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We love making games that make a difference, and we’re always thrilled to receive feedback from our fans about how our company and Nancy Drew products have made an impression on their lives.

If Her Interactive has impacted your life in a positive way, we want to hear from you! Send us an email at with your story. We will accept both written and video testimonials and can’t wait to share them!

Dear Her Interactive,

I will never forget when I played my first ND game, Secrets Can Kill. I was at my friend Ashlyn’s house for Christmas break, and it wasn’t very long before I bugged my mom into getting me my very own copies of Treasure in the Royal Tower and The Final Scene. I was no stranger to Nancy Drew at the time; I had already picked up several books about the girl detective from a church garage sale and read others at the library. Never, even through the most vigorous of page turning, was I able to actually step into her gumshoes until I experienced your games! Her Interactive games make for such a personal encounter with Nancy! If there’s one thing that young women of today need, it’s a personal encounter with a positive role model and who better than Nancy Drew? Kudos on picking the best protagonist possible!!!

Your games came into my life at the perfect timing. Back then, I was starting to struggle with my self-esteem, realizing that I was maturing a bit faster than the girls in my class and teased for being a “smarty teacher’s pet.” Nancy taught me to never be ashamed of my wit! Through playing your games, I became immediately aware of Nancy’s positive character traits, some I believe to even have instilled upon myself from her example.

Nancy’s influence in my life is far from over. I am now in the third semester of my Ph.D. program in molecular biology (a career undoubtedly rooted in my love for a good mystery). Not only do I sleuth in some ND gaming in any free time I can manage, but it’s also quite often that I find myself in the lab thinking, “What would Nancy Drew do?” With that being said, thank you so much for using technology in such an amazing and inspiring way. Please don’t ever stop making mysteries!

Bliss L.

Dear Her Interactive,

Back in the 3rd grade, my prized possession was my ridiculously large collection of Nancy Drew books. My family had sifted through antique shops, and garage sales to get me my own collection of nearly fifty Nancy Drew mysteries (and one Hardy Boy mystery!). Every time she visited, my grandma would excitedly hand me a vintage Nancy Drew book she had found in the attic from my mom’s childhood, or rescued from a library trash pile. The obsession only grew on one fateful summer day at a Target store. My other grandma was taking me around to help pick out presents for my younger sisters birthday. We were picking through games plastered with Barbie and ponies, when the swirling script reading Nancy Drew caught my eye. With a fair amount of begging I got my grandma to buy the Nancy Drew 75th Anniversary 5-pack for me. I was super and excited and way hyper in that eight year old kid way. At the checkout, the cashier told me she loved the ND games! I couldn’t wait to get home and tear off the plastic!

I got home and anxiously put in Secrets Can Kill. In all honesty, I tried the first five games and could not finish one and gave up after a week of trying and frustration. I got to a certain point in all the games where I became overly frustrated and went back to reading the novels instead. But, there is a happy ending. A couple years later, I saw Danger by Design in a school book order form. Being the stylish girl I am, nothing sounded better to me then Nancy Drew and fashion and Paris ALL TOGETHER!!! Also in the book order was The Creature of Kapu Cave, a stunningly underrated Hawaiian adventure. When the games arrived I quickly devoured them, now enjoying the challenge. I have played Danger by Design probably 10 times by now, because it holds a special place in my heart as the game that reignited my Nancy Drew love. Desperate for more, I began to play the old games I had given up on. Let’s just say the following Christmas my wish-list was pretty easy to compile.

I have played all but 3 of the ND games to date (I’m expecting them for Christmas!). Alibi in Ashes was amazing and flawless and wonderful! I’m now in high school and don’t have as much time for computer games, but I still find time to help Nancy out on her cases. I have even refined my game playing. I have a notebook for all my case notes in which I sketch maps, write out codes, take notes on suspects and work out logic puzzles. And for the record, I adore that her face is never shown!

I feel like I have grown up with Nancy Drew, from the books and now the games. Thanks so much for keeping Nancy alive, more than 80 years after she was created.

Charl♥tte C.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I think of Nancy Drew, I get flashbacks of my childhood memories with my cousin, Marina. Some of our greatest memories together were spent playing Nancy Drew games over Christmas break. Whether it was Treasure in the Royal Tower during the snowiest winter, or Secret of the Scarlet Hand, we would keep ourselves entertained for hours. My first game was Stay Tuned for Danger, and I must say it took me over two years to beat! I was pretty young, maybe a few years under the recommended age. Both Marina and I would spend hours on the phone when we were not visiting each other, hours’ worth of a collaborated game play. I believe the two of us can vouch that we gained so much laughter from quoting the various characters in the game–mainly Henrick! If we weren’t running around our house yelling: “I can’t remember!” or, “You’re asking the wrong amnesiac”, we were coming up with our own real-life sleuthing games to play outside. One of our biggest jokes that we still talk about today, well into our twenties, is that we will probably still be playing Nancy Drew games when we are old ladies.

One of the primary reasons why I, and many others, have continued to invest in Nancy Drew games is because of the educational aspect to each game. Ever since Secret of the Scarlet Hand, I became so fascinated with the historical context involved. Just having the ability to be able to tell my parents about Pacal and the Mayans made me so proud, but also made them proud to buy me more games. I would like to credit Nancy Drew as my inspiration for loving history, and even investing my college degree in history. Nancy’s personality in each game is a well-guided, young woman that every young girl can use as a role model.

I will close this testimony with my out-most thanks to your company and for developing such a beloved character. I know for sure that one day when I am a mother, I will introduce all of the HER games to my children. I hope you will continue to make Nancy Drew games for as long as you can. Thank you for listening to our thoughts over the years and delivering over twenty five games. I am a loyal customer, but you are also a loyal company.

Alyssa C.

Dear Her Interactive,

I found Nancy Drew when I went to my grandmother’s in the second grade. She called me over to help her go through this one closet in her basement. After we dragged all the Barbies out and I had played with them, she told me to look at something. What she had pulled out was this huge box full of Nancy Drew books. She told me that she loved reading these, but had read all of them, so was giving them to me. My grandmother and I had this thing of reading books together each time I came over, so she grabbed a book and I picked a random one out of her box. After I had read through all of the ones she owned, they came to my house and were put in my drawers. Each visit to her house from then on would start at the local library getting another book to read over the weekend. In fifth grade I had read a lot of the books, and started to get my friends into Nancy. I loved her, and thought it would be a great idea to share this wonderful series to them.

For my birthday that year, my grandmother got me one of the games, The Final Scene. Now, the only games I haven’t played are The Captive Curse and Stay Tuned for Danger. I smile whenever I play a game that has the same plot of a book I’ve already read. Thank you HER for giving generations this gift of the heroine Nancy Drew, please continue doing so!

Madison M.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hello Her Interactive,
I’ve been expecting you.
Nancy drew has changed my life in so many ways. I learned a lot about the Maya from Secret of the Scarlet Hand and learned about Marie Antoinette from Treasure in the Royal Tower. I am a huge fan and when often in a crisis, I ask, what would Nancy Drew do?

When I was young, my cousin would play Secrets Can Kill and I would watch. I think the coolest thing ever would be to have my very own Nancy Drew poster or a visit with the developers or Lani. That would be the greatest. I am always making references to the games in everyday life. I love the Nancy Drew games so much that even most of my school projects are based off of Nancy Drew games. If you looked into my life, you would see tiny bits and pieces of Nancy Drew games everywhere. I even dressed up as her for Halloween! My greatest wish would be to go to Washington to be a game tester. IT WOULD ROCK!!!!!

Thanks for caring,

Dear Her Interactive,

I started playing Nancy Drew when I was about 7. I would go to my Grandparent’s house, sit in the chair in front of the computer and put in MHM because that’s the only game I had at the time. Then, my Grandparents would buy me other Nancy Drew Games. I think the second one I got was TRT. I loved detective games and playing as Nancy to figure out the game. Maybe it was because the boy has always been the “hero” or the “main character”. I just thought it was a neat idea, and I still do today.

I’m 15 now and I will say that HeR has impacted my life. I learned different things from the games that I hadn’t already known! When someone asked me a question or mentioned something in a Nancy Drew Game, I would say, “Hey! That was in a Nancy Drew Game!” I may have sounded like a nerd to other people, but I had a lot of fun playing these games. For example, in my class, I think it was 7th Grade, my teacher mentioned Marie Antoinette and I had already played TRT many times. I’ve learned a lot through HeR and I’m proud to say that Nancy Drew is a huge part of my life.

A proud fan,
Morgan U.

Dear Her Interactive,

In the third grade, I remember my mom and I walking down the game aisles of Target to pick out a gift for my cousins. I didn’t have much interest in shopping with my mom, so I decided to just stay in one isle and just linger around until she came back. Which aisle did I happen to be in? That’s right– the Mystery/Adventure section. I wasn’t much into computer games then, (Because there weren’t a lot of good ones out) so I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular. I just kind of glanced at every game, walking past it, until I got to the Nancy Drew PC games. Even back then I was a HUGE Nancy Drew fan. I read all the Nancy Drew books, new and old, and I just became addicted to it. I loved how the action kept building up and I could almost feel myself in Nancy’s shoes. Nancy has always been my idol, and when I discovered they had Nancy Drew computer games, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Nearly the whole section was filled with Nancy Drew games, and I quickly picked out a random one since they all looked so good. It was The Final Scene, and I literally begged my mom to buy it for me. After she did, I held it in my hands the whole car ride home with joy exploding inside of me, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. Once I got home, the first thing I did was install it and start to play. The feeling inside of me was one that I had never felt before. I felt my heart pounding and adrenaline rushing through my body as I witnessed Nancy’s friend Maya scream and then disappear. After that, it was four hours of nonstop, intense play. My opinion on computer games completely changed, and I officially decided Nancy Drew PC games cannot be beat by any other game. I called my mom to help me on the tricky puzzles, and after she did, she kind of hovered around my computer to watch what would happen next. Soon she was hooked too, and that’s saying something since usually she steers away from anything technology-based.

Over the years, I have bought every single Nancy Drew game there is and I can proudly say I have played every one of them. None of them disappointed me so far, and I will continue to go crazy over each new one Her Interactive makes. I especially LOVED the scary ones, such as Shadow at the Water’s Edge and Legend of the Crystal Skull, and that feeling of anticipating what’ll happen next is just fantastic. The mirror scene from Shadow at the Water’s Edge literally made me jump away from the computer screen, and parts like that only make me love Her Interactive even more.

Like a lot of people have said, I’ve noticed Her Interactive have improved the graphics over the years, and I’ve realized that there is something to love about every Nancy Drew game. The feeling of playing a game is pretty much indescribable, but I can definitely tell you it’ll leave you much satisfied, smarter, and addicted than you ever were before. Thank you so much Her Interactive for brightening up everybody’s day! Keep up the GREAT work!

From your truly biggest fan ever,
-The Flying Potato

P.S. I can’t wait for Tomb of the Lost Queen to come out! It’d be really cool if a mummy popped out in front of you to really cause an adrenaline rush, but that’s just me. 🙂

Dear Her Interactive,

Hello friends (:

My little brother bought me Secrets Can Kill (the old one!) when it first came out, for my 12th birthday, I think. I have almost all of the Nance Drew books in my room, and he figured I would love it. Well, I did love it – even though it took me forever to finish, hehe. I played all of the games as they came out, up to The Phantom of Venice.

Then I had to go to college. My friends all play games like WoW and DnD and all those fighter games. My boyfriend played Kirby and Sonic and Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I tried to turn into a gamer like my friends, really I did. Heck, I’m still trying. My boyfriend’s PSP is sitting next to me on my bed – he wants me to play through the Final Fantasy series.

But you know what? I missed Nancy. I missed the satisfaction of clicking the last puzzle piece into place, or that little thrill of fear when someone popped up, or giggling over the “cute” boys. Remember Dwayne, from STFD? He was probably my first crush.

I’m home on Christmas break, and I’m tired of trying to kill monsters in Final Fantasy VII. So I decided to go back to my roots. I bought myself Shadow at the Water’s Edge, and it came yesterday. I installed it on my laptop, and stayed up until 2 am last night playing it.

Thank you, HER! Thank you for making my favorite woman come to life. I have memories of your games being empowering – sometimes, I scouted around the house with a magnifying glass, yelling at my cat, demanding to know why she pushed Jake down the stairs or kidnapped Maya or what-have you.

Thank you for everything you do. Sometimes I wish I could crawl under my blanket, and come out on the other side as a 12 year old. Because you continue to make Nancy Drew games, I totally can. 🙂

Marguerite F.

Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Rebekah and I just turned 12. I love your Nancy Drew games! I have been playing them ever since I can remember! My neighbor knew that I love Nancy Drew so she let me try one. It was challenging for me, so my sister helped me out on it. Then before I knew it I was getting more and more! And then I bought my friends some for their birthdays and Christmas! Now my friend and I LOVE Nancy Drew like crazy!

This year I had a Nancy Drew/mystery themed party! I bought my friend a Nancy movie and we had a Nancy drew marathon! And Now I do everything Nancy Drew. I watch shows, play the games, listen to the music, have themed parties, and read Nancy Drew books even! I can’t wait until Tomb of the Lost Queen is out! And now I play the iPod games you make!

– Love a big, big, fan!
Rebekah G.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was about 8 years old, one of my friends gave me Secrets Can Kill. I played it and liked it enough, but thought it was a bit odd how the characters were 2D. Then, for Christmas, which was only about 2 months away, I got Stay Tuned for Danger from my mom, because she saw how I liked SCK.

I liked this one immensely better, though the characters were still a bit “sketchy” to me. Next, I went to the library, to see if there were any Nancy Drew games there, because, although I didn’t really like the characters, I loved playing the games themselves! I found 2 games– MMH & FIN. I played those and went back to the library for more, and found TRT and SSH. I found the plot for those two a bit boring, but still played up until CUR which had come out recently near my 9th birthday.

After that, I loved them so much that each year my mom got me the 2 games that had come out that year for Christmas until I was 13 and had an allowance for which to buy the games as soon as they came out.

I’ve played all the games now and own most of them, including both dossiers, the mobile mystery, the Hardy boys DS game, the DVD game of CUR, and the Wii game of ICE. I have introduced all the games to my high school friends (even the boys) and a ton of them love them. I’ve loved them SO much that I’ve even started a club in my house for Nancy Drew, where we hook the computer up to the projector and project on the wall a Nancy Drew game. We take turns using the mouse, and everyone else watches and gives advice.

THANK YOU so much for helping find a way to start a friendship with all these people that I hadn’t known when I first came to my high school in my sophomore year. I can’t wait for Tomb of the Lost Queen to come out! I hope it’s as scary as SAW, CUR, & CAP!

Bianca M.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hello! My name is Gracie. I’m 12 years old and from Kansas. In 2009 I first read Secrets Can Kill the book that my Mom got for me that my grandma gave to her in the 80s. Then I took test on it for school and I got 100% on it. So I looked online to find a book after and I found the game. After that I got the game and LOVED IT!

After that I was hooked! Then I joined and started meeting other girls that also like Nancy Drew games. That year was a great year and I played 10 other games after Secrets Can Kill. In 2010 I discovered I had Scoliosis. That’s the medical condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side.

My Doctor said I would need Surgery; it was a Posterior fusion and it was 9 hours long. But when I got home one week after my surgery I returned home. When I got home my whole family was there. I walked into my room on my bed was all rest of the Nancy Drew Game! My Grandma got all of them for me!

For the next 9 weeks I was homeschooled and played almost all of them. When I returned to school my entire School was happy to see me. About a week ago I had my one year checkup and my back all healed up. Now I’m ready for Tomb of the Lost Queen and getting ready to start golf in the spring! I went through a tough time and Nancy Drew helped me through that. She a smart, amazingly talented girl and that taught me that not everything is what it seems and to never give up.

Thanks a million!
Gracie T.

Dear Her Interactive,

I’m a child of older parents. My mom was almost fifty years old when she had me. I lived at home like an only child because both my sisters are twenty years older than me. Living with an older generation with no in-between I missed out on a lot. Because I had aging parents and no siblings to play with, we never did adventurous things like camping, hiking, even exploring the overgrown backyard was a reach for me.

By the time I hit middle school my life was becoming very monotone. I was failing at school and the only place I ever visited besides home was Lake Tahoe. One of my only friends at the time gave me “The Final Scene” as a birthday present. I was hooked instantly and started collecting all the Nancy Drew games. They brought a sense of adventure into my life that I still enjoy and rely on today in my college life. Her Interactive games allowed me to travel the world, become adventurous, and helped my social skills when I was stuck in my own life.

Thank you,
Zoe F.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hey Her! I was five or six when I first played a Nancy Drew game; it was Message in a Haunted Mansion. I remember it was so scary. Like when the ghost said ‘I see you’. It scared me so much. Then when I was 10 we went to a library; my mom saw Secrets Can Kill and said we should try it, so we did. It was amazing! The plot, ending, and notes were fun.

From that point on we’ve been playing Nancy Drew games. But it wasn’t till Danger by Design where I was obsessed. I play and beat a game every day. I am now even more obsessed; I started reading the yellow hardbacks, and graphic novels, and the notebooks. Every time we go to a thrift store we look for Nancy Drew books, I’m trying to find ‘The Clue in the Diary’, but so far nothing. I know now that I’m babbling, anyway, I hope you guys continue the Dossier series, my mom loves those! I do too, of course, if you don’t I’ll cry. I really can’t imagine life now without Nancy Drew, if it wasn’t for my mom I would never meet my favorite game series. I hope you guys never stop making games, you guys are awesome! I still can’t believe Koko Kringle bars were sold out. Wow! I mean that’s amazing! But it isn’t amazing that there’s none left. Thank you Her for the best games ever!

A is for Awesome plots that keep getting better.
B is for Babbling characters like Hotchkiss, Rentaro, Bess, and more.
C is for Carson Drew the father of the best detective ever!
D is for Nancy Drew the detective. Duh! 🙂
Let’s skip all the way to H.
H is for Her Interactive, the best game makers. 🙂
*Sigh* That’s all! I need a nap.

Dare To Play,
Aubrey U.

Dear Her Interactive,

I’ve been playing video and computer games since I was four or able to hold a controller and move a mouse. You could say I was very tech savvy at a young age. I’m now enrolled in a technical college to earn a bachelor’s degree specifically in Web Game Programming. I have played a Nancy Drew computer game before, but I had never finished one. My first game, The Curse of Blackmoor Manor, terrified me when I was younger with a Nancy-eating plant in the conservatory. I want to personally thank Her Interactive for being interested in DeVry, that they would send one of their employees to give a presentation to the students.

A couple of months after starting my first summer semester of college, I was lucky to attend a presentation by Jared Nieuwenhuis. I sat in the front row and made sure to take a lot of notes. Her Interactive is a company with a main focus on females who are currently a minority for gamers, but we’re growing and the Nancy Drew games are inspiring younger generations to help Nancy solve her mysteries. Mr. Nieuwenhuis was very animated and he even quizzed the other students on facts from older Nancy Drew games, awarding prizes to the winners of difficult questions. I was at a disadvantage since I had not been clever enough to solve a mystery before, but Mr. Nieuwenhuis saw my enthusiasm in my questions and gave me one of the Nancy Drew games at the end of the presentation.

Warnings at Waverly Academy was the first Nancy Drew game I was able to solve, with the help of a strategy guide on tricky puzzles like chasing the squirrel up the tree outside the school window. Helping Nancy solve a mystery was really exhilarating, I didn’t come up with the correct who-did-it, but luckily Nancy was able to outsmart the villain like she always does. I played for about eight hours straight from start to finish. The graphics and plot twists only sparked the interest of the Junior Detective I am. The next weekend my dad found a combo pack of the first and second Nancy Drew games and gave it to me. I ran to my laptop and installed Secrets Can Kill. Even though the characters were cartoons, I still think that the animation of them helped bring Nancy’s first mystery come to life.

For Christmas this year, my mom surprised me with an unwrapped package. I read the return address and literally screamed when I read “Her Interactive.” I got the Nancy Drew Collector’s Edition Fan Favorites, with three top ND games, purple collector notebook, a collector’s tin, along with a KoKo Kringle bar. The last time I had checked the Her Interactive site they were “SOLD OUT.” I’m thinking of keeping the chocolate bar, until I discover this item in one of Nancy’s mysteries. My goal is to catch up with the release of games up to the Tomb of the Lost Queen that will be released next year.

I’m planning on applying to be on the Advisory Board since I live in the same state as the Her Interactive studio. After reading many of the chosen testimonials on the Community panel, I’m proud that Nancy Drew has inspired many females to pursue a career in video game design. I hope to join the fans in the future in the gaming industry. As long as there’s a mystery for Nancy Drew to solve, there will always be a fan who will “dare to play.”

Thank you Her Interactive,
Marissa S., 18, Washington

Dear Her Interactive,

Nancy Drew is special to me because she was my first point and click adventure game. These games that allow us to search for clues, interrogate suspects, and explore a new world are my favorite genre of video games! When I was nine or ten I played Message in a Haunted Mansion and fell in love with the story. But soon I became stuck within the game and gave up. At that age I didn’t know I could go online for help. It wasn’t till my mother loaned the game to my friend did I become interested in the game again. As soon as I figured out she had completed Message in a Haunted Mansion, I knew I had to solve the mystery for myself. I was new to the world of video games and since I had gotten stuck, I thought the game was unbeatable.

Soon afterwards I completed my first game and continued to buy all the rest of the Nancy Drew games I had missed out on, while I thought the game was “unbeatable.” After I had played through them all, my mother bought me other point and click adventure games. But I still remember Nancy Drew as my first and favorite.

My favorite part about getting a new Nancy game is pulling out my clue book. I flip to a blank page and write the title at the top. By the time I have completed the mystery, I have several pages of Detective notes. I love them!

I wanted to thank you for keeping the Nancy Drew games alive. It’s getting harder and harder for me to find a good point and click adventure game. When I go to the store the PC section is getting smaller and smaller. I used to be able to find a few good games a year beside Nancy Drew, but now I am lucky to find one. The one thing that has remained constant within the genre is Nancy Drew. I can always rely on Her Interactive to bring a great mystery!


Dear Her Interactive,

I was widowed in 2007 and was all alone with two small boys. While shopping I purchased Message in a Haunted Mansion to have a game to play and worked my way through it over a couple of days.

I loved every minute of it and playing it took my mind off of my grief. I have since bought and beaten all of your games and excitedly look forward to each new one that is released.

Thank you for creating such quality games that positively impact the lives of its players.


Dear Her Interactive,

Nancy Drew has been my role model, my big sister, my inspiration, my motivation, my nickname, and the greeting people receive when they get my answering machine.

Only in the past couple years, being in art school have I realized the immense impact Nancy really has had on my life, development, and self-esteem as a young woman since age 10. Now that I’m older, studying character animation, I have also come to realize the power of the medium of videogames. Games are a storytelling device that goes beyond just taking you for a walk with a character for a mile, like a movie. With these games, I was immersed in the decision-making and general mindset of a girl who was older than me, who actively chose knowledge and integrity, guts and brains, heart and intrigue over anything else I could have gotten sucked into all the years of middle school and high school.

Though I would sway and temporarily get caught up in the petty things of teen girl life like every girl does, every change of the season I would sit down my myself, with my best friend or my little brother, and spend hours of quality time with this girl again- who I respected, admired- whose escapades in persevering for justice thrilled me and helped me gain perspective all over again.

I am so fortunate to have had Nancy take care of me as an adolescent girl, and I will still to this day excitedly tell my friends when the new ND game is coming out. In school I have shared with my class in presentations the example Her Interactive has set for the art, animation, and gaming community- that this series goes beyond a half relatable adventure that collects dusts, but transforms girls and boys alike for the better over time, by setting an example of what character traits outlast all of the others.

I’m 21 now, and as an artist am most interested in storytelling and character development in cartoons, games and the like. My artist statement for my higher education has become this; That I have assumed a responsibility. By going into the art and entertainment industry I have taken on the joyous duty of becoming accountable to girls younger than me, who look up to me, and need the role model Nancy has been for me. I’ve been truly blessed time and time again by Her Interactive’s work, and am so stoked to carry on this message with my own path.

With all my love,
Lauren S.
AKA Chase Beaucanon
AKA Nancy Drew

P.S. I thought I would include a couple pictures you might enjoy!! I would love to work/intern with you guys someday.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have been playing the games since I was about 14 years old. I knew about Nancy Drew when I was younger. Having no sisters, and your best friend from childhood being a boy, I was not that interested in Nancy Drew. I believed that Nancy Drew was for girly-girls. I got my first game when I was 14.

My first game I played I was “Secrets Can Kill” (1998 one). It looked cool, to me, so I played it, I found it really fun, exploring a school, always thinking that the culprit would be following me, and I have been playing the games ever since. I liked the games, because even though I was a tomboy, I could enjoy a game and not have to worry about the color pink, fashion, or whatever. I love it how, anyone can play the games, (In fact my best friend from school was a guy and he loved to play them).

Unlike most people, Nancy Drew is not my role model, but I have similar qualities, like I am great at reasoning and logic, and I always seem to be caught up in an adventure, like her! So like I said, I love the games, and I can’t wait for the next one!

Caitlin M.

Dear Her Interactive,

Message in a Haunted Mansion was my first Nancy Drew game, and I must have been five or six because I’m 16 now, and I remember the game was brand new at the time. I don’t remember being so young, but I do remember seeing “ages 10 and up” and feeling a sense of accomplishment that my mom let me get it. Getting a “big girl computer game” was kind of a big deal at the time. I should probably thank her for her seemingly bad judgment, because now Nancy Drew has become a huge part of my life!… but let’s go back to MHM.

I remember exactly where I was and what kind of day it was. My older sister and her friends were hanging out in the next room, and normally I’d be nagging them to let me hang out with them, but not that day… that day I was playing Nancy Drew. I had never been so enthralled in a computer game before- and I was a big connoisseur of Barbie games, let me tell you. I felt completely immersed in this game, it gave me a feeling I had never had before. I didn’t want to stop playing and I was cherishing all of my moments with it in case someone told me I had to get off the computer. I remember in the game when I was walking up the stairs, and I heard the painting say “I see you” I started hysterically crying, screaming, and just in general freaking out. I ran out of the room and was afraid to even go back in. I was young and completely terrified of the fact that the man in my computer game could see me. I begged my sister and her friends to play it with me because it was the best game I had ever played, and I wanted really badly to keep playing, but I needed the safety blanket of someone older with me. They sat in there for a few minutes and I was ecstatic to pick up where I left off, avoiding the staircase mind you. Eventually they left and I was too scared to play alone so I gave up.

I forgot about Nancy Drew for a bit, until a couple of years later. I must have been seven or eight, and I decided to try to play it again- remembering vividly of what had happened the last time. I thought to myself, “I’m older now, I can handle it,” and I could. I played and beat the game and from then on I knew I had to get the rest of them. I bought and beat all of them as they came out, infecting my friends with the Nancy Drew bug as time went on, some more than others, and now that we’re so much older I’m really the only one who still holds them so close to my heart. It’s going to sound dumb, but they’re more than just games to me. I tend to ramble so I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but the Nancy Drew games have been a huge part of my life, I used to be embarrassed of them because not many people really get it. “Why would you play a ‘children’s’ game when you’re a teenager?” I often heard. Now I display them proudly in order on my bookshelf, with my Nancy Drew silhouette bookends and the latest edition to my shelf- a KoKo Kringle bar (which I ordered two of to try one, of course!) I feel like I’m in on a big secret, so when people tend to not understand, I don’t mind, they’re the ones missing out. I love each and every game and character equally. I honestly have no idea how anyone can have favorites, you can’t compare two different things! There isn’t a single game that didn’t fill me with complete joy, contrary to a lot of people’s opinions, simply because it’s a Nancy Drew game. They’re all amazing in their own way and if there’s a “con,” to me it wouldn’t be classified as that, it’d just be a characteristic of that game or character. I’ve tried to explain this on the message boards but I think they all think I’m crazy. I don’t mind, at least I know what I mean- and maybe someone reading this does too. I think I’ll end it at that.

– Karina S.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was 9 years old when I first discovered my mom playing Nancy Drew PC games …without me! She was interested in some video games my brother played, but wanted something more than mindless beanbag-slouching and thumb-twiddling. Though hesitant to let me join her, due to “my delicate age”, I soon convinced her to let me join in.

Since then we have made many mini-holidays centered around a new Nancy Drew game where we sequester ourselves around our computer with triscuit and brie or laughing cow cheese and honey flavored tea. The remainder of our family endures our laughs and screams as we avoid the pitfalls or sometimes fatal errors of our game play.

Nancy Drew has become such fun in our house that it was the theme of my 13th birthday party 1970s style: The Catnip Caper. This was a clue-based game to unravel the mystery of my missing cat (hidden in the garage). We had to decipher clues regarding my role-playing guests. We’re attaching a picture for you to see 🙂

We’ve looked forward to many new releases and hope that you have many productive and inspiring years to come. What would Christmas vacation and snow days be without a computer-hogging-all-day gameplay? 🙂

Much Love,
Maddie and Mom (Shelley) T.

Dear Her Interactive,

Ever since my first game (Message in a Haunted Mansion), I have fallen in love with playing all the Nancy Drew mysteries. They give me a break from the stress that comes with school and work, and give me a moment to myself – almost like getting one of those free-feeling moments of childhood back. Especially since they also give my sister and I something to participate in together and enjoy over a bag of M&Ms, plus whatever else we manage to get into at the moment! And even if those moments only last less than a day or go on for perhaps two, they will be ones that will last forever in my mind. And for that very reason, I always keep a close eye out for the newest releases, and am quick to grab them as soon as they do just so I can create yet another one of the cherished times.

Thank you so much for that, and please, continue on for a life-time doing what you are doing!

Victoria A.

Dear Her Interactive,

I can’t begin to describe the effect Nancy Drew has had in my life. But I’m going to try. One day, about ten years ago, when I was eight years old, my mom came home from town with this game called The Final Scene. She was excited to play it because she had read Nancy Drew as a kid and was so amazed that she found a computer game based off of the famous detective. At the time, being so young, I hadn’t heard much of Nancy Drew. It took about a year to finish The Final Scene because my sisters, my mother and I played together. We had school. Mom had work. We were busy.

I remember the day we beat it crystal clear. It’s forever burned into my memory. Just as the ending scene played out, my aunt pulled into the drive with my cousins. I remember jumping up and down, shouting, “We beat it! We beat it!” My first Nancy Drew mystery solved. And since then, we’ve acquired every game and beaten them. In our household, Nancy Drew became more than a game. It’s my most brightest childhood memory. It brought together my mom, my sisters and I. We bonded. My one sister developed an interest in the Nancy Drew books. We’ve spread our love for the games to others. Each game was a new adventure, a new memory to make.

Playing these games became a tradition in my house. It’s one tradition I plan on sharing with my future children. I’ll never forget all the laughs we’ve had, the screams that ripped from our mouths as someone attacked Nancy, the different places we’ve been through Nancy. Thanks, Her Interactive, for creating such a vibrant part of my life. It’s one piece of me that I love. Nancy Drew is more than just an amateur detective. She’s been a constant friend through the years.

Semper ubi sub ubi!
-Andrea K.

Dear Her Interactive,

I got hooked on Nancy Drew when I was in third grade. I was looking for the perfect Christmas present for my sister who had just entered middle school. I began browsing the computer game isle when I spotted Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor and The Secret of Shadow Ranch in a double pack. My sister and I had read almost every book and these game intrigued me. So I bought it for my sister and we played all Christmas break.

We continued to buy and play the games. I remember how scared some of the games made us, and our late night talks, sharing our thoughts about the game and discussing who we thought was the culprit. The games brought my sister and me closer together. It helped us through the long, boring summer months when it was only me and my sister in our small apartment house. Nancy helped us through the rough spots in our lives. She was a constant friend for me when I had none.

Now my sister’s in high school and I’m in middle school. We still obsess over Nancy. We’ve played every single game. I’ve begun to get my friends into Nancy Drew. We thank you for your games and the experiences they have given us. Nancy is always welcome in our house.

From One of Nancy’s Biggest Admirers,

Dear Her Interactive,

Christmas Day, 2005: Otherwise known as the day when I first discovered Nancy Drew computer games. I remember unwrapping the set of five different games, smiling ear to ear. I had read the books and instantly fell in love with them, so, finding out that there were computer games to go along with the books… it was like heaven. I remember anxiously sitting by my dad’s side, jumping up and down for joy as he installed the game for me. Treasure in the Royal Tower was the first game I ever played, and still to this day, I remember the chills running up and down my spine as I snuck into the vandalized library, and the horror that shot through me as I made my way up to the old, eerie tower of Marie Antoinette. Ever since then, it’s been an obsession. Another one of my many, wonderful addictions. (:

My younger siblings and I now have a special connection, thanks to these games, as well. My sister is ten, and my brother is six, but I could never EVER imagine playing a new Nancy Drew game without them. We all huddle around the computer for hours and try to beat the mind-boggling puzzles, creepy mysteries, and are always overjoyed when we see a trailer at the end for a new game! We’ve even got my mom hooked on them now; when she had back surgery the whole family sat with her and played the Captive Curse.

And, so, here I sit, some six years later, in my freshman year of high school, writing a letter to Her Interactive. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for the fun, the games, and, especially the memories.

Halley, Kenzie, and Aiden
(Nancy’s biggest fans!)

Dear Her Interactive,

I remember being younger and my sister got The Secret of Shadow Ranch for her birthday. We both immediately bolted upstairs to start installing it. For years, we collected games, getting them for birthdays and Christmas’s and we always completed them with the same amount of enthusiasm, always shocked by the endings. (Other than Nancy solving the mystery, of course.)

Then one year, we met up with my God parents and their two children. They were about our age, and we didn’t really know how to connect with them until we discovered that *gasp!* they loved Nancy Drew games too! It has been four years and every year, it brings us together. We play for hours, figuring out the mystery and all of the hard puzzles. All four of us will sit together for about six hours a day, for the three or four days we see them each year, in the dark (if it’s a scary one, like Blackmoor Manor or Crystal Skull) all crowded around the screen like moths around a light. Thanks Nancy for bringing family together year after year!

Much love from a Nancy Drew nerd,
Elise F.

Dear Her Interactive,

I’ve been playing Nancy Drew games for as long as I can remember and I’ve always loved them so much. It all started for me when I was sick and went to the doctor only to find out I had strep throat and I was very contagious, sadly. So I had to wear a mask after I left the doctor’s office so I wouldn’t spread it to anyone else. My mom and I had to go to target to get my medicine from the pharmacy and there was a 25 minute wait for my prescription to be filled. People were staring at me which made me want to cry, I felt horrible and just wanted to fall asleep on the floor but my mom said “I know you don’t feel good at all kiddo and I know you’re going to be stuck in a room for at least 24 hours by yourself so you don’t spread the strep to anyone. Do you want to pick out a book you can read or a computer game to play to help you pass the time?” I agreed and we went to the aisle where half of it was books and the other half was computer games. I walked up and down the aisle twice before anything caught my eye and when it did it was a Nancy Drew computer game. I had never seen or heard about it before so I read the game description and liked it a lot. I’ve always been big into mysteries and crime solving so I was excited and that made my mom happy because I wasn’t focusing so much on being sick anymore, my mind was on the new game I had found. Message in a Haunted Mansion was the game I had picked that day and I couldn’t wait to play it. I held it in my hands the whole way home and didn’t set it down once until it was installing in the computer.

So for the next day I was hooked on the computer, doing puzzles and finding clues. There was a stack of papers with notes, codes, and thoughts scribbled on them. I didn’t feel sick at all while I was playing the game, there was so much to discover and find out. From that very sick day at the doctor till now I have been crazed about Nancy Drew games. I even set a time limit to beat the games in sometimes; I love a good challenge. My best time was about 4 and a half, almost 5 hours. It blew my mom’s mind that I could do that so fast. I even re-play the games sometime to pass the time now and again, they are always a blast and each time I try to get them solved even quicker.

I have all the games and am still adding to my collection whenever a new one is released. I can’t wait for #26 to come out, I saw the preview at the end of Alibi in Ashes and I’m just thrilled about it. My nieces also love the games too, even though they need my help from time to time with certain things but they have that same curiosity that I had when I started playing Nancy’s games.

From one fan to another just discovering the wonders, Nancy Drew will always live on in the minds of the sleuths around the world solving mysteries and picking crime scenes apart to piece them back together again. It’s a fascination that captures us all and I love every moment of it and always will. Thank you Her Interactive so much for all the Nancy Drew games and the many more to come.

Always with love from a loyal fan,
Emily W. <3

Dear Her Interactive,

I love the Nancy Drew games and so do all of my family; they are the best pc games ever! I own the whole collection and I have a set of doubles in case they get scratched or broken.

When I saw one of the games in a shop I begged and begged my dad to buy it for me but unfortunately he said no. I left the shop crying but thankfully my mum just can’t say no to the puppy dog face! I still play them now even if I have already closed a case! I will play them again and again and again…

Nancy Drew is very helpful and I believe that it has helped me become a fast thinker and very clever. As I said before, my family enjoys playing your games, for example: My big sister would consider herself as a super sleuth or a detective wizard! My sister and I could play your games for hours until it was time for bed.

We all love mystery games like Nancy Drew and Poirot but I will always recommend the Nancy Drew Games to everyone that enjoys solving mysteries.

A very devoted fan,
Astrid C.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was 6 or 7 my parents bought Treasure in the Royal Tower for my grandmother and I to play together. I fell instantly in love with the secrets, the mystery and all of the confusing puzzles. It then became a tradition to play the games with my grandmother, and when we got stuck with my father. I remember being so scared at the end of Stay Tuned for Danger, and feeling accomplished after finishing a hard game. My grandmother and I had endless hours of fun playing together.

I am now 15 and have played every single Nancy Drew game there is! My love and passion for solving puzzles is still growing, as well as my love for Nancy. I hope that Her Interactive will continue to produce great and amazing games and continue to impact my life.

Thanks from a very big fan,
Sarah N.

Dear Her Interactive,

My daughter is 22. I am not.

However, we share a love of Nancy Drew. I had the entire collection of books when I was growing up, and then I shared them with her when she was old enough to enjoy them.

Now we still share our love of all things Nancy with Her Interactive’s series of Nancy Drew PC games. We own ALL of them and have played every game together, calling ourselves “The Nancys” in every game.

We just finished “Alibi in Ashes!” I was a wonderful way to spend our holiday break! Now we are heading over to the Nancy Drew TXT Challenge for even more Nancy goodness!

Nancys Forever!
Tammy & Maggie “The Nancys” D.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was about 5, my favorite thing to do was to be a detective. I loved to roam around my house with my Sherlock Holmes hat (an old baseball cap of my dad’s) and my trusty magnifying glass, solving dangerous cases like the Case of the Disappearing Toothbrush. By the time I was 6, I had solved all of the mystery PC games I could find and wanted more.

That Christmas, we traveled to my grandparents’ house. We arrived on a cold stormy Christmas Eve. That night I was way too excited to sleep, so my grandmother in a desperate attempt to get me to settle down took me over to her bookcase and handed me her well-loved copy of “Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase.” I stayed awake that night longer than I had ever done before, not because of the pile of presents expectantly waiting beneath our tree, but because I had finally found the mystery I was waiting for and I simply could not put it down.

The next morning I sleepily opened my presents when my grandmother came rushing in with one last present that had been delivered late. It was your game, “Message in a Haunted Mansion.” To say that I was excited is an understatement. I wanted to play it right then and there but my mom told me I had to wait until I got home.

A few days later, my mom helped me install it, and I sat down ready to tackle my newest case. I mean, I had solved “Detective Barbie” more times than I could count… How hard could it be? I immediately got extremely stuck with the tile room and then got scared out of my wits when the radiator started hissing in my room on the game. I was about ready to throw the game out the window when my mom offered to help me. Soon, we had a system going: my mom would work the mouse and I would sit by her elbow. Together, we solved the Message in the Haunted Mansion and to this day I’m not sure which of us had the most fun.

Eleven years later, we still count down the days until we can get our hands on the next game. Nowadays, we try to solve all the games on senior level with no hints… Even if it means fiddling with the same puzzle for a week. Whenever we get a new game, my dad and my brothers groan because they know that until that game is finished, we will eat, sleep, and talk Nancy Drew. We constantly discuss the story of the game and playfully argue back and forth about who the criminal should be.

Nancy Drew has impacted my life, but not in the way one might think. I don’t want to be a private eye anymore nor do I want to go into graphic design. Instead, I want to become a nurse and go to medical school where I can use the deductive and reasoning skills your games have given me to help others on a day to day basis. So, thank you, Her Interactive! You’ve scared me at times, but the memories you’ve given me are ones I will always treasure!

Your Devoted Fan,
Abigail F.

Dear Her Interactive,

I remember the first time I caught sight of this series was none other than when randomly picking up The Final Scene at the local library. The stellar 3D graphics at the time grabbed my attention, but unfortunately, the family computer did not host the capabilities required to play the game, and my sister and I reluctantly returned the game. Once we finally achieved a technology upgrade, I found the game again, anxiously cracked open the game, and it didn’t take much of the riveting plot line, with refreshing characters and compelling puzzles seamlessly integrated–to capture my complete attention. Some of my most exhilarating moments were spent in the final moments of such games as Treasure in the Royal Tower, The Haunted Carousel, and Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake–when you know that critical moment to upstage the culprit is soon at hand–and you only have that one chance– (if you don’t count that convenient second chance that is…)

As a child, the series never failed to disappoint–jumpstarting my imagination to all corners of the globe. Not only was each installment culturally edifying and morally uplifting but it constantly reminded me of my passion for adventure. No time more than as a kid, does the appeal of adventure stands as the most realistic. Perhaps, I had thought to myself, I could embark on a similar career path, where I would constantly be testing my physical and mental boundaries, and always be on the move toward my next case at the next exotic location.

One thing that has been unfortunate with growing up with such a compelling adventure series is: “You age as you become older, but your dreams stay the same.” So though I’m currently a graduate student solving a scientific mystery of hopefully equally epic proportions, a part of me will always be envious of Nancy’s adventurous life, where she will be perpetually paid in mystery-solving thrills and free room and board at only the most exciting of locales. But still, one other thing has remained: thank you dearly, Her Interactive, for keeping the spirit of adventure alive in my heart, no matter my external situation.

Yours truly,
Janice C.

Dear Her Interactive,

It started when I was 9 years old. My sister had just received Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger for her birthday, and being new to computer games at the time, we couldn’t wait to install it. Within the first 5 minutes of playing, my sister and I fell in love! From that point on, we have become big fans of ‘Her Interactive’ and are proud to have solved all 25 Nancy Drew games!

I am 17 years old now and my sister is 13 – As I reach adulthood and my sister becomes a teenager, we find spending time with one another more and more difficult. Nothing can truly bring two sisters together like a new Nancy Drew game can! We look forward to every new addition, and clear our schedules so we can solve the latest mystery. It’s wonderful that a game like this can bring us together and give us such wonderful memories! Thank you, Her Interactive, my sister and I owe you one!

– Amanda

Dear Her Interactive,

I absolutely love these games! My first Nancy Drew game was The Haunted Carousel, and I went crazy over it. I played the game when I was about five, and I have played and loved them ever since then. Nancy Drew is absolutely a game series for all ages. It’s educational, but still very fun. Nancy Drew has taught me so much. After I played Trail of the Twister, I have studied about tornadoes, and I have learned more than half of what I know from that game. Also after Shadow at the Water’s Edge, one of my goals is to go to Japan.

The reason that I love the Nancy Drew series is that the games are fun, educational, they have excellent graphics, and have a terrific plot. I love every one of them, but so far none of them can beat Shadow at the Water’s Edge. Again, thanks to everyone at Her Interactive for making probably the best computer games ever.

Every time I come across a big question or mystery in my life I just say to myself, “What would Nancy Drew do?”

From your biggest Fan,
Veronica B.

Dear Her Interactive,

My Nancy Drew story begins when I was in second grade. I was asked to be a part out the program for advanced children. My teacher for the advanced program had a computer that we could play games on if we finished our work early. She had the Secrets Can Kill episode installed on her computer. I was the first student to really get into the game and all the other students instantly fell in love with it also!

After that second grade class, I looked for Nancy Drew PC games in the stores, but I could find them nowhere, sadly, the memory of that game fell to the wayside. About five years after that, I was opening presents for my birthday. my aunt bought me the “Treasure in the Royal Tower” episode of the game. I was so excited, and beat the game in two days. After that, I had to get ahold of every game I could. Unfortunately by this time, the first 3 games were outdated for my system, so there are some games that I have never played.

Nancy Drew is the only game out there that is truly entertaining. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten my whole family in on playing the games. It is truly a stress reliever, and a great way to keep your mind sharp! I am so glad that Her Interactive has stayed with this series for so long! And I hope y’all continue for a very long time.

I just can’t get enough,
Haley W.

Dear Her Interactive,

I started playing Nancy Drew when I was five. My older sister, who was nine at the time, had received Massage in the Haunted Mansion as a hand-me-down from an older cousin. She had already read a few of the Nancy Drew books and was super enthusiastic about playing the game. We played Nancy Drew #3 with our dad and we actually got so freaked out by the ghosts and creepy happenings that our dad made us stop playing for a year because we got terrible nightmares that made us both cry.

Throughout the suspension year, my dad would joke with us singing “Nancy Drew Year, Nancy Drew Year..” in a certain melody, we would get so mad every time he sang it because we wanted to play so bad. So the year rolled around and we started playing again. That night we beat the game. To think I waited a year to see the “bad guy” get caught! Anyway we were hooked. We bought game after game, whatever and whichever ones were available. So obsessed were we that we that we played Nancy Drew instead of House with our friends, we forced them to. My sister and I even wrote Her and told them how much we loved the games and we were devoted fans. Her sent us two magnifying glasses and a Nancy Drew plastic camera. I actually still have the magnifying glass, it sits on my desk.

Her has played a considerable part in my childhood and I thank them for it. Anyway, I have every single game, even the Dossier ones. They are stacked up in my computer room, all 27 of my Nancy Drew games. When my friends come into that room some stare in awe at the rainbow stack of cases against the beige wall. I laugh and offer them if they want to play. Their answer? Most of the time it is a yes. 🙂
~Kelsey F.~

Dear Her Interactive,

Nancy Drew has been a part of my life for the past 13 years. I first started the games the year Stay Tuned for Danger came out. My Aunt and Uncle gave it to me for my birthday because I had always been a fan of the book series, and it was installed immediately. I didn’t know then what I had gotten myself into. I do remember us all crowded around the old computer trying to figure out who exactly was antagonizing this Rick Arlen! This is the main thing that I have always loved and appreciated about these games.

It has been a great opportunity for my family to spend some time together and learn new things! Not only have I learned how to escape the clutches of an ancient curse, but I also know how to pick locks and navigate an underground tunnel! Ever since that fateful year of installing STFD, I have been hooked and am constantly anticipating the next game. I have no problem telling my friends at college that yes, a 21 year old is playing and replaying Nancy Drew games in her spare time. But that’s another cool thing about it. The stories and lessons you learn about, and the characters you meet in these games are timeless and are relatable to anyone. I hope HER never stops making these games. Providing these opportunities to learn new things and experience places that I know I will never see for real have probably been the most rewarding aspect of these 25 games. Who else can say they’ve explored the catacombs in France, or swam with sharks and octopus in the Bahamas?

I hope that Nancy will continue to awe and inspire a new generation of young detectives much like she did for me! If the games do come to an end someday, I know that somewhere in the distance we Nancy fans will still hear the ever present theme song and hear Nancy tell us, “that looks right” when our keys fit into a lock.

Thanks HER for bringing Nancy into our lives!
Stephanie B.

Dear Her Interactive,

I remember the first time I played a Nancy Drew game. My best friend introduced the game to me one summer when I was about 11 or 12 years old. It was Nancy Drew and The Curse of Blackmoor Manor. Minutes into the game, I fell in love with it. We played for hours on end any chance that we got. We incorporated Nancy Drew into our everyday lives. We would pretend that we were Nancy Drew and would solve our own mysteries. When I would go up to a door I would look and say “It’s locked”. We got a kick out of that. We would also hold each other’s hands during the scary parts, laugh constantly at Frank and Joe’s loveable humor, and get oh-so-frustrated when we were unable to solve a puzzle. Nancy Drew isn’t just some game for me. It’s a memory that keeps going on.

I will be turning 19 now on January 15th, and I am STILL playing the games. I have played every single game, and I love it, Nancy Drew was always my hero, and still is. I enjoy reading the books, and helping people out who need help on the games. I still think it would be fun to create a Nancy Drew game and come up with the script because I want to either be a writer or a voice-over actor.

Thank you so much for putting in your time and effort for these games, they changed my life. I still can never not say “It’s locked” when I attempt to open a locked door. To all you people who might be embarrassed to play these games because they might seem “too childish”- don’t. You’re never too old to be a child again ESPECIALLY when it comes to Nancy Drew.

Dare to Play (:

– Sincerely from just another loving and obsessive fan,
Brianna M.

Dear Her Interactive,

I started playing Nancy Drew Games when I was about 1 or 2 years old. My mom showed me The Secret of Shadow Ranch and I got hooked. I played it all the time. I kept doing the chicken game in Mary Yazzie’s store. She also showed me the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. I didn’t win any of them until I was eight, and today I’ve won almost every Nancy Drew Game that is out. Nancy Drew Games are so fun that if I had $1000, I would get every boxed Nancy Drew Game with the strategy guide.

The first Nancy Drew Game I have ever won is The Phantom of Venice which is my favorite Nancy Drew Game. One day when I came home from school while my mom and dad were cleaning they found games 1 – 13 and 15 – 17. I spent the whole weekend working on those and I won three of them. And if I got to work anywhere it would be at Her Interactive.

Elijah R. (age 9)

Dear Her Interactive,

The Nancy Drew game series was first introduced to my sister Kim and me when we were young teenagers. One Christmas we received the Message in a Haunted Mansion, and thought it was just another computer game. Little did we know this game series would become an important tradition in both of our lives.

After playing our first Nancy Drew game, we were hooked. Since the first game we played was out of order, we faithfully went back and played every single one, and just finished Alibi in Ashes. Far from simple, these games challenged us and required skill, teamwork and determination. Now in college, we still struggle with the Senior Detective level (hahah). The love for these games created a unique bond and united us as a team. They inspired inside jokes, ranging from the funny things the characters said to Koko Kringle bars to being the first to find the hidden Easter eggs. Being music education majors, we even went as far as creating our own Nancy Drew theme song, which we faithfully belt whenever we play.

Nancy Drew has been a game series that is not only enjoyable, but also has a deeper meaning for my sister Kim and I. We love playing these games, so keep them coming!

Anxiously awaiting Nancy’s next chapter,
Carrie K.

Dear Her Interactive,

I happened to be trying out this new computer and stopped by your website. I noticed the “Testimonial” page and read a few that some had sent in, and began thinking of the great times my sister and I have both had playing the Nancy Drew series, as many were college students now like us who grew up on them. The first game we played through was Message in a Haunted Mansion back when we were very young, and it really scared my sister, Sarah, (especially the “I See You” voice on the stairs). We played through and finished the game with our mom and dad and we were all hooked, and Nancy Drew not only became a game but a way of spending time with each other as a family.

Today, we still keep up with the games and patiently await the next-in-line after we have beaten the latest. My sister is currently a sophomore at Mississippi College, and I am currently a junior and a History Major, English Minor at the University of Tennessee at Martin, as well as an Eagle Scout, and your fine games had a role to play in that.

For most of my time in elementary school, I was very shy and stayed to myself, but I always loved writing and reading books. It was the Nancy Drew games that helped to inspire my love of history, teaching us things about Marie Antoinette and other greatly important people years before we discussed it in school. My mind would immediately go back to the many books from the games when something was brought up in class, and I received much confidence in myself. Albeit, it may have been small but it was a vastly important seed of confidence that eventually sprouted to help me attain the rank of Eagle Scout and gave me a love for what would become my Major in college.

Each Nancy Drew game has its own memories for all of us: some of fright, some of intrigue, some of adventure. I can say that together, the series has helped shape me into the person I am today, along with my loving family and loving church. Though I am a “him,” I will continue to wait for each new “Her” game. Thank you very much for the memories!

A Thankful Fan,
Michael K.

Dear Her Interactive,

The first Nancy Drew game I ever played on was Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon and I can say without a doubt, I loved it! I was only 12 years old and I waited 10 1/2 hours (I know crazy right!) for it to download, but it was the best 60 minutes trial I’d even played or ever will.

From then I was hooked, I was given my first full version Nancy Drew games, Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon and The Curse of Blackmoor Manor, a year later at Christmas and every second I had to play on them I was! I love the mystery, the excitement and the laughter it always brings me, as I know that I can rely on my Nancy Drew games to keep me on my toes and keep me happy. (I mean, who wouldn’t be happy when playing on the games, some of the catchphrases in the games are soo funny!) Also, another Happy Christmas for me was when I got a Nancy Drew game for the DS called Mystery of the Clue Bender Society and it actually showed Nancy in the game!

I’ve always felt that I should tell everybody I know to play Nancy Drew, but I never do because to me, playing on the games makes me feel special as nobody I know plays on them. However, my mum is constantly asking me to let her play on them as I play on her video games, she sees it as only fair that she plays on mine, though I don’t let her 🙂 Of all the games I’ve got I would have to say the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon and The Haunting of Castle Malloy are my favorites as Last Train was the first I played and owned and Castle Malloy included Nancy flying around with a jetpack, if that’s not cool I don’t know what is! Plus the character Kit Foley was pretty cute 😀
Since I was given my first game, I’ve been playing for 5 wonderful years and though I’m 15 now, I plan to continue playing Nancy Drew for the majority of my life (hopefully!) I collected the majority of the games, except three of them: Stay Tuned for Danger, and the two latest games The Captive Curse and Alibi in Ashes, though I’m hopefully going to get them soon! To me, playing Nancy Drew is a rite of passage, something you start and can never stop because they become the best piece of video game happiness in your life. I hope that one day, we get to see what Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson look like, but part of me hopes we never do as it just leaves it to the imaginations of many thousands of people, all over the world to what Nancy and Ned look like. Plus, I hope you guys at Her Interactive never stop making Nancy Drew, as that would be a terribly heartbreaking day for all the fans.

Your Greatest and Happiest British Teen Fan,
Natasha M. From jolly ole’ Yorkshire

P.S. The funniest thing that I always find is that British accents are very funny and Nancy games don’t falter! (Even though we don’t all sound like The Queen or Cockney Folk :D)

Dear Her Interactive,

I started playing Nancy Drew games when I was nine. I loved the books. I came home from school one day, and my mom and one of my cousins had bought the Ultimate Dare that contained: #10 The Secret of Shadow Ranch, #11 Curse of Blackmoor Manor, #12 The Secret of the Old clock, and #13 Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. I played them all and loved them.

Between me and my cousin, we now have 14 Nancy drew adventures. I had forgotten about them for a while and was cleaning out my room and found most of my Nancy Drew games and I am hooked again. My cousin and I have bought 3 of them since I started playing again. I love the Nancy Drew games and I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving them.

A HUGE fan,
Danae C.

Dear Her Interactive,

My sister and I just recently played the Nancy Drew game Alibi in Ashes and it was amazing! My sister and I don’t really get to spend time together because she is 13 and I’m 11 and we go to different schools. She plays basketball and dances. I dance and cheer. We both dance competitively so we spend a lot of time dancing. We both love Nancy Drew so it is a great way to spend time together. We have played all of them….the first one we have ever played was Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. Our favorite one was the Curse of Blackmoor Manor. We love playing these together so thank you, Her Interactive!

Your Biggest Fan,
Gracie T.

Dear Her Interactive,

I cannot tell you how much your games, and Nancy Drew mean to me. I have been reading the Nancy Drew books since I was a little girl and now have the entire collection. I was probably about 13 when I first started playing the games. My cousin and I would stay up all night long during the Summer playing your games. My favorite game is Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. I’m now 21 years old and still play the games and cannot wait for the next one to come out! I look forward to playing each and every game, over and over again! No matter how old I get I will always be purchasing your Nancy Drew games and will play them for the rest of my life! Thank you so much for continuing to provide the most mysterious, and fun filled games for everyone of all ages!!

Rebecca M.

Dear Her Interactive,

Well, I have 17 of the 25 games and each one has left me wanting to play another. I love the books and ever since I tried out one last year I have been hooked. I now have 17 games, what does that tell you? That I love your games they mean a lot to me, and I really enjoy them. I have played many computer games and not one of them has compared to the Nancy Drew series. I love the games. Some of my favorites include: Captive Curse, Alibi in ashes, and Warnings at Waverly Academy. Some of the scariest I have played are: Shadow at the Water’s Edge, and Curse of Blackmore Manor. Each of which has left me looking in shadows for monsters.

I love all the games I have played but sometimes I wish the puzzles were easier. But overall I love the games and would recommend them to everyone. I already recommended them to my cousin and she loves them; her favorite is Shadow at the Water’s Edge. Thank you for making these games and keep on making them. I will always be your #1 FAN.

Your #1 fan,

Dear Her Interactive,

I am writing this testimonial for me and my sister. We first discovered the Nancy Drew games when I was in middle school (she is three years older than me), my mom said we could get ONE game from the store, and we narrowed it down to a Nancy Drew or Agatha Christie computer game. It wasn’t too hard to choose Treasure in the Royal Tower, and the rest is history!

We have every single Nancy Drew game, and won them all multiple times. I am now a college graduate and we still play the games (currently in the middle of White Wolf for the fourth time!). As life takes us down different paths, Nancy Drew will always bring us together. We bring out the snacks, get our pen and paper, snag the card table, and claim the living room as our own for the next few hours! We scream, we laugh, we get stuck and figure things out, we just love to play, and know the games so well we have our own inside jokes because of them (” I like my dress… it’s flouncy” or even the countless calls to Mystico!)

Thank you so much for all your hard work into making the games what they are, and for giving my sister and me so many wonderful times at the card table!

-Sonya C.

Dear Her Interactive,

Thanks for making these games. You see these games are so much more than just a game. These games have meaning. Whenever I get a new one not just I play it, my two sisters, my mom and sometimes my dad. It has something in there we can all relate to.

My dad likes the history, my mom the puzzles, my little sister winning, my older sister talking to people and being scared, and me bringing the family together. Our whole family played Secret of the Old Clock and Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. My dad used to read us the books every single night before we went to bed since we were little. We have every book there is but maybe one or two of them. We are all attached to the games in different ways.

They all mean something whether it be; Ned and Nancy having trouble or a monster (bully at school) we all love the games. Soo much of all us fans have ways and why we love the games we all need them. I just recently got The Captive Curse for Christmas I haven’t won it yet. Whenever we play I have to control the mouse the others are too scared. Whether it’s the rush you get when something pops out or that sad feeling when Ned and Nancy are going through stuff we all get attached and want to play and though I have no idea who is the bad guy I always get a surprise at the end.

We have our things we get before we can play like: a notebook to write our notes, a drink to sip on, some food to munch on, we get our kitchen chairs and pull them right up to the computer screen. We love that feeling when all of a sudden, something screams or someone jumps out. I’ve played Message in a Haunted Mansion, the two I mentioned up top, Danger by Design, Stay Tuned for Danger (a long time ago, I might add), Secrets Can Kill Remastered, The Phantom of Venice, The Haunting of Castle Malloy, Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, Danger on Deception Island (though haven’t won that one yet) Treasure in the Royal Tower (my favorite so far), and some others. I love, love, love the games; they are special and mind blowing whether it’s the first time or the 10th time I’m playing it.

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the wonderful pleasure you give us when we play, and I think it’d be cool if in one game Nancy gets stolen, and she doesn’t know where she’s at or anything: she has to figure it out……..(just for future reference) oh! And great job with the monster in The Captive Curse! Loved it!

Your grateful fan,
Makayla S.

Dear Her Interactive,

I remember playing my very first Nancy Drew game in fourth grade. Now, only three years later I am in seventh grade and have a long way to go in my life and Nancy Drew has helped me through a lot of tough times. The first Nancy Drew game I played, I absolutely loved! Treasure in the Royal Tower was the most exciting game I had ever played. When Nancy had to break into the library my heart would start pounding and I would get frantic because someone was coming and I didn’t know what to do. Every time I had to use a second chance the game just became more and more exciting. Once I had finished the game and started other games I noticed that I had become addicted.

The Nancy Drew experience has had a very big impact on my life. Thanks to Nancy Drew and your games I have now decided to take a career path in video game design. I have started to take my grades seriously and I can’t wait to finish my current mystery: The Creature of Kapu Cave. Every case that I have solved has been a thrilling adventure through a world I could’ve never imagined without your help. Each mystery gets better and better and I can’t wait to see what will happen next. Nancy Drew games have been a way for me to escape from the real world and go on a fantastic adventure without having to worry about school or my future. Thank you Her Interactive!

Forever a fan,

Dear Her Interactive,

I was seventeen when I found the first Nancy Drew game Secrets Can Kill. This game felt like a dream come true. It was what I was always looking for: great graphics, good storyline and being able to interact…with humans!

It’s been 11 years since I played the first game and Nancy Drew is still a big part of my life. It was part of me through my senior year and college years, with me when I started my first job and moved to a new country, and still with me when I got married. Every game was different yet the game was always familiar. I remember the time that I got hooked playing Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake that I played through the night and had a fever the next day (can still hear my mom screaming in my ears). Every time I play a new Nancy Drew game, I feel like I was back in the days when life was simple (no mortgage yet, that’s for sure) and the only hard part was figuring out how to save Nancy from a timed puzzle.

This game is for me, truly made for the people who want adventure but not having to deal with guns or fight scenes. I hope someday I’d meet the makers of this game and give them a big, BIG HUG! I will always be grateful of having a game made for the likes of me.

XOXO. Louise L.

Dear Her Interactive,

I’ve been playing Nancy Drew games for over half of my life, and I still get as big a kick out of them as I did the first time around! I’m the third generation of Nancy Drew-reading women in my family, and when I was eight years old I saw Message in a Haunted Mansion by the checkout counter of Office Depot. I had heard of the games before, but never actually seen one, and I instantly begged my mom to buy it for me. It took me over a month to complete it, playing diligently every day after school, and there are no words to describe the elated feeling that hit me when I solved it at last.

Since then, I have purchased every consecutive game your company has issued, and I have never, ever been disappointed with a single game. I have gotten my sisters and friends – and yes, even my mom! – hooked on those games, and there have been so many memories and inside jokes that have bloomed from playing them over and over until I know the dialogue by heart. To this day, Loulou the parrot (from my favorite game, Curse of Blackmoor Manor!) never fails to make me laugh.

Thank you for your games, HER, and thank you for my childhood. I owe you so much for that!

A devoted Nancy Drew fan,
Rachel C.

Dear Her Interactive,

This is our story as told from both of our perspectives:

Natalie: Nicole and I met in the sixth grade and that year for Christmas I had received a combo pack of Nancy Drew games, Secrets Can Kill and Stay Tuned for Danger. One day before school on the playground I was talking to another friend of mine about the cool games I had received for Christmas when Nicole came up and said she had played Nancy Drew, too. From then on, Nicole and I were best friends and we spent countless nights staying over at each other’s houses, playing the games together.

Nicole: I was a very shy, isolated 11-year-old when Natalie and I met. Perhaps it was the spirit of Nancy Drew that helped me to muster up the courage to approach Natalie and share my excitement over Nancy’s mysteries. Natalie and I fondly remember how Nancy brought us together and the many adventures the three of have shared, share now, and will share in the future.

Natalie: There are a few special memories Nicole and I have of Nancy Drew that come to mind:

The two of us playing Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake in the dark, late at night, laughing and screaming until our stomachs hurt.
Driving all over town for Secret of the Scarlet Hand because it was sold out in all of our favorite stores and when we finally found it, squealing in delight and scaring the sales lady.
Calling each other on the phone to exclaim when one of us had solved a case before the other, singing, “I know who the culprit is, I know who the culprit is!”
Nicole: Pages and scraps of scribbled notes later, we learned to interpret Morse code, read the periodic table of elements, and understand Roman numerals. We studied the history of Marie Antoinette and the California Gold Rush, baked the perfect cake, and mastered magic tricks. Nancy Drew taught us valuable information and helped us to become sleuths in our own right.

Natalie: Overall, the Nancy Drew games have brought us joy and childhood memories both of us remember fondly even though we are now almost 20 years old and in college. We still reminisce about Nancy Drew and how it brought us together. After nine years of friendship, we continue to play and enjoy the games.

Nicole: We are still gifting Nancy Drew to each other on birthdays and special holidays, always improving our detective skills and increasing in our friendship. Nancy Drew has meant very much to us over the years and will always serve as a reminder of our very first meeting.

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful series of games!

Natalie & Nicole

Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Maya and I am half Japanese and half Polish but I am born in Australia. I just would like to say that me and my friend (Faith who is also half Japanese and half European) is IN LOVE with the Nancy Drew games, we play it every time one of us comes over and we love it soo much that when we are sending videos to each other, the groups of words that we always say is WE HAVE TO PLAY NANCY DREW!

We loooove KoKo Kringles and we love Togo. Every time we write a card to each other we have to write Nancy Drew somewhere on the card and most of our friendship is based on, yep, Nancy Drew. I would just like to also suggest making another Nancy Drew game based in Japan and maybe make one based in Australia? Also, please do not ever finish making Nancy Drew games because they are the BEST GAMEs EVER!

Maya O.

Dear her Interactive,

My name is Allie M. and I have been a Nancy Drew fan for a while now. I am on the Advisory Panel, and while I probably am a little too old (19 and in College), I just can’t get rid of my childhood fun. Since we have the day off of school, I decided to play the Text challenge and I just wanted to say how much fun it was!

While I advocate the “old-school” Nancy Drew games (PC), I felt compelled to write to you and tell you how wonderful this game was. It is a fun little break, and I’m sure younger people would find it harder. The idea of the whole texting aspect is a smart move-it’s mobile, gets people thinking (since most of the challenges were riddles) and doesn’t make people sit down at a computer for hours at a time (players can do one challenge at a time). I find the parts of the ND games that have riddles in them the most fun, because they make you think and challenge yourself. The other parts are fun, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about figuring out a riddle that makes you feel like you accomplished something, that you could think through a problem. I am glad to see that Her Interactive is not letting go of their ability to get people thinking “outside the box”, and that they are encouraging young people reliant on cell-phones to do the same.

Thank you, Her Interactive, for always challenging me in ways that I never expect. I know that no matter how old I get, I will always hold Her Interactive in high regard for not only their quality games, but also for finding ways to teach me things without me knowing that I am learning. This, I think, is the distinguishing factor between Nancy Drew games and all the other ones out there, and the reason why I will only buy Her Interactive products, as opposed to other companies’.

I know you are a busy company, so I thank you for your time in reading this email.

Allie M.

Dear Her Interactive,

Here is a submission for your latest contest 🙂 I’m excited for your new game! For Christmas, I just received all 10 of the Nancy Drew PC games I was missing, which I am super anxious to start playing 🙂
A little background on my Nancy Drew obsession — I read my first yellow hardcover when I was 8, and have been in love ever since. I have now collected the first original 56 yellow hardcover ND mysteries, and they are a very prized possession! (I am seriously contemplating the idea of creating a ND-like mystery for my grandchildren to figure out, all of which will end with them finding an old trunk full of my yellow hardcovers and PC games buried in some obscure hiding spot :-D). The obsession with the PC games started at about 10, and that, too, has continued to now – I’ll be turning 22 this month! Keep up the good work over there!

Diandra R.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hi, my name is Marilyn A., and I would like you to know just how much of a difference Nancy Drew Games & Her Interactive has helped me through school.

Around 3rd Grade I was put into special ED classes until 5th Grade and because of this I thought I wasn’t smart enough to do most things, and I was no good at math, and reading seemed impossible at the time, till my mom bought me some Nancy Drew Games. My first one ever was Secrets Can Kill, my first few: Stay Tuned for Danger, The Final Scene, and Treasure in The Royal Tower. These really helped me through school. They tested my mind and made me think outside of the box, in ways I hadn’t before.

They, in a way, made me feel better about myself, and got me out of the special ED classes. They made me graduate High School, and I still play them. Every time a new one comes out I can’t wait to get my hands on it. 🙂 They still stretch my mind and get me ready for new things.

Thank you, Her Interactive,
Marilyn A.

Dear Her Interactive,

I’ve been meaning to send this for a while now, but it’s been hard for me how to put exactly what Miss Drew and the games have done for me into words. She’s not only inspired my college major and eventual career choice, but has also helped me get past a few tough times in my life.

I guess my story starts out like any dedicated fan. I got my first taste of the Nancy Drew games when my cousin invited me over to play Message in a Haunted Mansion. My cousin is three years older than me and she lives two houses down, so she easily became more like a sister than an extended family member. I grew up with her just as much as I did my own brother. She had gotten this game as a gift, and instantly wanted to show me considering I loved mysteries (I used to go around my house with a back-pack and notebook and “solve” mysteries in my house, such as where my cat went when she wasn’t napping on the couch, haha). We instantly became understandably addicted, and before I knew it, I found myself with the complete collection! (Which at that point went up to Secret of the Scarlet Hand). And now twice every year I pre-order then harass my delivery tracking page to see when my game will come. It truly makes me look forward to June/July even more than school ending for vacation!

I’m one of those rare people who completely loved my high school years. I had the most amazing group of friends (many of which I’ve exposed to the games) and looked forward to each day. So I thought that college would be an easy transition for me. Unfortunately, this was not the case. I found that making new friends was incredibly difficult for me, since I’ve been so close with my friends from home for so long. I was so lonely and depressed for the first few weeks of college, and even though I knew I needed a college degree to succeed in a career, I felt myself wishing I could go home. Then one day I was at an electronic store when I walked by the PC games. There in front of me was a brand new Nancy Drew game! I had been so preoccupied with the college transition and trying to decide on a major (which I had no clue about) that I’d completely forgotten about the new game release. I of course bought it right away, and it was like a part of me that had been dulled and hidden came back to life! I found myself having fun and really putting my mind to entertaining use for the first time in weeks. I can honestly say that at that moment, the Nancy Drew game saved me from a really hard time in my life. It gave me just the right amount of my childhood and confidence back that I was able to slap out of my slump and remember what kind of girl I really am.

Nancy Drew has truly become a part of me. She’s taught me countless languages, history facts, shorthand, braille, and in general a wide variety of what my friends call “random encyclopedia knowledge”. She’s taught me what true courage is, and that when it comes down to it, you should always choose what is right over what is easy. The past couple Christmases, as I’ve rekindled my love for the books and now that I’m older, appreciate the value of antiques, I’ve received two original 1930 edition blue-back Nancy Drew books (my “Secret of the Old Clock” even has the original price tag sticker of 50 cents!). For any true fans out there, I highly encourage that you get your hands on at least one of these, as they show an essence of Nancy Drew not seen in the yellow-backs. During a time when a woman’s main goal is life was to learn how to be a good housewife, Nancy Drew was stepping up and showing a courage and determination that many of the men in the books discouraged. The original books show just how much of a struggle that would have been during those times when girls weren’t taken seriously.

I know Nancy Drew was never a real person, but in a way, I believe she does exist. I think what Nancy symbolizes is the ability in all of us to step out and be a hero, no matter how ordinary we may feel. She shows that courage doesn’t have to come with a sword, but can be equipped with a magnifying glass. She shows that curiosity isn’t a sin if your intentions are pure. I believe she’s made me a better person, and whenever I find myself faced with a difficult situation, I simply think WWND or “What would Nancy do?” haha.

Because of my learned curiosity with the world thanks to Nancy, I’ve decided to major in Biology. And because of my learned drive to help people, I’ve decided to minor in Criminal Justice. While these things will eventually take off and lead me down my own path, I don’t think I’ll ever forget where my journey with my career started. I certainly would one day love to work for Her Interactive as a scientific consultant or something of that nature (that could be a job title, right?!) since the games are always full of different scientific facts and knowledge. Or perhaps as story-board writer. Who knows! But if you’re ever looking for a dedicated and appreciative intern, feel free to contact me! 🙂 I check the “jobs” listing almost every month for a position, but to no avail! Oh well, I can always dream!

Long story short, I have these games to thank for helping me become a better person. Whether I end up becoming a genetic counselor, or a forensic analyst, or a lawyer, I’ll always remember that one girl who always inspired me and taught me to always accept the “dare to play”.

Love from a fan who isn’t afraid of a mouse,
Haley B.

P.S. For Halloween this year, I dressed up as my favorite detective and even spent way too much time carving a Nancy pumpkin! 😀

Dear Her Interactive,

I first started my obsession with Nancy Drew in second grade by reading the books. I read every Nancy Drew book I could get my hands on until 5th grade. In early December (2007, of 5th grade) my brother was looking at his computer games at Target and then he pointed out the line of Nancy Drew games. I was going to buy one of the games on the spot but my Mom told me to wait until after Christmas. As you can guess my brother got me a Nancy Drew game, the Double Dare 4 (with the Secret of the Old Clock and the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon). I immediately downloaded the game on my XP and I was instantly hooked. I played for probably eight hours that day before I had to go to bed. I played whenever I could for the next ten months trying to finish the Secret of The Old Clock (I played that one first because it came first in the series) and could not make any more progress (I didn’t know about the message boards then). I wanted to hopefully finish the game before the one year anniversary of having it; so one boring Saturday night in November I decided I would finally conquer it. I started the game over (again!) and played until 3 in the morning and finally finished it.

Over the past five years I have received, bought and conquered all the Nancy Drew games except for Stayed Tuned for Danger and Message in a Haunted Mansion (too old for my computer) I have loved every second of playing these games. From attempting to solve the giant nonogram in Shadow at The Water’s Edge to playing Land Rush in Trail of The Twister for 12 hours (to get enough pa pennies for the Easter egg!) I have learned so many different ways to relate these games to school and the world around me, from decoding messages in Danger by Design to learning about Carnevale in the Phantom of Venice. Whenever I need to distract myself from the world in general I look to Nancy Drew for that reassuring distractment that I crave.

I have replayed all the games over and over again and never get bored with them; almost every time I replay them I notice different things about them, whether it’s how the clues fit together to catch the culprit or how previous games give hints to future games’ themes or topics. Depending on whether or not I use my Nancy Drew notebook which is approaching 50 pages (100 sides). I never used to use a notebook to put all my notes in, but I got sick of redoing my notes every time I wanted to play Nancy Drew (and going through tons of paper). I of course love all of the games but my top favorite games would probably be The Phantom of Venice, Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, Legend of the Crystal Skull, and Danger by Design.

These games are made by a phenomenal company that always has and always will make excellent games. I hope you make the games forever! I can’t wait until the Tomb of the Lost Queen comes out!!!

Your dedicated Nancy Drewaholic,
Samantha M.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was 8 years old the first time I played your games. For Christmas that year I received the first three games in the Nancy Drew Series, and I’ve been hooked ever since! Playing your games can be such a wonderful escape from the real world. Any time I’m having a really bad day, I pick out one of my favorite games and it immediately puts me in a better mood. The puzzles are challenging, the characters are always interesting, and the plots always leave me satisfied. Over the years I’ve tried to get my friends as hooked on the games as I am, without much success. In all honesty, I feel pretty bad for them because these games have brought so much joy into my life, and I feel like they are missing out on something amazing!

Now I’m 22 years old and about to start medical school. Even though my time to play the games will be limited, I am still going to make sure I purchase every single one, because I cannot imagine not having these games in my life. Eventually when I have children of my own, I am going to share my love of Nancy Drew with them. So many “children’s” video games today are not appropriate, and I admire what this company does with their games. You put so much information into your games in a way that is both exciting and fun, that you don’t even realize you’re learning. Please, Her, don’t ever stop making your games! You’ve made a life-long fan out of me!

With much love,
Silvanna E.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have been a Nancy Drew fan since I was 8 years old and I’m 13 and I still love it. My first game was Curse of Blackmoor Manor, really scary one for my first. I have 12 of Her’s games and I told my mom I will stop my collection when I have a break in the university. The 3 ones I love the most: Warnings at Waverly Academy, Curse of Blackmoor Manor and Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake.

Nancy is very important to me not just because she is like me (she likes mysteries) she takes care of boredom, and even helps me learn a little bit more. I love her and one day I hope I have all her collection or work with you guys, even though I want to be in forensic science. I hope than one day I’ll be like her.

The only problem I have is that there’s not too many games for Windows 7; I had a computer XP and the most of the games are XP, but the computer died and my mom bought a laptop Windows 7 and I only have like 3 Windows 7, too bad, huh? I wish you guys can make Windows 7 ones.

I look forward to the games and I’m anxious for the Tomb of the Lost Queen, and it better be soon; I want to played it soon enough. And she’s very important to me so please don’t stop making Nancy Drew games. I experience my way through life, knowing new words like ‘keen’ from Secret of the Old Clock.

Thank you for making kids and teens enjoy your games, and learning new things.

Very grateful,
Sophia F.

Dear The Masterminds behind all of the Nancy Drew Games,

The detectives writing this email are two teenage girls, one 16 and one 17 (yeah, we know, we’re cool). Not only have we been engaged in Nancy Drew PC games for the past five years, we have also successfully accomplished sixteen of the current twenty five games. We have completely filled two notebooks of clues from our adventures, laughed so hard we began to cry, screamed so loud we woke up tired parents at 4:00am, stayed up so late we BARELY got sleep, and created numerous inside jokes for every game we’ve played. We would very much like to thank you for all of the entertainment and PURE AWESOMENESS you have provided for us for the past five years of our lives.

We greatly appreciate it.
Hayli H. & Emily H.

Ps. If you’re interested the following are three inside jokes from these games


Dear Her Interactive,

I been a Nancy Drew fan since I was 8 years old and I’m 13 and I still love it. My first game was Curse of Blackmoor Manor, really scary one for my first. I have 12 games of Her and I told my mom I will stop my collection when I have too many things to do and can’t play it. I love 3 most of the games: Warnings at Waverly Academy, Curse of Blackmoor Manor and Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake.

Nancy is very important to me not just because she is like me (she likes mysteries and going through people’s stuff and overhearing conversations) she takes care of boredom, and even helps me learn a little bit more, even learning new words like “keen” from Secret of the Old Clock. I love her and one day I hope I have all Her’s collection or get to work with you guys, even though I want to study forensic science. I hope than one day I’ll be like her.

The only problem I have is that there are not too many games for Windows 7; I had a computer XP and most of my games are XP, but the computer died and my mom bought a laptop, Windows 7 and I only have like 3 Windows 7 compatible games, too bad, huh? I wish you guys can make the old ones and have them to be Windows 7, so I can have the entire collection. I look forward to the games and I’m anxious for Tomb of the Lost Queen, and it better come soon; I want to play it soon.

She is very important to me so please NEVER stop making Nancy Drew games. I have experienced my way through life, knowing new things, words and even places that I have never heard before, and if I know them, the games gives me a virtual tour of that place. Thank you for entertaining kids and teens and we become smarter thanks to you.

Very Grateful and still loving Nancy Drew,

Sophia Y.

Mrs. Gaiser,

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about writing this letter to you. Certainly not because of anything you’ve done, but because I was concerned I would not be able to express my absolute love of everything your company does. To me, failing to express my true feelings about Nancy Drew would be a big deal as it has become an incredible and important part of my life. Most twenty year olds who are coming up on their twenty first birthdays usually have parties, drinking, etc. on their mind, and choose to think of little else. I, on the other hand, usually find myself thinking of the latest Nancy Drew game I’ve played, that Nancy Drew phone case I’m getting in the mail soon, or the fact that without your company I would not have nearly as tight a bond as I do with my family. The first Nancy Drew game I played was Secrets Can Kill (When it was first released), and from there my love of everything Nancy Drew emerged. I can very clearly remember being very young, about eight or nine I believe, and sitting on my bed with my older brother talking to Hal Tanaka on my ancient computer. The Nancy Drew games were a big reason why my siblings and I are so close. Each one of them has played at least one game with me, and all still say that those games were some of the best they ever played even though the first played them just to satisfy me.

Over the years I learned not only were the games entertaining and suspenseful, but were also teaching me much more than I realized. While sitting in my childhood living (while my mother called different stores to see where we could find the newest Nancy Drew game) I realized just how important the games actually were to me. I remember thinking, “If I don’t get this today I don’t know what I’ll do.” Perhaps this was just a very melodramatic thought of a pre-teen, but it was honestly how I felt in that moment. As I said, I am almost twenty one and I still find myself thinking on the days when the newest games come out, “Gotta get that new game and I want it today.” Eventually, my mother found the newest game of the time (Treasure in the Royal Tower) at a Best Buy close to my childhood home. After a quick car ride and a sprint through the store I found what was about to be my favorite Nancy Drew game. Surprisingly, during that game I not only continued my love for Nancy Drew and your company’s games, but also developed a deep interest in Marie Antoinette. I learned so much about her during that game and continued learning about Marie Antoinette even after the game was over. Learning new things from the Nancy Drew games is something I still look forward to today. Not surprisingly, my favorite Christmas was when I walked down stairs and saw that I had received three new Nancy Drew games. Amongst all those presents, the dolls and toys were no match for Nancy Drew.

I have so many memories surrounding these games that there are too many to mention. Weather I was saving my life by propping a soup ladle up in a diner or going undercover in an Italian city, I was being inspired by the brilliance that is the Nancy Drew games. I must admit when I was very young I tried calling the number on the packet that comes inside of the Nancy Drew games, and embarrassingly enough I asked one of the technical support people how to meet , “The people who make Nancy Drew”. I remember my mother smiling and telling me that she was proud of me for trying so hard to meet my heroes, but that if I really wanted to I would have to wait until I was old enough to “really do something about it.” Well, about twelve or so years have gone by and I am certainly older. Now my question is “what can I do to really do something about it?” Well, certainly writing one of my heroes a letter is a start. At least it feels like it to me. The day you called me and told me about your company I called my mom and said, “Mom, I talked to The Megan Gaiser who works at HER interactive. I think I might faint.” You probably think it’s funny of me to feel so strongly about you and all your company has done, but I have truly been inspired by the games that you all have created. The Nancy Drew games have made me who I am. I have and will always have a tremendous love for a mystery and great determination that I will someday do something as wonderful as what your company has created.

When I got to college I met a very good friend of mine and we immediately became great friends. During lunch one day I began talking about these amazing computer games that changed my life. I was completely surprised when she dropped her fork and yelled, “You play Nancy Drew, too?” I knew we would be friends for a long time. Not only has your company created inspiration and determination in me, but also gave me bonds to share with friends and family. As far as skills I have to offer, I would first say an incredible determination to work at and for the things I care about. I am determined to graduate with good grades, I am determined to be the best person I can be every day, and I am determined that one day I will either work at HER interactive or be a part of a company like HER interactive that makes great computer games. My determination fuels my creativity. It is one of the biggest reasons I get up every day, go to class, and work every day to get my theatre degree. I have always loved acting and always knew I was destined to do something in that field of work. It has always been a dream of mine to be a voice over actress and someday I hope to make that dream a reality. Being creative is what makes me happy. Doing the research to fuel my creativity and make it better is one of the most important things to me. I work hard and play hard and life is full of great experiences for me. Being an actress I know that actually getting work is a miracle in the theatre world. That’s why I view work as a way to be creative and accomplish things that can change people’s lives for the good.

What I am interested to learn is how computer game companies function. I am certainly no computer whiz, but I would love to learn more about how to make computer games. I would also love to learn about storyboards and character development. I would absolutely love to do research and come up with story lines. Computer games aren’t just games to me, but they are also like great movies that we get to act out for ourselves. I am a very passionate person, as you might be able to see, and acting, singing, creating, learning, and making others happy are the things that make me happy. I have big ambitions and I don’t see myself giving up on them anytime soon. HER interactive is the highest goal I think I could ever achieve. It would literally be living out my childhood fantasy to even step in the building. While I know that other computer game companies offer great opportunities (all of which I would be so happy to have), I still can’t forget that HER interactive is place I’ve admired my whole life. It is truly a place where brilliance lives. I hope I don’t come off too strong. I know when I care about something I tend to care about it with all my heart.

My story is a simple one, but one that I hope you enjoyed reading about and I thank you for taking the time to listen to my past, present, and maybe one day future. To sum up everything, my life has been greatly influenced by Nancy Drew and all that goes with it. She was a perfect role model for me. I can only dream that one day I can accomplish something as great as you and your colleagues have accomplished. Maybe one day I will find myself sitting in an HER interactive office and discussing the next game ideas. Until then, I’ll go to class, make good grades, play with my dog (whose name is Nancy), read plays, work hard, try my best, and be grateful that people like you are kind enough to speak with me about such amazing things. I would be honored to come and visit HER interactive! My hope is that I can come on my 21st Birthday (Which is on March 8). Let me know if this date is a good time to come up! If not, any other time is fine because I wouldn’t miss the chance to meet my hero’s and see where Nancy Drew comes to life! Thanks you for all your time and for everything you do in your work!

Ellen B.

Dear Her Interactive,

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate and enjoy the Nancy Drew PC games. We as parents bought our daughter “Message in the Haunted Mansion” for her ninth birthday (she is now in her twenties). I enjoyed the game so much that I have continued playing them myself since then. I currently have eighteen of them and plan to purchase more.

I enjoy them for the following reasons:

They are family friendly. No swearing, violence, or sexual innuendo.
They take place in all kinds of locations with a wonderful variety of fun things to do and participate in. Since, I am not a traveler, I enjoy seeing the world vicariously.
Anyone can learn many different things while having fun.
The mysteries are exciting and challenging and keep my brain free of cobwebs.
I understand these are meant for girls but I have to say that I enjoy them tremendously. Please keep them coming and thank you for putting out such a fine product.

Maurice R.

Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Jackie C., I’m 18 years old, and have been playing your Nancy Drew games since I was 8 years old (I’ve been reading the books even longer though). Every game you create is amazing and empowering for women/girls of all ages. Every storyline is compelling, and you have taken the iconic “Nancy Drew” character and did her much justice in these games. Before I ever received my very first “Secrets Can Kill,” I had a very clear image of who Nancy Drew was from my years of reading the classic yellow-back Caroline Keene novels. Everyone at Her Interactive has stayed true to who Nancy Drew is and what she represents (a strong, independent, intelligent woman who is wise beyond her years and always ahead of her time), and I cannot commend you all enough for keeping the integrity of who this iconic woman is. 🙂
One day, I’m going to be an extremely successful actress/writer, and would do anything to work on a game (perhaps serving as a voice for a character). Keep this message, because in a few years (once I’ve starred in a few movies 😉 and have a name for myself) I will be contacting you again to collaborate. Keep up the amazing work you all do! I look forward to our Egyptian game coming out soon 🙂

Much Love,
-Jackie C.

Dear Her Interactive,

I’d just like to say thank you for all the fun! I started playing Nancy Drew games when I was a kid (before I was 10, shhh!). Ever since then, I’ve been hooked (despite the fact Message in a Haunted Mansion was too hard for me at the time, haha!). Even now with me being 19 years old and in college, I still love the games. They are challenging, interesting, long, and worth every penny I’ve ever spent on them! I hope all of you are proud of the work that you do, because I definitely appreciate it! I’ve also lived in Washington State all my life, and only recently discovered that you’re based here! I was really excited to find that out! I’m just a freshman in college now, but it would be such an honor to work with you one day! Anyhow, don’t think I’m kissing any behinds for job consideration, because I’m not! Though don’t get too excited, because in a year or two, I’ll be looking for an internship! But for now, all I want is to thank you for making me feel like a kid when stress has almost gotten the better of me!

I wish you all the best life has to offer!
Amber E.

Dear Her Interactive,

My obsession started as young a six when my mom would read Nancy Drew books to me. Then when I was about eight, I got a pack of computer games from the store and in that pack of games was some barbie games and then there was Danger on Deception Island. I installed it on my computer because it definitely looked interesting so I started to play and BOOM, that was my new favorite game. Then DDI started to get a lot harder for me… (My mind had not fully developed because I hadn’t been playing Nancy Drew 🙂 ) So I put it in my basket of computer games and there it sat until about a year later when I went through my basket again and I found my favorite game! I played it again and then started to collect them. All of my money I earned doing chores or got for birthdays would go towards my Nancy Drew game spending, watching my collection grow. Ever since then I have been a GYNORMOUS fan of these amazing games and now my little sister has started to play them. We sit together at the computer as the culprit is revealed at the end of each games with wide eyes.

Nancy Drew has made an impact on my life. Whenever I would feel unhappy or worried, I always think to myself, “I will just play some Nancy Drew and that will make me feel better. (And let me tell you, it works every time 🙂 ) Whether were coming home from piano practice, a friend’s house, etc. I always get excited knowing I can play Nancy Drew games when I get home. Not only are these games AMAZINGLY FUN (which doesn’t even begin to describe them because they’re so great) they have taught me so much, from different languages, Maya culture, tons of traditional puzzles and more. They make me laugh, jump out of my seat, and make my heart beat out of my chest from excitement.

I wish to work at Her Interactive one day and hope to be an artist there. My walls are covered with Nancy Drew artwork, my bookshelf is full of Nancy Drew books, and all of my Nancy Drew games are lined up next to my dresser.

Now, I thank everyone there at Her Interactive for making the most amazing games anyone could ever imagine. They truly are the best games in the entire universe and mean SO much to me. You guys have made some of my best memories ever sitting at the computer and not many people can do that 🙂 Nancy Drew games are, “rude, totally rude.” You’ve really outdone yourself.

Sincerely, one of your biggest fans EVER and “sassy detective!”
Olivia V.

Dear Her Interactive,

People who write to you have probably played Nancy Drew games for a while, but me I’ve only been a ND fan since last year! It started when my friend gave me a few Nancy Drew PC games. I think it was about two years ago my best friend gave me a few PC games and I was hooked for about a month. Eventually if someone asked me who Nancy Drew was I would just shrug my shoulders! And then the news came, my family was moving from my cozy home to another state hundreds of miles away! I was so upset to the fact I was going to lose my friends!

My mom gave me lots of stuff to keep me content. One of the presents was the first five books in the yellow hardback Nancy Drew series. I loved them so much that I finished all of them in two days! I begged my mom for more and we ended up at Barnes and Noble a few days later. I read two more books and wanted even more! But sadly, we found a house we wanted and move in shortly after.

I then became sadder than ever. I remember crying a few times because I missed my friends so much! I decided to unpack to get my mind off of things. I then came across one of my boxes and cut it open. Inside were two of the several ND games my friend gave me. I quickly went onto my computer and downloaded Legend of Crystal Skull! When I finished downloading it I saw the website and wondered what it was. I typed in the web address and learned more about Nancy Drew!

So there you have it! A fan testimonial in about a few paragraphs! Trust me I could’ve done more but you wouldn’t be reading this paragraph until a few more pages. I now am signing up for high school classes that involve graphic and web designing, because you guys inspired me. Thanks for making Nancy Drew Games, if you didn’t I’d probably still be upset about moving. The good news is I found a new circle of friends and one of them likes Nancy Drew too! I’m trying to convince her to buy TMB when it comes, so we can play together! I’m super excited about TMB and I even started my own blog and guess what the main news is? Tomb of the Lost Queen of course! You guys rock and I hope in the future to work with you all!


Bekah P.
P.S. Hope you guys like my “HeR Sign” it looked better on word doc, but you know… it didn’t want to transfer right!

Dear Her Interactive,

It started 10 years. My sister came home with a game called Secret Can Kill. It seemed cool enough, but I did not think anything of it…. What an understatement!

I just want to say thank you! Nancy Drew has had just a positive influence in my life. Your games have been there for me. You would think that a mystery would get old, but your games do not. I have played every single ND game (even the dossiers, which I love!), and no matter how many times you play them the memories come back. The music, games, puzzles, characters… it all adds up (some of my favorites are The Phantom of Venice, Shadow at the Water’s Edge, and Secret of the Scarlet Hand, along with Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, and The Haunted Carousel. I of course love SCK and STFD, and Message in a Haunted Mansion).

As we speak I am currently going to get my PSP, and its games together to sell them, so I can preorder Tomb of the Lost Queen. My family is going through a tough time, so we won’t be able to get it unless I do. It’s worth it. I have learned so much from this series. It has followed me everywhere. I look forward to it for a long time. If I get to support you all by preordering TOMB, then by all means I will do it. Rock on!

From a fan of over a decade,

Thank you.
~ Rikki R.

Dear Her Interactive,

I love playing your games. I own all but maybe 1 or 2 of them and I really enjoy the way you bring Nancy Drew and her friends all to life. I’ve read a lot of the original Nancy Drew books (the hard yellow cover) and I really enjoyed them. One of the first original books I read was The Hidden Staircase. I read it and I loved it. I’ve been reading a lot of them lately and I would love to see more of those original books being created into a game. I can’t wait for the next one to come out. I love the games so much I play them over and over. I hope you keep making these games and hope you never stop. They are good learning games and I love solving the mysteries, because I love mysteries! I know you get like over millions of emails and you are contacted a lot about the games, but I really hope that you will think and consider creating a few more based off the original books! Thanks for your time and keep up the amazing and fun work at creating the games!

Your fan and fellow sleuth,
Brittany J., a huge Nancy Drew fan.

Dear Her Interactive,

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for making Nancy Drew games. I just love playing them like crazy. The first game I received (Ransom of the Seven Ships, the latest at the time) was a gift. I had already read some of the books and just loved them so I was excited to play the game and feel involved with the mystery solving.

I love mysteries in general and watched shows like Scooby-Doo, so to be involved with those kinds of mysteries is very exciting for me. After that first game (which I loved and enjoyed playing) I had to get all of the games going backwards. I loved playing every one of them. Eventually, I completed the collection and am up to date, waiting at the edge of my seat for the next game to come out. All of your games were and are exciting and filled with true facts (another thing I love about them). I also love the ways I have to use my brain to solve some of the puzzles. Now that you are making the games more challenging I enjoy them even more.

Thank you again
Katherine E.

P.S.- I will keep playing your games for as long as you make them.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hello, my name is Rebecca B. and I’m a college student who has been playing your games since I was 10 years old. Recently, I bought a Nancy Drew game to play during study breaks in finals week and I was reminded how much I love them. Since then, I’ve been going back and purchasing older games and introducing my other friends. While some think these are for children, they are quite challenging and I beg that you continue to keep making these games. It would be terrible if I ever got around to solving them all! Thank you so much for what you do.


Dear Her Interactive,

My name is Rochelle Vaughn. A couple years ago I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. There were lots of long days spent in the hospital hooked up to machines: there were blood transfusion, vitamin C treatments, other holistic care IV treatments, as well as dialysis.

Obviously, I needed some entertainment throughout the experience. I started downloading these hour long trail run games through websites such as Big Fish Games, which carries a lot of the Nancy Drew series, and kept downloading, playing and pegging my family to buy the Nancy Drew Series games for me to play at treatments.

I now have the entire series with the exception of the first (2) discontinued games. I LOVE Nancy Drew! These games are wonderful! Fully interactive, positively suspenseful, educational and Nancy, her friends and all of the old and new characters are always intriguing!

Needless to say, today I’m happy, healthy and still completely addicted to Nancy Drew! Thank you for keeping me company and lighting up my life! You guys ROCK! (Smiles)

P.S. If you’re ever in the market for new voices, feel free to try me out!

Rochelle J V.

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