Gifting Digital Downloads

Want to “gift” a digital item to a friend or family member? You can! At checkout, under the “Billing Information” section, check the box that says “Please check the box if you would like this order to be sent as a gift.”

Then to the right, the “Gifting Information” section can be filled out. Enter the recipient’s name and emailing address. When you complete the purchase, they will receive an email within a few minutes with the download instructions.

Optional Tip: if you want to save the email from showing up in their inbox until a later date, you can enter in your own email address and send it to yourself. Once you receive the email, you can manually forward the gift email to your recipient on the day you want it delivered.

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6 responses to “Gifting Digital Downloads”

  1. Laura Vogel says:

    Do you offer gift cards?

  2. Kevin Turner says:

    Hi, I don’t see a checkbox under billing as shown in the screenshot. My only option is to purchase not as a gift. Any recommendations?

  3. Joshua Schueller says:

    I encounter an error whe i click on the download link emailed to me when she purchased A number of games for me as a gift. Is there anyways is there anyways to fix it? thanks!

    • Indy says:

      Hi Joshua, this sounds like it would be an issue on Digital River’s side. Have you reached out to them with your order number? – Indy

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