was 8, and I’m now 17. I started playing after becoming obsessed with the books. Both the books and PC games became a huge part in my childhood and adolescence. Reading about Nancy’s adventures and then portraying her virtually was very exciting.

It was, and still is fun to “do” and “experience” things that I wouldn’t and couldn’t normally in real life. It made me feel smart and sassy and determined, just like Nancy. So I wanted to give a big thank you to everyone at Her Interactive for producing something so amazing and fun. I’m really grateful.

Thanks for your time,
Taylor J.

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