Help! I’ve been charged twice for my Online Store order!

After you place an order at the Online Store, you may notice that more than one line item shows up in your bank account/credit card account. Please be assured that you have not been charged twice for a single order.

You will see an immediate pre-authorized/pending charge on your account for the total of the order; however, this is not the actual charge, merely a pre-authorization from our system to determine if funds are available. This pending charge will disappear from your account after a few days (time depends on your bank).

You will then see the actual separate charges for each item once the order is completed. Occasionally, depending on your bank, you may see the pre-authorization and the actual charges on your account at the same time.

The actual charges on your account will appear as follows (examples only):

DRI*SOFTWARE MINNETONKA MN 10/03/11 08:54:45                    $21.89($19.99 Game Purchase w/tax)
DRI*SOFTWARE MINNETONKA MN 10/03/11 08:54:32                    $10.94(9.99 Game Purchase w/tax)
DRI*HER INTERACTIVE MINNETONKA MN 10/02/11 21:35:14       $6.56    (EDS Purchase w/tax)



2 responses to “Help! I’ve been charged twice for my Online Store order!”

  1. carole haine says:

    I ordered 2 bottles of wine but my order was refused as the delivery address is different from my home address but un fortunately the company has taken the payment from my account 3 times

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Carole, did you have any trouble with ordering our Nancy Drew games? We do not sell wine on our web site, sorry!

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